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Winter Wonderful - Dec 2019 (the higgledy piggledy thread edited!)



  • Thanks @MrsW2020 and @MrsCToBee

    Well we had a fabulous weekend down at my sister’s and going to the proms. We gave out our first few invitations whilst there and they went down really well. 

    Got an appointment to try ‘the dress’ on again tomorrow to show MIL. Still just the shops one, mine hasn’t come in yet. I just want to see it and start to think about what to do accessory wise, and more importantly- bra wise! It’s so low at the front and back and I’m really worried it’s just not going to be supportive enough. I’m not sure why this didn’t occur to me when I was buying it. 

    However, I’m having the period from hell and have had a really upset stomach all weekend so I don’t know if it’s best to cancel - I really don’t feel like stripping to my knickers in front of the shop ladies right now. 
  • Looking for opinions - which cake topper do people prefer? 


  • Cecilia13Cecilia13 Posts: 512 New bride
    I prefer the people with the dog, it's very elegant!
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    The second is cute but the first will give more height impact.
  • I think i'd go for the first one too!

  • I like the first too, just hesitating as there’s no way that couple could be mistaken for me and R, wonder if she’ll do a slightly fatter version  :D
  • I also feel that Fred needs one of these ....

  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 684 New bride
    I prefer the second cake topper! It’s so cute! ❤️ It’s not as high but I think it’s very sweet.

    omg those bandanas are AMAZING!! I must’ve try and get a couple for my boys (fur boys) although I’m not sure how much they would enjoy it!
  • I’m adding another vote for the first topper 🙃 

    Love the little doggy bandana! My bridesmaid just got engaged, so I love the fact that I can now send her things like this as she starts her wedding journey!
  • More opinions please! 

    Looking at bridesmaid gifts, I really can’t afford to go mad. I will probably get them a few bits like a mini bottle of champagne, looking at getting them a little clutch bag each - that kind of thing. 

    But I wanted to get them some jewellery too, thought something with a snowflake design would be appropriate. I’ve found these from Debenhams for a really good price - they could wear it for the wedding, or just wear some of it. I was just about to order but now I’m wondering if they’re actually that nice - I think maybe I only like the bracelet? 

    Or I like these earrings - less snowflakey but kind of wintry? But then I’d probably feel the need to get them a bracelet too? 

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    I like them! As a tip, check the actual Jon Richard website out rather than just buying from Debenham's - they have alot more choice and always have loads of stuff on sale.
  • Went to try my dress on today - well still not ‘mine’ but the shop sample but just to show MIL (and also reassure myself I still love it - which I do!). I wanted to try some veils on to decide if I want one, decision made I do but I need it to be very plain! I tried a few but decided on a chapel length, single layer one that wasn’t embellished in any way and didn’t have any edging. It just blended nicely in with the dress rather than fighting with it. The shop version is £50 but as it’s so incredibly simple I’m pretty sure I can find it cheaper (or get MIL to make one) - what do you think? Or is £50 actually reasonable and I’m being silly? 

    Anyway - here’s a sneaky pic of me in the dress in the mirror, ignore the super attractive clamps at the back and imagine the lovely back on the model below....

  • More front on pic - shame about the face! 

  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    You look beautiful - as does your face! £50 isn't a bad price for a good quality veil, I ordered a few cheap ones from ebay and they were pretty much rubbish so I ended up buying a better quality one second hand. £50 is about what they would be in Wed2B.
  • Thanks @MrsCToBee xx
  • MrsW2020MrsW2020 Posts: 279 New bride
    Love your dress! I think £50 is a decent price for a full length veil :)
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 265 New bride
    @CavalierBride I read through your planning thread this weekend and I think your plans sound lovely so far. It sounds like you've had a pretty shit time of it so I'm glad that the right man finally found you and I wish you luck with the baby making!

    I wanted to let you know that I'm another bride in my 30s - I think there are a lot more of us than you think. It doesn't matter what age you are on your wedding day anyway, it's the one day that you can dress and pretty much do whatever you want!

    I think your dress is lovely and from the front-on picture it doesn't look too revealing at all. If you're worried about finding a bra you could ask your seamstress if she can sew cups in so you can go without.

    I'm also a vote for the second cake topper with the 2 dogs. I think it's adorable. 
  • Thanks for the lovely comments guys. 

    R and I had a lovely last minute week away in Greece last week. I’m now on my ‘hen/40th’ weekend in Barcelona with my two sisters, two of my nieces and two friends. Staying in a lovely apartment and had a lovely day yesterday. 

    Unfortunately my anxiety has reared its ugly head again and I’ve been really struggling in the last few weeks. It’s hard to feel wedding excitement at the moment when I just feel total fear all the time about everything! I’m trying to not let it stop me enjoying this trip though. 
  • Just popping in, though there’s not tons to report. 

