Our rural 2020 wedding..

I've been umming and aahing for a while about starting a planning thread but decided to take the plunge and go for it! 

Not sure where to start so I guess it'll be a bit higgledy-piggledy. 

How we met... 
We met in 2015 whilst working together. I'd just broken up with my ex-partner and he'd just broken up with his. It sounds really cheesy but the first time he hugged me, I knew I was going to spend the rest of my life with him. There was a chemistry that I can't explain. And the rest, as they say, is history. We ended up together quite quickly. We moved in together, adopted our two beautiful furbabies (kitties), got engaged, started planning a wedding and are now expecting our first child. 

The proposal... 
It was absolutely perfect. I was having a very stressful year last year as a newly qualified teacher so we decided we deserved a big blowout holiday to mark the end of it/my survival. We decided on the Dominican Republic. After nearly having an argument at the airport after I tried to help him re-pack his hand luggage and he snapped at me, he proposed on our first night away.

The resort had upgraded us because he'd told them in advance of his plans. We had dinner then went for a walk on the beach at sunset. Very cliché but absolutely the perfect finish to a very stressful year. Cue happy tears from both of us. 

He'd chosen the perfect ring and it fitted perfectly. 

I'm quite organised so I set a date and started planning the wedding fairly quickly. 

Things organised for the wedding so far... 
Ceremony and venue
Reception venue
Wedding dress
Bridesmaid dresses

I think I'll do separate posts for those when I have the energy. xx


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    We knew we wanted to get married in Wales even though we live in the Midlands. OH is from North Wales and my family live an hour's drive away in Liverpool. Making everybody come to the Midlands would have been a long trip for all of our guests. We're inviting everybody to our ceremony, including our evening guests. 

    We were also fairly sure we wanted to get married in church. OH's late grandad was a vicar so, originally, we wanted to get married in one of his churches. After looking around them, we decided it wouldn't be possible because they all had quite poor disabled access, very limited parking and no toilets nearby. I have a cousin who needs these facilities so we crossed them off our list and went back to the drawing board. We later found out that it was also outside the parish OH's parents live in and that was the legal connection we were depending on.

    We had a look around his parents local village church and decided it would be perfect. It had recently been re-fitted so it has a disabled toilet, good access and comfy chairs rather than pews. I had envisaged pews but our guests will definitely be more comfortable. 

    We emailed the local arch deacon who seemed lovely and he agreed to meet us when we were up over Christmas. We met him a couple of days ago to do all the paperwork and can't wait for him to marry us. We're meeting again this time next year to discuss more details and banns! 

    We've settled on a 1pm ceremony on 23rd July 2020 to allow for travelling time and suchlike. We'll also (hopefully) have an 11 month old by then so I think I will need all the time I can get in the morning!

    We still need to sort out lots but we've started to think about some ceremony details. 

    Flowers for the Church... 
    My nana has offered to do our flower arrangements for the church which we'd love her to do. She is amazing at flower arranging and does her local church so she will do a fantastic job. 

    We're thinking very country rustic at the moment. Our bridesmaid's dresses are burgundy so we're thinking roses as one of the main flowers and then lots of things which are dusky pinks, etc. I'd love some flowers at the door in milk churns. We were worried about getting hold of those then OH's uncle who is a self-confessed hoarder and ex-dairy farmer mentioned that he had quite a few knocking around in the old barn! 

    I'm thinking about using The Flower Monger for venue flowers as it seems very reasonable and has good reviews. Has anybody had experience of this? 

    I'm envisaging these sorts of ceremony flowers (in our colours) then we can move a lot over to the reception. I'm not sure about chair and aisle decoration yet and I need to show nana the church and discuss what will work best. 

    Ceremony readings... 
    I think we've decided on our passage from the Bible. We think Corinthians 13 1 - 7. 

    We've also found a really lovely poem Tolkien wrote for his wife and have asked OH's dad if he would like to read it at our wedding. OH has very find memories of reading Lord of the Rings with his late grandfather and, since we couldn't use his church, we wanted to include him in the ceremony in some way. 

    Hymns and music... 
    We have been really lucky as one of our relatives is a very good organist and has agreed to play our wedding. 

    We've not decided on the entry and exit music just yet and we're not sure how many hymns we need. We're agreed on All Things Bright and Beautiful as we both think it's a lovely, happy hymn and everybody knows it.

    I'm fairly sure our relative will throw in a surprise piece somewhere. It's just like him! Hopefully it will be something like You'll Never Walk Alone as we're both Liverpool supporters. 

    I think that's everything so far for the ceremony. xx

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    Bridesmaid dresses... 
    Going to skip ahead to bridesmaid dresses because I'm excited about them. The morning sickness is very present this morning and I can't get back to sleep. 

    I've got 4 adult bridesmaids (my cousin, my friend and 2 of OH's cousins). My cousin is my MOH and so far, I've regretted that decision. She has complained about dresses, complained that I don't want to go abroad for hen do (definitely not now I'll be a mummy) and just generally made me stressed. Not really looking forward to seeing how that pans out. 

    Anyway, OH has very few colours that he feels suit him and he had his heart set on a burgundy colour scheme. I wasn't sure, given that it's a summer wedding, but I have to admit he is absolutely spot on. I love the colour of my BM dresses.

    I didn't want to spend too much for something that would only be worn once so I looked around a lot online. 

