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A wedding in the Gower



  • Jars Jars Jars

    My nana's next door neighbour got married back in October and kindly gave me a MASSIVE box of jars (along with a few other bits) I wasn't quite sure what to do with them, but after the twine success from the bouquets I decided I'd dedicate my only day off this week to twining said jars!

    Turns out there are 56 of em! and it took us (my brother and I- credit where its due, he was a masive help!) the majority of the day!

    Pleased with how they've turned out- they're all different shapes and sizes which is great. Half of these jars will go along side our centrepieces and the general decoration of the marquee and the other half will be used to go along either side of the aisle.

    Heres the Jars:




    Here’s oir centrepiece jars and twine inspo




  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    Love the tea towel invitation! Brilliant! 

    I decorated jars with lace and ribbon. I have roughly the same number. 

  • Georgina74 - I've just caught up on your thread and your day is shaping up so beautifully! Love your dress and you've inspired me with the veil! My dress is similar to yours and I didn't know whether to get lace edged or plain. The homemade elements you're doing are fab too :) x

  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,486 New bride

    OMG I am in LOVE with the tea towels.  Bang goes my idea of cheaper invites LOL

  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,486 New bride

    BTW, can I get the link for the boxes on EBay please!

  • Thanks FutureMrsThomas-  defintely a labour of love!! I've seen yours jars- they're lush!

    Williams2James, yes our dresses are fairly similar with the lace at the bottom! I'd definitely not want to cover/ detract from the beautiful lace on your dress!! I think plain all the way! I've said it a million times but I'd 100% Sian from Blossom and Bluebird!

    Britbird- Exactly my point- I keep seeing more elborate (and expensive) ideas and can't make my mind up! I've got a couple more samples on their way now

    I realised it was Amazon I'd seen the boxes- £6.90 for 25

    here's the link:

  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,486 New bride

    LOL- I am terrible when it comes to money.  I feel like the wedding is just becoming more and more extravagant!  Mr R keeps telling me it is fine, and we can afford it, but a little part of me does say that the amount we are spending would pay off a huge chunk of our mortgage! Thanks for the link :-) We are definitely going down the route of tea towels.  Looking forward to seeing what other samples are en-route!

  • I do sometimes have to remind myself that I'm not Kate Middleton every now and then and reign it in!

    I love that your going for the tea towels! Are you going with the same company? I think they're amazing but I've shown my parents and they're not getting it which is putting me off- and as there are information sheets/ RSVPs to organise they do work out costly

  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,486 New bride

    LOL- I know exactly what you mean.  We are very fortunate in that we haven't really got a budget overall for the wedding but we were talking last night and saying how we need to think about what is really worth it, and what we are just being OTT about.  

    Yes, we are going with the original guys, they seem the best, and are so nice on email as well.  I am going to get a sample sent.  I did originally think we were going with the scrabble one, but now we are looking at the Autumn Leaves one, but asking for our pet chickens to be incorporated into it :-) 

    That is a shame about your parents not getting it.  We decided not to tell ours, so it is a surprise for them.  I think it is harder to imagine it, but when you actually see it, it is a "wow, how cool" moment.  And Dawn O'Porter and Chris O'Dowd used them, and they have been in loads of magazines, so seem like the best!

  • Hey, what a lovely thread! I’m also a welsh bride to be, our Date is 15th September and I’ve really enjoyed spending 2 days reading your posts, in between work and researching sequins as I’m hand beading my partially hand made dress... I’m now seriously contemplating a planning thread, if only to off load my brain, as I feel a little swamped at the moment and don’t want to Off load and bore friends! It’s lovelt to read a ‘local’ thread and relate to places/beaches/suppliers etc... xx 


  • vinitavinita Posts: 33
    Georgina74 wrote (see post):

    Save the dates

    I really liked the idea of magnets for save the dates bit wanted to introduce  a rustic/natural theme. After a bit of googling I came across some wooden heart shaped with all the details engraved on eBay:


     I ordered 50 magnets for £39 which delivered within the week I was really impressed with them! Although they were a little smaller than I'd imagined the writing is really easy to read and think they look good for the money!

    i bought kraft cards from hobbycraft and printed a little poem on the front (using the printer from work hehe) and stuck the magnet to the middle 


    i bought the card as actual cards as it was cheaper than buying card and envelopes but cut the other side off hopefully I'll get some use out of it further down the line!

