Our wedding - take 2!

Hello everyone, 

I started a planning thread in March 2017 for our wedding that was due to take place in October 2017. Unfortunately, we split up and a very horrible 2 months followed. 

However, I am pleased to say that we got back together in June 2017 and have been dating ever since. We have changed our relationship and become much more honest with each other. We also communicate all of the time, be it good or bad! 

We moved in together again in June 2018 and on my birthday on 19th November, he asked me to marry him  :D

We are doing things very differently this time. We are having a very basic marriage in a registry office in February, with only my daughter and our wedding photographer present. We are not telling anyone the actual date, or where it will be held. We are having a party 3 days later to celebrate with our family and friends.

I am so happy and excited, so thought I'd create a post to gather all of our plans together.



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