Surrey Wedding August 2019

So after much deliberating I've decided to bite the bullet and start this thread. I thought it would be lovely to look back and see my thought process whilst planning our special day!

So a little bit about me and the hubby to be. We met at school, were in the same form for 5 years but only became romantic when we hit college. Last year we decided to move in together (renting) and after trialling living together for 8 months, decided to buy a house. Moved in to our little Hobbit Hole in Feb'18 and celebrated our 5 year anniversary end of March. 

The Proposal (taken from our wedding website)

We decided to take a trip to London to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. After attempting multiple times to propose at Greenwich Park but Chinese tourists making this impossible, G abandoned his plan. After a beautiful meal at the Sky Garden and admiring the view we decided to walk back to Waterloo station and see the sights firsthand. It was when we reached St Pauls cathedral that G suggested taking a closer look, knowing it was one of Zoe's favourite landmarks. At the top of the steps he got down on one knee and successfully surprised Zoe! Who knew accountants could be so romantic!

What we've have planned so far

I'll just list them for now but will go through each element in more detail as this thread progresses

-The Venue's

-The Photographer

-The Dress

-The Band

Currently we are organising

- The Florist

- The Grooms outfits 

- The Save the Dates


Anyway I apologise if this page just become my place for brainstorming but would love to hear about everyone else special day, especially about florists in Surrey!


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    Congratulations! I’m from London (was at St Paul’s just today actually) and love seeing and hearing proposal stories here, there really are some incredible landmarks, I bet you’ve some lovely photos. Looking forward to hearing more about your planning!

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    Congratulations on your engagement! Looking forward to reading more ❤️

  • Looking forward to hearing what venue you chose. Congratulations.

  • Ashley72 wrote (see post):

    Congratulations! I’m from London (was at St Paul’s just today actually) and love seeing and hearing proposal stories here, there really are some incredible landmarks, I bet you’ve some lovely photos. Looking forward to hearing more about your planning!


    Thanks Ashley27! You're right we are so lucky having such incredible landmarks on our doorstep!


  • The Venue

    So this was the number one thing we wanted to book and secure, after all how can you book suppliers without knowing the date! So as mentioned in the title of the thread, we are getting married in Surrey. We both have grown up here and with the majority of our family and friends still living here it seemed only logical to keep it local. 

    I have always wanted a church service, particularly in once church, St Mary's in Horsell. Although I am not overly religious I went to a C of E school and so have many fond memories celebrating there during my childhood. G was less than impressed initially, especially finding out he would have to attend Sunday service! However after he saw how beautiful it was and with the promise we could have Jerusalem as one of our hymns (he and his brother are massive cricket fans), he agreed. I have attached two photos of the church below, however will hunt around my parents to see if there are any old photos of me performing there as a child.





    Reception Venue

    So deciding on a venue took a while, I think most brides will agree this is probably the most important decision you make. It sets the entire tone of the day and you plan everything else around it. We viewed 7 venues with varying budgets and vibes. 

    The first venue we saw was Burhill Golf Club only a few weeks after getting engaged, they had a wedding open evening which I will suggest any couple as a good starting place, it suddenly made everything so real. It is a beautiful venue and would highly recommend anyone in the are viewing. For us it wasn't quite the one though as the upstairs dining room was strangely shaped, almost like a bone with the top table in the skinny centre part and guess either end. However the real issue for us was the lack of lift for disabled guests to the upstairs are and no accommodation on site for those wishing to stay.


    Now this next venue we had high hopes for with it being so local to us and my parent shaving a good experience attending a 50th birthday party there. However the service we received at Gorse Hill was shocking. We arrived for our appointment a few minutes early and the lovely receptionist (no sarcasm, she really was lovely!) informed us that the wedding coordinator was running a few minutes late with a final details meeting with another couple. That was fine, we took a seat and waited patiently. A wedding from the previous day were checking out whilst the wedding party for that day were attempting the check in and it was utter carnage, the poor receptionist was run ragged with no support. We waited for over 30 minutes and eventually gave up when another couple arrived for a viewing, however more concerning was this was around 11:00 and that days wedding was due to start at 12:30 however nothing in the venue was set up! In fact they were still sweeping the dining room from the day before. It just made us very concerned about the happening on our day and we received no email as an apology or to rearrange our appointment from the wedding coordinator.


