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My White Winter Wedding.

After reading several of these planning threads, and getting quite addicted, I decided it was time to write my own.

It's been nice reading other ideas, love stories and potential issues, so here goes;


About Us

H2B and I met during the summer between second year and third year of my university degree, whilst I was back home working in a local bar. He lived across the road and was a general labourer, therefore frequented in pub most evenings after work and the weekends. He constantly tried flirting with me for around three weeks, asking for my number etc. to which I shyly declined and then one Friday evening I decided why not.

I expected him to message me straight away and thought all he wanted was a bit of 'fun!!' but he didn't message me until the following day. We exchanged a few messages and decided we would go on a date on the Sunday. I asked what time he was picking me up to which he replied; 'you'll have to pick me up as I don't drive!' Maybe being old fashioned, but this instantly put me off. However, I picked him up and went ended up driving for miles and miles just chatting and laughing and ended the date with chippy chips in his room. Not the best first date, but I enjoyed it all the same.

We had another date the following Tuesday where we went to the local Italian, a tradition that we have kept for every year of our seven years together. We both have the same to eat Hawaiian pizza for him and Spaghetti Carbonara for me. We sometimes say this was our first date.

We continued to see each other most days for the rest of the summer where we quickly fell in love. In September, I returned to Manchester to complete my final year at university and to be honest, I thought it would fizzle out. However, we continued to speak every day and we made every effort to see each other when we could, even though this year was really important. He supported my studies and helped me through a difficult year, to which I will always be grateful.

The Proposal

Our relationship for the past seven years, hasn't exactly been plain sailing, with many bumps along the way. However, we always seem to come back stronger than before. However, I never thought married was ever going to be on the cards for us. H2B has had a fairly troubled upbringing and didn't really like the idea of marriage. However, my parents have been happily married for 32 years and I always dreamed of a big white Christmas wedding. Approaching the big 30 next year, I was beginning to think it was never going to happen.

Out of the blue, HSB who doesn't really do anything for himself, told me he had been looking at luxury holidays and suggested we go in September just after my 29th Birthday. The places he was looking at just beautiful and pure luxury. He booked 10 days in Jamaica via Sandals with honeymoon suite and butler service. Bells started ringing is he going to propose...? Operation diet began.

The out of the blue again, we were off to a ball and he had brought me shoes and perfume etc. to wear. I had my hair cut and my make up done. Once I had finished getting ready, he told me he had something to show me, wrapped a tie round my head and took me out into the garden. I'll let the photos explain the rest....






  • ruthie1979ruthie1979 Posts: 794

    Yayyyy another planning thread - your ring is beautiful ❤️️

  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    Yay another winter bride :D Beautiful story! Similar to my own in some ways, I was also at University while he worked locally in the bars/clubs, at first I didn't think we would be for the long haul either, also came out stronger after various ups and downs :)

    Can't wait to read more!

  • MrsK2017MrsK2017 Posts: 230 New bride

    So excited for this planning thread! Please keep going :) 

  • VegasLouVegasLou Posts: 820 New bride

    Aww what a lovely story and beautiful ring. More please! 

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    Aww so lovely im a little jealous at the proposal ours was a little unorthadox!  The arch is sooo lovely!    Cant wait for more!  

  • Thank you for all you lovely comments - didn't think anyone would read it! :)

  • DandelionBlueDandelionBlue Posts: 1,455 New bride

    Such a cute proprosal. I love your ring!

    You know it is meant to last when you come out of troubled times stronger.

    I understand how you must have felt. I am turning 28 in four weeks. MY mum got married and had me at that age. So it always felt a bit like a deadline. 

    Are you planning to get married in 2018? Love the idea of a white winter wedding

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    Aw.  It doesnt natter how old you are, i was 19 first time and im 50 now And married three weeks ago!  i do wonder sbout my girls though my eldest is 29 and the young one is 26 neither in a relationship!   I want grandchildren ahhhhh:)!! 

  • britbirdbritbird Posts: 1,486 New bride

    Congratulations!  Lovely proposal, and look forward to hearing more

  • The Wedding Planning began...

