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Winter chateau wedding <3 (with a subtle dinosaur/skulls/apothacary theme!)

Hey guys,

Love all the planning threads here and wanted to start my own as a nice look back. Ive already planned a lot but hopefully this will be a good place for feedback and to share ideas without ruining it for my guests! :)

Im a wedding supplier myself (florals and event styling) so Ive found a lot of it quite easy- I knew all my suppliers and the venues I liked, plus had a vision in mind for the look.

My partner and I were actually collecting stock from the sister venue to ours when he proposed. Its quite a way away and so we headed to the nearby beach for a picnic to make a day of it, and he asked me after asking me to pass his sandwich haha (priorities!). I then cried, laughed and said ''thank you'' instead of yes!

My ring is from the 1940s, a vintage marquise cut. I love it, its so unusual! Always been a fan of vintage jewellery so its perfect to me <3





  • MrsG2B19MrsG2B19 Posts: 29

    So anyway, the next step was of course, booking a venue. I knew I wanted a winter wedding for a few reasons (its my quieter time, and I was previously engaged in the past and wanted to do the opposite to those plans!) so we decided on January. 2018 was too close so 2019 it was!

    I was completely and utterly decided on one venue in my head. I frequent a few of the biggest venues in my area and was really reluctant to marry at any of them just for the work element, but that was also tough as they are some of, if not, the best! So we decided to view Healey Barn, which I loved, and Le Petit Chateau, which I love but work at a lot! (Mr G's choice!)

    Healey Barn is a gorgeous place, we do it a few times a year a they have a florist so it wasnt one I feel like I live at! We knew the food was great too and it was more convenient distance wise. The issues, for us, were that it has no on site accommodation, and that there werent a lot of places to lounge in winter time if the weather rendered the outdoor space unuseable.


    Right afterwards we drove to LPC. I had my two staff with me on the day and Mr G. The venue is very plain on the outside, but I love that, because it makes the inner beauty so much more striking. Its quite a dark place, as venues go, but we are a touch on the goth side so its perfect for us haha! Obviously I had seen it before and loved it, but being shown around as a possible bride made it feel so much more special. Mr G was smiling so much, I knew right away he was in love! My staff were saying it the only time they have seen him smile haha!

    The ceremony room is absolutely stunning, I actually felt like I wasnt glamourous enough to marry here! The reception room is nice with lovely views onto the garden, but it the whole place as a package we loved. the staff are very hands on, food and drink is fab, beautiful boutique bedrooms, quirky touches etc. We cant fault it so far. Due to my job im friendly with some of the staff so I got to request a particular coordinator too (Ive done her wedding as well!) so thats a nice extra touch and we feel very looked after. Huge box ticked off! Yey!


  • More!

  • SpacepuffinSpacepuffin Posts: 664 New bride

    Gorgeous venue. I love it. X

  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    Wow, gorgeous venue x

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    Love your ring!  Theres a slight green hue to it is it diamond? It might be the picture but ifs beautiful! 


    Cant wait to see all the skulls etc, i am science teacher so liking ghat theme:)!


    see my thread at 'when the moon shines over the cow shed'. 

  • RosieC18RosieC18 Posts: 158

    Le Petit Chateau! So gutted this wasn't open when I booked our wedding. It's so beautiful. Looking forward to hearing more from a local in the industry.

  • VegasLouVegasLou Posts: 820 New bride

    Oh your ring is beautiful! Love your venue, can't wait to read more.

  • emma531emma531 Posts: 216

    LOVE LPC, 10 weeks on Tuesday I'll be getting married there!

    Btw, im in love with your ring!x

  • Your ring is stunning!  

    As is your venue. It looks absolutely magical for winter.

    Looking forward to more planning updates.

  • Lauren320Lauren320 Posts: 62 New bride

    I have to admit that the title piqued my interest (and my h2b), so I thought I would have a read. Very interested to read more as you post. Beautiful so far!

  • MrsG2B19MrsG2B19 Posts: 29

    Wow thanks for the replies guys!!

