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Hi ladies and the occasional man,

So I've been reading posts on the forums since I got engaged back in November and thought I would finally start my own thread. The wedding is a while away yet but considering how fast this year has gone I think it will be here before I know it. So here it goes...



Me and my now H2B met in 2013 on a train to Bath, I jumped into one of the carriages and it was packed I asked this handsome stranger if it was the correct train and he said yes. We stood side by side like sardines (something he joked about) whilst he was attempting to flirt asking me silly questions to get the conversation going. The train stopped at Bath and we got off, he showed me the way out and we quickly smoked a cigarette together. He asked me if I had Facebook and we swapped account names and said goodbye. The next day I found him online (I'm really hard to find) and we began chatting. 2 months later we went on our first date and from then we've been together.



  • Ahh i love a new thread!! 

    What a cute story!! funny how such a small moment can have such a big impact! 

  • The Proposal 

    It was coming up to our 4 year anniversary and we both had to work, so we decided that we'd spend the weekend together instead. At this point we were still living in our own homes so I went to his for the weekend. On the Friday he had got me flowers and had made me a book of all about us and our relationship I was in tears reading it, it was so nice reading back all the amazing times we shared together. The next day we woke up and headed to the Bath Christmas market (one of the places we first went when we got together, it became tradition after that.) We walked around, had some lunch, followed by cocktails, it was perfect. Now I will admit I did have a feeling that he might propose after all we had been together for years now and this was a special place for us but as the day went on and we finished our drinks and headed back to the train station I did feel a bit deflated. I accepted that it wasn't going to be today but was more than happy with everything he had done for me that day and the night before with the presents. We get back to the train station and we stopped just outside, in the exact spot where we had been originally 4 years where we swapped Facebook accounts. He tells me that it had to be perfect and pulls out a ring and gets down on one knee!!! I never felt so happy in all my life I was stunned, obviously I said yes and the ring is gorgeous and he picked it himself, I was very proud of my new fiance.

  • Such a lovely story!! And the proposal was very sweet - I love a good proposal that pays homage to the couple's history. Can't wait to hear more of the wedding plans! x

  • Sorry ladies, its been a long time but I'm sure you can all relate that life keeps us busy! :D 

    The date 

    Before starting to look at venues I wanted to pick a date for our wedding, now I know that this isn't always the best idea as the venue we fall in love with might not have it available but we knew we wanted to have a some what long engagement as we were paying for the wedding ourselves and needed time to save. First we picked the year 2021 and then narrowed down the season to spring. We both decided April was our month so after looking at the Easter Holidays ( we didn't want to get married on or around Easter as we knew family and friends might be going away) we decided on Friday 16th. 
  • The Venue

    Now before we even got engaged I had seen a venue advertised on Facebook and I was adamant it was going to be the venue I got married in, but to make it fair to my Fiancé I asked him to look at venues online and pick a couple he liked. Then we would go to both out favourite ones and decide from there.

    My choice was Aldwick Court Farm and Vineyard:
    (having a slight problem uploading pics so if you cant see them my apologies)

  • Aldwick outside 
  • The Venue continued 

    My Fiancés choice was Cadbury House:

    So we planned to go to both venues wedding fayres in January. Cadbury House was first and WOW!!! I was blown away it was gorgeous and then staff were so friendly. We sat down and discussed packages and if we booked then we would get a special offer for booking at the wedding fayre. Now although I was in love I knew that we were going to see the venue I liked the following week and also that we shouldn't rush into anything, they held the date provisionally for us and we had two weeks to decide.

    The following Sunday off we went to see Aldwick Court Farm and again WOW!! It was picturesque, tucked away down a little country lane, it was private and would be all ours for the day if we chose to get married there but although it seemed perfect and the staff were friendly I just felt that it just wasn't us, it was also I a lot more expensive. 

    We went away and thought about the venues, we knew we weren't getting married for a while but I really wanted to get organised and make a budget which we could comfortably adhere to over the next few years so we could have our dream wedding. In the end we decided on Cadbury House! We made an appointment went back a week later and paid the deposit. Things were starting to get feel real.
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    Love Cadbury House, it looks so pretty ☺️
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