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A wedding in the Gower



  • Thanks WildflowerBride and FutureMrsThomas! So far, only one BM has tried on, she loved them both but preferred the halter neck style which i'm really glad about!

    I did toy with the idea of buying a size 6 in the first dress and having it altered for the 10yo but I just don't think it'll sit right and I don't want people to treat her as an adult. I would rather everyone realize she's younger and treat her accordingly, it'll be a long day for her I think, she's not used to all the fuss of her extended family let alone mine aswell! haha.. also she's not really a girly girl and a maxi dress would probably get on her nerves.

    I forgot to mention the dresses were a total bargain! I entered that competition on here to win LittleMistress BM dresses and didn't win but recieved at 25% code. So the 1st dress works out at £56.25pd and the 2nd (my preferred dress) £45!





    So cake is a big deal for me... I'm a hobby cake maker and have made cakes for most family/friends events for the past few years (I've never done a wedding cake however)

    Here's a few cakes I've made just because I like over sharing and I'm secretly a bit of a show off!








    From the start I was dead set on making my own and had a ridiculous amount of ideas depending on what theme we settled with, although I love the "naked" cake type because I don't actually like icing I wanted something a bit more special and D really isn't keen on the look.

    Over time, everybody started putting doubts in my head... mainly because I'd be spending the whole weekend (wedding is on tues) baking and will have to get everything else done beforehand (it's also my birthday on the Sat) who will set it up in the morning( do i trust D or the groomsmen?! haha)  as well as how will it travel down to Oxwich and keep overnight as were staying in Swansea.

    I've come to the horrible conclusion that they're right and its just not practical although I'm genuinely gutted... when we first decided to marry at home rather than abroad my first thought was i get to do my own cake!

    So the long and short of it is we've put a deposit down on a local baker and I will be very much involved in the designing stage, it is a good deal... £250 for a 4 tier cake plus 60 edible favours (we'll be choosing welsh cakes) She has around 20 flavours to choose from so the plus side is that we'll get to go to a tasting!

    My grandparents have generously offered to pay for the cake and I think we'll be getting these bobbleheads made as toppers.



    I'm not sure kind of design we'll go for yet as I'm always changing my mind but I'll upload a similar image once we've decided. 


  • Happy Bridesmaids

    So the girls have tried on the dresses! Both dresses looked lovely, I don't think they were loving the colour when I showed them the dresses online but liked it in person... It took us a while to decide which one to go for! A nice problem to have I suppose but in the end we settled on the halter neck style as it was more flattering for all of their body types and seems a bit more beachy etc.

    Here they are!!



    And here’s me messing around in a shower curtain so we could get the “full image” Was feeling left out everybody else dressing up!!! 



  • Also! A real bargain at £45 per dress...highly recommend Little Mistress for high street BM dresses! 

  • Few Bits and Bobs

     A few weeks ago we went to our first wedding fayre (and probably the only one) It was the Welsh National Wedding Fayre in Cardiff City stadium... i work every weekend so chose this one to book off because I thought it would be the biggest and have the most variety but it was crap.

    Didn't help that I was ever so slightly hungover (I had a rare Sunday off don't judge!) and the place was ridiculously overcrowded. Anyway, it wasn't a total waste of time as it's where I found my hen party and we booked an appointment with Smooch rings which is coming up next week (slightly dubious about this now after reading reviews) Has anybody used them??

    I can't go past hobbycraft without popping in so dragged D, my mum and my nana in with me... We've looked at this drop heart guestbook several times as I love the idea but all the ones online seem so expensive so we decided to go for the ginger ray one in hobbycraft and i'll stick these foam roses around the frame to jazz it up a bit and bring it in with the theme (think i'll only use double sided tape so we can display at home afterwards)



    I also saw the letters and HAD to have them, think they're xmas decorations but they fit our theme perfectly. I'm thinking of putting them on the cake table at the bottom of the cake and having a wooden MR&MRS topper.



    I loved this jar aswell and my nana convinced us to get both. Originally I thought it would be nice to use it as an advise for the bride and groom jar but the hearts are too small so will think of something later.. I'll put it alongside the guestbook frame.



  • Wedding Dreams/Nightmare!

