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A Scottish Halloween affair!

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I'm Kayleigh. I moved to Edinburgh around 4 years ago, and met my partner Corrie whilst I was working a Christmas temp job at Amazon. He asked me on a date to the Christmas market (which I didn't actually realise at first was a date!), but we hit it off and that was us. We're both fairly similar and like a lot of the same geeky things, and our favourite thing to do together is binge various Netflix series, or go out for curries at Kismot, which is the best Indian restaurant in the city in our view! We have a wee ginger tabby cat called Tosh, who is essentially our fur child - if she wasn't such a pain, I'd want to train her up on a leash and have her bring the rings down on her back on a pillow! 

We have just set a date so far, of Halloween 2020, and we know the wedding will be either here in Edinburgh or the surrounding area. My partner is currently saving to get me a ring, but he says it will be pretty soon, so we're 'unofficially' engaged at the moment, but we know it's happening for sure. I'm starting a Masters degree in September this year, so planning the wedding alongside that will be an adventure, to say the least! 

Just arranged to go and see two beautiful venues:

1) Prestonfield House:

2) Barony Castle:

Our guest list is going to be quite small - only around 20-30 day guests, keeping it to just immediate family and close friends.  Prestonfield has the edge because I like it more and it seems more suitable for smaller weddings, but they don't have capacity for an evening do. A friend suggested maybe hiring somewhere in town for the evening and putting on a wee buffet, which I think is a neat idea - so somewhere like the Edinburgh Dungeons or Banshee's Labyrinth (which is the most haunted pub in Scotland!) and it would have the Halloween decor already.  

One thing I do like about Barony is that they have a 16th century Pagan altar in the woods on the ground, which would be just stunning for the ceremony, and we could have a handfasting. 

Hopefully after we see the venues we can make a choice. 


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