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After All This Time.... Our June 2019 wedding



  • OMG OMG OMG! The dress is here! It's here and I love it 

  • LucykinsLucykins Posts: 701

    Hurrah! I'm so glad you love it :) Are you going to share any pics or keep it secret for now?

  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    So glad to hear you love your dress! 

    The bouquet and buttonhole are stunning. Very unique. 

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    Great news!

  • I may share some pics but it'll be next week when J is back to work (were off to London& Dublin on Wednesday) 

    we also paid the deposit on the venue today! It's official!!

  • Flowers & Florist

    From the beginning I had a really good idea that I wanted Gypsophila as our flowers, I love the simple and elegant but down to earth look and feel about them. I sent a few pinterest pins to J and he loved them, we discussed using artificial as I was hoping to DIY them if I’m honest. After research and a lot of discussion I realised the one flower that doesn’t work as artificial is gyp! It’s ok if you mix it with roses or something similar so its foliage more than the main event, so that became another option I looked at.

    I spoke to a couple of wholesalers about ordering fresh gyp and how long it would last etc and spoke to a couple of companies that supply it artificial.

    We then went to a wedding fayre on the way home from one of our initial venue hunts and one of the only florist business cards I picked up happened to offer a DIY service, so she would order and treat and prepare all of your flowers as if she was going to do everything for you but then just delivers the flowers ready for you to make up as you want. Providing all of the ribbons, twine, boxes, wires etc you may need. I booked a consultation with her for a couple of weeks later.

    When I met with Sharon from Wild With Love, I was instantly put at ease. She had a very comprehensive list of questions for me regarding flowers that I hadn’t particularly thought of until she mentioned them.

    I got a quote for just Gyp, spray roses and Gyp and Single stem roses and Gyp but we’ve decided to go with the plain gyp.

    Adult bridesmaid bouquets, child bridesmaid bouquets, buttonholes, corsages, the flowers for the tables (im providing the rest of the table centres) ‘pew ends’ (no pews as it’s a civil service but they will go on every other chair lining the aisle and will then transfer to small vases on the top table) a floral arch for the entrance to the ceremony room, some wired bits for our hairs and 2 thank you bouquets.

    We got prices for me to DIY everything and for her to do everything for us. She said we can decide and change up until 3 weeks before hand which is great. It all came in well under budget so we were very happy with the quote, but in the spirit of making sure I got two other quotes.

    One company was more interested in why I hadn’t chose one of the venues she’s a preferential supplier for and then told me after the appointment she couldn’t quote for 2019 as she couldn’t project prices.

    Another gave me a competitive quote with Wild With Love, in fact it was about 10% cheaper, but I just didn’t get the same gut feeling I got with Sharon. Id rather pay a little extra and feel safe and confident and in safe hands.

    So the deposit was paid and our florist is booked.

  • MrsCarnegieMrsCarnegie Posts: 516 New bride

    Loving your thread, Afterallthistime 😀 My bridesmaid is getting married in June 2019 too x 

    Can't wait to

  • Wedding dress pics!

    I wont be leaving these up too long


    Pics deleted

  • Your dress is beautiful, I am so glad it came as expected and you are happy with it!!!

  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    Wow, gorgeous dress! It looks amazing on you! 

  • PottyPotty Posts: 527 New bride

    Lovely dress! 

    Married September 2018, Baby due October 2019.  
  • Im not 100% happy with it, I'm not sure on the sleeves and definitely think I should of gotten it in ivory lol but hey ho, I do love it 

  • LucykinsLucykins Posts: 701

    I like the straps but I'm a bit biased as they're quite similar to mine! It looks lovely at the back. 

  • Tanya128Tanya128 Posts: 1,993

    Very pretty dress!

  • Ah Lucykins, I like them but I'm used to strapless/spaghetti straps on dresses so I think I might get them narrowed a little bit if I can :) 

  • MrsCarnegieMrsCarnegie Posts: 516 New bride

    Beautiful dress, and it looks fantastic on you 😀

  • Thank you :)

  • My veil has arrived - I opted for a plain white cathedral length one from eBay! Cost me £5.99!! It's great, I only plan to wear it for the ceremony, photos & first dance so didn't want to spend a fortune! 

    plus shoes are my thing! Hahah! 

  • Lexi90Lexi90 Posts: 971

    Is the dress a copy of the first photos showing the Mori lee one? It looks lovely on you. The Mori Lee one is one of my contenders at the moment!! 

    Love your planning thread so far, can't wait to read more! 

  • Yes it is :) it's  obviously not identical but it's not a bad job x

  • I have just jumped on this thread and I missed The dress 😔   Please could I see?   Loving the thread Hun.  I love the Copthorne, too far for us but nice x

  • Oh I'm in the middle of horrific dress wobbles! My fault for buying so early :( 

    going  leave it a year or so snd see how I feel then :(

  • Drama, Meltdowns and Eloping!

    We've had a rough few days, well week really.