    I had my first wedding nightmare the night before last. In the dream we'd just finished the ceremony (presumably, i didn't actually dream this part!) and were walking down to the marquee/reception room... when we got there to see the room all set up 3 of the tables didn't have any centerpieces and the rest were left in boxes in the middle of the tables! Only the very first table was set up exactly how I'd hoped and I was yelling at the venue staff for  managing to get one table right and the rest so wrong, I had to put them all together myself during the drinks reception and I was crying and my mascara was staining the table cloths.

    On top of this, it was raining so nobody took part in the fun fair/games etc and instead our whole wedding party were stood at the side of the marquee watching me put the centerpieces together!

    D and I were miserable all day and en

    I'm hoping for some nicer wedding dreams to come!

  • DIY!

    We started a bit of wedding DIY yesterday!

    I'd bought a fair few packs of these foam flowers from the range in ivory and pink and thought I'd use them to decorate my signage frames etc.


    So here's the beiggings! I'm pleased with how they've turned out...  We're hoping to hang the "All of me" sign down from the top table underneath the floral arrangement (like this:) although it is quite heavy so we'll have to check that!


    the drop heart guestbook we'll be displaying on a table in the foyer of the marquee (near the bar) along with some other bits and bobs.

    The plan is to flower the frames of all our signage but we haven't got them printed yet.

  • Flip Flops 

    We may have got a bit carried away with the glue gun and foam flowers and I decided to jazz up the flip flops! 

    I still need a basket for these and I’m going to tie them together back to back and make little labels with the sizes... I don’t know how long the flower will last attached as it fell off when I was testing them around the house last night but I think they look prettier/more weddingy for the basket at least! 



  • Sparklers

    The day after bonfire night I went into Tesco and decided to buy up their stock of sparklers! I'd love to get a photo in the dark with all our guests holding sparklers up etc but I need to contact our photogpahpers and see how long their willing to stay. According to Google, sunset will be at 8.10pm so I'm thinking it wont be dark enough around 9-930ish.

    Also, I'm not sure how we'll display them as I don't want to use the phrase "Sparkler Send Off" since were definitely staying to party!!

    I have around 150 sparklers!

    This is obviously a small part of the wedding day and if it doesn't go to plan it really isn't the end of the world... doesn't stop me searching for the perfect sparkler images to imitate!!




  • Shoe Fail

    I was watching Im a celeb the other night and the Debenhams Xmas advert came on (where she loses her shoe on the train/cinderella story) I immediately fell in love, tracked them down and orderd them to collect!

    So i went into town today to collect them and tried them on in the shop (I was so excited!!) But as soon as i opened the box i knew they weren't the ones... They were no where near as sparkly/princessy as i'd hoped, and they were so uncomfortable! I took them back there and then so the hunt continues!

    These images actually make them look more sparkly than they were in person (please excuse my horrible feet, they'd been trapped inside socks/boots on a very wet and cold shopping trip!!!!







  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    That's a shame about the shoes! I found mine in Kurt Geiger, I will take a photo tomorrow. 

    The decorations look fab. Love that you glued flowers to the flip flops. I would do the same! Lol. 

  • Thanks FutureMrsThomas! To be honest, there's worse things to be searching for than shoes so I'm not too worried! I think I'm going to wait for the Boxing Day/january sales! 

    Im enjoying all the DIY bits but it is already taking over the house (of which we only have 2 rooms as we're living with my parents) dad has taken to calling the spare room the wedding room haha 

  • PottyPotty Posts: 528 New bride

    Hey Georgina, I’ve only just found your thread and I am soooo bloody excited that I have!!!!! We get married on the 8th of September and you’re the only other bride I’ve found on here getting married so close to me!!!! YAY!

    Your funfair games looks sooo fun! Such a great idea! 

    Married September 2018, Baby due October 2019.  
  • Hey MrsSpag2B! What a coincidence! Ive literally JUST been reading through your thread! Got a couple of pages left but OMG I LOVE THE BRIDESMAID DRESSES!!!!!! And a caricaturis! How fab is that?! 

    Im so excited for the funfair/beachy part of the day but I feel like I've definitely jinxed myself for it to rain now ive booked outdoor activities! 

