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Winter Wonderful - Dec 2019 (the higgledy piggledy thread edited!)



  • I also think that the tea length one will be more flattering when it actually fits and my boobs are properly supported in the right place, you can’t tell in the pic but when I hoisted them to where they should be the whole look of the dress was different with a much more defined waist. 

    But the first one is dreamy! sigh - I could go back and forth all night like this (and have been doing, scrolling through pictures on my phone!) 
  • You look fabulous in that dress, too 😊 I might be biased, as ours is a non-traditional wedding with a non-traditional dress, but I don't think you necessarily have to have a 'this is the one moment'. As long as you are happy, that's the main thing xxx 
  • CharleahCharleah Posts: 248 New bride
    I think the tea length one all the way! I love it, so pretty and really suits you. Also your nieces are so adorable!
  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 712 New bride
    I love tea length one 😍

  • Thanks ladies - I’ve decided not to decide for now 😂 Something is stopping me snapping up the first one, much as I love it, and the tea length will still be there if I decide it’s the one later - I’m going to try a few more next weekend and see if that gives me a clearer idea. 

  • I don't really believe in the whole "this is the one" feeling - I tried on a few that I loved before mine, then I tried on mine and decided I liked it more and it was my favourite in that shop, then I went to a couple of other shops and had favourites in there too, there was never a clear "the one". 
  • Well I’ve bought my dress ... a totally different one. No pics of me in it I’m afraid but I’ll switch to my phone after this and post a pic from the brochure. 

    So I went to a shop this morning with my sister A and best mate J, there was a sample sale on. I tried a lovely lightweight sort of trumpet shaped one which I liked, then one which was more of a fitted a-line in a blush pink with a lace layer over the top - it was stunning and A and J cooed over it, it was very flattering on the bodice but there was a lot of skirt, more than I’d wanted really, and more train too. But A&J we’re going nuts over it and I really wanted it to be the one, so it was on the shortlist. 

    I then tried another trumpet shape, strapless lace with a corset back (which I don’t like as much as buttons but still) and it was a knockout, made my figure look great and was just so simple. I tried a fur wrap with it and loved it but .... I don’t know what the but was with both of those dresses but there was one. We left that shop, confident that one of the two would be the one I chose, just not sure which. Both were in the sample sale at £500 ish, bang on budget and same as the first one I posted which was also a contender. 

    Im poorly at the moment and was feeling like shit at this point, about 11am, and my next appointment at a shop in Stockport wasn’t till 2. We talked about cancelling as I was feeling rough and we knew I’d end up with one of these two anyway, I mean they couldn’t be bettered surely? 

    So so I called the Stockport shop and asked if we could bring the appointment forward as I was feeling rubbish and just wanted to get to bed. They very kindly squeezed us in. I tried a lacey full skirted number with sleeves mostly because I loved the sleeves and I absolutely loved it, another lace sleeved number with less skirt - wow I love this one too, have we cracked it? Maybe but I tried the next one which had a sort of boho floaty tulle skirt and an illusion/keyhole back and suddenly I was all ‘ooooooooohhh INTERESTING’, and when I came out of the dressing room and both A and J were in raptures, I tried a veil with it and there were tears from J and a bit from me and we all decided that was our favourite of anything so far. 

    Well I thought, this is most likely it, I’ll have to go and sleep on it but I’m pretty sure I’ll be coming back for this one. 

    The lady asks if I want to try the last one, ‘not much point’ I think but my sister said ‘oh go on’. As we were going back to the fitting room the lady was saying how she was loving working with me because I just loved everything and I was saying it wasn’t helping to make a decision though, although I thought I was decided on that last one and joked  ‘wouldn’t it be funny if I love this one now and confused myself again’. Well I didn’t even have the thing fully on before I said ‘oh shit’ and the others started laughing as they’d heard me. I absolutely loved it. 

    Then doing the reveal/standing on box/general preening thing I just did have that ‘this is it’ feeling. Not a big emotional burst into tears thing or an overwhelming ‘moment’ but I realised that I really wanted it and that even if A and J had said they preferred a different one, this would still be my pick. With everything else I had one of them take pictures to look at/compare later, the ones last weekend I shared here and sent to my other sister and my other bridesmaid almost wanting to be talked into them but also a bit nervous that ‘what if I’m missing something better?’. This one I didn’t even want J to take a picture - because the shop sample didn’t fit properly and I knew the picture would look a bit crap but I also know how amazing it’s going to look when it does fit right, and also because I suddenly didn’t want anyone else to see it! 

