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A little advice

I got married in February so have had time to reflect on the day - the good bits and the bad bits! First of all I am so jealous of all of you brides that still have your day to come and wish I could have mine all again, the day really does go quick and we had a 14 hour ish day - 12.30 - 2am!

I hope you don't mind the advice that I'm going to give but it is mostly positive!

Do not stress the little things - even leading up to the day - when the day is here and you see all of your guests all of the worries really do melt away - we had a couple of blips but we didn't find out until a few days after the wedding, such as guests asking for veggie option over roast beef even though they weren't vegetarian, they obviously just liked the look of the Risotto! I was also worried about my dress when taking photos - it got filthy - but once the ceremony was over I honestly didn't care!

Flip flops - I didn't buy flip flops for every lady that was attending as I figured some people like to stay in their heels all day and heard that at some weddings loads got left behind - this wasn't the case - loads of girls saw how many flip flops there were (I bought 40 pairs) and were taking them for later - I think they were all gone by the time of the dancing.

Evening food - The advice is cater for 70% of guests - we had no evening guests so everybody at our wedding had the sit down meal, however, because our wedding breakfast was so early 2.30 ish everyone was starving by 9pm and the food was gone - we had to tell our venue to do 50 more burgers and paid another £150 on the night! Half of the cake was also cut up and eaten so we told them to cut up some more! It's better to have too much food than not enough!

Canapes and welcome drinks - After our photo shoot we walked back down and there were so many glasses of Prosecco left - so maybe this is somewhere you can cut back on - we had two welcome drinks per person - if it helps cut down the budget a little maybe stick with one and the non drinkers (we had orange juice) will always give their share of Prosecco to the drinkers.

Finally, I have said this time and time again, if you can afford it, or even get an amateur please get a videographer - do not regret not having one. I have watched mine so many times and I love it, I get to see all the little bits I missed and it's something that the photographer cannot quite capture. We thought we couldn't afford it so only booked it two months before and are so glad we did! 

I hope that all helps some of you and hope it doesn't sound patronising - that's not my intention - just want everyone to stop stressing because it really will be the best day of your life no matter what. Enjoy your day lovely brides or grooms to be! I'm still struggling with the blues a little bit but it has got better with time xxx

I also welcome any newly weds to share your advice about your day and your experience, leading up to my day I found these kinds of threads quite helpful!




  • Charlotte237Charlotte237 Posts: 274 New bride

    Thanks so much for this advice!! Very much appreciated! And very interesting re. the flip flops! 

  • Emma624Emma624 Posts: 137

    Awww glad you liked it - I think there are many factors involved which is why it's good to go on someone's personal experience - for example if someone is having a shorter wedding maybe all the flip flops won't be taken! After a long day my guest's feet were suffering lol xxx Good luck for your day!!! x

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