  • MrsGB2015MrsGB2015 Posts: 3,899 New bride

    Georgina - I have been reading your thread and love all your ideas - wish we had funfair games - jealous!


    I also wanted to comment as the shoes you tried are similar to the shoes I had on my day - just another one for you to investigate, not sure if they are what you are after but they are lovely!!


    These are Gaga by Benjamin Adams



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    "The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow"
  • Oh MrsGB2015 they are incredible! I've had a quick google search and I've got a feeling they've been discontinued as I can only find them on Ebay.

    There are a lot of sparkly shoes out at the moment as xmas is approaching so I am keeping my eye out... I've think I'm swaying towards the more goldy colour (the lighter/rose gold) than silver but would that mean I'd have to have all rose gold coloured jewellery aswell? I want simple pearl earrings and white gold/peal necklace.

  • MrsGB2015MrsGB2015 Posts: 3,899 New bride

    Ahh they could be I did get married back in 2015! I actually got mine off eBay and they were in great condition!


    Aww rose gold is so pretty! You may be able to find something that will match this time of year is great for any of the sparkles! 

    Married since June 2015
    TTC since August 2015
    Miracle Baby due April 2020

    "The greater your storm, the brighter your rainbow"
  • Child Bridesmaid Dress

    After deciding that our 9yo niece would be better off in a childs dress rather than matching the adult bridesmaids I then realised what an awkward colour I'd picked for the BM dresses! I'm a bit concerned aswelll that anytime I have taken a photo of the dress it always looks a lot darker than it is in real life?! Hope this isn't an issue we'll have on the day!

    I loved this dress when I was first looking but thought it would clash but after a few weeks of searching nothing else came up! So i thought I'd order it to see how they'd go together. A hasn't tried the dress on yet, its going to be too big, i ordered a 12-13yrs and she'll only be 10 but I thought it can be altered on the day and I'd rather her be comfortable.



    It arrived in a beautiful box with coloured tissue and is lighter than the BM dresses but actually I think they go really well together, will get A to try it on this week!

    The dress was in the monsoon sale for £45 (the same as the BM dresses!) So all very much in budget!

    Here's a really crap picture of the dresses together! 


  • Lollies!!

    We're not going down the sweet buffet/cart route as we've only got 3 children (2 10yo and a 8yo) and I'm pretty sure it'll all get wasted but I came across these lollipops online and loved them!

    I've got 15 jagerbomb swirly lollipops and 15 prosecco ones and i've picked up about 50 or so fruity flavoured ones (diff colours) from home bargains! I'm not sure what to do with them really! I might put them on the guestbook table or maybe somehow give them out at the drinks reception as "prizes" for the traditional funfair games! I'm going to just make some small labels for them nearer to the time. Really wanna try the prosecco one!!! (Might order some more lol)

    imageThis is the jagerbomb

    imageand the prosecco one!

    imagenormal fruity ones



  • Mood Boards

    I've been finding it increasingly difficult to explain my vision for the day and worrying that I have too many colours/ themes and it'll all clash and look like a jumble sale soo i've created a few "mood boards" to keep everything together and to get an idea of the final look.

    They've really helped this week bring everything together and I'm pleased with how it's all looking! I think it's helped D to see everything together rather than a big pile in the spare room!

    At the moment they're made up of actual images of the things I've bought/made and some inspiriation images from google/pinterest etc. I'll be updating them as I go!

    Here's one D wasn't able to look at! It's hard to imagine the complete "bridal look" especially as I won't be seeing the dress again until June-ish. Seeing it altogether makes it so real but reminds me of how much I need to get sorted i.e:

    Veil- been speaking with Sian from Blossom&Bluebirds and very nearly ready to order

    Shoes- Decided I really like the rose gold glitter rather than the Silver sequin sparkles so keeping my eyes peeled.

    Hair&Make-Up- Recieved a million quotes from stylists and artists but I'm finding it difficult to commit, mainly as I find the prices so high! I live about an hour and half away from the venue so haven't been able to get any recommendations etc.

    Jewellery- Not sure what I want, but something simplish.. i really like pearls!

