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Our 2020 Essex Barn Wedding



  • Wow I have not provided an update for ages - bad blogger!

    Bridesmaid Dresses

    I have found my bridesmaids dresses! I have 6 bridesmaids so was quite worried about finding the perfect dress, here it is from TH&TH: 

    Here is my sister and MOH in the dress:

    I think I am more excited about the fact that I have found the BM dress than finding my own dress. 

    Our stationary will all be in this colour, and the ushers will have a tie in similar colour. 
  • Evening Food

    We have also booked our evening food, we are having a pizza van. We are both huge pizza lovers so we really excited for this. 

    The pizza will be served buffet style and we can have 3 different types of pizza.

    There are so many options:

    - PEPPERONI San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella and Pepperoni Slices.
    - RUSTIC HAM AND MUSHROOM San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Ham, Mushroom.
    - SURFEERS PARADISE San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Ham, Pineapple.
    - THE CARNIVORE San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Pepperoni Slices, Chorizo and Ham.
    - THE DIAVOLA San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Spice Pepperoni slices, Roquito Chillies.
    - THE QUATTRO San Marzano tomato base or Garlic oil base, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Brie and Stilton.
    - MARGHERITA San Marzano tomato base and Mozzarella
    - THE HERBIVORE San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Mixed bell pepper, Mushrooms, Sliced Black olives.
    -THE SAINT San Marzano tomato base, Caramelised Onion, Goats Cheese, Spinach Leaves.
    -THE GENOA San Marzano tomato base, Mozzarella, Homemade nut free Pesto, Sunblushed Tomatoes and Olives.

    Its not easy to choose whilst on a diet, all I want to do is eat pizza now!
  • Bookings, Bookings, Bookings! 

    I feel like all I have done this week is book people and pay deposits! So a quick update on what I have achieved: 

    The Band

    We will be having a male duo sing during our ceremony and the canape and drinks reception, they are called TaylorMade and were fantastic when they performed at BM BF's wedding in Sicily recently. 

    They have also given me two free tickets to go and see them perform at the National Wedding show in October, which I thought was fantastic! 

    The Caterers 

    At our venue we have a choice of either Limeberry or Stock & Bailey, I have been in touch with both companies and both have given me a quote of around £75p head for my ideal menu which is as follows: 

    5 canapes pp 

    Starter of Antipasti Sharing Boards 

    Main of either Rack of Lamb or Seabass (will be chosen by our guests in invite)

    Dessert of either Brownie or Cheesecake (to be decided before hand by us) 

    Followed by a Selection of Cheeses and Homemade Chutneys 

    Ending with Tea, Coffee, Truffles and Macaroons 

    This doesn't include any alcohol as the venue provides an all day package for £28pp 

    We are going to have tastings with both companies in the first week of October, these are both £40 per head, but I thought it would be a nice evening for us, and I would much rather try both companies than make a decision on a whim. 


    My H2B likes playing poker with his friends, or online (not with real money), so he looked into having a Casino at the wedding during the evening. He found a local company which will provide a Roulette Table and a Blackjack table with attendants for £495, so this has been booked up at we will have it at our evening reception. (The company is called Funky Casinos, if anyone is interested)

    As noted previously my future BIL is a great DJ, so we will be having him for the evening party alongside a Sax player, which he is currently sourcing. 


    Me and H2B were not too bothered about having a video, as we thought a lot of our friends would record the speeches, first dance etc for us. But my Mum really wanted us to have one. 

    So I did a bit of searching around and was getting quotes of around £2,000, which was just madness! However I was trawling through planning/wedding threads for ideas and saw a few of the brides on here have used a company called Video4aday, he does a bridal prep - 9pm package for £700, so we have booked him up as his videos looked great! 


    I am still waiting for quotes from some of the florists, but it looks like the cost is going to be around £2,500 - £3,000 for the amount of flowers that I want, this is the amount I budgeted so its not too bad, however I am still hopeful that some of the other florists will come back with a bit of a cheaper quote.


    Hiya @MrsThompsonToBe I’m currently in the process at booking Video4aDay and just wondered what the process was for you? 
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