    Big love to the other LPC brides <3

    My central ring stone is glass! Im not sure how well an 80 year old ring will fare so ive considered having it replaced with a diamond later down the line. I do like the colour but its not essential to my love for it!

    So I guess because im like an obsessive organiser the first thing I did was buy my Erin Condren wedding planner (im obsessed with EC's and use one for work so I HAD to have the wedding one!)

    (ive blanked out the part with our names!!)


    Weve decided on mostly berry shades. Marsalas, raspberry, blush with a little peach and things mixed in. More of a palette than just one colour. With golds, and touches of watercolour in the stationary, lots of fruits amongst the florals. A nod to my dinosaur fetish (I have a huge dino tattoo haha) with geodes here and there, and then skulls but I will get to those!! A bit of a mad mix of stuff we love but Im hoping it comes together organically.


    I like to organise based on the timeline of the day. So I figured, out of everything, the invites probably come first. I was really struggling with this. I first loved these below but couldnt find the creator, just cheap imitations. At first I really wanted watercolour, with the gold insert in the envelope. Then looked into florals, deer skulls etc. It took a long time to find something perfect.


    Finally I stumbled across these. My jaw dropped, I loved them! But even though we are a bit on the rock-y side I didnt want the wedding to be a goth extravaganza, especially not with it being the very first impression anyone gets. Plus they werent my colour! I ummed and arred and kept coming back to them. Showed my partner and a few friends who are more traditional and everyone loved them so I was sold! The lady who designed them sent me a sample of the invite in my colours but the deep reds washed out some of the detail on the skull. In the end shes made a bespoke design as below but with our colours on the edges and dotted into some of the flowers. I dont have the final prints yet but im excited to see them. We decided the inserts would detract from the striking invite, so instead we bought marsala envelopes to put them in which we will address in gold script writing (like on my original inspo pic!) and we have gold wax seals for them too to add a little snobby touch hahaha.




  • MrsG2B19MrsG2B19 Posts: 29

    Next I figured after stationary is sent out we have the hen and stags, MrG is planning on a weekend away in Edinburgh so Im just letting him crack on with that.

    Im having two hen do's, one for all at a bar/foodie place near me, and my big one with 15 friends which is festival themed and will be at at a glamping place a few hours down south. We have exclusive use of a campsite for 3 days with little tent tipis which we are going to decorate with some pretty tassel garlands and a big rose gold 'love' balloon.

    Some fun bits/plans:

    Ive bought little welcome bags for the hens with flower crowns, a bride tribe lanyard, a mason jar with a cocktail in and other little bits, then im going to set up a pimp your drinks bar and a glowstick bar

    at the camp we have our own fire pit for marshmallows, a hot tub, im setting up a heart pinata filled with test tube shots, and some photo props.

    On the friday we will just be chilling out on site and have a BBQ ready for when we arrive, on the saturday we will be shopping in the city followed by lunch at this fun-style food bar (burgers and freakshakes etc) then onto cocktails at a place called The Apothecary which is fitting for my theme! Then on the sunday we will be having garden games and afternoon tea at the camp before departing later in the day.

    Im really excited about this as Im a huge spa fan but dont really like to go with more than one other person if any (I dont relax!), but I suffer from quite bad anxiety so I hate going out in town drinking and things, this way I can do a little of that but then return to the camp to relax and drink with people im comfy around, and get back into my hoodie! :)




  • I'm from up north too! Love LPC but just not quite us! Where are you going glamping? X

  • VegasLouVegasLou Posts: 820 New bride

    Your invites are gorgeous, love the colours. Your Hen plans sound lovely.

  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    Your wedding sounds beautiful, as you work in the industry I bet you will know exactly what works and what doesn't and it will all look fab, Your hen do sounds fab too.


  • MissSMissS Posts: 267 New bride

    Wow I just googled your venue it is stunning!! Excited to read more!

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    Love youre thread, and your planning book! I may need one of those. Your venue is lovely.

