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Autumn Barn Wedding - October 2019



  • Really like those letters  I might have to steal your idea MrsA-NToBe. I've been looking for ways to decorate our cake table and I think these will do the trick! x

  • Love the letters- we actually already have the same ones from typo in our flat. Hadn't thought of using them for the cake table before so might have to steal that idea! X

  • Williams2James & Futuremrsj2019 - Definitely steal it! Especially for the price... I wish their lovely floral letters would have fit with our colour scheme a bit more otherwise I'd have loved to have those! I'd never come across Typo before but had to rein myself in and only buy the letters, I could spend all my money on their stationary x

  • Loving the flower inspo And the letters! I might also steal that idea  x

  • Haha, Kaybridetobe... do! They're too lovely not to! x

  • The Wedding Party

    Even though I've been quiet on here the last few weeks, real life has been nothing but. But now I have a spare few minutes I thought I'd talk about Bridesmaids and Best men. We moved to Buckinghamshire about 6 months ago for D's work and all of our friends and family still live down in Kent, so I've been slowly asking people to be in our wedding party bit by bit over the last month every time I come back to Kent for my work. 

    The Guys

    D decided very early on about who he would have, he's having his two old uni house mates as joint best men and they come as a package deal anyway! Then he's having his brother and his old work colleague turned friend as groomsmen. We got them some little 'will you be our ...' cards and spent a long time writing very personalised messages on the back for each person. 


    We've been filming peoples reactions when we ask them to make a little video for us to look back on, I have a secret passion for editing and whenever we go on holiday, you can be sure that a few weeks later there will be a video to watch of our travels!!

    The Girls

    I'm an only child so didn't have any sisters to ask, however I'm very close with my little cousins who're now 14 & 20, so they were an obvious pick. Plus, ever since they were young I had promised them they could be my bridesmaids when I got married, so there was no backing out of that one! 

    My friends was a little more difficult, my closest friends are male and I'm not the 'has so many girl friends and spends my time on nights out and brunches' with them, so I had to think carefully about this one. My MOH is my friend who I have known my whole life, our mums are best friends and my mum used to look after her before I was born as we are a year apart in age. We went to the same schools together, worked in two different jobs together and have always been in each others lives and close friends. I was bridesmaid for her wedding a few years ago and she knows how I am and that I would much prefer understated (I'm half thinking about not having a hen do, just because I don't know if I really want the fuss). 

    That took me to three, which was odd to D's four. As I said, I don't have that many girly friends but I do have K, she is one of those friends who is always on your side. We'll probably see each other 5 times a year or less, but whenever we do, its like we've never been apart and I really appreciate my friendship with her. She was so excited when I told her about the engagement and was really into the planning etc, so she will be bridesmaid number 4!

    I wanted to do something a bit more for my bridesmaids than the guys, so made up a little package for them with a card, personalised candle, mirror and hairbands. 



    As I said earlier, my closest friends are male and I couldn't have imagined my wedding without them in somehow. We have to decorate our venue ourselves and so I needed people to trust to be able to do this and when we visited, the events manager suggested if we had ushers they could help us do this and would be the venues go to. We were sold! 

    A and I worked our way up in the same company together before eventually I became manager and he was my right hand man, we used to put together window displays together and visual merchandise and so I knew

  • Oops, I wrote too much...

    A and I worked our way up in the same company together before eventually I became manager and he was my right hand man, we used to put together window displays together and visual merchandise and so I knew that I would be able to trust him in putting together our wedding day how I wanted it (with instructions of course!). C is one of the only people (besides K) that I keep in contact with from school, him, K and I have always been close and although I see him a lot more than K, I knew he had to have some role. They've both come to love D and so having him and A supporting D the morning of the wedding, is something that made me feel a bit happier. 

    C & K are coming up to see us for the weekend tomorrow and so I'm planning to ask them to be our Usher and Bridesmaid then!

    Flower girl & Page Boy... 

    Until last year, I was a nanny, I only left because the mum got made redundant and if she hadn't, I would still be there. I worked with them for nearly 4 years and when I first started the little boy was 1 and the girl was 3 and so I became part of the family. I lived with them for 2 years too and so I had always imagined them to be included in part of my wedding. I still see them every other week and am very much in their lives but because they are still quite young now and the wedding is so far away, I haven't asked them yet and probably won't until next year but I've planned them in with the flowers etc. I've got them a little card and closer to the time will find an appropriate gift too. 

  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride

    Although over the last few months life seriously took over and wedding planning had to take a back seat, i've been buying bits and bobs when I've seen them. I've been putting together activity boxes for the children coming to our wedding and have got a few things so far...


