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Do your venues provide a wedding breakfast taster?

Hello all

It is my error but when we agreed our contract with our venue, they explained that we'd be invited to try the foods/wines so that we could make our menu choice.

We were invited to the evening earlier this week and it just wasnt what I was expecting. The place was rammed with other couples holding their weddings at the venue. The sample of foods were not from our menu and there wasnt much to go around. They were promoting upgrades on the sample foods offered that night so it wasnt like we were able to try the foods included in our package. 

We left a little disappointed that we are now picking our menu without trying it. We queried it with the venue and they advised that they dont offer personalised taster menus, something I assumed. 

Anyone else in the same position? 


  • Lexie2017Lexie2017 Posts: 189

    That seems unusual. We only had a pub meal for ours and we had a totally bespoke tasting, where they just brought us all the things we had guessed at to make sure. I would be very reluctant to choose something without having tried it - even when you have it doesn't always work out well. 

    To reassure yourselves, is it possible to go to the venue and just order the food you were hoping to try? Even if you have to pay for it (which seems a bit off, but perhaps not the end of the world) it would be better than choosing things you've not tried.

  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    I think a private tasting in normal, some are shared with over couples, some venue don't even do tasters, I would contact them and express your concerns, they might sort something out for you.

  • Our venue will do it, for a fee. We opted not to bother but I totally understand those that do.

  • We have a general tasting included in the price to see whether the food, tableware and staff are up to our standards, if we don't like the food we can cancel and they will refund our deposit. I think we can then pay to have a more individual tasting later although I'm now not 100% sure.

  • wed172Bwed172B Posts: 1,258

    If none of the food being served was from your menu then they surely can't consider that a tasting? I think these kind of taster evenings, rather than a sit down taster are common but they surely need to have food from the menu available otherwise whats the point? 

  • SumpySumpy Posts: 14

    That cant be nice for you, i would get back in contact with them. You can't be expected to pick without trying.. it is their fault if they don't have enough sample foods to go around... and if it's not even from your menu? That just doesn't seem right. 

    Our venue offer an evening with other couples too, but they do it as a seated affair in our reception barn, In the style of a wedding breakfast.

    i do hope you get something sorted..

  • Thanks all

    Yeh the evening was just not what we were expecting, it was an evening of special offers on upgrades and a chance to meet their suppliers.

    With the food, we weren't seated and it was just being passed around. But it was really hard to get hold of some, as soon as it came out, it was gone so quickly, we had to really fight to get some. One of the waitresses actually refused us some food and said that other people were waiting, it was really upsetting and disappointing.

    I don't normally express dissatisfaction as I'm pretty laid back but think I will speak to our wedding coordinator and express our concerns, see if there's anything that can be done. 

  • Kelly224Kelly224 Posts: 962 New bride

    Interesting to hear this as we get married at your venue next year. I had heard about the group tasting but assumed you would get a private one as well! That’s a bit disappointing! A lot of other venues ask you to pick a couple of choices from each course and you go and taste them and that’s how you choose your menu! Let us know if they provide anything else for you!! 

  • Miss-MrsMiss-Mrs Posts: 117

    Hey All,


    this is a tad concerning. I have my menu tasting in which we choose options from the menu that we think we would like to sample for the Wedding breakfast. 

    I have this in November and i am not sure if its a group thing or just for us. I'd imagine its a group thing cz i don't think its cost effective for them to cater one night per couple if they all getting married in same month or so as the menu would be the same. 


    I'm looking forward to the experience so will see what it turns out like :/



  • At our venue, we chose 2 options for starter, main and dessert. We went for a tasting in the restaurant at the venue and it was a proper sit down affair with just us. We got to try a full portion of all of the course options and taste the wine aswell! Was a very pleasant experience :) 

    Sorry to hear your venue didn't do the same. They should made it clear beforehand what kind of set up the tasting would be. 

  • Kelly224 wrote (see post):

    Interesting to hear this as we get married at your venue next year. I had heard about the group tasting but assumed you would get a private one as well! That’s a bit disappointing! A lot of other venues ask you to pick a couple of choices from each course and you go and taste them and that’s how you choose your menu! Let us know if they provide anything else for you!! 


    Hi Kelly

    I spoke to my friend who got married there last December and she said that the tasting evening was really good and there weren't many couples. Maybe on this occasion, they were more couples. I hope I haven't put you off, it may be a one off and hopefully will be better by next year. 

    I haven't done it yet but I am planning on speaking to our wedding coordinator, our wedding is coming up soon so I'm not sure what they will say. As you have more time than me, I would send them an email and just ask about the food tasting and whether you will get a private one.

    I will keep you posted though 

  • Jenni8Jenni8 Posts: 3,201

    Cherry Blossoms I would contact them asap if I were you, send your co-ordinator and tell them about how you were disappointed with the fact that the whole affair was like them trying to get upgrades etc none of the standard package food was on offer, and of the food that there was you barely got any due to the organisation of the event, and about the waitress (who I am sure was having a hard time with people fighting to get food off her but nonetheless should have offered to come back to you). 

    I don't think that you can expect to get a private tasting, as others here have commented these big group tasting sessions are fairly common in big, popular, been doing it for years wedding venues as it is the most cost effective way for them. But perhaps they can offer you go to another one in the hope that one is less well attended. Or offer you a discount on an evening meal there where you can sample a full meal from their kitchen, although this will most likely not be the same food that you are offered but more of a chance to see the quality of their food (which I totally don't get as you have already booked so you aren't excetly going to go elsewhere at this late stage if the food is not to your standards). 

    Have you seen the menu and got an idea what you are going to choose? 

    As a person who has had her wedding, I put a heavy emphasis on the importance of great food, which we had and our guests totally loved. But neither myself or my husband enjoyed it as much as we wanted to so it shouldn't effect your day too much. Definitely write to them about it though as you can definitely get something back from this. 

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