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  • Hi the dress is fixable, but in still waiting on a final quote for the repair works individually. 

    Had a lovely day with my aunt yesterday and talked through loads, wedding and not wedding related.

    Still having a bit of a tough time with some people around me but I'm just trying to focus on myself for a bit now. 

    It's a hectic week, what with starting the new job tomorrow and my dad coming back on Thursday with his wife, so I may not be on here a bunch (or I may be on here daily as an escape 😂) but I have to say as soon as she said it was fixable, and I got it back on to look at the other adjustments needed I felt such relief. 

    I'm happy with my dress, happy with the plans, just back to ticking off  one thing at a time, while finally being able to sleep properly again! 🎉

  • GallaGalla Posts: 63 New bride
    That’s such good news about your dress, bet it’s a massive relief! 

    Good luck in your new job 
  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 177 New bride
    Hope you're first day went well! Delighted your dress is fixable, such a relief!!
    Hope this week isn't too stressful with family etc x
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    Hair Trial
    After a didaster of a morning (including setting my hair on fire...) i had my hair trial!! I think it looks nice, its relaxed and a bit undone, like our whole day really! I think i prefer the little hair pins to thr big comb, its a bit more relaxed.

    Apologies if ive managed to double up on pictures, i'm not very good at this at the moment!

  • annipooannipoo Posts: 212 New bride
    Your hair looks lovely.

    I feel we need to know more about how you managed to set it on fire though! 
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 212 New bride
    Your hair looks lovely.

    I feel we need to know more about how you managed to set it on fire though! 
  • GallaGalla Posts: 63 New bride
    Beautiful updo!
  • Thanks! @annipoo I was trying to blow dry it so it was ready (because I got in at 12 last night so didn't wash my hair like I was meant to 😬) and where it's got so long I had flipped my head over and didn't realize some had got caught in the back of the hairdryer until a clump - luckily from underneath - was now two inches long 🤦‍♀️ the smell was awful! 
  • Your hair looks great! 
  • MrsW2020MrsW2020 Posts: 258 New bride
    Your hair looks beautiful! I love the colours as well 😍 

    Hows the dress repairs coming along? I haven’t been on here much but I’ve been following along when I could!
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,949 New bride
    Your hair is beautiful, love it!
  • Thanks everyone!! No update on the dress yet, it's with the seamstress who said she charges buy the hour so will let me know after it's done 🙄 very helpful! I'm there next week though with a bridesmaid who needs her dress taking in so hopefully ill be able to see then. 

    My hairdresser for the wedding said I should avoid getting my colour refreshed like I was planning on doing, as it may mean the bottom bit looks different if the highlights are different. I can't decide now of I go ahead and do it (I wanted my hair lighter, I have balayage done once a year in march so it's at the end of its life!) Or of I just listen to her and deal with it being darker than I want. 

    Definitely feeling the pressure now. My new job is great but although I have more time at home it hasn't equated to more time actually doing anything I need to 🙈 I feel like I'm running on fuel at the moment and worry about being able to put much into the wedding but I can only do what I can do! 
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 166 New bride
    Your hair looks absolutely incredible! Love that style - how long/thick is your hair? I can't be much help on the colour I'm afraid but it does look beautiful
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 212 New bride
    I think the colour looks great in those pictures. Plus you definitely can't tell there was a fire disaster! :) I don't often colour my hair so I'm not a great help either but what if you were to get it done now instead of March so it's got time to calm down a bit?

    Are you feeling happier in your new job than you were at the last place? 
  • Thanks both! My hair is quite long, this is probably the best picture I can find of it: 

    It's really frizzy too unless I baby it, but it means it has quite a lot of substance so I'm lucky, it works well for up do's. 

    I think I might ask my hairdresser, or see if there's a middle ground of just not taking the colour quite as high up to the roots. 