    Im having a winter wedding and I was planning a similar scheme with reds and purpley berry colours, with light green and gold. Ive changed it now to purples, frosty blues and green. 

  • MrsG2B19MrsG2B19 Posts: 29

    Thanks guys!

    Afterallthistime- Hey local! haha. where did you choose? The glamping is in Staffordshire.

    thanks for the lovely comments everyone else (hard to keep up with all the names hehe)

    MrsJ Im a huge fan of the condren range. have a nosy on youtube they do videos of how its all set out. the wedding planner has less info about on it but I do love it (though expensive!!) x


  • MrsG2B19MrsG2B19 Posts: 29

    I found a proof of the updated invite colours!


  • ruthie1979ruthie1979 Posts: 794

    Wow your hen do sounds amazing!! Need to hunt down a similar venue near to me as that sounds like just my cup of tea xxx

  • Invitations look fabulous! 

    We chose the Copthorne on the Quayside :) 

  • The invites are beautiful!

  • MrsNolanMrsNolan Posts: 683 New bride

    Ahhh I'm in love with your invites! Your wedding sounds awesome, can't wait to hear more x

  • Alice96Alice96 Posts: 8

    Wonderful wedding.  Beautiful ring!  I really want a wedding like yours. 

    Thank you for sharing this with us! 

  • MrsGxMrsGx Posts: 329 New bride

    Oh my goodness I'm in love with your invites!!!

  • MrsG2B19MrsG2B19 Posts: 29

    Ah thanks everyone! Im really enjoying planning so I will fill you in as I go. I havent ever done a wedding at The Copthorne Afterallthistime, we are based in newcastle but only every really do the vermont/as you like it in the city centre frequently. most of the venues we do are about an hour away!



  • Ah we almost booked The Vermont but someone had our date!

    cant wait to hear more :)

  • MrsG2B19MrsG2B19 Posts: 29

    Next Ive been working on our wedding website..I cant really show that!

    Focusing on the night before and accommodation as that needs sorting fairly far in advance.

    The night before we check in around 5pm so after getting settled I think we will be having a meal in the inn next door/on site (same venue but 2 seperate businesses sort of) I have my adult maid staying with me that night and (possibly) my bro'smaid. Not sure yet! My 15 year old sis will maybe not sure...and my daughter will be 5 but will be brought up in the morning by my parents. Mr Gs 2 pals will be staying with him. Our apartment is fab I cant wait to stay.

    On the night prior we will be making little gift hampers for the overnight guests the next day. We have little cardboard hampers with tissue and a little welcome card, then 2 mini bottles (whatever suits the couple) and a tub of sweet somethings (like those m&s bite things) and some posh popcorn. just as a nice touch when they check in at 3pm the next day in between the day and night do's.

    (didnt want to put our details on but the cards are like this with a welcome note) and hampers kinda like this but simpler


    Not really sure what to do apart from the meal?! Any ideas? Bath maybe and chill? any beauty regimes I need to think about etc?

    Im a bit peeved as weve got some amazing rooms on site (below is one of my faves) I asked my (mostly estranged) monther if she wanted me to bag that room for her and she was the message but no reply...oh well. We stay in the bridal suite (second image) the night of the wedding. Some of the rooms have their own terrace which is lovely. Shame about the cold that time of year! Views into the garden are gorgeous.


    anything else im forgetting for night prior? obviously a list a mile long to take but any nice touches for me and the girls or the groom and the boys? ive got gifts for the morning but nothing to make the night different?


  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    Im planning on getting a chalkboard and writing 'movie night' on it and whatever film me and the bridesmaids are watching, plus some popcorn and hot choc supplies.

    And the good old indian takeaway of course!

    Were all having a blow dry as well so our hair is nice and bouncy and smooth for the updos the next day.

  • MrsG2B19MrsG2B19 Posts: 29

    ah that sounds amazing! ive done that for xmas before haha! might pinch the idea and make it more bridal though! get some slippers and stuff!

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