Relaxed Summer Wedding in the Chilterns,



  • How exciting to be so close now!!

    I've really enjoyed reading about all of your planning. It looks like it'll be a really beautiful wedding so I'm looking forward to hearing about the day (and hopefully seeing some pics!) 😊
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    Thank you! I will definitely do a report :).

    I made a decision about my hair finally. I was going to have the swept across style (my bridesmaids all voted and actually the majority prefer my normal cut but I'd talked myself into it) but when my hairdresser was about done I felt like it was wrong and I wanted my fringe back! He burst out laughing because he knew it would happen 😂 .
    I will get it retrimmed for the day but it will basically be like this:

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    That looks lovely!! With the vine its going to look ethereal 
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    Thank you! That's what I'm hoping :)
  • I second this! :)
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    Sounds like your plans are going so well! Have a fab time on your hen this weekend!
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    I've had such an amazing weekend :) I'm so thrilled everyone got on well, and we are now thinking some of us will do the burlesque routine we learned as a surprise at the wedding!
    Here are a few pictures :)

    I'll post some of the official photos from the makeover at the photoshoot when I get them (it was themed mermaid make-up and way too much for me but it was fun to try something different). We did life drawing this morning and it was great :) and we had some wonderful food and drinks too.

    My drawings 😂 we only had 2 or 3 mins for them but I tried really hard!
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    Also final bridesmaids dresses have all been purchased, so here are the final choices all together!

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    Looks like amazing fun!
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    That looks like a brilliant weekend!! 
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    It was amazing fun and I was happy to see them all :).

    I tried the flower arranging today! I was so excited to do something with all the dried flowers and decided to make the arrangements to go either side of the aisle for the ceremony (got grass everywhere!) And I'm really pleased! I love the colours and it's sort of wild and organic looking which is exactly what I wanted! Sorry for the rubbish pics:

    I have a few bits leftover so might fill a smaller vase and then use that for the table for the signing of the register etc! I don't quite have enough but my mum dried some gypsophila (baby's breath) for me so I can bulk it out a bit!
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    And the one for the table:

  • Sorry if I have missed your previous posts! Did you dry the flowers yourself? They looks AMAZING! I love them!!
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    Thank you! :)
    No I didn't dry them myself, although I got my mum to dry the gypsophila (at the time I didn't have an airing cupboard to hang them in), I just ordered a few different types from Etsy and then sat on the floor for 3 hours and shoved them in the vase until I liked how they looked 😂

    But I'm super pleased with the result :)

    Also super excited because I ordered the cheese wedding cake this evening! And I found a website of environmentally friendly party stuff and ordered 50 ivory /pearlised balloons, some biodegradable hold ribbon to tie them and some cute pink and white striped paper straws for the gin bar. So pleased I managed to find those things and not use tons of stuff that will end up in landfill :)
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    Trying to learn my burlesque routine at the moment and try and look confident (my main issue!). But I tried it in my evening dress today and was so excited because I forgot how BEAUTIFUL it is!

    😍 Sparkles.

    I tried on my shoes the other day and the strap snapped 😭😭😭. I'm going to take it to a shoe person to see if they can fix it, but I just don't know what's possible, so looking for some backup ones! Unfortunately the ones I love are Sophia Webster and £195 which is not gonna happen, so having a look for something cheap. Does anybody have any good recommendations?
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    Try Paradox London, they have some gorgeous shoes and not too expensive 😀
  • Which Sophia’s are they? Try eBay if you really like them! Lots of people sell designer shoes super cheap xx
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    Thanks for the advice, both :)

    Two weeks to go!!!! 😱😁
  • Are you going to do a report? I know you’ve been asked this before but you absolutely, definitely should! I would love to see it all come together! 

    Eeeek two weeks! Have you got much left to do?
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    It seems like a lot to do but actually comparatively it isn't too bad. I will definitely do a report :)

    This is a pic from my hen do that is appropriate for the 2 week mark!

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    Had a good dance lesson with my friend who is a dancer and I think she's majorly improved it all! Here's a couple of stills from a video of me practicing and whirling in the dress over my t-shirt and leggings 😂.

    So stylish😁

  • So close now..I'm excited for you! I'm also looking forward to the report 😁
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    Thanks, I'm so excited! Slightly freaking out (about getting everything sorted, not getting married!).

    Sorting out things like Waitrose delivery of olives, crackers etc for evening cheese extravaganza, and now worrying about temperature, as it's getting quite chilly in the evenings at the moment so suddenly wondering how much we can put towards firebowls and powerful heaters!

    Also remembered finally to order rice paper and oil-based food colourings and gold leaf to decorate the cake :) I ordered a blue, violet and green one and will mix and experiment and see what happens! I don't have a set vision exactly so I think we'll be fine just randomly creating as we go, and can cope with it not working perfectly or whatever. Am going for 'organic' 😂.
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    Have ordered backup shoes in case my proper ones can't be fixed in time:

    They were cheap and match my new earrings that I bought in Barcelona and realise I forgot to post on here!
    This woman hand makes all her jewellery and had this beautiful little boutique and I fell in love!

    The little beads at the bottom have the same irridescent colours :)

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    Those shoes and earrings are gorgeous!! Wishing you an easy 2 weeks!! (or as easy as possible!!)
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    Thank you!

    Fun moment yesterday when we realised our friend who is doing music at the reception has read quintet instead of quartet so booked more people and so it'll be more expensive than we had planned! But we're actually ok with that (I mean it's a strain financially) because the musicians he has booked are AWESOME and we're super super excited to have them all playing :)
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    Shoes are too big 😭 but apparently the blue ones can be fixed and I got some different ones today in Debenhams to dance in:

  • How you feeling? Not long to go now!! Eeeeeek!
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    Excited but rushed off my feet! It's all a bit stressful at the moment but nothing I didn't expect.

    Had a rehearsal last night with my mum and aunts and cousins for a song they're performing in the ceremony and it was sounding lovely so that was great. Today we have a jam packed schedule of going to the venue (my grandparents house) to take some measurements and drop off some boxes of decor and things (yay no more boxes in my living room :D) , lunch with Ralph's parents (/collecting logs for the firebowls we decided to get in case it gets chilly in the evening), and then I have my first mani-pedi (I feel really sorry for them because my nails are messed up but I'm also excited!), And then I have to finish some jobs and add a bit onto my speech, which I will post on here.

    It kicks off on Wednesday really! That's when the tipis arrive and it's full steam ahead with setup, decor, cake icing/decorating, dessert making, dance practicing, etc.

    Just keeping sight of the fact that at the end of it all I get to marry my best friend and see all the people I love come together!
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    Can’t wait to see how this all goes! We are having a marquee so I’ve had all the same thoughts as you with temperatures and getting everything set up! Hope the run up in nice and smooth! ☺️
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