    To go inside the box we've got: crayons, a note book, a colouring book, a shaped rubber, some bubbles and some sticky notes. I'm really trying to keep costings down so have been trawling the pound shops and so far, each box is coming in at under £2ish. I'm not entirely sure where to go from here but I'm sure they will progress with time!

  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride

    I spent a week at a craft show back in March for work (over the snowy week, which was not so fun) but I picked up a couple of bits there on my breaks. 

    We've been thinking about the tables and along with the centre piece, we are going to have some hessian and lace table runners (that my lovely Mum is going to make us), which I managed to find already hemmed! All three rolls came to £5 and we worked out that we'd only need 3 to cover the 5 tables, plus our small sweetheart table (I think thats what its called!). 


    We then plan to have wooden hearts along with cut out hearts spread over the table just to jazz things up a little. I bought my favourite ever book - Looking for Alaska by John Green, from an eBay book shop for £1.99 and have spent hours upon hours punching hearts out of the pages and I finally finished yesterday! It was also my Birthday at the beginning of March and my MOH bought me a lovely little Cath Kidston make up bag for my present. The paper bag that it was gifted in had the most gorgeous floral print and so I've been heart punching these also for a bit of colour to contrast against the plain wood and kraft colours.

    At the craft show, I also found some filled in wooden hearts in different sizes and after searching everywhere, I found some hollow hearts on eBay too... so the table decor is coming along. 




  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride

    Other bits

    We will definitely be having some sort of sweet table/cart as I love a good pick & mix but it's not something that we have often and since planning the wedding, eBay has become my best friend! I bought some metal scoops and tongs, which were planning to cover the handles with some hessian to tie in with our theme. Some kraft colour cups from Etsy and some sweet bags in gold from eBay so that people can take home the sweets in... I'm just trying to find some stickers that they can use to keep their sweets in the bags without breaking the bank.


    With my Mum making the cake, we've been looking at different cake toppers for a long time and have finally found one we agree on... (HTB didn't want one at all!) I plan to paint it gold to fit in with our theme and give the cake a bit of colour too.


    I've been planning to do some personalised hangers for the girls and found some white and rose gold wooden hangers in Primark that I thought would be perfect! I found a seller on eBay that sold decals with a font that I really liked and we tried one out to see what they would look like... I have to say, I'm not that impressed! You can see the plastic under each decal and I don't feel that they stick particularly well either... (please excuse HTB wonky name sticking)


    So I think i'm going to have to start again with these... I'm just not sure on paying £3+ per hanger to have them engraved, although they do look lovely...


    Two of my best friends (bridesmaid and usher) came to visit us in our new house for the first time in Feb (as we now live 2 hours away from my family and friends, it's usually me travelling back down there to see everyone) and brought with them a gorgeous engagement card and gift. We have our first official wedding photo album now and I'm very excited to fill it with pictures from the day, although it still seems so long away!


  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride

    Venue re-visit

    This weekend was an open day at our venue and so we went back to have another look with my mum, MOH and bridesmaid K. It was so good to be able to show them the venue and for them to love it as much as we did. It was also nice to have it re-confirmed in our minds that this is definitely the place! As the weather was so lovely this weekend, the gardens looked beautiful... 


    18 months isn't too soon to be excited right?!

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride

    Only just saw your thread - I'm also a Kent bride, getting married at The Barn in Tunbridge Wells in August 2019!!

    We loooved The Gardens when we were looking at venues, but it was above our budget sadly!

    Can I be cheeky and ask the ballpark that Ross Hurley is in price wise - we have looked at his website before and we are just looking at photographers now as it's our next thing to book. I suspect from the quality of his work that he's a bit expensive for us.


  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride

    Ah lovely! I haven't seen many other Kent brides on here. I hope your planning is going well! Next year seems to far away but it's already April, it'll be here quicker than we know!

    The Barn is gorgeous, I went there for a civilised hen party recently and it was lovely upstairs! You must be very excited.

    I'll PM you about Ross, I was surprised that he wasn't more, as you say the quality of his work is amazing but he is such a lovely person too... which really helped seal the decision for us. 

  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride

    Being a secret (or not so secret, it seems!) animal lover, people keep asking us if we're going to have our animals involved with our wedding. As much as I love them, our two bunnies would not cope with that situation and it wouldn't be fair... so we've been thinking of some way to incorporate them and H2B had a sudden brainwave... our tables are now named after the animals we've had whilst we've been together and luckily there have been 5 which match the 5 tables we have. 

    I found some gorgeous place names on Etsy that match with our rustic theme and they arrived this morning - Pippa, Jasper and Chester for our bunnies and Cookie and Freddie for the hamsters! 


