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Our travel themed barn wedding!



  • CharleahCharleah Posts: 248 New bride
    Elz2017 Nooo we’re not fans of cheese 😅 we are looking for a bit of a kisstory vibe with some old school anthems! Obviously he’ll play some older stuff too to keep everyone happy. Guests will be able to choose what music they want to hear through our website which is quite cool x
    Ashley72 yes, it all starts adding up when you start writing lists doesn’t it?! Weve only just realised how many friends and family we actually have 🙈 Ive had some family not happy about traveling to Bolton from Barnsley so I cant imagine your stresses getting married far away! Italy will be beautiful though! Thanks tor the sweets idea, I had seen some little suitcases, that might be a cute touch on the tables x
    Barbie3 Thank you! No, neither of us are American, but because we got engaged in Las Vegas we are having little Americanisms in the wedding. Such as an American style wedding procession (much to my mother‘s disgust 😅) and having the BMs and GMs walk down arm in arm X
  • Barbie3Barbie3 Posts: 340 New bride


    tbh I think the 'American' style procession with BMs in 1st is becoming the norm here now anyway, it makes more sense so people actually get to see them, and they have time to get out of the way before the bride reaches the alter.

    It was ur date format that made me ask!

  • CharleahCharleah Posts: 248 New bride

    So we were gonna get a photo booth but I decided I liked the idea of a ’magic mirror‘ instead which I’m sure you’ve all heard of. They look pretty cool and I like how you can sign it with your finger etc. The only thing it doesn’t do is video, which is a bit disappointing cause I love the idea of people leaving video messages. Hmmm I might look into that. 

    Mr photographer is booked! He’s done Rivington Hall Barn before and his photos look fab. He seems like a super nice guy too which is definitely what you want!

    AND...weight loss journey...I’ve lost another 3lbs! Woooo eating boring bland food is working out 💪🏻 

    Onwards and upwards! 

  • CharleahCharleah Posts: 248 New bride

    So is anyone else OBSESSED with Etsy? I’ve bought soooo much stuff. Heeeelp. 

    I‘m going a bit OTT with the country themed favors. Obviously I need to have fortune cookie shaped soaps. I mean who doesn’t?

    i want a videographer! Has anyone had one for their wedding? What dya think? Worth the money? 

    So much to think about! 

  • CharleahCharleah Posts: 248 New bride

    Havent updated in a while! Biggest update so far is that I‘VE FOUND MY DRESS! thing I didn‘t know is how much I would not enjoy wedding dress shopping. I felt pretty apprehensive on the first visit to that Eddy K event. I think I expected to look like one of the models, ya know, the ones that pose on the streets of Italy with the skin tight lace gown on, flawlessly hanging from their golden tanned bodies. Yeah you know.

    When I was younger and i went shopping with my mum, I would never try anything on because I just hated being stuck in that little curtained off stall with mirrors surrounding me, thinking I look fat from all angles, and Tbh that’s what wedding dress shopping felt like too. 

    We got to the first Bridal shop, my mum, Moh and I, and eagerly waited, squashed up together on the little sofa. Could I have a cappuccino? My mum enquired. Oh no we don’t do them we’re not posh. Mums already not happy 😆 right well we better crack on. First dress I manage to squeeze on is a size 10. I’m a 14. Do you not have anything bigger? Oh no, we only use what the catwalk models wear. Great. It sticks to me and clings in all the wrong places. The material looks cheap. Its just wrong. She pulls back the curtain and they can see it on my face. My mum doesn’t want to hug me cause she knows I’ll cry if she does. 

    This happens a few more times. 

    Its time to go guys, Eddy K is not for this bride. 

    It is definitely sleeves you’re wanting isn’t it love? Because weve not seen sleeves anywhere this season have we? Her daughter nods. Not even on the catwalk shows. 

    I wave a picture in front of her face of a dress with sleeves I’d happened upon from endless google searching. Oh I know that one, that’s a Pronovias. You should try Dottys Bridal that’s in Holmfirth. 

    And we‘re off. Back in the car to race to dottys. 

    The atmosphere here is completely different. From the moment we walk in the door it’s warm and welcoming. There’s coffee (now my mums happy) there gin (now she’s really happy) and theres cute cupcakes for all three of us. The gowns are beautiful and there’s sleeves! So many sleeves. The first gown I put on is pretty but just not the right shape. But it fits me and I actually feel good in it! The assistant made me feel great about myself too which helped take my trodden self esteem up slightly. 


    Anyhoo the next gown I tried on was slightly more figure hugging and made my booty look great but it just didn’t feel right at the front. It felt a bit too..blocky? I dunno it just wasn’t the one. 


    So I left the shop not quite knowing what I wanted but feeling more optimistic!

