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After All This Time.... Our June 2019 wedding



  • LucykinsLucykins Posts: 701

    Ooh that sounds exciting, I love corsets :)

  • So I've been feeling quite deflated about the wedding lately, I've asked J if we can sack it off and just go abroad just the 2 of us, but he wants to do it with our families and friends which is fair enough I guess

    on top of that my friend who was getting married in July text me to say the wedding is off and her h2b has moved out

    im awaiting the official all clear from gynocological oncology Next month (Had the letter with the all clear results- just got to see consultant in June) and although it's great, i feel like there's no rush now for J whereas in Jan when we didn't know - there was. 

    Hes still reluctant to make the engagement official which is playing on my mind that he's not ready....... even though he assures me he is 

    we've talked all of this through I just need a little vent. 

    We did have a lovely weekend away last weekend, spa, lodge, hot tub, lazy mornings, late nights, plenty of good food and alcohol - really recharged my batteries 

    just in need of a whinge I guess 

  • Everything's changing.... 

    Ive pulled up my big girl pants and given myself a shake haha, I'm stopping wallowing and I've had a long chat with J and realised I was feeling so underwhelmed because I was so hellbent on making the wedding what I thought he wanted. So a few things are scrapped, a few are changed and I'm smiling and loving Pinterest and Etsy once more! 

    Oh, also booked our videographer, £624 for all day with highlights film and full film, DVD and USB 

  • Beatrice25Beatrice25 Posts: 248 New bride

    I'm also a June 2019 bride! We're planning on getting married abroad but still haven't decided on a venue yet - there's too much choice!

    Sounds like you have done lots already and its all very exciting. I'm glad you're feeling much happier about it all as well and you can finally put your mind at rest and get the dress of your dreams  x

  • So yesterday I paid the full amount on my corset and booked into the dressmakers doary for next year! 

    just booked the registrar too! 

  • LucykinsLucykins Posts: 701

    Woohoo, registrar done, that's the most important bit!

    Where are you getting your corset from? I really like corsets but chose a dress with buttons in the end. Do you have any ideas yet for the rest of the dress?

  • Kitty O'Hara corsetry is doing it..... I'm having it as a low back underbust corset - hopefully I'll be wearing it under my dress........ I've got some ideas on the dress but I figured I'll go try some on around this time next year see what I really like/want then go with the dressmaker from there :) 

  • So its 2 years today...... in 2 years ill be getting my hair and make up done ready to get married in 2 hours...... eeeeek!

  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    Eek!! It will fly by! We booked our wedding 22 months in advance. I have no idea where the last year has gone! 9 months to go now. Eek! 

  • I'm hoping so! :) 

  • Kelly224Kelly224 Posts: 962 New bride

    I booked mine 23 months in advance, down to 18 months tomorrow, the last 5 months since we booked have gone mega fast so I'm hoping that rest goes just as quick!  although not too quick as I do want to enjoy the planning!

  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    The last 5 months have flown by. I can't believe this time we were in the early stages of planning and now I'm making my invitations! Argh!!! 

    Enjoy the planning ladies! 

  • MrsPB2019MrsPB2019 Posts: 832 New bride

    Ooh have just found your thread and I'm another 2019 bride. I've been thinking about starting a planning thread and glad I wouldn't be the only one.

    Just one thing, when you go to NYC please don't take a horse ride around Central Park as the horses aren't treated very well :(

  • We're going for dinner this evening at our venue 

  • Food at our venue

    i realised id not updated after we went for dinner on our 2 years to go date! 

    It was really quiet in the restaurant which is where we will be having our wedding breakfast and we got a table by the window over looking the river. The weather was lovely and we had lots of in 2 years time we'll be doing this or that or the other.

    the hotel has had some varying reviews regarding food lately but they're in a midst a Massive redecorate so I don't know if that had been affecting peoples views etc

    anyway, our meals were amazing. I didn't get any pics as we inhaled our food! Haha! 

    For starters J had the coarse country pate with a red onion jam and I had goats cheese and beetroot on a crostini...... I could of eaten them forever! I'm not a fan of coarse pate and J doesn't like beetroot but we tried each other's and they were amazing! 

    Main course was lamb shank with redcurrant jus and I had stuffed chicken breast wrapped in Parma ham..... huge portions, meat cooked well and very very very tasty! 

    Deserts were amazing also, J had the sticky toffee pud with ice cream and I had belgian waffles Yum yum yum! 

    house prosecco was tasty too! 

    All in all we gave it 10/10 it's the kind of food we love, proper food but a little fancy fluff! 

  • Partying with the inlaws

    it was Js nanas 80th birthday last weekend so his mum and dad had a BBQ at their house with all the family, it's really the first time I've been in a room(house) with everyone. Apparently everyone loves me (what's not to love right??? Haha) 

    anyway, his favourite aunty got a bit merry and started telling me that she knew I was divorced but it didn't matter and I should definitely marry J even though she wouldn't do it second time around! This conversation went on for over an hour haha! No one knows we're planning to get married yet! 

    ive had a rough time with his family and Im relieved it's finally getting on track! 

    The other funny thing that happened, J was talking about his nana and grandad having been married 60 years this year, I said 'oh when's their anniversary' J 'oh it's been, it was June 8th' 

    he never even realised the link but we'll be marrying on his nana and granddad 62nd wedding anniversary! 

  • Test results and moving forward

    you may remember at the begining I said id been having some gynaecological issues and that's what spurred us on to set a date etc? 