    Starting with my ex husband going to a solicitor over our children (im told im completely golden by my solicitor but its stress and money strains) 

    Js parents and I have a rocky relationship and a massive argument broke out last weekend and then another argument with friends over something quite trivial but ultimately betrayal so everything is up in the air and has resulted in me saying forget the wedding lets just elope.

    J's always been against this as he wants our loved ones there, but after this week he did say he'd consider it. So i spent all of Saturday pricing up weddings abroad and thinking how we could just jet off on the 'honeymoon' and get married out there. 

    A big chat and lots of tears got us to the conclusion we cant elope, maybe if I didnt have the girls, but we cant exclude them like that, and deep down I know he still really wants the wedding we originally planned.

    So, no eloping..... I hate my dress....... Living Social have a deal on our wedding venue for a third of the price..... however ive lost 10lbs! silver linings and that....

  • LucykinsLucykins Posts: 701

    Oh no, sorry you've had a rough time lately :(

    With the dress, I think you're right about leaving it a while and seeing how you feel. I've seen people on here have dress wobbles and then later they've fallen back in love with their dress.

    You could see how it looks with some accessories, or with your hair and make up trial done. Seeing the whole look together might make you feel a bit better. You've still got a lot of time anyway, and you saved money on the dress initially, so if you really decide you need a new dress then at least you didn't splurge the first time.

    Well done on the weight loss! 


  • Update, shoe and pretties

    So today means we are 26 months until D-Day! haha! feels like ages, and is ages but we are back on track with enjoying things.

    J has decided he'd like a bespoke suit made so I'm in full researching mode on that and browsing etsy on the cute personalised tie patches as a little surprise from me.

    I've been looking at shoes, shoes are my downfall, I'm pretty sure J is expecting some Irregular Choice babies to be adorning my feet as they are my biggest weakness, but im struggling with the ones I have at the moment =( *sobs* after years and years of dancing and battering my feet and then years of pointe work my poor toes are just mangled for want of a better word, my instep is high and throw in my knee that likes to dislocate of its own accord now and again, im struggling with them. Plus I wanted something different.

    I was browsing etsy, and came across some gorgeous ones that would fit our subtle HP theme and they were still a bit quirky so they're in my favourites list

    But then i stumbled across House of Elliott, and ive fallen in love with the over the knee boots

    and then theres converse, I love my converse so i contacted Canvas Warriors who hand paint on to them, and im having some made with our names, wedding date and some other bits and bobs on - even if i dont wear them on the day (probably will on the evening) i can wear them later, or they can join my shoe display!

    So yeah, I need to pick between the heels or boots..... at least to wear on the day, a girl can never have enough shoes right?



  • Decor thoughts

    i really want lanterns with candles in lining our aisle so ive been on the lookout for some, found some I like in wilko and they are suitably priced and I can find places for them in the house or sell them after 

    we went to B & M stores today as J is trying to sort the garden, so I had a browse, they had some lovely lanterns just not what I have imagined, however J spotted these little lovellies for our extra tables on the evening...... they're really cute and I think they'll look great as part of something :) 



  • PottyPotty Posts: 527 New bride

    Lovely lanterns! 

    Married September 2018, Baby due October 2019.  
  • MichBee2BMichBee2B Posts: 726

    As promised, I looked in Tesco last night and they have these:


    Nice big hurricane lantern style vases! They had a big display of them near the flowers. It's a Tesco Extra store. 

  • Mich! Thank you so much! I'm off to Tesco! 

  • Corsets, undies, bespoke dressmakers, photographers, videos & finally some in law progress!

    so Js parents and I haven't really gotten on at all, but recently something has clicked - I think they've realised I'm not going anywhere and have mellowed, we had a lovely day last Sunday, drinks, lunch and general chit chat 

    we'be booked our photographer, J was in charge of choosing one and went for one who recently photographed our friends wedding, so we know they're good. They do an all on package but also a mix and match depending on what you want, we also saw them at a wedding fayre a month or so ago and they gave us a £50 off voucher, so all day photography 9am-after first dance with 2 togs, all pics on USB and rights to reprint plus an a4 lay flat album for just over £800 

    J doesn't like the idea of a videographer, his quote 'I don't want another camera shoved in my face all day and we'll never watch it' however I can't bare the thought of no footage at all, so I've asked him to compromise and get one of the ushers (maybe) to video the ceremony/speeches/first dance and perhaps get a GoPro set up to catch the evening etc :) 

    Now, I know you can't really chose your wedding undies this far out and a lot will depend on the dress etc but I know I absolutely 100% want a corset - I wear them often so I know that its what I want, I went to see a dressmaker regarding making me a bespoke underbust one and ended up having a consultation about the corset but also commissioning her to make my dream dress...... she can use the basic structure of the dress I have if I want her to so it's not a complete waste but means I get my dream dress with a couple of £££ knocked off for basic materials! 

    Im really excited about it all now :)

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