    My family hen in Barcelona was wonderful we had so much fun. Our Airbnb was perfect, we ate fantastic food, drank so much cava, had a day at the beach, some nice sightseeing, a visit to the food markets, and just so many laughs. I loved it. R is off on his stag do also to Spain on Friday and I’m excited for him.

    Went with MIL today to buy her hat, she then tried it on for me with her outfit, she looks lovely. I’m getting excited to see what everyone wears!

    109 days to go, still need to sort:
    - decide with SIL who is doing the flowers exactly what we’re doing, and what I need to buy in terms of vases etc
    - table plan / signage
    - hair vine or similar for me
    - probably need to rethink my littlest bridesmaids dresses as my niece is growing like a weed and I think the one I got her will be too short
    - men’s suits - although think we’re decided on that now
    - guest book
    - buy mini bottles for gin favours (have been freezing the damsons from MIL’s tree to make Danson gin)
    - decide on/buy jewellery for me 
    - music/reading/vow choices 

    and probably a million other things I’m forgetting! 
  • Hiya, my sister's instagram might help with some flower ideas: 
    she might be able to help you find vases etc. too
  • R got back from Benidorm last night, he’s a broken man! Good job we had the stag/hen trips so early as I think it’s going to take him till December to recover. I thought Benidorm a really odd choice for him as he’s not particularly ‘laddy’ but he does love a cheap pint or several and it seems he was well catered for there! 

    Its all seeming very real now. Eeeeeeeeeek. 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Glad you both enjoyed you stag/hen dos! 

    On the 3 month countdown now!
  • I know @MrsCToBee it’s scary! 

    Just had had an email from the venue to say they’ve updated their chairs - I’m so happy as I really didn’t love the old ones but couldn’t justify the cost of hiring others, so I’m delighted. 

    New chairs ... 

    100 days today! 

  • Appreciate I’m basically talking to myself here, but oh well! 

    So my 13 year old (nearly) niece has now decided she does want to be bridesmaid. I’ve trawled the internet and mostly eBay to see if I could get her a dress same as other adult bridesmaids, I found one in a size 6. Niece wears some adult size 8s which fit her, and looking at the Quiz size guide the 6 measurements are a bit small for her, however I know the dresses are a little on the big side as one bridesmaid has the 10 and is normally a 10/12 and another has the 8 when she’s a 10 in quite a few things, so I’ve decided to get the 6 and hope it fits. If not I’ll have to resell and find something else for niece that will hopefully blend. 

    Ive ordered our cake topper despite having no cake as yet: 

    And fred’s bandana (obviously with our date on though)

    And got 3 of these for the big bridesmaids - apparently they’d been £50 each, not sure I’d have paid that! Got them for £15 each. 

    Need to sort my own hair accessory out -
    i think I may order a few cheap hair vines from amazon. If one turns out to be beautiful enough for the day then bonus, if not it will at least help me to decide what I want. 
  • Your venue looks beautiful and I love the hair vine for the bridesmaids.

    If the 6 doesn't fit her hopefully you'll be able to find something that goes well with the other dresses! I think it's quite normal to have a junior bridesmaid in a different dress anyway.
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Try the Jon Richard website - they supply all the bridal hair accessories to Debenhams anyway, inc. the Alan Hannah ones, but have loads more choice on their own website.
  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 289 New bride
    Oh I love the hair pieces and the cake topper!
    Do you have any more big bits to do before the big day? It's so close, how exciting!
  • i love the hair accessories you've found!! Really pretty. The new chairs looks really nice too, they fit the venue style well!
  • AmyFSToBe said:

    Do you have any more big bits to do before the big day? It's so close, how exciting!
    Just a bit! Suits for men, rings, cake - basically anything R has had any kind of input into!

    Smaller bits but we need to choose readings and music, been having a bit of a YouTube session today. I need to sort my accessories- I’ve got shoes but I’m not in love with them, but they’ll do if nothing else takes my fancy. I’ve bought a frame to have a go at making a table plan. I need to decide if I’m make no my favours (planned home made damson gin and Christmas rocky road) or whether that’s going in the ‘fuck it bucket’. Need an ikea trip for a fuck ton of lanterns. Also need to buy battery operated fairy lights for the tables. Need to sort table numbers/names and menu cards if we’re bothering, plus name cards. Sort a guest book of some description. Buy matching ties for my nephews to sort of coordinate them with the wedding party. Sort confetti. Lose about 5 stone. 

    There may be more! 

    Thanks for comments everyone. 
  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 289 New bride
    Ooh let us know what music you pick. And good luck with the rest of your list! For favours why don't you just do one to save yourself some time? Christmas Rocky Road sounds delish. I want to use the black Ikea BORRBY lanterns for our centrepieces but don't know if I can validate spending that when you can find cheaper ones
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