    The new job is so so much better but it leaves me with zero down time while I'm there to do anything, which I think is why I probably feel the pressure now. I'm so used to my time at home generally being chill time but that's going to have to change 🙈 

    I've managed to tick off a few small bits like asking all our suppliers for their insurance information, chasing the last RSVPs and all the diet forms, and I put in and paid for the deposit for the Funko Pop surprise I'm doing for M. 

    We've also pretty much decided were using Simmons and M&S for our dessert table and can get enough for 140 people ish for less than £1 per person!

     A week and a half until our final venue meeting!! 😬😬
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 212 New bride
    Your hair is absolutely gorgeous. In that pic you look like one of those people who has effortlessly good hair so whatever you're doing is working! :smile: Your hairdresser will probably be the best person to ask but I'm sure that even if you go rogue and do your own thing she'll be able to make it look good.

    I'm glad to hear you're settling in well at your new job. Do you get on with your new colleagues? I always feel that makes such the difference if you work with people you get on with. Remember it's only for a few more months then you'll get some chill time back (and probably miss this!)

    It sounds like you're pretty organised. I'm at the point where I keep thinking of things that need done so the to do list is growing!! 
  • God ive gone from being on here all day every to hardly ever!! My new job has me really busy and really quite tired when i get home, it's been a struggle to feel motivated to do any planning, not ideal now that I'm really feeling the pressure more. 

    I've still barely done anything for the meeting on monday but we have officially closed the curtain on any more RSVPs, and i have managed to fire off a lot of the emails i needed to for bits for monday.

    After my hair trial im trying to decide if i want to go for the ivory flower pins, some wildflower ones ive found on Etsy or just have my florist make something up like I had originally planned. 

    These are the wildflower ones 

    And I had the idea of something like this if I did real flowers but obviously with ones to match :) 

    I also managed to get to an alterations appointment with Ms sister and she looks so lovely in her dress I felt a bit emotional! She's been so wonderful, and she's been the one with the most on in her life too. 

    I got a minor update on my dress, in that it's going to need to be hand sewn as they think using a machine might risk a heavy stitch and pulling the rest. I'm fine with it, it just means £££££ more than I had put aside. Good thing we put in a buffer on the budget! No estimated date for my next fitting though which makes me anxious, all my weekends seem to be booked up and getting hectic now. 

    *Still* no movement on ties, although M has found ones he likes they're £25 each which feels like a lot when there's 6 of them 😬

    Also trying to work out what to do the night before and where to stay. Ms family have said he can stay there but it means being in a small single bed 😂 at 6ft4 it's a squeeze! I'm in the same boat though, I'd now end up in the small room with no heating so I guess we will have to figure it out. Seems sad for one of us to get the short straw, but I'm keen on being apart, purely because I know I'll spend the morning stressing and getting all his bits together otherwise and it won't be chill at all. 

    Also feels a bit lame that if I stay at our house I'll probably be on my own, and even if I got a hotel room (also pointless as it would be a 5 min walk from my mum's) I'd be in it alone. Things arent that great with my sister at the moment and the only other bridesmaid that is in a position to stay isn't keen because it's just taking up more of her time. Need to think it over a bit more I guess. 

    Also still haven't decided on a song for the aisle, I don't know why I'm making such a big deal about it 🙈 I just want something that means something but still fits in. 

    I'm sure I'll get there and it will all be worth it 🥂
  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 177 New bride
    Those wildflower pins are stunning!!!
    Could you ask M's sister to stay with you the night before?
  • Those flower pins are sooo pretty!

    We're staying together at home the night before. I sleep really badly when he's not there and I think it'll be nice to wake up excited together before sending him off so I can get ready!
  • ClareBClareB Posts: 54 New bride
    The flowers are so pretty! Sorry to hear that the dress is going to be expensive - good job you have some money set aside. With the ties - can M have the expensive one and get something simpler and cheaper for the others?
  • Thanks all! I do love the wildflower ones, I think they may be the winners! 

