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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for reading my post (this is my first)! I getting married in September 2018 and my dilemma is one of my bridesmaids has just found out she is pregnant (amazing news!!) and looking at the dates she is due about 5 weeks before the wedding. As this is her first baby I know this is going to be a special time for her but also hard work and sleepless nights. I just wanted to know if anyone had any similar experiences from this from a bride or being a bridesmaid with a very young baby? I want to ask if she is ok to be bridesmaid but that would at least mean being there in the morning of the wedding but I would prefer it to be baby free (don't hate me!), I just wouldn't find that relaxing. The babies dad is invited so would it be bad of me to request this? I  don't want to offend her but don't want her to think she has to be a bridesmaid when she now has such a big responsibility with a new baby which obviously comes first.

Anyway I'm babbling on, any advice on this would be much appreciated :)

Danielle x




  • SadieeeSadieee Posts: 1,781 New bride

    When you say baby free do you mean the wedding is baby free or you would prefer the baby not to be in the room with you when getting ready?

    If you mean you want a baby free wedding, then I'll simply say good luck, because no wedding would get me to leave my 5 week old.

    If you mean you just don't want baby in your room getting ready then I agree, I wouldn't want this either and if the dad is coming I see no reason baby can't be with dad while mum gets ready with you. Though people are different and she may prefer to stay with baby, especially if breastfeeding (she would have no choice then) so if it were me I would still have her as BM but not insist she be with me for the morning if this were the case :)

    Ultimately it's whatever she prefers, and she may decide she's not up to it which obviously you understand as well :) ask her nearer the time maybe when she has a better idea of how she's feeling?

  • i had the same, my MOH was due 5 weeks before and she ended up not being my bridesmaid at all. i learnt to realise she wasn;t a nice person. My friend however brought their young baby and it was fine x

  • Thanks for replying  Sadie it won't be a baby free wedding just baby free while we are getting ready. I just don't know how to start the conversation with her, mainly as I am aware I can be quite direct and not always tactful  I don't want her thinking I want her to step down I just want her to know that if it fells too much too soon after the baby then I completely understand. Need to have the conversation as I am looking to order dresses etc after xmas.


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