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After All This Time.... Our June 2019 wedding



  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride

    I'm teetotal anyway, but still manage to "catch" hangovers (figure that one out!) 

    We're on a planning pause - bridesmaid dresses are driving me up the bloody wall trying to think of something that will suit them all, so I've given up!


  • 87 weeks to go!

    So my countdown tells me its 87 weeks on saturday, 612 days to be exact, i feel like on one hand time is flying (we started at 1000+ days out) everything is plodding along, the savings pot is starting to fill up now that all the deposits are paid. 

    We had a chat about our honeymoon a few days ago, we've flitted between 


    NYC & Barbados

    NYC, Orlando & Mexico

    NYC & Mexico

    we think we've settled on 10 nights in NYC, I have the girls at home and don't want to leave them for too long, i think 10 nights will be enough to feel like we've had some alone time but be ready to come home to them. We vetoed the Caribbean due to Zika, we want to TTC pretty much from the wedding night ;) and don't want the worry of that hanging over us for the sake of a week in a hot country. We are hoping to make our celebrations last as long as possible by doing a few weekends away just the two of us when the girls are with their dad.... will either aid the TTC or give us some time just us two before we add to the fam-i-lam. The plan is our final bit will be Disneyland Paris with the girls between Christmas and New Year...... I'm very excited for it all!

    I set up the new printer and printed our Save the Dates, going to do our Save the Evenings soon, and my exploding boxes came for my order of service - bubbles and tissues both fit in! just need to figure out sizes for inserts and what i want to (sorry we want to) put in them.

    Ordered an aisle runner and welcome banner from Babyobaidi on facebook, they arrived and are amazing! 

    Oh yeah! My House of Elliot over the knee lace boots are with the lady who will be painting the soles and my veil has been ordered from the wedding veil shop online........

    Cathedral length, with blusher, 108" width, pencil edge, scattered crystals and detachable, so i can take the long part off for dancing in! woooo! 

  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride

    New York is fab! You'll love it! My mum stayed in the New Yorker hotel near Madison Square Garden and recommends it to just about everyone who goes. And of course I fully approve of the Disneyland Paris plans 😉

    We have a list of "bucket list" places we want to go to for holidays, so there's a chance that one of them will be our honeymoon destination. I'd love nothing more than to go back to Walt Disney World, or even visit the Disney parks in Hong Kong and Shanghai, but we'll have to see (or win the EuroMillions this weekend...)


  • OMG! Veil has arrived! 


    Also, the lady painting my shoes has sent the proof through! They’re going to look amazing! 

    The savings pot is filling nicely :) I’m happy at the minute 

  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride

    How does it look hun? Box looks pretty (I'm a sucker for nice presentation haha)


  • It’s gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful, I’m concerned about the detachable bit, it looks very obvious iykwim but I’m sure I won’t mind on the day! I tried it on and I’m not sure on having the blusher over my face, but J loves the idea, he wants to lift it..... so we will see! 

    Its all beautifully packed back in its box and in the bottom of the dress bag in the wardrobe! I’ve hung Ps flower girl dress in there too :D 

    Everything becomes chaos now for me with work,  Christmas show and party is our big one with lots of DIY for gifts and certificates and buffet and planning, so the wedding may take a back seat now until after Christmas. It’ll be 18months then! Eeeek! 

    Forst job of the new year will be cracking on with centrepieces so I can re do them 10 times til I’m happy with them haha!

  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride

    Ahh, glad it’s lived up to expectations! Sounds like we both have a busy time ahead too! I’m sure it’ll be good to have a break from wedding talk, but I can never quite shake the feeling that I should be sorting things out 😬


  • I know!! I’m focusing on getting the savings pot full! Atm it’s took a hammering from booking a family holiday for next year and now Christmas! 

  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride

    You're doing a lot better than us. Well, I say us, I mean me! Mr BAMF is much better at saving than I am! We have 2 "Wedding Fund" money boxes... there's about £50 total in them haha!


  • Oh I have our wedding savings account but then I have 2 smash boxes..... one NYC FUND and one HEN DO FUND haha maybe I’m doing ok image

  • image

    My shoes are here! All painted up! I’m in love!

  • When the plans go down the toilet...

    ok maybe that’s an exaggeration but it kinda feels like it. I guess one of the bad things about having so long to plan things for your wedding is your plans can and will change.... 

    1. Bridesmai/groomsmen situation - our lists of ’our people’ were growing rapidly - 8 for me and 7 for him, then a family member took it upon themselves to ask a young cousin to be a bridesmaid and didn’t ask us! So amongst a hard conversation for us two, a visit to see our venue again and a frank conversation with parents - we are cutting our people to male family only for his boys and female family only for my maids - some awkward conversations to be had now that I’m not looking forward too! 