    This one wasnt in the sample sale and was over budget at £700 but I didn’t even care about that. And didn’t want to go away and think about it/sleep on it/ compare it to anything else - it was a proper ‘shut up and take my money’ moment. So I paid for it and now I have to wait forever for it to come in and fittings and stuff but wheeeee I have my dress and I LOVE IT SO MUCH I genuinely can’t wait to put it back on and to wear it on the day. Which I didn’t think I’d feel really, I kind of hoped for something that made me look the best I could and suited the venue/style of wedding but I didn’t really expect to be so excited at the thought of wearing a particular dress, but now I am so that’s lovely. 
  • It’s this one 
  • cs2thecoxcs2thecox Posts: 260 New bride
    Yay - you had *the* moment!
    Love it! :D 
  • I did! And there was me saying ‘I’m not the type to have a ‘moment’! I can’t wait to wear it and have told R I’ll probably wear it again on the honeymoon or just round the house 😂
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Ah it's gorgeous, congrats!
  • I do think I’ll get it filled in a little so the v isn’t quite so deep. My boobs looked bangin’ in it if I say so myself, but I think a little more demure might be the way forward. 
  • Oh wow your dress is absolutely beautiful!
  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 712 New bride
    Gorgeous 💓
    So glad you've found the one.  Is it from sense and sensibility? x
  • It was Dress the Bride Mrs G, it’s a Sincerity Bridal one x
  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 712 New bride
    It was Dress the Bride Mrs G, it’s a Sincerity Bridal one x
    Oh I haven't heard of that one maybe I need to do it all again 😂 I have a wedding planning void. Can't wait to see pics of you wearing it x 
  • cs2thecoxcs2thecox Posts: 260 New bride
    I do think I’ll get it filled in a little so the v isn’t quite so deep. My boobs looked bangin’ in it if I say so myself, but I think a little more demure might be the way forward. 
    Banging is the way forward. It's already got illusion netting - you're FIIINE!
    (Mine is also deep v and illusion netting. And I'm getting married in church!)
  • It’s on Little Underbank just below the market square Mrs G, they were lovely in there. There’s a suit and formal menswear place underneath that I’m going to point R in the direction of. 

    Ok cs2thecox, tits out it is then!  I shall blame you when my mother in law has a fit 😂 No in all honesty it did look lovely in real life, my boobs are sadly no longer up by my shoulders like the lovely model’s in the above pictures, but they did sit very nicely in the dress without looking obscene. I’m hoping R will be on board - I jokingly showed him a picture of the mermaidy one from last week that was more than triple the budget so a hard no whether or not I’d liked the actual dress, but it was very booby so I thought he might like it but he came over all Victorian and fusty about it which really surprised me. 

    I did have plans for some kind of jacket/ wrap/ cover up what with it being December an all, just not sure what would work best with this style. I suppose it’s quite a summery style being so light and floaty but there is a slight sparkle to it which works with the Christmas date, and with the right accessories I’m sure it will work. 
  • That dress is GORGEOUS!! Im so pleased you had such a good experience with it in the end and found something that really clicked with you <3
  • CharleahCharleah Posts: 248 New bride
    I love how you eventually had your moment that’s hilarious and amazing. I think that dress looks beaut and glad you finally found something! 
  • Your dress looks just stunning!!
  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 512 New bride
    It's absolutely gorgeous!! I don't think you need the V edited, it works so perfectly with the whole shape of the dress. So pleased for you :)
  • Thank you everyone 😀 

    I just want it all to hurry up now, after the flurry of dress excitement we’re back to nothing doing wedding-wise again. We’re giving notice in 2 weeks which is very early but they emailed me ages ago saying to do it ASAP so I panicked and booked. Also there’s a wedding fair at our venue at the end of Feb, so that will be nice.

    I got really excited yesterday when my bridesmaid K - who lives at the other end of the country - mentioned being here the night before. I mean realistically she would have to be, but I hadn’t really thought about it at all so when she mentioned she’d booked to stay at the venue that night as well as my other bridesmaid J, my sister, brother in law and nieces, possibly also my brother and sister in law, I got really excited. We’re going to have to be so careful not to get carried away that night, no one wants a hungover bride! 
  • Hurray - I’ve realised we can now edit the thread title (maybe we always could and I just missed it) so I have done, because ‘higgledy piggledy’ was really annoying me, but then I included that anyway so people knew it was still the same thread and didn’t get excited thinking there was a new one. So pretty pointless really, anyway as you were 😂
  • CavalierBrideCavalierBride Posts: 353 New bride
    edited February 2019
    At the in-laws last night, MIL and I started to look at invitations. 

    Based on some pictures I’ve showed her she bought some metal dies for her cutting machine, but her machine is not the best so the more intricate/fiddly ones were a no go. One seems to work ok though - this is a prototype we made ...
    Excuse horrid hands/chipped polish. 

    The idea is that the above would be in white or pearlised card, then a silver background on the inside (I want glitter but MIL is determined it should be matte) then a white piece with the wording on. All tied in either white or silver ribbon. 

    I think theyre lovely, or will be when finished, and R really likes them too. I just think they will be tons of work - you have to cut the card to the right size first, then do the die cut at one end then turn it and do the other, then score it to fold in the ‘flaps’ then the insides then the ribbon. MIL had a far simpler design that she did for her other son’s wedding, I didn’t like it as much but it was nice enough and I’ve said I’m very happy to go with that one, but she said she’ll try and do a few of the die cut ones and see how easy/difficult it proves to be. 
  • They look great. If you do them together it should help speed up the process. I'm DIYing my invitations to and fell in love with stencilling and embossing. It's time-consuming but hopefully people will appreciate the hand-made touch and it was cheaper than printing too!
    Our planning thread here
  • Ordered these today for my adult bridesmaids, for £5 I figured I might as well grab them. I’m not sure if they’ll work with the dresses but we can but try, if not they can just have them as a random present if they like them.

  • MrsGtoBMrsGtoB Posts: 712 New bride
    Love the scarves what a bargain! 
  • CharleahCharleah Posts: 248 New bride
    Love the scarves! 
  • Love the invites but I agree glitter would look lovely! Hopefully it doesn't take you too long! 
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