    Everyone who knows me, knew as soon as I got the ring, the wedding planning would begin. I enjoyed being engaged for about a week and then got straight to work!!!! We got engaged on the 08.08.17 by the way.

    In my head, I had our wedding planned and thought I knew exactly what I wanted; a wedding about us and F**K what everyone's thoughts and opinions. However, that instantly changed when it was for real. I was already questioning our plans... What if they don't like it? What if they cant afford it? etc..

    Anyway, we decided on the date 22.12.18 I just needed to find a venue, which is proving incredibly difficult. I want a completely white theme with white, natural everything, but so many venues (we found) can dictate the colour scheme via the carpets, or curtains etc. Or am I being too fussy?

  • DandelionBlueDandelionBlue Posts: 1,455 New bride

    Harriet, maybe you need to look at the empty shell kind of venue. I am not sure where in the UK you are planning to have your wedding, but in my own research, I have come across quite a few barns. I think if you go for a hotel/manor/castle, they will have curtains and carpets in certain colours. And I am not sure whether you can ask them to remove them or not. On the flipside the completely DIY venues are far more work 

  • lauren318lauren318 Posts: 482

    I too had this issue, i didn't like the wallpapers or dark carpets.

    There are however a lot of nice halls, manor type places, barns etc.

    The room i have gone for is almost in a loft, it has wooden beams and exposed stone walls and wooden floor and a nice traditional bar. The carpet up to the room however is horrendous so i am hoping my guests look past that haha xx


  • 60720196072019 Posts: 45

    I second the DIY / Dry Hire venue suggestion if you're looking for more of a blank canvas. We're having a Marquee which is very white and light :) x

  • Venue

    H2B and I have looked at around 15 venues, which has been completely exhausting. However, we think we've found the one. (Well we've paid the deposit so it better be....haha)

    We now live across the road from the church I always wanted to get married in. So as soon as we got engaged it made sense to enquire about getting married there. The date 22.12.18 was confirmed and venue hunting began.

    Originally, we looked at venues within 10-15 miles away for ease for ourselves and the guests. However, being fussy we had to look further afield and anyway, long story short, we've now found a venue which is only a 30/40 minute drive away. We can get married here but I'm going to look into options for the church still.


    Do you think that's too far?

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    No I dont think thats too far. I live in a city and drive longer than that to visit relatives who also live in the same city. Theres about a 20 minute journey between our venues because were not far from the city centre, but it could easily have been a much longer journey.

  • VegasLouVegasLou Posts: 820 New bride

    No it doesn't sound too far, loving your white winter wedding theme. Can we see pics of your venue? 

  • Thank you. 

    I just worry with it being winter, it's quite far to travel but its almost all dual carriage way so shouldn't be too bad if the weather is not great. 

    Images of the venue...



  • Venue

    So, the venue is booked and we paid our deposit on Monday, eeeeekkk....!!

    Now, we've booked the venue, I feel like we can now get excited and start planning everything else. We still need to confirm timings etc. with the Church, as after hearing all of your thoughts regarding the distance in between, i think we'll go down this route. 

    We're meeting the vicar on the 5th September so should have an update then. 


    You've probably guessed from the title of my thread, but I want a completely white wedding, white flowers, white bridesmaid, white everything!!!

    I created a wedding mood board yesterday, this is my visions.

    What do you think?


  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    Love it! :D Your date is 2 weeks after mine!

    Love the white scheme and the venue is beautiful!

  • Thank you Sadie. Just hope I can pull it off!! How exciting. Are you having a Christmas theme or anything?! 

  • MrsLMTMrsLMT Posts: 3,830

    The venue and colour scheme is gorgeous! You should check out MrsManntobe planning thread. She's getting married this October and her colour scheme is white. 

  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride
    Harriet88 wrote (see post):

    Thank you Sadie. Just hope I can pull it off!! How exciting. Are you having a Christmas theme or anything?! 