    The hessian is a little wonky on the one pictured as it was the first one I made and I pulled it tighter than i should have but the rest of them turned out pretty well! 

    Also got these cute little stickers for the back of the envelope although I'll have to properly seal the ones I'm posting as they keep unsticking 


     Your card look nice as mix of classical tradination. Love it!!


  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830
    LittleWelshbird wrote (see post):

    Hey, what a lovely thread! I’m also a welsh bride to be, our Date is 15th September and I’ve really enjoyed spending 2 days reading your posts, in between work and researching sequins as I’m hand beading my partially hand made dress... I’m now seriously contemplating a planning thread, if only to off load my brain, as I feel a little swamped at the moment and don’t want to Off load and bore friends! It’s lovelt to read a ‘local’ thread and relate to places/beaches/suppliers etc... xx 


    Another Welsh bride here. Start a thread LittleWelshbird! It really does help to offload on here. I'm going to miss writing mine. 

  • LittleWelshbird- Hello!! Lovely to see other welsh brides! especially when theres's not even 2 weeks between our dates! Definitely do a planning thread, I'm really pleased I started, it's great to have everything written down and to get other brides opinions on things, I think I'm going to start printing bits out to make a sort of diary/planning log for afterwards.

    Wow! hand beading your dress! How amazing! that deserves a thread all of its own! Which venue have you chosen? I know what you mean about not wanting to bore friends- I  try so hard not to talk about the wedding all the time but if someone asks me about it I'm like a bottle of pop!


  • Hi Georgina, I just binge-read your thread - came to look at your flowers (lovely!) and read the whole lot.  I think you're right about Wales's worst kept secret - I've been to a wedding at in the Gower too, and my most lasting memory of it was a group of us (students.... enough said, lol) trying to paddle 'home' from the reception across Oxwich Bay at 1am........!     It really is gorgeous there, you'll have a fantastic day x

  • Hey Ali S 71! I've just read yours too!!  The bandstand is incredible and I love the birdcage centrepieces ... it's so tricky to decide whether to go fake or not with the flowers, it was a decision that took me a loooong time but I'm really glad with what I've gone for.... I've managed to get a lot more for my money than I would have in either real or hired flowers and I own these to maybe sell afterwards too.

    I'm not saying people aren't going to know they're artificial but realistically, why should they care?! I know I certainly wouldn't- even before spending months on end investigating the differences!

    As you said on your thread- the pros of artificial definitely outweigh those of real flowers!

    I definitely hope our wedding ends in some guests in the sea!!! we were joking the other day saying we should set up a gopro to capture any late night beach antics!

  • First Dance Dilemma

    D and I had decided on our first dance song as soon as we were engaged, we were in Thailand when Ed Sheerans album came out (beginning of last year) and had a lot of travelling via buses/trains etc... Internet wasn't great but I wanted to download the album for an upcoming over night train... I don't really know what I did but I managed to download the album and a lot of cover versions of his songs.

    This song came up, I fell in love, we've mapped out how the song/dance will work to the second.... all done and dusted but then Ed took over the world and as you all know, this song (well, the original and all the other versions he's put out there) blew up! Everybody told me how this is the "perfect" song for a first dance, everytime it was played on the radio (A LOT!) they'd mention first dances/weddings.... ugh.

    D and I have seen Ed Sheeran a few times, going back to his first album etc but I really think choosing this is a bit cliche... ideally, I'd forget this song, move on and find something else but I just can't!

    What do you think? Listen to this version by BTWN US it's a "mash up" with Ed Sheeran "perfect" and Elvis Presley- "Can't help falling in love." The 2 most overused first dance songs, something I'd absolutely never go for... but I can't help loving it!!