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    MrsA-NToBe wrote (see post):

    Ah lovely! I haven't seen many other Kent brides on here. I hope your planning is going well! Next year seems to far away but it's already April, it'll be here quicker than we know!

    The Barn is gorgeous, I went there for a civilised hen party recently and it was lovely upstairs! You must be very excited.

    I'll PM you about Ross, I was surprised that he wasn't more, as you say the quality of his work is amazing but he is such a lovely person too... which really helped seal the decision for us. 

    Thank you that's really kind.

    Most brides seem to be up north/Wales ish don't they!

    Yes my friend had her reception at the Barn and we live in TW, plus we know the management team so I just felt comfortable there!

  • MrsA-NToBeMrsA-NToBe Posts: 206 New bride

    Our save the dates arrived this morning! Which has made everything seem a bit more real. We decided to go with wooden fridge magnets as they go with our rustic theme and then we created little labels to go with them and tied them with a bit of hessian rope. 

    I'm really pleased with them and can't wait for D to get home this evening so we can sit down and create a definitive list of people they'll be going out to! 


  • Wow it's been a long time since I last posted... I didn't realise quite how long! Life has a habit of running away with you.

    Spoiler - despite purchasing our save the dates in April, they still haven't gone out... oops!

    Anyway, we've gone through a wedding planning lull where nothing much has happened and I've just bought bits and bobs as I've seen them but nothing significant. 


    I was a bit undecided about these until a blogger that I follow got married and I saw hers. There was nothing I liked enough that I wanted to spend a lot of money on for fear of people not taking them/forgetting them on the day. So I've bought some pillow boxes on eBay, stamped them with our wedding stamp (that we're going to use for everything) and tied them with some string to match our 'theme'. Closer to the time, I'll get some heart shape mints to go in - I just don't want to do it too soon in case they go soft!


    Other bits

    I bought these two little baskets in the sale in primark for £2 each to go in each of the bathrooms... nothing huge but I thought it would be nice to have a small amount of eventualities in both rooms.


    I'd been eyeing up this lady on Etsy for a while as I thought her bits were gorgeous but she'd been 'away' for a long time, so when she came back online I bought these two quickly. These will be to go on the plates of my mum and D's mum, something special for them both to keep on the day and the colour of the rose fits with our theme!


    It's really important to me that I feel as if my Gran is there with us on the day as she was such a huge part of my life, however... I don't want to make a big deal about it as I know that would upset my grandad. I plan to wear the earrings of hers that she wore everyday when I was growing up, but I wanted to have something else and when I saw this, thought it would be perfect. It'll be tied to my bouquet so will be discrete. 


  • I've just had a read through of your thread and love it!! Really like the style and vibe your going for. 


    Would you mind sharing where you got the etsy MOB & MOG hearts? Theyre so lovely x

  • Great thread!  I think we’ve actually got quite similar tastes. 

    I‘m also doing the personalised white hangers, I did them for my sister earlier this year, I bought a phyrography pen from Hobby Craft and burnt the names into them. It was surprising easy. I’ve also found some brown ones which I’ll be using for my groom and his groomsmen.

    Heres a pic of my sisters.



  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    Your plans are coming along well, love all the little bits you have been buying, your hangers look really good!


  • CoffeeDogAddict - Thanks so much! It feels like its slowly coming together. Of course, they are from a shop called TheClayTagCompany -


    Thanks Jessica, those hangers look great and so unique! I might look into this for the groomsman as D wants engraved hangers for them and this would be really personal... I'm off to read your thread!


    MrsS85 - Thank you! I can't believe it's nearly a year to go, I feel like I need to get a wiggle on now.

  • it’s the little things... 

    As with all things, life has a way of getting in the way when you’re least expecting it and we’ve had a pretty tough year. The last few weeks have been particularly hard and I had the best surprise in the post today from my MOH ...

    It is such a small guestire but it means so much and there may have been some dust in my eyes when I opened it! 


    Guess I better get looking! :) 

  • Oh thats so sweet of her! I'm sorry things have been tough for you, i hope it starts to balance out soon. 

  • Aw bless, so cute!

  • Thanks both! I’m lucky to have such supportive people around me. 

  • Hair

    I finally booked a hairdresser! I met my lady at an open day at our venue earlier in the year after stalking her website and when meeting her in real life, knew I needed to book her, it just took me a little while to get around to it (as with everything wedding related it seems!) 

    She has a £25 deposit and then nearer the time when I have a bit more idea of what i'd like to go with/actually have a dress, i'll have a trial with one of the bridesmaids. She's here if any other 'getting married in Kent' brides wanted to have a look - she is so lovely and helpful!