    Until...I decided to nip into another bridal shop by myself on my day off work...I went all the way on the train to not be able to fit into any dress because they were all size 10s and then have the shop assistant say to me “to be honest most brides don’t lose weight” and then tell me I’d only have like a couple of months to lose the weight anyway cause I’m getting married in February. Yeah I was pissed. 

    ANYWAY IVE RANTED TOO MUCH. So feeling a bit disheartened and rubbish I decided to go home and just have another look at the Pronovias site. Theres got to be some more lace long sleeved dresses. That’s when I found this beauty! 


    So this time we go back to trusty dottys as they have it in a size 14 for me to try on. Woohoo. And it’s really is. 


    Then we notice another dress hung up. It’s also a 14. It’s completely different to the one above. its got no lace but it’s got sleeves. And it’s beautiful. My mum cries. My aunty cries. I try the lace one on again. It’s just not 

    My mum shows she’s been watching far too much television and asks if I’m going to say yes to this dress. I roll my eyes and humour her. Yes, I say and smile. Because I never have to try on a wedding dress again 🤣😁


  • GinAndBlingGinAndBling Posts: 1,311 New bride

    Just caught up! Love how you met and your proposal story. We do lots of travel as a couple too so wanted to incorporate that in our day, quite how we’ve not yet decided. 

    I’ve been looking at a VW camper too- love that they have the extra room ha!

    Our planning thread: We're completely winging it.
    Our report: A fun, classic May day in navy and blush
    My weightloss thread: Diet denial! 
  • Elz2017Elz2017 Posts: 316

    Oooo, I do love a dress post - but darn you for teasing us with the lack of the ACTUAL dress photo! All of them look gorgeous on you, in fact I think the first one looks stunning with your hair do, very 'off beat'. Be interested to see what you went with!

    The lady who told you you 'didn't have enough time to lose weight before Feb'...  A) why should you have to lose weight just because she can't stock dresses in a reasonable size and B) if you did want to lose any, plenty of time. How very rude of her! You don't look like you need to lose any weight anyway! Grr, this type of shit makes me angry.

  • DandelionBlueDandelionBlue Posts: 1,455 New bride

    Yay you are back.

    Ok I really like your save the dates.

    The dotty bridal shop sounds so much better than any of the ones I have been too. Well wed2be did gave dresses in my size and huge changing rooms. But no coffee and no gin lol. I didn't enjoy dress shopping either.

    You really look beautiful in all those dresses. Cannot wait to see yours

  • CharleahCharleah Posts: 248 New bride
    Awesome! The travel theme just seems really cute! and there’s so many different ideas you can incorporate! and the vw camper kind of fits with it too, you should go for it x


  • CharleahCharleah Posts: 248 New bride

    Hey! Yes I do love to keep you in suspense ;) thank you, I did think the first one was super cute but the bottom part wasn’t me really! And as for the shop assistant..I know right! She just sent me into a panic but I’ve realised if I do want to lose weight I’ve got plenty of time ☺️ Xx

  • CharleahCharleah Posts: 248 New bride


    heeey thanks I’m glad you like them :) just simple and cute I think! My grandma didn’t understand the whole save the date concept and thought they were invitations 🙈

    And dottys were amazing and yes gin and cupcakes made it a far better experience 

    thank you 😍😍



  • My beautiful bridesmaids...except for one :(

    Sooo once again I have been a terrible blogger and I haven’t written anything in a while. I have good news and unfortunately sad news also. The good news being that 5 of my lovely BMs have got their teal dresses. The sad news being that my 6th bridesmaid (my cousin who lives in South Korea) is unable to make the wedding due to work commitments 😞 I’ve had my time being disappointed and stressed about it though and I’m moving on from it with positivity! We have skirted around the idea of having a cardboard cut out of her which will be quite hilarious. So, without much further bridesmaids and dresses. Also I’m adding in the v.cute and hilarious wine glasses I’ve purchased for the girls to enjoy whatever tastes right on the night. 







  • Speaking of BMs we’ve also got our bouquets sorted! So at first I was going with ivory and pale pink and that was the absolute plan. But then when i was thinking about what makeup I would like and I’m a real bright lipstick kinda gal and I love a good red lip. I would honestly love to rock a red lip on my wedding day so that got me thinking...what if we have dark red bouquets to match? And it’s a winter wedding so it just works! AND I thought the girls could wear dark red shoes too! 👠 

    I’ve spoken to my wonderful florist Margaret and she’s going to create something just like this! 





  • And speaking of shoes..ya see I’m trying to tie everything together here...

    I FINALLY have mine 😂 it’s been a bit of an ordeal trying to get them. Obviously I bought them from Etsy because I’m a massive Etsy wh**e! 