  • Kelly224Kelly224 Posts: 962 New bride

    I love 'perfect' as well especially the version he did with Beyoncé.  Unfortunately my OH is not an Ed fan so we aren't having it for our first dance but I'm going to get it in somewhere else!

    I think if you love it and you want it then go for it!!  Who cares if other people have it, you'll know the reasons why you chose it and it's not because it's a clichéd first dance song, you've picked it for other reasons.

  • Georgina74Georgina74 Posts: 299 New bride

    Oxiwch Bay Experience Day

    Last Sunday, we took our parents with us for an experience day at the venue. I didn't really know what the day was about before we went, but it was lovely seeing the marquee.

    The venue dresser that has quoted me for the ceiling fairy lights was there and we had a little chat and she's since sent me an invoice for 9 sets of fairy lights and 5 sets of foliage (garlands) 1 top table garland, cake table and dance floor wall garlands coming in at £425-ouch! I think we'll settle back for just the fairy lights- the foliage is lovely but i don't think its worth the extra cost.

    imageWith the foliage on just the chandeliers 

    imageFull foliage package

    We got to try all of their "extras" a donut wall at £4 a donut! prosecco bar at £6 a glass and hot chocolate at £5pp... can really see how you'd get carried away with the prices! They had a few of their evening buffet options too.... a BBQ outside with burgers and hot dogs and a fish and chips stall inside with fish and chips in a little cone- this was great, we'd probably go for this option except D is "allergic" (he's never tried it) to any kind of fish. We were hoping they'd have the pizza option out as this is what we're hoping to go for... D asked the coordinator about it and they said they weren't able to keep bringing it out on this day but we could arrange to go down another time to try it.

    We also came across the company that are suppyling our DJ... this is something I'd been a bit nervous about as I'd heard (from brides on here) that the DJ was a bit rubbish.. but the guy seemed great and really accomodating with playlists etc, the company also supply photobooths/ LOVE letters etc. He also had a "selfie mirror" set up which we all loved and mum and dad put a deposit down straight away! It's not even something I'd considered having but it was really fun- they do a good deal for our venue as they supply the DJ too and they print 2 copies of all images, one for the guest and one goes in a book for us to keep!


  • Georgina74Georgina74 Posts: 299 New bride

    Invitations Part 5 (?)

    Well invitations have certainly been my biggest stress so far... I say my because it is me stressing, D is trying to help as much as he can but I just can't settle on anything.

    Last week, durnig the snow days I pulled out all of our invite samples (We've got a lot now!) and we went through the pros and cons of each option... We realised that the passport were really our favourite but we were reluctant to choose them as they're so expensive considering they're just a piece of folder card.

    So the snow saw us stuck in the house with nothing to do for 3-4days so I dug the laptop out so i set about creating my own, there's a theme here with this wedding! I like something, begrudge/can't afford paying the price so go down the DIY route!

    We eventually put our ideas together and settled for the passport option but make them ourselves, we'd have spent a fortune of just those and would still have to make/buy RSVPs/envelopes etc. We went back to our original pocketfold idea and put the 2 together.

    So here's what we've done:

    image This is the front and back cover of the passport- the passport is A6 (same as a real passport and will have 4 pages inside. I've debated putting a map on the back cover but it kind of ruins it so not sure yet.

     imageThis is the 4th and 1st page on the passport (they'll be folded and the other pages inside these) The gift poem took us a long time to decide on.... we weren't going to go down the poem route at first as we thought they were cheesy... but we really wanted to be able to tell people that any monetary gift we do recieve would be spent on our 6 month trip throughout Asia which we have spent a long time waiting for.

     imageThis is the 3rd and 4th inside pages of the passport.

    image The front of the boarding card RSVP

    image The back of the RSVP ( there will be 1 of these per person, so if the invitation is sent out to a family of 4 there will be 4 boarding cards to make it easier for the meal options)

    image This will go on the background of the pocket fold (where the actual inviation part usually goes) I love this phrase- we are also using it as our cake topper- to us it means the adventure of marriage but also the adventure we're about to embark on- travelling Asia after the wedding.

    image This is the belly band to go around the front of the pocketfold - (the stamps strip) and the wooden block will be attached to the front with the name tag on top of that

    image These are the pocket folds we went for, they're on order- I can't wait for them to arrive so we can start putting it all together/seeing if we've pulled it off! We went for Ivory envelopes-I think we're going to order a wax seal stamp and use the old trusty glue gun!