    Having sorted this, I set littlest bridesmaid R the task of finding a hairstyle she liked. At 15 (16 when we get married) she self conscious about her hair and what she looks like and I want her to feel as comfortable as possible whilst it fitting with what I had in mind! Plus, we are very similar with our likes and dislikes and look very similar. After an evening on Pintrest, she did a pretty good job! 

    I'm a hair down person, so wanted some sort of half up half down situation so thought to contrast, the bridesmaids could have their hair up... however I didn't want a complete bun and wanted something a bit different and this is what she came up with - 


    For the bridesmaids... hair in a ponytail but with curls and a bit of oomph!



    For me - (second pic is from our hairdressers website). Half up/half down with some sort of embellishment in (yet to be decided).

    I think she did a pretty good job!

  • Update
    Save the dates have finally all gone out... at last! 

    and everything's changed...
    after many years of trying, so many test and hospital appointments, mid last year we were finally referred to an IVF clinic. We had our first cycle in October and I'm so unbelievably grateful to now be 15 weeks pregnant. Little one is due at the end of June and now I am getting over the first trimester awfulness, I've realised I actually need to finish planning this wedding! Although very much looking forward to finding out if we have a mini bridesmaid or pageboy next week. 

    I finally bought my dress! 
    I realised I needed to do something a bit sharpish about my dress and so took my Mum and MOH dress shopping this weekend. We'd been to a wedding fair at the Hop Farm last year and found they had a dress shop in the Oast Houses there, we had spoken to the owner and she seemed really nice, so I thought we'd give there a try. We got there and explained the baby, as I'd been worried about alterations and a dress fitting okay 3 months after giving birth and she was amazing - if you live in Kent and are looking at dresses, I honestly couldn't recommend her enough. We looked at and I tried on some different styles and decided A line suited my figure the best, not only now, but also post birth. And I found THE dress. My Mum said I walked differently when I came out in that one! but I felt so comfortable (something I didn't think I'd ever find in a dress), actually liked what I looked like (a tough one for me at the best of times) and loved the dress, even though it had a few things I said I didn't want! 

    (Excuse the sickness bands) - They're going to put sleeves on for me and take off the blingy bit on the side, as thats just not very 'me' and I think looks better without and I just fell in love with the bottom and the train! Despite saying I didn't want one... I secretly love it. Plus, they're going to pop a bit into the back so that I can hook it up in the evening - perfect!

  • During the two week wait, I tried to make use of my time by doing some weddingy bits to take my mind off things, so got a few DIY things done. 

    My MOH works with a chap who makes and hires out sweet carts etc for weddings and is incredibly talented and has secured us a sweet cart and postbox that he's made for the day!

    This was the cart at her other friends wedding (coincidently at the same venue as ours) but it looks great! 

    and the post box is simple but gorgeous... it'll have our names and wedding details in the box at the bottom.
    On the sweet cart run, we decided to jazz up the tongs and scoops that we bought from eBay using some hessian thread and a glue gun. I think that was the most fun that D's had wedding planning so far!

    and I also bought some stickers for our sweet bags and cups!

    Feat small bunny bottom!
  • I'm on a roll with the updates now  :D 

    Cake changes
    Having a little one who will be about 3 months old at the wedding changes things slightly and there is no one else I'd want to look after them (when me or D are busy doing something) than my Mum. Being Granny in charge, she was worried that she would have time to put a tiered cake together at the venue and do it justice, so we did some pintrest-ing and came up with a great alternative. She's going to make us three tiers, as the plan was before, but instead of sitting them on top of each other, they are going to sit alongside each other... like this - 

    and I think I might actually prefer it! It's a bit different! We still plan to have Burgundy roses and gypsophila on top and Mum has booked herself into a wedding cake making course and so is hoping to be able to make them. She's a very good cake maker anyway and could do them now, I think she just wants them to be perfect!
  • A few other bits
    The guest book came! I'd wanted something a bit different but hadn't found anything I liked enough until I came across this one on eBay. It also came with some spare hearts so that you can test which pens will work best, which I thought was a great touch and it has little holes in the top so we'll be able to hang it in the house to look at after!

    The centrepieces are sorted... we wanted something quite simple but that would represent the feel of our day well. So Mum set to work finding some old tea cups in the charity shops, we've got 5 different ones, which I love! We bought the glass bottles for a £1 or so in Ikea and I got the wooden boards from The lanterns were the most expensive part but we loved them and currently have them situated around the house as decorations, so at least they're being used... they were from Asda. I bought some flowers to do a mock up and I'm pretty pleased with the result!

    We did some DIY with the glass bottles, hessian and a glue gun again to give it a little more rustic feel - and have contemplated putting some mints in the tea cups on the day to give them a purpose!
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