    Bouquets- Been in talks with some florists and have recieved a couple of quotes... with 6 BMs the cost is very high but looks like I haven't really got much of a choice! Putting this on hold as I keep thinking I'll find an alternative i.e. high quality artificial etc... basically need to look into it a bit more before I bite the bullet!



  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    I have a very similar Monsoon dress for my junior bridesmaid. It's gorgeous! Looks good with your older BM dresses. 

    Love the lollies! They look fab! 

    The cost of flowers are huge! With artificial there's a seller on Etsy called Artificial Bouquets. I've been looking at this seller for my cake topper. 

  • Cake Board

    We're supposed to be meeting our cake maker on the 13th Dec but she hasn't gotten back to me... not panicking yet but the communcation really hasn't been great. I've already paid a £100 deposit and haven't tasted the cakes yet... as a hobby baker I am very nervous about this but she had a great deal on a 4 tier cake with edible favours (Welsh cakes) and my grandparents are paying so decided to go for it thinking we'd meet her soon enough... that's not really been the case.... Anyway...!

    These are my inspo for cakes... I know there's a lot of different styles there but I'd really like the cake to sort of incorporate the different aspects of the wedding... the colours, the funfair/beachy part and I'd like the cake to be a bit of a nod to our travelling. We will be leaving 3weeks after the wedding to travel around Asia for 6 months (More on this at a later date when we've fixed a plan/route) I LOVE the "and so the adventure begins" cake topper.. it could mean the adventure of our marriage or I'd like to see it as more of our adventure/ extended honeymoon we're about to embark on!

    I'd really like the pink ruffle tier that a few on these have to be the bottom and then see what the baker thinks about incorporating the rest of the themes without making it too cartoon/novelty. Maybe she really will be AWOL once she hears my elaborate plans! Haha.


  • Thanks FutureMrsThomas! I'm not seeing her until Sunday, it's difficult because it's definitely going to be too big now, think it may be a case of taking it in in the summer!

    I've been so naive about costs with the wedding but I'm really resenting the thought of spending so much on flowers!! I've looked at a few artificial options, which are not really any cheaper but I suppose you've got something to keep.

    On saying that, after stalking etsy for a embarrisngly long time I've come across a company you send your wedding flowers and make them into jewellery! I love that idea and it makes the cost seem slightly more justified somehow!

  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    The cost of anything wedding related is marked up so much. I hate looking at the budget. lol

    Love your cake inspiration. Fingers crossed your cake lady contacts you soon! 

  • Definitely! We've been saving all of our pennies from Aug (when we moved in with my parents) and our plan was to stop saving for the wedding at the end of this month and to move onto saving for travelling from January but we are slightly under budget due to spending a lot on centerpieces/decorations etc.

    I know in the long run I'd be gutted that we'll have to come home earlier/miss out a place on our travels rather than not have the perfect venue decor/the best flowers etc so I'm going to stick with what we've got by the end of this month and try to keep to the budget everywhere else! Christmas isn't helping either!!

  • Few updates!

    Firstly, Littlest BM loves her dress, worryingly it fits... it's slightly baggy on the top but we'll just have to hope most of her growing this year will be upwards! The dress has a removable belt so worst case scenario we can have it altered and leave the belt off. No pics as she just doesn't keep still enough and we were worried it would end up with gravy all down it as FMIL was cooking dinner at the time!

    Secondly, after joining slimming world in Oct I've just recieved my 1 stone certificate! Very pleased with this! I'm hoping to lose another 2 (at least) and I'll be starting an excercise routine in the new year which I'm actuallly looking foward to! My main aim at the moment is to not blow it alll over christmas!

    And thirdly, we have booked in for our menu tasting in Jan! I'm SO excited!!!! I have been trying to find an excuse to go up there over christmas but it wasn't looking like we'd fit it in! Once we've had the tasting we can get the ball rolling with the invites so that'll be this weeks researching job!

  • Invitations

    On the back of the previous post I've been thinking about invitations!

    I did order a sample from of a square pocketfold in "kraft" with an ivory envelope, mini envelope for RSVPs and a "misty rose" belly band to match the colour theme. The invite was beautifully packaged and looked lovely but the colours were off... the "kraft" was very light/shiny and the "misty rose" belly band was nothing like my colours. My plan was to attach a wooden personalised heart with our names/date onto the belly band to tie in with our save the dates but it just didn't look right.

