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Whats your favourite part?

Just a random fun thread. Lets talk favourites!

Whats your favourite part of planning a wedding?

Whats your favourite part of other peoples planning threads?

Whats your favourite part of your OH?

Basically all things wedding and relationships, whats the good stuff??



  • Issa19unionIssa19union Posts: 123 New bride

    I'll go first. My absolute fav part of planning has so far been decor-thinking of colour themes and making mood boards, also buying magazines! I have never bought magazines until now, bridal mags are my thing.

    I love other peoples threads and I think reading food menus are top on my list, If there aren't pics I google images of dishes listed to get an idea haha (you can see why I need to drop a few pounds)

    And finally my favourite part of my H2b is weirdly his laziness! During planning I've realised its much easier to be the only one in charge so I had no hassle or conflicts as of yet...oh and his build-looks lovely in a tux

  • MrsMGMrsMG Posts: 360 New bride

    Whats your favourite part of planning a wedding? - I love planning things in general so just that part alone was fun enough for me  but is say my favourite part was having something to look forward to and being able to personalize one day that was nothing but me and my husband's quirks, loves and personalities  I was quite stressed out at some parts of my wedding planning even though I enjoyed planning for the most part. Now that it's been over and done with for a year now and I can see things from the other side, I wish I took a step back and chilled out a bit more when planning. 


    Whats your favourite part of other peoples planning threads? - I love seeing what kind of themes brides go for - whether it's traditional, alternative or anything in between, I'm intrigued by what other couples choose for their weddings 


    Whats your favourite part of your OH? - that my husband is a fellow crazy cat person! He condones my endless obsession with cats to the point we've adopted four, have mostly cat decor in our flat and we had a cat and LOTR themed wedding lol. We're known locally as the crazy cat couple and we're proud of it


  • MrsTraceyMrsTracey Posts: 837 New bride

    Ooooh so much has been amazing! Highlights have been dress shopping (although it didn't last long as I picked the dress quite quickly!) and fittings, plus the lovely lunches/prosecco with my mum/bridesmaids that followed.

    I loved sitting in the sunshine tasting different wines with my family. And going to taste the food at our venue. Basically any excuse to eat or drink and celebrate has been a great part of planning for me! My family love an excuse for a celebratory lunch or dinner! 😂

    My hen was also amazing! 

    Oh and my hair and make up trial was so much fun and really hit home and made it all feel more real! X

  • MrsTraceyMrsTracey Posts: 837 New bride

    Oops, definitely didn't read the original post properly! Haha favourite thing about other people's planning threads is the dress, without a doubt. I adore swooning over everyone's choices. 

    My favourite thing about OH is how kind he is! I never rated kindness highly enough before I met him! Plus I love doing fun stuff together and how much fun and laughter we have! 

  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 512 New bride

    Favourite part of planning for me so far was a)the dress and b)generally making decisions with Ralph and then looking at each other and of going wow this is real, I get to marry you next year in this suit/tipi/we get to eat this curry/walk down the aisle. I did rather enjoy choosing his suit cos he looked gorgeous and I just got to sit there and appreciate!

    Favourite part of other peoples' threads are seeing all the beautiful dresses and styles on such an array of different people and styles with everyone looking gorgeous, and reading the proposals. Generally hearing different voices and tastes and personalities is lovely :) there are so many different and awesome people in the world!

    There are a million favourite things about my other half. I'm amazed every day at his kindness and thoughtfulness, and how humble he is, despite being insanely talented and clever. His smile doesn't exactly hurt either.. He's definitely made me a better and more thoughtful person (still working on it) and he also makes me feel like he feels the same as I do about him and respects me for me, even though that's crazy because he's 1000x more awesome. 

    And he puts up with how much I talk (clearly that translates to on this forum as well, sorry for long waffly reply!)

  • Fiona98Fiona98 Posts: 448 New bride

    My favourite thing about the wedding planning (and also at times my least favourite thing) is getting to be all crafty. I love making things and I've really got to go overboard for the wedding. I love it. 

    My favourite thing about other people's threads is watching their journeys. The highs and the lows. I often feel when I'm low about everything that it's just me so I like getting to remind myself it's completely normal. ♡ 

    My favourite thing about my OH is his sense of humour, and good heart. He always knows just how to make me smile and he really truly cares. His humour is ridiculous at times but I love it and it's so him. 

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