May Bank Holiday Tea Party

Hello brides!

Some of you might remember me from my rather uninspiring wishy-washy thread from before. I'm starting afresh with this one :)


We are Steve and Catherine and we've been together for 12 years this month. We have two beautiful children.

Stevie is 5



Lucy is nine months



  • Our story... 

    Steve and I met twenty years ago. I was an awkward eleven year old, he a horrible thirteen year old. We went to the local leisure centre with our big sisters who were best friends, he asked me out and became my first ever boyfriend. We even held hands once. Our romance lasted a whole two weeks.

    Nine years later, after a long time chatting over good old MSN, he asked me out again. We went to a local pub on 20th October 2006 and we've been a couple ever since. We've had four homes, two children, one dog, lots of ups and downs and now the next big adventure: planning to celebrate our marriage....


  • The proposal...

    Steve and I "discussed" marriage for years. He was always unsure, mainly because he is shy. However, it's always been important to me.

    On Valentine's day of this year, he took me to a beautiful country pub. The food was amazing and there was a live Jazz band... He made a small speech over the desert course about how he's been thinking of the future and how he feels ready to take the next step.. and after 11 years... He asked me to marry him, while presenting my lovely ring. I of course said a big fat yes.


  • Colours and theme

    My favourite flowers are daffodils, I love how they symbolise spring, sunshine and new beginnings. However, having daffodils as wedding flowers would give us a small window of time to get married in, at a very unpredictable time of year. So we've gone for my second favourite flowers, tulips, and a daffodil yellow, with a mix of purples to compliment.

    We didn't like the idea of a formal, sit-down dinner so we're having an afternoon tea instead of a wedding breakfast and from there a loose theme of a vintage tea party emerged :) 

    I found a lady on facebook who makes real-touch artificial flowers so I already have my bouquet and my bridesmaids as well as some buttonholes but unfortunatly she has dissappeared and I still need corasages for the mums and a flower girl wand 

    My bouquet:




  • The venue:

    we looked at a few venues but I really wanted to get married outside and when we visited Powdermills Hotel in Battle I had fallen in love before I'd even gotten out of the car and we knew we wanted to get married right here by the lake:


    They also do an amazing afternoon tea!

    We will be having our whole day at Powdermills with a BBQ in the evening. As we are keeping our daytime guest list relatively short, with just close family and friends (still 45 people!) The venue were not keen on giving us a Saturday. So we went for a bank holiday Sunday - 5th May 2019, the only one available. It's a bit of a risk with the weather but it was a choice between that or waiting until 2020 and I chose to take that risk!

    Very happy with our beautiful venue


  • Becky111Becky111 Posts: 210 New bride

    That venue is gorgeous! 

    May bank holiday was beautiful weather this year. Let's hope you get that next year too.

  • Beautiful venue!! I love the bouquets too! I want to have tulips on the tables as a nod back to Amsterdam where we got engaged. Cant wait to see it all! 

  • RB2SRB2S Posts: 45 New bride

    My birthday is on May Day and my mum comments every year how lovely the weather was when I was born and how it’s been lovely pretty much every year since! Fingers crossed the trend continues for you 

  • MrsTwizbeMrsTwizbe Posts: 3,349 New bride

    Venue looks lovey. I would ask if they have a sound system / microphones. I have been to a few outdoor weddings with set ups like that and without the mics guests can't hear a word of the ceremony.

  • MrsS85MrsS85 Posts: 688 New bride

    Your venue looks beautiful and afternoon and a BBQ sounds delish, Good luck with your planning.


  • Thanks ladies! and thanks so much for the positive weather vibes!

    The Dress

    Wedding dress shopping with my lovely ladies started quite early. We visited three shops before going back to the first shop and putting down a deposit on the first dress I tried on :) I'm not sharing any pictures of the whole dress but it's tea-length and has a lot of lace. It's exactly what I knew I wanted and I love it. I will be wearing it with a birdcage veil which I'll give you a sneak preview of:


  • The Wedding Party

    I'm lucky enough to have three sisters who I'm very close to, and one of them has a daughter who will be almost 18 when we get married so they were the obvious choices for my four beautiful bridesmaids. My eldest sister is my MOH.

    I wanted 50s style yellow bridesmaids dressed with small waists and wide skirts. We've now tried on two different styles ordered online. The first was too bright and the second was too short. I'm really hoping the third will be the one.

    Steve has chosen his dad to be best man, over his two brothers! and we will have our children as flower girl and paige boy. The only clothes purchased so far is my daughter's dress which was £10 in Tesco!!


  • CharleahCharleah Posts: 250 New bride
    Just read your other thread and then was like oh! Haha. Then I read this one. Love it so far - love the bright fresh colours you’ve got going on. I’m sure you’ll find the bridesmaid dresses. As you said before it’s still very early days! 
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