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After All This Time.... Our June 2019 wedding



  • Mine is in ivory 




  • August19August19 Posts: 285 New bride

    That's a show stopper of a dress, have you tried it on before ? Glad you managed to sell your other one on. 


    Please upload pics when it arrives x

  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride

    Yayyyyyy! Exciting! I don't get to wear mine again until December when it comes into the shop! Can't wait to see it on you 😍


  • Alice96Alice96 Posts: 8

    There is no plan for happiness.  Just do it and enjoy it.

  • I haven't tried it on, but i know from my previous wedding that princess style suits me. 

    My one worry is the length of that train! I hope it has a bustle and if not I'll have to get one added there's no way I can dance with it like that! Haha! 

    Should be arriving today!! 


    Its here, almost impossible to try on alone as it's a lace up back but I did my best! 

    defintley needs a hoop and also a bustle for the evening 






  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride


    So dramatic! I love it! I see what you mean about needing a hoop - a bit more volume will make it look even better!

    Alterations aside, are you happy with it?


  • I LOVE it! I had a little cry to myself haha! Can't stop looking at the pics! Worst thing ever knowing it's hung in my wardrobe now! Haha 

  • invites 

    so I decided ages ago I wanted to DIY out stationary, I loved these invitations 



    So had a go on Canva, 


    I like them, they'd need sent away to print on a3 card so when folded they'd be a reasonable size but I loved them

    then I saw some pop up on instagram, boxed gatefold invitations with a little sweet treat in them, so I've scrapped the original and I've ordered the boys to try my new idea! Watch this space...

  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride

    You're a braver woman than me to DIY your invites! We are hoping to ask Mr BAMF's sister to make our invites (she started doing wedding stationery after she got married and "jokingly" suggested that she'd do ours for us too).

    Lovely design though, you clever thing!


  • It's staying as a back up...... my back up back up is poundshop invites hahahah! 

  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride

    Come on now, surely you can stretch to Home Bargains for backup backups? 😂 


  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    Well done! The draft looks fab. Don't under estimate the time it takes to DIY invitations. I designed, printed, cut and assembled my invitations and it took ages! 

  • Yeah, I plan to start them soon..... then I can leave them and come back if I need to :)

    mrs bamf, I might just text/email/fb everyone! 

  • and then they ate cake

    J loves cake.... I love to bake cake, but no chance was I making our wedding cake. 

    We ummed and ahed a lot about what we wanted, we toyed with an m&s cake, a cheesecake (I love cheesecake) an extravagant over priced cake..... 

    then I had a brainwave...... brownies! We both love a good brownie and it's a bit quirky and a bit different. There's a brownie place local to us that does lots of flavours and have done a fair few wedding towers. So I enquired and bought some samples. They were delicious, we won't book until nearer the time but the plan is 5 different flavours of brownie giving us approx 250 bitesize brownie bits, we're going to buy some of the mini Millie's cookies too to add to it. 

    Move ordered a topper for the tower, a throwback of us in our youth! Him in his long leather jacket and baggy jeans and me in my ballet get up! Should be fun! 

  • LucykinsLucykins Posts: 701

    Mmm I love brownies. As a guest, I'd definitely appreciate that! At one point when I was considering afternoon tea options, I looked into getting brownies from Pet Lamb in Grainger Market. Where are you planning to get yours from?

    5 flavours of brownies should be exciting too. Do you think you'll still do a 'cutting the cake' picture?

  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride

    Ooooooh brownies! I make awesome 3-ingredient Nutella brownies so they're one of my favourite cakes!

    Then again, I love most cakes so I'm not that fussy 😂😂😂


  • Getting them from The Brownie Bar :) 

    i hope we still do some sort of cake pic.... not sure what/how though!

  • Table Centrepieces 

    so from the beginning I knew I was going to DIY our table centres, as we wanted to 'theme' each table differently, after books we love 







    today I started my dragon eggs for the GoT table, there will be 3 in a chest.... 


  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride

    Are you having ballet shoes for Granny Dan hun? Mum's fave author is Danielle Steel, I buy her a book every birthday, Christmas and Mother's Day.

    Please tell me you're having something bumblebee related for Me Before You 😂


  • I'm having my old pointe shoes, and a necklace my gran gave me:...... her favourite author was Danielle Steele and she gave me that book to read when I was younger.... my little tribute to her :) 

    yes..... bumble bee tights and my irregular choice shoes!!!