    I've also ordered these stickers to go on the RSVP envelope for the boarding passes, just need to order envelopes when the pocketfold arrives.


    Phew! I can see the light at the end of the invitation tunnel! I mean, we have't printed or started to assemble yet but thats the easy part....right??


  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    One of the reasons I did so much DIY was purely because I refused to pay the prices! 

    Love the invitation design. Very pretty! 

  • Georgina74Georgina74 Posts: 299 New bride

    Bridal Belt

    I have made a decision on the belt drama I was having! I don't know whether you saw the other thread I made asking for advise but basically, when I originally tried on my dress, I had on a sparkly silver belt, I liked how it brought my waist in/made me more shapely but something held me back from ordering and the dress lady said I could wait until the dress came in to make a decision.

    Since looknig back on the photos I liked the belt but wasn't in love with it and at £179 just didn't think it was worth it, so I started looking on Etsy for something a bit different and I came across this belt which I absolutely adore!

    I've deliberated over it for a couple of months now, I didn't want the belt to change the whole look of my dress and I didn't want to regret choosing such a statement accessory when looking back on my photos, I'd like my look to be fairly classic BUT I could't resist it in the end and I've ordered it, its so pretty!!

    I'm SUPER excited for it to arrive! It's being made for me in Lithuania so it'll take a while but it'll be here for when my dress arrives in June, I can't wear to try the dress, veil, belt etc on all together! image image  

  • Georgina74Georgina74 Posts: 299 New bride

    Invitations- I'm going mad!!!!

    I've been genuinely evil this past couple of weeks working on these invitations. they. are. driving. me. mad. I think I made a breakthrough today and the design is complete, but I won't know that for sure until the pocketfolds arrive and I can allign everything properly.

    my first plan was to get some fancy paper and print everything out on my work's printer- but it has caused me so much trouble this week just trying to get samples off I've abandoned that idea and started to look for printers, my local printer seemed to get the concept straight away and knew exactly what I wanted, but them came back with a quote of over £150- I certainly haven't spent the very best part of 2 weeks staring at a computer screen to design these buggers to end up spending that much on printing anyway!

    I then got a quote from a printers in Cardiff, I tried to get my concept across over Email, but had the feeling they didn't get it- it's hard to explain when I don't have the pocketfolds yet... they came back with a quote of £14..... when I looked into it, they'd only quoted for 50 sheets of A4 it's obviously going to be a lot more than this!

    So I've since been looking at online printer services- It all looks promising but I'm very concerened they're going to come out wrong, were a bit unsure of which route to take.. I've also been cosidering buying my own printer but a) we really have no other need for it and b) I'd still need to buy fancy paper/ink etc.

    Bottom line is, I'm not sure DIY always comes up cheap! But I am over the moon with the design, I can't wait to see it all on paper!!!

    PS.. my belt has been dispatched!! I thought it would take weeks!

    These are the newest (last?!) designs, ready for the printers when I can find one! image front and back cover of A6 booklet (passport)

    image Inside pages 1 and 4

    image Inside pages 2 and 3

    image Front side of RSVP boarding pass

    image Back side of RSVP boarding pass

    image Belly Band to go around the front of the pocketfold

    image badge to go on the front middle of the belly band

    image background sheet for pocketfold

    Am I missing any vital information?? Anything you guys pick up on? please let me know! I think I've been looking at them for too long!