    H2B wanted to stay away from Christmas but I am putting it in in various little ways :) Our church and reception venue will already be decorated for christmas (christmas trees's, garlands etc), im doing candycanes for the favours (think I am anyway, 95% decided on this lol), wintery touches like centre pieces being based around candles and involves pinecones, mulled wine and hot chocolate for welcome drinks etc :)

  • Apologies for the lack of posts. Been very busy with our engagement party and then our engagement moon to Jamaica (more on that later) and haven't really progressed with any wedding plans.

    Engagement Party 

    We had planned a big party in September just at the house to celebrate my sister's visit home (she lives in Australia), my mum's birthday and just a big family gathering. Then, when we got engaged, we thought we may as well gate crash the party and call it our engagement party too.

    The party was in our garden with lots of gazebo's etc, the weather was not kind to us but it was still a great day.

    We announced the bridal party at the party and provided them with little gifts. H2B is having six of his best friends,all as equal groomsmen and each will have a role. We brought them personalised hip flasks which we hope they will use on the day. (images to follow)

    I chose my sister and two of my best friends. I created a 'proposal' box with team bride type gifts and a rose gold bracelet.



  • Save The Dates

    We also gave out the 'Save the Dates' at the party, (possibly slightly early, but our thinking was to save on postage as most people we would post them too were present at the party.)

    We decided on magnets as we thought this would be a nice 'keepsake'.


  • Engagement Moon

    H2B booked a 5* Butler Service Sandals holiday to Jamaica a couple of weeks before our seven year anniversary as a surprise, which sent alarm bells ringing as this is not like him. Although he's romantic, he doesn't even book his own dentist appointments never book a holiday.

    Our family and friends starting asking the questions 'do you think he'll propose on holiday' and because he thought everyone would expect it, he did it around 6 weeks before we due to go before we went to a ball, (covered above.)

    Therefore, we ended with an engagement moon, (see images below). It was incredible the resort was lovely, the butler service was great, the rooms - bed and bathroom were amazing, the food and drink were to die for - could literally eat and drink all day, every day.



  • The Dress

    I've said 'Yes to the dress...' Well I technically haven't, each dress I tried on, I loved different elements from them but they weren't the one. Then I started to realise which features I wanted and which I didn't, so.... I've designed my own dress!!

    We met a designer at a Wedding Fayre a couple of weeks ago, so mum and I went on Sunday and designed my dress and paid the deposit... eeeeeekkk!!

    I don't go for my line fitting until 5th May, therefore, I have time to lose some pounds and possibly slightly change my mind.... don't think I will!!!

    I'm possibly thinking I may change something slightly so it's different to what my mum has seen so she can enjoy the 'first look' too, but not sure what yet.

    Another thing ticked off the list. :)

  • Flower Girl Dresses

    Whilst trawling the internet for all things Weddings over the weekend, we came across a flower girl dress we liked. It appears I am fussy when it comes to these, so we ordered two in the sizes we needed.

    These were from M&S and were £42.00 each I think...

    Hopefully when they arrived they'll look like they will fit and look nice.



  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    Someone else who was fussy over the flowergirl dress! haha :D I struggled with the flowergirl dress (our daughter will be nearly 6 when we marry), I disliked most of them and those I did like were faaaar beyond what I was willing to pay lol I fell in love with one from Debenhams in the end so when it went into sale I bought it, despite the wedding being around 13-14 months away, as couldn't find anything else I liked lol I bought the size I think she will be and will have altered if still too big nearer the time lol never thought that would be one of the hardest things for me to pick!


    Jamaica looks amazing! And I love all the little touches at your party :)

  • VegasLouVegasLou Posts: 820 New bride

    Ooh you’ve been busy! Your venue looks lovely. How exciting that you’re having your dress made and that you got the chance to design it yourself. Your engagement moon looks gorgeous. 

  • Thank you girls. 

    Sadie - I really wanted to wait until they went into the sale but because I've been so fussy I thought it would be a bit risky in case the size I needed wasn't in the sale. I've estimated too and hopefully they will fit come next December. My god daughter will be 6 and my H2B's goddaughter will be 4.

    Vegas Lou - Yes, Jamaica was lovely, feels like a lifetime ago already though. Time just goes so fast, but I would definitely recommend Sandals for honeymoons.  

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