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Fairytale white wedding- August 2019



  • Loving your thread so far :) We need dress pics though please haha as I'm super nosey 😂

    I'm having artificial flowers too although I'm not DIYing it because I'd be absolutely useless. I could've got my mum to do them as she's good at 'faffy' things like that and regularly does arrangements for family members graves (a bit grim, I know) which are beautiful but she shot me down by saying she didn't want the responsibility and offered to pay for them doing so I took her up on it haha! :wink: 

    I too like the idea of having something to show for the money and like that they could always be passed on to somebody else further down the line. I just wish they matched the colour scheme of literally any room in my house so I could use them decoratively but alas, they don't haha. Maybe I just need to change the house colour scheme... 😂

    Anywho, sorry for rambling! I'm excited to see what else you've got going on :smiley:
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 800 New bride
    Ha! oh wow- do you know what kind of flowers you like? I’ve been totally stumped with it all, but we’re going to the warehouse next weekend to have a nosey and see what we can get! I’m not great at arranging, H2B is a lot more creative than I am so I’m hoping he has ideas 🤣

    oh yes dress pics! I have got some but I deleted them in case they were seen by H2B 🙈  id seen it online and LOVED it so I was so pleased it kind of looked the same as I imagined! I’ll trawel through WhatsApp and see if I can find them ☺️
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 800 New bride
    Type your comment

    Dress pics!! You can’t really see in any of the pictures but it’s an illusion off the shoulder with a sweetheart neckline, it’s a teeny bit tight across my shoulders but I’m aiming to lose a little bit of weight beforehand so 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

    My veil also isn’t the one on my head haha I decided to have a lace one and it totall blends with the dress which is perfect! 
  • Oooh your dress is beautiful!! :love:

    I don't know all that much about flowers so they're basically roses in different colours matching our colour scheme with a bit of foliage thrown in good for measure. There's also some pearly bits and a brooch in there...

  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 800 New bride
    Ha I did think that, I’m quite used to heels and I’m planning to change into flats after the meal for the evening- it’s more that my godmother is buying them for me and she’s basically said I can have whatever (I’m sooooo lucky!) and I want some I’ll wear again ideally as no one is really going to see it! 

    I was reading your thread earlier! Your ring is stunning 😍
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 800 New bride
    Got home last night to lots of RSVPS! It’s so exciting to open them all (I allowed FH to open one or two) and so far we’ve only had one decline! Very exciting.

    we’re having a wedding after party on the saturday (day after the wedding) in a local pub as lots of people have travelled so it’ll be nice to see them for a bit longer before we go on honeymoon on the Monday.  We’re going to check out some pubs on Sunday this week, we have a lot of Irish family so they MUST SERVE GUINNESS haha.  We’ve asked our venue to get extra Guinness in for us as it’ll be flying off the shelves. 

    We definitely need to schedule a trip to ikea for candles/jars/stuff we don’t need! It feels like it’s coming round so quickly now! 
  • It's really sneaking up on us, isn't it?! It was 327 days to go when we booked our venue and we're now on 152 days :neutral: over half way there.

    What else is on your to-do list? :smile:
  • Just read your thread from the beginning! 

    I think pink and white flowers would look lovely with grey bridesmaids.

    Your dress is beautiful, I love the lace. Who is the designer?

    I know what you mean about the wedding fayre. I went to the NEC one this year and there's no way I could have tried a dress on there. It seems so impersonal and everyone stands around watching! I hated the wedding fayre experience altogether tbh, it's put me off going to any others.
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 800 New bride
    @MrsRendall2B it’s SO close isn’t it! Yours is just before mine, we have 151 days to go! 😁

    We actually booked all our honeymoon last week, we’re flying into New York, then onto Nashville, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Yosemite and ending up in Santa Monica! I’m SO excited! We had a vague plan, but now it’s all booked it’s amazing! 

    I still need to order bridesmaids dresses, I’ve got a meeting with a lady who may be affordable for flowers, need to get H2B wedding present, and go shopping with. Mum to get her outfit! 

    I e got my makeup trial next week which will be exciting as I’m so rubbish at make up haha.

    @cluelessbride01 ahhh thank you so much! It’s Rebecca Ingram, I saw it online and luckily the shop I went to had it to try on, it’s so beautiful as I wanted a bit of a princess dress but not OTT! No I hated the wedding fayres too, it felt too impersonal-although we found our videographer there which was a plus so they’re good for something 😁
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Absolutely love your dress, and your honeymoon sounds absolutely off the chart amazing!!
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 800 New bride
    @MrsCToBee thank you so much!! It really is going to be so amazing! It’ll be hectic but I’m so chuffed it’s finally booked 😍
  • We did similar to your American honeymoon trip a few years ago, it was absolutely amazing! California is literally almost everything the world has to offer in one state. Are you doing a fly drive?