    Also, I have no idea how you'd print on the front of the pocketfold? or do you not?? more research needed i think!!

    Anyway... here's my invite inspo so far!



  • Getting Ready Robes

    I really like these characature robes from KPink but at £22 each and needing 8 of them, they were way out of my budget! Also, although I think they're cool..I think they might look a bit gimicky looking back on my photos in 10years, so I started looking for more sensible options.


    As every bride to be is aware these robes come up on all sites, with each person's name/role on the back for around £20 each, I begrudge paying for this as they'd probably never be worn again and it seems like such a waste of money so i took a risk and ordered my own silk floral robes from Ebay and it paid off!!

    I've ordered 6 of the light pink ones for my bridesmaids, the hot pink one for my mum and the white for me... they're all 1 size and were surprisingly roomy! They're short but not as short as I'd imagined and I'm just going to get us all a vest top/PJ shorts from primark to go underneath!

    The only minor issue is the bright pink one for mum is REALLY bright (but it looks just as it did online- it's actually my favourite and I'm going to keep it to wear as a beach cover up!) but at just over £30 for all the robes, I'm not complaining!!




    I was looking into personalised transfers to iron onto the back but I think I'm just going to leave them blank now.


    The Ebay seller is from Hong Kong and delivery stated up to 8weeks... they actually arrived in under 2!

  • 8 months to go!

    So with just under 8 months to go, I've decided to make myself a detailed list which then scared the life out of me, but here we are... we've got some work to do!

    To Do List

    1/ Invitations! I've ordered a few samples but so far nothing has jumped out at me... we have made a start on the actual wording but we really need to get on with arranging these now!

    2/ Food Choices Well we've got our menu tasting booked for next week... will let you know how that goes!

    3/ Hair/Make-up

    4/ Vei I know exactly what I want, it's just getting it ordered from Blosson&Bluebird 

    5/ Accessories - Hair piece, Jewellery etc.

    6/ Bridal party gifts

    7/ Flowers!- Bouquets

    8/ Order of service

    9/ confetti

    10/ Suits

    11/ Hen/Stag do arrangements.

    12/ Mother of the bride outfit- shop with mum.

    13/ Music Choices- guests arrival, aisle, register and drinks reception

    14/ Place names

    15/ Favours

    16/ Dress fittings etc

    17/Change accommodation for night before

    18/ Floral arrangements- arch for beach etc

    19/ Transport to venue

    20/ Wedding day stationary

    21/ Frames/ printed signs for around venue

    22/ Underwear and Pjs for wedding night

    23/ Finalise evening guest list and sent out invites.

    24/ Organise Ceremony readings- D's sister and my grandad.

    25/ Timeline for wedding day- painted pallet?

    26/ Wedding Rings!

    27/ First Dance

    28/ Evening entertainment- Sax player?

    29/ Wedding cake tasting/design

    30/ Meet with photographer/videographer with lists

    31/ Wedding vows

    32/ Something old/new/borrowed/blue

    33/ guest book table/ Card post box etc 

    I'm sure I'm missing big important chunks of planning but this is kinda overwhelming already! Time to knuckle down I guess!

  • Honeymoon/The other big event this year!

    Right! I don't think I've mentioned this much on here but we've both decided to take sabbaticals after the wedding to do some traveling.  It's something we were going to do anyway, and when D proposed last year (omg-almost a year ago!) We spent a long time deciding which should come first/how this would work.

    We made the massive decision to move in with my parents in order to save for the wedding but also for a 6 month trip afterwards as a kind of extended honeymoon.

    On New Years Day we booked our first flight! (well first 2) We're leaving on 1st Oct and flying to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) for a few days before starting our trip properly in Bali!

    We're going to hire a private villa in Bali for a few days to kick off our trip before spending the next 6 months in hostels etc!

    So far our plan is as follows:

    1 month in Bali/indonesia,make our way to Bangkok, travel up the norhern side of thailand into Loas, travel through loas in Vietnam for around a month, into cambodia.... spend Christmas/New year in the south of thailand before making our way to the Philippines for around a month. Our last stop will be India, again for around a month finishing with the Holi Festival before coming home back to real life!

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