    Well, in January after my appt my consultant had said everything looked fine, to have another test in 4 months and of everything was ok when I saw her in 5 months she'd discharge me back to 3-5yearly checks.

    so I went for the smear test, it came back borderline but NHS guidelines say that's fine re test in 3 years! I thought great, were at the end of the tunnel now.

    went to my appt with consultant - different one, decided that wasn't good enough and wanted to do another biopsy And it would take 4 weeks for the results, I got quite upset and have ended up putting in a complaint as after speaking to the sister of the ward, there was no need and the consultant her self has said she didn't really need to 

    anyway I rang after 10 days and they had my results but the doctor was on annual leave (I know theyre entitled to take leave but I'm miffed she said it was due to the lab) 

    the sister gave me my results, absolutely nothing there but the biopsy was so small it may need re-done...... I've decided against it, regardless of what the consultant says. I've had 3 clear tests now.... I'm going back to 3 yearly! 

    Its such a weight lifted from both of us and I feel we can enjoy planning for the future now without a worry 

  • Bridesmaid and flower Girls

    so I have my 2 daughter M who will be 9 and P who will be 4; they'll be my gorgeous flower girls and I've fallen in love with these dresses from Little Betty's Boutique 



    I know ive got ages, but they're the top contender atm! I won't order until about Feb 2019

    i then had to choose my adult maids, I was tempted not to hve any if I'm honest (I had 8 last time and it was a nightmare) , but I'm a worrier and a stresser and J said id be better having someone I trust to be with me.

    my mum won't be around on the morning as she's very hands off and after her breakdown she's not completely comfortable in any situation that's not sitting in her chair in her living room :(

    so my options were my step sister or my best friend from working together

    i vetoed my step sister because although I trust her, we're not really sisterly close.

    so C will be my adult bridesmaid, she's amazing tbh, we have one of those friendships where we can go weeks without chatting but I'd trust her with my life! I'm one of the reasons she met her hubby actually, he was my team leader when we worked together and that's how they got chatting! 

    I had a wonderful big proposal planned but it all fell out when we were drunk a couple of weeks ago! So she knows and she's over the moon 

  • Tanya128Tanya128 Posts: 1,993

    Always best to go with a bridesmaid you can trust with your life! One of my bridesmaids is that type of person we've known each other for over 25 years there have been times when we might not have even picked up the phone to each other for 6 months but when we do it's like we've never not been in touch, she's a thick and thin friend would be there like a shot if needed, they are the best type!

  • Thanks Tanya! I'm really happy with my choice, although she's adamant she can't plan my hen do as she thinks she messed up the last one she did...... il work on her haha

  • August19August19 Posts: 285 New bride

    LOVE love love your daughters dressers, my girls will be 10 and 12 and could def see the 10 yr old in one like that.  it's so hard I've been browsing dresses just because and thinking how many bridesmaids I would like.. 


    whats your colour theme ? X

  • Possibly, black silver and white 

  • Having a lull but making some decisions

    not much been happening on the wedding front for a couple of weeks tbh, i expected big lulls with the planning process being so far in advance. 

    With me being a dance teacher i do some agency work during the wedding season, dance hen parties and wedding day dance choreography - so that's keeping me busy

    altgough at an 80s themed party the other week I dislocated my knee! It happens a lot I've got weak ligaments and it slips in and out, the pain is horrific mind and takes a good 10-16 days to become fully mobile again! 

    I've made a choice on my dress however, I was going to get a dressmaker to make a bespoke one but I've had sleepless nights about the money! So I've decided I'm going to go for a sample dress or a pre owned one. Each to their own but I can't justify the cost to myself 

    ive also been designing our invitations, seperate post on those when I get round to it! Haha 

  • August19August19 Posts: 285 New bride

    your knee sounds painful, hope it doesn't take too long to get better. 

    I think as long as you are happy with the dress it doesn't mean after where you get it from etc 

    what style are you looking at ? Have you tried any on? x

  • I've tried some, mermaid doesn't feel right as, I'm very hourglass but conscious my hips are very big, and mermaid just accentuates that.

    A line is flattering and I feel comfy but I love princess ballgown style! Without looking cup-cakey!

  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride

    I thought you'd gone with Snow White, hun! Has that changed now?


  • No that's the one I've picked! I'm just deciding whether to go pre loved or a sample! Need to make a choice sharpish though! Just incase someone else nabs them!

  • Nails, hair and make up

    i get my nails done every month and when ever I need my waxing or make up done Jen does it for me. So it was obvious she'd be my first choice.... although she doesnt have a 2019 diary yet, she knows that she'll be doing my make up on the day and my nails and waxing and all of the pampering-ness the day before

    we have an agreement that I won't be having French nails I'll be going sparkly 

    Hair, I've booked someone to come do mine and my 3 maids (adult & 2 children) hair, found her on fb and has great reviews and pics look great. So that's booked and will be arranging a trial for the beginning of 2019 

    exciting stuff! 

  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride
    Afterallthistime wrote (see post):

    No that's the one I've picked! I'm just deciding whether to go pre loved or a sample! Need to make a choice sharpish though! Just incase someone else nabs them!

    Get on it Mrs! I'm excited to be Princess dress twins 😂


  • Dresses, dresses everywhere 

    I had a lace dress that I purchased from DressilyMe back in January, when it arrived I wasn't in love with it but hoped it grew on me. I then enquired with a dressmaker about a bespoke dress. I put the first dress on eBay and it sold yesterday, so it was all picked up and lovingly sent today, I hope it makes a bride to be very very happy! :) 

    i decided a couple of weeks ago against the bespoke dress re pricing and was stalling out some sample dresses on eBay and Preloved. Anyway I fell in love with an alfred Angelo, one from an old Disney collection, the Snow White 250. The selling of the first dress meant I pirchased it late last night! Should be here tomorrow so I can try and take pics. Here's the stock photo! It's devine 

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