    Anyway, I ordered my size which is a UK 7 which is supposedly an eu 40.5. They came all the way from Texas with a big customs charge wacked on 🙄 only for them to be way too tight. Oh well I thought, I’ll just get the next size up in an 8...a 42...they came..they were still too tight!!! I’m like what’s the deal feet aren’t bigger than that 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

    So today, my european sized 43 shoes have arrived and they fit 🎉 (I have never been a size 9 in my life but ok) haaaa



  • The cake

    So, we didn’t really want to have a standard wedding cake cause we knew just how much gets wasted. So we decided on having wedding cupcakes instead with a mini cake on top and a ’topper’ which is being designed for us by - you’ve guessed it - an Etsy seller ;) obviously they‘ll be travel themed - a little something like this...


    Cute huh?




  • Stationery 

    I realise I don’t really have a good order to any of this but that suits my muddled personality down to a T! 

    We ordered our invitations a while back and over the summer I’ve been printing endless amounts of addresses onto endless amounts of envelope! Yawn 😴 


    I also wanted to make my own little wedding signs and table names so I’ve had a stab at that too, based on a design I’ve seen :)


    Bit cheeky I know, but I just couldn’t pay the ridiculous price they were charging 😅

    For the name place cards I’m using different card styles on each table for example ive got bicycle name cards for the Germany table like this:


    And these cards for the Vegas table...


    And so on :) 




  • Sian91Sian91 Posts: 829 New bride

    Loving this updates. Your bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous, I absolutely love the colour of them and the mix and match vibe! 

    The cake and table numbers all look fab too(: you’ve definitely been busy since your last update! 

  • love all the colours and the fact teal is not your typical winter colour. The bridesmaid glasses are hilarious and spot on , they will love them

  • Just binge read- love EVERYTHING! Can't wait to see the dress! X

  • Sian91 wrote (see post):

    Loving this updates. Your bridesmaid dresses are gorgeous, I absolutely love the colour of them and the mix and match vibe! 

    The cake and table numbers all look fab too(: you’ve definitely been busy since your last update! 

     Thank youuu so much 😘 I’m glad you like them, they’ve done me proud choosing them! I used Canva for the table signs! I had fun doing it as I love being crafty! 

     August19 wrote (see post):

    love all the colours and the fact teal is not your typical winter colour. The bridesmaid glasses are hilarious and spot on , they will love them

    Thank you, Yesss I think the blue teal just works with the travel theme :) the glasses are my fave ❤️

     Candice9 wrote (see post):

    Just binge read- love EVERYTHING! Can't wait to see the dress! X

    Thank you 🙏🏼 I know I wrote quite a bit this time haha! 

  • The suits 

    so I’ve talked about the dresses - let’s not forget the men. My fiancée will be having 7 groomsmen thats including 2 best men. At the moment there has been talks of tweed, which I love so much cause it just goes with the whole rustic barn thing going on. I want the boys to have burgundy ties to match the girls flowers and then the button holes you saw earlier. (I just love tying colours together) and then a petrol blue/grey tweed suit dpending on what they go for. Suit season for the winter starts in October so they are likely to shopping next month. 🤞 

    Here are a few pins I’ve collected for ideas to push him gently with 😂




    (Obviously no green in that last one)

    Also, might I add, there has been talk of flat caps...well at least I know most of the men on my side of the family are going to be rocking up in flat caps anyway! 😂 H2B has said there were some concerns it would ‘ruin their hair’ so I’m not sure if GMs are wearing them.

    The whole thing with that is that we’re peaky blinders fans and wanted to incorporate that ever so slightly. For example we are going to be having a gin cocktail bar with our own little menu, so I’m getting my very creative brother  to create us a sign based on this:


    My brother btw is an awesome photographer and so because him and his lovely girlfriend (also awesome photographer) are absolute diamonds, they’ve offered to video the wedding for us 😍 AND my brother is also using his crafty skills to turn a scruffy £3 globe we got off a market stall into a magestical guest globe with a wooden stand that guests can scribble on! A little something like this:


    I feel like my brothers list of Jobs is only going to get bigger but that’s what happens when you’re talented! Don’t worry, we will be paying him a tidy little sum ;) 

  • The decor

    Soooo, I think I’m a bit of a go hard or go home kinda gal when it comes to making a place look pretty 🤪 I’ve been in the barn before where it’s been ‘minimilistic‘ and because barns are so high and bare it just looks empty and odd! 

    The Barn will have fairy lights to make it look pretty and the chairs will just be the rustic looking white ones without any sashes or added bling. We are also having trees down either side of the aisle (provided by my lovely florist) to give it a bit of a wintery theme. Man if we get any snow I will be so excited. Anyway here’s what it will kind of look like: 


    Without the big flowers on the floor!

    The trees will be placed at the side of the barn when the tables are out for the reception, which there will be 11 of including the top table :) 

    The entrance way 

    We decided to do the entrance way ourselves, so we’re doing the whole vintage suitcases thing, some of them open with flowers inside with old postcards and other little props, to get this kind of feel:


    Then we’ll have a little table set up to one side where we’ll have candles and photos of our late grandparents to honour them ❤️

    And I think that’s it really! 