  • The next venue we viewed was in our top three. Foxhills is a beautiful wedding venue with the old historic manor house and more modern clubhouse. The reason we decided against this was because we felt it was a bit to big, too corporate and everyone we spoke to had been to an event there, it no longer felt special for us. Plus it is a very busy golf resort and spa, the prospect of being paraded between the manor house and clubhouse really put G off.


    Guildford Harbour Hotel was our wildcard, super modern and in the middle of town but very good value for money. Ultimately we didn't go for this one as it lacked outdoor space for photos and was too large for the number of guest we are having. 


    Silvermere Inn on the Lake was the one that surprised us and our runner up. The building itself isn't very pretty on the outside however the setting is stunning overlooking the lake and golf course. Big shout out to Liza their wedding coordinator who was the most fabulous person to deal with. The venue has great packages which were very customisable and included lots of extras to really personalise the day. The reason we decided against it was the lack of accommodation as this was a real must have for G and my future MIL. 



    Oatlands Park Hotel was the final venue we viewed and unfortunately was a bit of a let down. G described it perfectly, it was fuddy-duddy. To be fair it was going through a refurbishment however there were no guarantees that the would be completed by our day. The final nail in the coffin though was that they allowed 2 weddings to take place on the same day. We would've been based in the main hotel but they also had a wing that mainly catered for large asian weddings. We were very concerned that as the smaller party our food and service may get overlooked in favour of the larger and more expensive wedding. 


    AND finally the venue we will be having our reception at is... 

    Barnett Hill Hotel

    What can I say, it's a stunning venue right? This Queen Anne style building was built in 1905 by the grandson on Thomas Cook. In 1940 the Red Cross used it as a convalescent hospital and training centre before it was converted into a hotel during the 70's. It was purchased by its current owners and fully refurbished in 2016 and has since become a great wedding venue. For us it was perfect and ticked all of our boxes. Beautiful building and garden? Tick! Not too big, but not too small? Tick! Accommodation? Tick! Allowed live music? Tick! Close enough to the church? Tick!






    Overall it is the perfect venue for us and we cannot wait to celebrate our special day here next August! 

  • So it's been a while since I last posted on this thread, however, I finally have some time now that I've submitted my final university assignment. Hurrah I'm almost a qualified nurse!

     I'm not sure how people usually order these threads but the next supplier we booked was our photographer. As part of the millennial generation (god I hate that term!), Instagram played a big factor in finding the lovely Lauren Henson. After meeting a couple of creepy photographers at wedding fairs we quickly realised that finding someone we are comfortable around was equally as important as the photos they take. Lauren instantly made us feel at ease and we can't wait for our pre-wedding shoot next month.

    The debate of whether to hire a videographer was fierce between me and H2B. I've always loved them and never been too sure about trying to capture the day ourselves, especially after my parent's wedding video disaster where my great uncle videoed all the guests entering the church apart from my mum. It was only until my future in-laws showed us theirs which had beautiful footage of dearly departed relatives, that my H2B got it. We asked Lauren for any recommendations and she suggested Musk Videography. Again Tash was totally on our level and produces the most beautiful cinematic videos, we knew she was perfect for us. I'll include both of their websites below in case anyone from Surrey/London area is interested.
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    Congratulations on submitting your final assignment! 
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  • @GinAndBling thank you! Massively relieved for these 3 years to almost be over and just enjoy the wedding planning now. 
  • So our colour scheme as I mentioned on another thread it burgundy, blush and navy. H2b is half Scottish as so wants to incorporate his families tartan where possible so we kind of based the burgundy to match that and the blush from part of my dress. 
  • What a gorgeous colour scheme!
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