  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride

    Love love love it!


  • the official proposal

    so it happened last night, in the middle of a drunken night out, he just blurted it out and then gave me his ring while he dashed home in a taxi to get my ring! 

    then got some free champers in the nightclub we went to! Woooo! 

    iys not a romantic mind blowing proposal, but it's mine and I love it 



  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride

    Congratulations chick


  • bridesmaids bridesmaids everywhere 

    so since the proposal was when I was a little drunk, I ended up blurting out to my other friend S who was there that s should be my bridesmaid too, as well as my friend C. 

    Ok, one more than I'd planned on, not so bad. 

    Then when I told my aunt, my 2 cousins J & A who were bridesmaid and flower girl last time have begged and pleaded and offered to save their money to elope with us (not sure why they think we're eloping) but hey ho! 

    So in the space of 36 hours I'd gone from 1 adult and my 2 daughters, to 2 adults, 1 teenager, a pre teen and my 2. 

    Oh and one of my adult maids is pregnant, so that's another flower girl Or page boy! 

  • Engagement Party, extended family and bridesmaid thoughts

    so weve been cajoled (well I have) into an engagement party. I really don't want one more so because I'm a billy no mates! But J wants one, so weve compromised, weve hired (reserved) a top level of a local bar/nightclub (it's a wetherspoons) and we've invited everyone for a drinks gathering. We will buy some nachos/sharers/chips/salads on the night and a fair few bottles of prosecco... I'll stick to the lemonade I think haha, sadly my mum won't go (issues with her mental health - not sure if she will come to the wedding either tbh) my dad lives over 400miles away and isn't coming up north until 2 days later :( and my MoH and bridesmaid are both prebooked one at a wedding and one on holiday! Oh well!

    The extended family, so j has family out in a different country (12 hours on a plane) , we had debated inviting them but we decided not to, anyway after the engagement announcement they text his mum to ask when it would be she said summer 2019, and their reply was well were coming over....... *adds another 10 to the wedding budget* it's doable so it's not terrible, it's just not what we planned but hey ho! 

    My other bridesmaid thoughts, I'm having my two cousins as bridesmaids, J has one cousin who is of a similar age, she has autism so isnt always comfortable around noise, new people Etc..... I have an aunt with learning disabilities so this isn't new to me, However, I thought about asking her to be bridesmaid but J is slightly opposed to it..... it's his family at the end of the day, I just don't want it to look like I'm excluding her when I have my cousins if that makes sense. Anyway I have ages to think about it, but I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on it? 

  • PottyPotty Posts: 527 New bride

    What I've learned since asking my BMs and advice from people who have been there, have who you want and makes you happy.  If you offend people, they quickly get over it.  Bridesmaids end up being a big expense, and can totally be a massive pain in the bum (whether intentionally or not) and not just people being awkward, just in general. Honestly just have who you want and don't feel bad having/not having certain people, at the end of the day it's your wedding!!! 

    Married September 2018, Baby due October 2019.  
  • Flowergirl dress

    so I came across a lady selling Alfred Angelo Disney flowergirl dresses today, at a bargain price, so I've snapped one up for my youngest and only flower girl, I've got it slightly bigger than I'm anticipating her to be so hopefully all will be fine! 

    Here it is 


  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride

    So cute!

    I saw something on Facebook on Saturday about the Disney Store selling Princess themed party dresses for kids, and they are adorable:

    I can't cope with how cute they all are! That being said, I'm going to leave flowergirl dresses until quite late as ours will be just turned 2 and 3 by the time that the wedding rolls around, so there's a lot of growing for them to do.


  • It's arrived! It's huge Haha! She's gonna have to grow a lot in 19 months! Like a lot a lot lol! 

    Those dresses are gorgeous! one of the school mums owns a shop near my town who's just become a stockist of those dresses! 

    My dad and step mum came up to visit last week, they bought us a new printer for all the wedding printing and a paperchase planner :D happy me! 

    Asked me to make a couple of additions to the bridal party....... oh well in for a penny in for a pound! j wanted big white wedding with bells and whistles...... 

    other than that, there's nothing much happening on the planning front, ive started looking at hen do options, but can't really start organising until next year and I had a horrific hangover yesterday resulting in me wanting a t-total hen haha 

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