    2- Save the dates and replies - sending save the dates to foreign family well in advance of the wedding in the hopes they’ll be able to make it (but being told by the fiancé it’s unlikely) so i Make the save the dates, I print them, I chase addresses, I spend a lot of money posting them to said foreign country - for them to send his mum a message saying they’re beautiful and they’d love to come! I get it, I do, it’s one of those things, but if that’s how they work I’ll be buying a set of 10 invites from the pound shop lol 😆 

    3- hen do chat - I know it’s ages off, but I’m sorting my own, plan is to be booking around April/ May as that’s 1 year out, I like the idea of going away, everyone suggesting different things, not sure at all what to do, my aunty had an idea of a series of mini hens, and letting my step sister organise something for my ‘down south’ family..... this is obviously my biggest issue hahahah #first world problems 

    4- Centrepieces - had a wonderful idea of theming our tables to our favourite books, but after doing 2 I think they look crappy :( so rethinking this and may go back to super boring and simple but elegant - we will see.... 

    So yeah, I’m sure there’s people out there with a lot more to deal with than me atm but these are my sticking points right now 

  • Hi all, if anyone is reading..... I feel like I’m rambling to myself on here quite often lol 

    Recent Updates 

    I’ve done quite a bit in the last couple of weeks but mostly it’s just been changing my mind on things! 

    We had a lovely Christmas and New Year, it was really exciting being able to say we get married next year, I pretty much told everyone at the party we were at. 

    I sacked the bridesmaids I needed to sack! That sounds awful, but it had got rather out of hand, theres still an air of wonder about one as although she’s been asked she’s still yet to give me a straight answer! I feel rude chasing as there is still 17.5 months to go, so I’ll chase that one in May/June time I think.

    Flowers & Centrepeices

    so if you’ve read my thread, you’ll know that the plan was that I would have a paper bouquet and J would have a paper buttonhole, then the rest of the flowers would be Gyp. 

    I decided that the although the paper bouquets were beautiful, they just weren’t right for our wedding, I had a brooch bouquet at my first wedding and it felt to ‘samesy’ 

    So I’ve cancelled the paper, spoke to my florist and ordered a Rose & gyp bouquet and buttonhole :) sorted 

    amongst the other things ordered from the florist there was 

    an arch of gyp and foliage for the ceremony 

    2 bay trees with roses gyp and fairy lights 

    Small bunches of gyp for the aisle chairs (then moved to top table in small vases) 

    an oversized martini vase with gyp and foliage spilling out and down for registrar table 

    then bridesmaid bouquets, men’s buttonholes and mums corsages 

    She is also doing our centrepeices. Originally I was going to do them, themed to our favourite books. This was becoming tedious and not looking at good as I wanted. 

    Anyway, wed bought some wine glasses to put on the spare evening tables to put candles on...... lightbulb moment...... we’ve decided on 

    mirror plate with 2/3 upturned wine glasses, gyp in the upturned glass and a candle on top, 2 larger cylindrical vases with gyp submerged in water and floating candles 

    so a mix of this 


    Florist grand total £500

  • Entertainment

    i think I’ve gone a bit crazy here..... 

    pianist for the day time

    magician for the drinks reception 

    singing waiter for during the meal (also does a slot in the evening) 


    VR race car (Js pick) 


    and currently thinking of a glitter bar/face painter 

    i know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but we love a good party, as do our friends and family. We could have an amazing party with an iPod playlist I’m sure, but we can afford it, we want it, it’s not killing us - so why the hell not! 

    ive been up and down with the Wedding if I’m honest, maybe because it’s my second time, maybe because I’m going through a rough legal battle with my ex over our children, maybe because I wanted to elope..... but I’m finally on the same page as J with the Wedding and I can’t bloody wait.... 505 days! 

  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride

    I've been lurking for a bit, trying to regain the wedding mojo! It's finally back (along with the feeling that I will never be able to afford anything ever again) and I'm sure you'll be sick of seeing my posts before long  

    Your flower post's freaked me out though - I pinned those last two on Pinterest last night! I love the idea of floating candles, roses and gyp, but as I'm otherwise clueless about flowers, it might be a while before I make any concrete decisions...

    Sounds like your guests will be very well entertained indeed hun, like you say, if you can afford it and you want it, why not have it!


  • Ah I know that feeling! I’m looking at holidays thinking - I’d like to have money again! Haha! 

  • Registrar Paid in FULL!

    yep, that’s right, we’re officially getting married - well there will be a registrar there haha! 

    Paid in full yesterday so we also Don’t need to pay their price increases April 18&19! Woo! 

    Our ceremony Choices pack arrived today, I was a little upset to see there is no sand ceremony available as we wanted to do this to include my 2 Children, I’ve emailed and asked but it’s not something they do, so if we want it, we have to do it once they’ve left. We’ve decided to probably do it during the speeches :) 

    we can choose our own reading and write our own vows which makes me happy 😃 

  • MrsBAMFMrsBAMF Posts: 217 New bride

    Well done for getting your registrar sorted hun!