  • Georgina74Georgina74 Posts: 299 New bride


    I've had great news today regarding fairy lights- so I got a quote of a venue dresser for 9 strips of fairy lights and green garlands for the ceiling of the marquee- this came out at £420..... I did not want to spend this but I have to have lights up, it makes such a difference... I didn't think there was any other option

    But I asked my wedding coordinator today and she said it was fine to provide our own as long as they're over 16m long and each strip have their own seperate plug... result! I found some on Amazon at 20m (200 led lights) for £9.99- making it a total of £90 saving a massive £205 on fairy lights alone but £330 as I'm not going to bother with the garlands either- I think I was getting carried away and in reality they don't even really match my theme. I'd really like to hang some glass baubles with tealights in from the chandeliers so think we'll go down this much simpler route!

    My nana had kindly offered to pay for the lights at £295 so I rang her today and explained and she said she'd still give us the money and we could put it towards something else.

    One of the first things I decided I wanted was a saxophone player to play along side the DJ playing club style dance music, I got a few quotes at the beginning of planning the wedding but didn't think it would be something we could afford, but I'm going to relook into this option now, I'd be sooo excited if I managed to get a sax player! It'd be a real party starter- something I'm keen on as it's a Tuesday, I really don't want the reception to fizzle out earlier than planned!


  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 712 New bride

    Love yoir invitations they look fab you should be really proud!

    And great news about the lights too!!

  • Mila-rose3Mila-rose3 Posts: 264 New bride

    Love the invites and fairy lights 😍😍. I promise im not being a cow but Oxwich is spelt wrong on inside page 2 i would hate for you to have them printed and miss that . x x

  • Hullass1972Hullass1972 Posts: 606 New bride

    7th line on the gift poem, should it be And, not Any?

    Oxwich is spelt wrong on the 2nd line on the Venue & Accommodation card

    They look amazing by the way, hope they all come together as you want them to!

  • Barbie3Barbie3 Posts: 340 New bride

    It all looks lovely, your really creative.

    It's quite busy though, and lots of information to take in.  i would have a fiddle with some of the key info to make it stand out a bit more?

    eg, maybe make the place, date and time on the main invite (page 1?) a bigger font, increase the spacing to 1.5, and move "Tuesday 4th September 2018" (you don't need to say the 4th) to it's own line?

  • Georgina74Georgina74 Posts: 299 New bride

    Aw guys, thankyou so much! You've saved me a fortune and more hours staring at the screen! (I started for so long this morning my contact lense fell out- and I still didn't pick up on any of those things! )

    The pocketfolds have arrived this afternoon, I'm still at work so am yet to see them but D (quality control) said he's impressed. I'm going to spend tomorrow morning finally putting it all together, making the final adjustments and then *FINGERS CROSSED* sending them off to be printed!



  • Georgina74Georgina74 Posts: 299 New bride


    Invitation drama continues- the printers have the design, I've spent all day individually PDF-ing the seperate files in the right size to the millimetre- literally. If it is the teeniest bit out, they won't print correctly double sided and then they look silly- especially the RSVP boarding cards. ARGH.

    But on a positive note D has realised why its stressing me out so much (honestly- I'm such a laid back person in real life, think he's actually been worried about me) He's been trying to help me out- this has resulted in silly little tasks and texts throughout the day "Would your dad li

    ke a personalised golf tee?" "How about a hamper of herbal teas for our mums"

    But he's really pulled it out the bag on one particular task! I really liked the "rustic" wooden LOVE letters, but at a hire cost of £300ish D said no way, so I challenged him to find them cheaper. He sourced some pallets from work and his dad bought a new electric saw and this is what they've come up with so far!






    Obviously a work in progress but how cool are they! I'm chuffed! (The "O" needs filing apparently and all the letters will be sanded down so the'yre smooth, they'll all be varnished once they're finished) 

    Were gonna have strip lights around the letters to make them a little different from the usual ones. I have NO idea what we'll do with them afterwards. D's dad is buying the lights but I think they've come to £38 for the whole set! So not a bad saving from £300 hire cost!

  • Kelly224Kelly224 Posts: 962 New bride

    Oh my goodness!  Those letters look amazing - definitely brownie points for H2B and his Dad!!

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