  • Love your engagement story! <3
  • Honeymoon sounds great!! :) So exciting and the jobs you've got left are all nice ones.
  • Honeymoon sounds great!! :) So exciting and the jobs you've got left are all nice ones.
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 800 New bride
    I’ve booked an appointment to meet a lady about some flowers! My friend is getting married in November and her flowers came in so cheaply and I was amazed! So I snaffled her details and gave her a call! I’m really hoping it can come in at budget as id love some lovely flowers.  

    And its shoe day tomorrow! I’m so looking forward to it.  A good mooch and some lunch and fingers crossed I find my shoes 😍
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 800 New bride

    I have been procrastinating and looking for welcome signs, we’ve managed to borrow the stand from a friend and I really like the wooden pallet look- what wording do you prefer? I like the happily ever after but not sure if it’s cheesy? 
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 800 New bride
    Aaaaaaaaand the shoes are picked!! They’re lush-o-Rama! I was totally disappointed with some of the shoes on offer to be honest, I don’t like the ‘bridal’ shoes, I’m quite fussy and I like a high heel rather than a low one as I’ll wear it again! I ended up choosing the Sophia Webster chiara heel and they are unreal (saw a pic of Taylor swift in them on the train home too!) 

    ive also seen some sliders that I’m going to get for the evening reception, mum and I decided to get matching ones 😍 

    Also we hadn’t lunch in Fumo in selfridges which I’d never been to before and it was so so good! It was Italian tapas and I couldn’t fault it, the whole meal was lovely.  Also bought an epic unicorn cupcake on my way home! So productive day but diet has been shot to pieces 🤣
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 800 New bride

    And here they are! Im totally in love! They’re no to everyone’s taste but i love how unicorn like they are ☺️☺️
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 800 New bride

    And just because the cupcake was so so so epic 🤣
  • Love the shoes and cupcake! 

    I'd go for the happy ever after ;) but I'm a sucker for Disney haha.
  • GinAndBlingGinAndBling Posts: 1,311 New bride
    The shoes match the cupcake! Love them both 
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  • I love the shoes! Ive been looking at them too but im not a fan of having my toes on show haha. 
    The diet can start again next week :p 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Love the shoes but I'd break my ankles in them! I like the signs too, I've made a similar one myself.
    Go for the cheesy one if you like it, if there's a day you're allowed to be cheesy it's your wedding day!
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 800 New bride
    Ahhh thanks everyone! I was trying on a black pair with gold wings that I LOVED but I kept thinking I can wear black shoes anytime and I love unicorns so it makes sense 😍 I’m going to save for the black ones 🤣

    @GinAndBling omg they actually do haha! I only just realised! 

    Youre right @MrsCToBee if I can’t be a bit cheesy for my wedding when can I? Also it would be a nice sign to have in our house afterwards! Etsy do some lovely bits and some are so reasonable! 

    @MrsRendall2B oh same! I was in mooching in Jimmy Choo and they have a pair of wedding Cinderella shoes! Completely sparkly with the jewels on the toe-stunning! Until I saw they cost the same as a small car 😂😂

    @CoffeeDogAddict oh really? That’s a shame! They’re so beautiful though and surprisingly comfy! I have my feet too but a nice pedicure will make them look a bit prettier haha
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 800 New bride
    @MrsW2020 ahhhh thank you! They’re SO gorgeous aren’t they-and suprisingly comfortable too-they’ve got some gorgeous shoes! 

    I think im going to go with happily ever after- I think it would lovely on the wall on the house after the wedding so it’s versatile ☺️
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 800 New bride
    I had my first wedding nightmare last night and it was horrible! My hairdresser didn’t show up and my mum did her own hair and it looked awful, the seamstress turned my dress up instead of down, I tried to by my hair vine from a charity shop and they only had copper, I was an hour from the ceremony and was in jeans and faffing around.  People weren’t showing up and it was just a disaster 😭😭
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 800 New bride
    So, my shoes have been delivered to my parents today! Eeeek! We had to order them as they didn’t have my size, but I’m so excited! I won’t see them until Thursday though when I go home.

    so I have my make up trial on Thursday which I’m SO excited about, and then a meeting with a lady who might be able to do our flowers on Friday! Then we’re at a wedding on Sunday in Ireland-it’ll be so much fun, we’ve not been to a wedding since we got engaged so it’ll be weird thinking ‘we’re next!’ 

    Ive also booked a Jo malone ‘scent your wedding’ appointment as I’ve heard so much about them-it’s all getting real 😍
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 947 New bride
    I had the Jo Malone appointment. It was really lovely. I'd recommend it for any bride.
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 800 New bride
    @OmRum I’m so excited! If I take a friend do they get to be involved too? I’ve never been to jo malone before, is there pressure to buy or can I decide and go back later?
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