    Ms sister has her boyfriend coming down from up north for the wedding so she wants to spend the night with him, which in understandable, he would be in her parents house without her otherwise. 

    We may decide we would rather spend the morning together, I'm sure as long as we've got everything organised it wouldn't actually be that much of a stress in the morning. 

    That is an option with the ties, but the main draw to them is it's a lovely print/pattern on the fabric so M really liked the idea of them having basically the same but different colours. Were getting close to the stage of caring less about the money side of it now and it feels worth it just to avoid the hours of looking for others 🙈

  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 894 New bride
    I stayed alone in our house the night before our wedding, and I would recommend it. I considered having a sleepover with the bridesmaids, but I'm glad I didn't as I was able to enjoy a long bath, have the whole bed to myself and have some proper "me-time" after all the preparations and before the manic morning. It was the best night's sleep I've had in a long time!
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 212 New bride
    I really like the wildflower pins too, plus they look like they'll fit in well with your flower choices.

    I would love to have the night before my wedding alone so I can chill out, have a bath and take care of any beauty stuff I think needs done. Instead I picture us both being stressed and exhausted, getting our son in bed then trying to sleep too.

    £25 per tie does seem excessive. Are there no similar looking ones you can find for the rest of the guys? Do you have pictures of them? 
  • This is the tie for the groomsmen
    Pure Silk Floral Tie  Pocket Square Set

    and then the silver for M

    Pure Silk Floral Tie  Pocket Square Set

    I think the thing is we really like the pattern on it, its subtle enough but still noticeable, and its actially floral wheras we have struggled to find other ties that have a floral pattern in a similar way, most tend to be paisley which im just not 100% sold on.

  • They are lovely ties! Get them!  >:)
  • MrsW2020MrsW2020 Posts: 258 New bride
    Gorgeous ties! Where are they from? M is keen to get something similar. 

    I think those flower fins are so pretty! They’ll look gorgeous with the hair style you’ve picked!
  • Thanks! They're from M&S! 

    I found some others for the groomsmen that M now likes more, but more than the one he would wear so now we're back looking at one for him 🙄 think my eyes are going to get stuck in the back of my head if I roll them anymore!
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    Ok so I feel like I've absolutely smashed through some bits now! I've been looking after my cousins this weekend while Super Aunt and Uncle are at Six Nations and it's meant a weekend of chilling and just needing to be around, thus also feeling like seeing as I need to be in the house I night as well be productive! 

    Ties have been ordered! They're all going for the same, and after a mild panic when the website only had 3 in stock, we're all set (as long as they're as nice when they arrive) and for £17.50 each. Still feels like a lot but it's the lesser of evils. 

    I also put in the order for the custom funko pops I'm surprising M with on the cake! I've already had a few photos back with the hair and dress modeling so I'm really excited to see how it all comes out! 🤞

    Then I sat on Canva and made the menus that will go on each table, the welcome sign and started the order of the day, just need to format it and get some icons and we can order those to be printed. Were just putting them in IKEA frames so they'll be printed on poster paper so nice and cheap I hope 😂

    Still no further along with any jewellery for me but that's fine. I also managed to find a jacket on eBay I like that I could wear on honeymoon too so just hoping I win that. 

    Oh and I sent off all the diet forms and insurance info to the venue ahead of our FINAL meeting tomorrow. It's meant to be 6 weeks before but they recommend we just do it even though it's 9 WEEKS TO GO TODAY!!! I figured at the 6 week mark they will be busier and harder to get an appointment with. 

    In total we have 64 day guests and 40 additional evening guests so it's coming in pretty much bang on budget.

  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 177 New bride
    Sounds like everything is coming together nicely!!
    9 weeks!!! So exciting. Hope the meeting goes well.
  • GallaGalla Posts: 63 New bride
    Oh how exciting! I hope the meeting goes well, and those ties are gorgeous 
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