  • The tables

    so this was the most exciting part for me because I got to tie it all in with the travel theme. I have had so much fun envisioning how I want it all to look in my head, so I will give you an idea of how the tables will look! 

    Basically I want the top table to have red roses like the bouquets and then I am going to have little candles like in the photo of the table you saw earlier.  Then the other tables are going to have silk flowers that are the national flowers of the country relevant to that table. For example the Netherlands table will have silk tulips like this: 


    Then I will have the table names signs that I designed along with photos on each table of myself and my fiancé with a little description of what we did in that country like this: 


    Then for the centerpieces I am having really tall Copper stands, because the barn obviously has a high ceiling then I wanted centerpieces that would be quite tall too, so that the barn wouldn’t look too empty if you know what I mean.  A little like this: 


    Now, don’t think that this is getting too busy because trust me I have thought about this and I am going to make it look good haha 😆  but I am also, once again to tie in with the travel theme, going to have three little vintage books stacked on top of each other that are country themed!  Then on some of the tables I will have either a little globe or a little rustic looking clock, that will have the time of that country displayed on it, and on some of the tables I may have an old looking camera as a prop. 

    So basically on some of the tables they may look like this: 


    That little note on top of the books will be a travel quote from a book or movie. 

    Then on some of the tables there will be something like this: 


    Or this: 


    So each table will look different basically but in a non-cluttered kind of way, I will try my best anyway! 

  • Just binge read and I am loving everything! Just want to say you look stunning in all those dresses and not at all like you need to lose weight! 

    The suits sound fab, we're going for tweed as well, have you been to tweed and groom at Elsecar? H2B is getting his from there and they've been brilliant! 

  • FutureMrsTomlin wrote (see post):

    Just binge read and I am loving everything! Just want to say you look stunning in all those dresses and not at all like you need to lose weight! 

    The suits sound fab, we're going for tweed as well, have you been to tweed and groom at Elsecar? H2B is getting his from there and they've been brilliant! 

    How weird that I’ve just binge read yours 😂 they haven’t been there no! I will definitely mention that to him, thank you! And thank you bless you, I can’t wait to wear my dress ☺️ Yours looked beautiful too! 

  • The favors

    I’m not going to lie..I’ve gone a tad over the top with favors...I have 3 different things on each table 😂😂

    At first I had an idea to do the miniature bottles of alcohol thing, with the alcohol traditional to the country on each table e.g port on the Portugal table! And I bought 100 miniature bottles from amazon to fill. 


    Then I saw a shop (on Etsy!!!) that sells cookies that were just too cute, so I just have to order different themed cookies for each table for example Eiffel Tower cookies for the Paris table. 


    So now we’ve got alcohol and cookies and then I just kept seeing little things that would be quite cute that were also themed to the countries...and the list of favors just kept growing and growing. 🙈 

    So now it’s 3 favors per table. Here’s a list of what each table is and what favors they’ll be getting:

    Paris - bottle of Absinth, Eiffel Tower cookie, compact mirror for the ladies with name on 


    Netherlands- jenever, weed cookies (i know 😂) and tulip keyrings I bought in Holland with Heineken bottle openers for the guys  

    New York - cosmopolitan, bagel shaped cookies, not seen anything else yet...but we’ve got kids on that table - so I’ve got them squirrel shaped crayons to colour with (from central park) 😁


    China - baijiu, fortune cookie shaped cookies hehe, and chopsticks...again kids on this table - Im having little Buddha shaped crayons. 


    Dublin -  whiskey, Guinness pint shaped cookies and little clover bracelet charms.


    Las Vegas - martini, welcome to Vegas sign cookies, scratch cards.

    Germany - jagermeister, pretzels shaped cookies, beer shaped soaps. 


    Venice - limoncello, gondola shaped cookies, old key bottle openers.

    Ibiza - sambuca, neon cookies, wedding ‘festival‘ wristbands and glow sticks 


    Honduras - cachaca, dolphin shaped cookies, flip flop bottle openers. 


    Portugal - port, Michael Kors handbag cookies

    So they will be cellophane wrapped with a little bow for each guest 🤞

    Favor overload 🤪


  • Loving your thread and your wedding sounds like it will be amazing! so many lovely personal touches! 

  • Juanita3 wrote (see post):

    Loving your thread and your wedding sounds like it will be amazing! so many lovely personal touches! 

    Thank so much for your comment ☺️


  • rlnxrlnx Posts: 46 New bride

    Love this thread! Your wedding looks incredible!!! Absolutely love the venue! 

  • rlnx wrote (see post):

    Love this thread! Your wedding looks incredible!!! Absolutely love the venue! 

    Bless you, thank you so much! ❤️


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