  • Wedding Fair

    J and I went to a Wedding fair yesterday, it was a little bit of a disappointment tbh. one cake stand and one stationary stand (the things we’d mainly gone for inspiration on) 

    we did speak to someone about fireworks??!!?? Not sure on this one. Spoke to a few car hire places -  I’m staying at the venue the night before but J isn’t plus we’d like something nice for the photos and for getting us further up the Quayside for photos on the bridges and I don’t want to have to walk haha 

    we looked at a couple of menswear stands - J is in love with a particular men’s store and they had a stand (they’re also having a men only wedding fair soon so he’s off to that) he thinks he’s chosen his suit, blue with a contrasting champagne trim, then his boys in a slightly darker blue. 

    A certain company is getting a strongly worded email - we stood at their stand for about 10 minutes while the two ‘boys’ chatted nightclubs, didn’t even acknowledge us or give us a leaflet or brochure..... theyve just lost our custom that’s for sure. 

    I ummed and ahhed about dresses too, I love mine but I don’t know if it’s too much for all day and evening - I’m seriously considering something cheap and floaty for the evening after the first dance- I wanna dance and move and hopefully go clubbing after haha not sure I can do that in my ballgown! Haha 

  • Just had a nice old time reading all your thread! It's good to know that someone else changes their mind too - sometime it feels like you're committed to all these decisions and have to make a decision quickly too. I think your dress is abolutely stunning and fits your perfectly but totally get wanting a lighter one for the dancing later on!



  • Suits, entertainment & my second dress

    Although most people think its too early to be doing most of this stuff, J and I want to be able to have the entire wedding booked and paid for by the end of this year so when we move to our new home at the end of this year, we can enjoy our money and hopefully be less stressed by everything.

    So yesterday J and his dad went to have a look at suits, J is going to buy his, but hire for the rest of the men. He found one he loved for his men, 2pc for the dads and the same suit but 3pc for best man & groomsmen. Its a blue with a slight check running through it from Slaters, but it works out cheaper to buy these ones and ask the guys to wear their own shirts and shoes. We haven't bought them yet, but will as one of the last things we buy end of this year.

    J's suit is one he'd had his eye on for quite some time, its blue with a champagne trim (ill attach a pic) hes tried it on today and bought it, bought to fit him now and if he looses weight then we'll get it altered.

    We also had a 'shoe appt' with a bespoke shoe maker, hes designed and ordered those, ill be paying as one of my gifts to him, they'll also be monogramed with our wedding date.

    Entertainment wise, i think im sorted on that front, it has become somewhat of an 'event' as i mentioned earlier, but its things we've both wanted and we're working on we want it, we can afford it, why not. There's no borrowing happening, its all being done off our own backs saving, with some contributions from my mum and dad & step mum. 

    I don't want to say too much as you never know whos on here and whos reading, but we have live music during the day, a magician, a surprise!! then dj, photobooth, vr race car, glitter bar and a surprise on the evening! 

    My second dress...... i went looking at wed2be with MIL for a dress for the evening to change into, something lighter and smaller.... i stupidly ended up in another ball gown that i really quite liked (que internal panic) i came home and tried my Snow White on again (also found the train was bustled up.... the train is huuuuuuuuge and i hadnt seen how long IRL before) and i love love love love it, although ive not lost weight, i must of lost inches as i was able to get it to sit right this time which was amazing! 

    i've found one online that i like for the evening, im going to order it and give it a go, dont want to spend loads as i may not even wear it! 

  • image

    This is Js suit..... he looks amazing in it 

  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,486 New bride

    oooo I like that suit!  Where is it from?

  • britbird wrote (see post):

    oooo I like that suit!  Where is it from?

    It’s a boutique local to us, but they have an online store, it’s xalled Master Debonair :) J could spend hundreds in there lol 

  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 712 New bride

    Just binged on your thread! Love the suit and your dress is amazing 😍

    I‘m with you on the party atmosphere, I’m most scared of having an empty dance floor 

  • MrsGtoB wrote (see post):

    Just binged on your thread! Love the suit and your dress is amazing 😍

    I‘m with you on the party atmosphere, I’m most scared of having an empty dance floor 

    This is so freaky! I’ve just binge read and commented on yours! 

  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    Oh my! That suit 😍😍 i wanted h2b to have a smart tailored suit but he's insisted on traditional tails 😭

  • Sadieee wrote (see post):

    Oh my! That suit 😍😍 i wanted h2b to have a smart tailored suit but he's insisted on traditional tails 😭

    It’s beautiful isn’t it? You can’t see it at all on the pic but it’s got a be y faint red thread running through the check (that you also can’t see) it’s just amazing! 

    Im sure your h2b will look amazing in tails :) x

  • Lace jacket 

    I’ve just ordered this from jjs house, I’ve been toying with the idea of this for a while, so we shall see, nice little cropped lace jacket for the ceremony


  • Your thread made me sign up on here - I also live round the corner from the George Washington! Your plans look absolutely fab and your dress is gorgeous thank you for Sharing!

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