    Contenders were.. 
    Dorothy Perkins

    Chichi London 


    I eventually went with the TFNC dress as I felt it would suit all of my bridesmaids and it was a reasonable price. It was £55 but I bought them on Cyber Weekend and got either 20 or 30% off. I did have to exchange them when they arrived as they seem to size small. I'm still waiting to catch up with 2 BMs for them to try theirs on (joys of living hours away from most of our family!) but the 2 who've tried them so far love them. They'll need some alteration which will add to the cost but I saved a lot so I'm happy to pay for that.

    This is the back..  

    I've posted stock photos to protect my BM's privacy but so far, they look bloody stunning in them! They've been a hit. 

  • The poem you’ve chosen is a lovely tribute to your OH’s grandfather, it’s such a nice way to honour him since you can’t use his church. I absolutely love your bridesmaid dresses, I think the colour is gorgeous and they’re such a good price!
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    My eldest daughter wore the Dorothy Perkins one on my wedding day. It was the only one she liked. She matched the colour of the other bridesmaids dresses who were in a different brand which was the main thing.
  • All 3 dresses are absolutely beautiful and it's lovely to see someone with the same colour xxx
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    The poem you’ve chosen is a lovely tribute to your OH’s grandfather, it’s such a nice way to honour him since you can’t use his church. I absolutely love your bridesmaid dresses, I think the colour is gorgeous and they’re such a good price!
    Thank you! We love them. 

    MrsHowgate said:
    My eldest daughter wore the Dorothy Perkins one on my wedding day. It was the only one she liked. She matched the colour of the other bridesmaids dresses who were in a different brand which was the main thing.
    I really liked the Dorothy Perkins one but my MOH didn't.

    All 3 dresses are absolutely beautiful and it's lovely to see someone with the same colour xxx
    It is a lovely colour! I just need to make sure we keep it summery. 
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    Save the Dates...

    A lot of our friends and family are getting married in the same year (one of my cousins even got engaged on the same day!) and with having a weekday wedding, we thought it best to get save the dates out early. We've tried to do as many in person as possible. 

    We used VistaPrint as the prices were really good. Our website is on the back. We plan on using the same style of invitation but asking for RSVPs via our website. Lots of people on here have done nice things with ribbons, etc so I think I might steal some ideas. 

    We wanted something really simple and this fitted the bill. At the time, we hadn't pinned our colour scheme down and this didn't really tie us to any particular colour but matches the feel of our reception venue perfectly. 

    I've covered the photograph of us but it's one from when he proposed. It's probably my favourite photo of us. 

    When we've finalised timings for the reception, I'll start to sort the invitations out. I'm thinking of sending them about this time next year to give people plenty of time.
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    Reception venue...
    We looked round a lot of places in the area local to our church. 

    A couple we discounted straight away. At one place, we could smell the damp and the owner just didn't inspire confidence in us after leaving us waiting for ages. Too unreliable.

    Another place really angered me. In our emails, we were very clear that we needed disabled access. All the reception rooms were upstairs with no lift. When we mentioned this, the wedding planner's suggestion was to CARRY my cousin's wheelchair up the stairs. Fine, your building's listed so you can't have a lift but you knew it wasn't suitable when we emailed, so why waste our time? 

    There was one place which just didn't quite fit our needs but the ladies running it were absolutely lovely. We dropped in on them without making an appointment and they were so friendly and knowledgeable that if we hadn't fallen in love with another venue, they would have been serious contenders.

    We also had a look at a stately home but honestly, I would have felt ridiculous.

    In the end, we fell in love with a local country club. 

    The wedding planner is really on the ball, exclusivity is included and the views are gorgeous. Our package includes lots of different things too and we got a brilliant price for it! We got 3 course wedding breakfast for 60 (not including kids because they're free!), welcome drinks, wine during the meal, lawn games, venue decor, DJ, hot evening food for 120 and our bridal suite plus a photographer affiliated with the venue (we're happy with his work) for around £8000. There's other bits on the package too but they're the key ones and I can't remember the others at the minute. 

    There's also no turnaround time for the dance floor and evening reception which is beneficial. It has superb disabled access. 

    There isn't any accommodation for guests (which I secretly quite like) but there is a bridal suite for us. There's hotels nearby so I think we'll put on a coach back to hotels in the evening so people can let their hair down and drink.

    Writing this has got me so excited all over again! I'm going to transfer (well, the ushers are) the church flowers to the reception venue to save on costs and make the most of my nan's flower arrangements.

    We've paid the deposit for the venue but there's not much more we can do with it right now. I might start thinking about some bits to DIY when I'm feeling less sick! 
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    Wedding dress... 
    I'm quite a shy person and I think the boutique experience would have made me feel really self-conscious. I also couldn't face spending a fortune on something I'll only wear for a day. I also didn't really know what would suit me and wanted to try different things on so I chose to go to Wed2B. 

    I decided to take my mum and future mother in law with me. She only has sons so she's unlikely to get the dress shopping experience and she was very touched.

    I was really happy with the experience. I had a lovely sales assistant who really put me at ease. It ended up being between two dresses. 


    I ended up going with the Nicola and chose a belt and a veil to go with it. I never thought I'd end up with a cathedral length veil but there we go! 

    Here are some pictures of me in the dress. I've blanked out faces and I think I'll probably delete them later just in case OH happens to frequent any wedding forums!

    I've deleted the photos of me. 

    It definitely needs to be shortened and pulled up at the shoulders but I just hope I can get back into it after the baby! My dress cost £450 which I thought was quite good. I'm going back to buy the underskirt in a couple of weeks. 
  • Your venue looks amazing and the pictures of the views are lovely. Your dress is beautiful and I love the detail on the back. 
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    Gorgeous dresses! Yours looks better on you than the model!
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    Thank you - I'm just praying I can lose the baby weight in time for the wedding. 
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