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Fairytale white wedding- August 2019

MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
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ive been lurking and reading everyone’s planning threads and thought I’d do one of my own! It’ll probably be more of a mood board than anything 😂

a bit of background- we met on a dating app (no prizes for guessing which one!) and we’d both had our fair share of disasters when it came to dating so I wasn’t holding out much hope to be honest.  We got talking and we got on so well! We ended up going for dinner a few days later and stayed talking until 1am! I was so excited but trying not to be at the same time.  

Ironically we were both on holiday a week later and we managed to cram in two more dates before we left for two weeks.  It honestly was like a fairytale and neither of us wanted to leave! 

After our trips we pretty much lived in each other’s pockets and he passed the test with my dog (the main test of a relationship with me haha).  

About four months after we met, I moved out of the city and into his house (not super far but far enough away from my friends and family) although it was lovely it wasn’t HOME for me as it was very much a bachelor pad.  We decided to look for our own place in spring 2018 but we found a house we just FELL in love with in August 2017,  we put an offer in and it got denied at first, I was so heartbroken but then two days later it got accepted! 

We moved in in November 2017 and realised just what a project house it was! Having said that it’s been so much fun renovating and getting it exactly how we want it (fiancé is very handy so it’s made it a lot easier!) but It’s being a tiring year or so getting it all sorted.   

In January 2018 fiancé had some annual leave to finish some bits in our hallway and suggested we went on a weekend break as it was the last weekend of his leave to Shropshire, where we had been camping together in the summer.  He said he’d booked the hotel and we’ll get some prosecco to take with us!  We went shopping and he insisted on a bottle of bollinger (I did start to get a bit suspicious but he can be a bit fancy sometimes so I just put it to the back of my mind!) 

Saturday rolled around it was torrential rain, like monsoon rain! I’m a girly girl and I New we were going out for dinner later so had washed my hair ready to do later.  He was insistent we were walking up this hill that we’d done before (he even made me wear waterproof trousers!) so off we went-me only slightly complaining. 

We got up this mountain/hill and I suggest we peel off to the side as there was a bit of shelter from the wind and rain.  He told me to walk ahead and he’d take a photo of me looking out over the valley, so I did haha he expected me to turn around but I was marching to the sheltered bit and when I did turn round I could see he was bending down but I’m short sighted and didn’t have my glasses so I turned back around to face the valley haha.

when he didn’t say anything I turned back and clocked something sparkly in his hand (I thought it was his phone camera at first) but upon walking towards him and squinting I saw it was a ring! 



  • Oh my god thats too cute!!! What a lovely story!
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
    So, I obviously shrieked and I don’t think I actually responded to him, it was all a bit of a blur to be honest! We popped the champagne and sat in the rain under the cheapest umbrella ever that got ripped to shreds by the wind.  Even though he’d gone and asked my dads permission (not that he needs it but I’m an only child and it would’ve meant a lot to my dad) I called them and then my phone died which was actually great as we soaked up the moment just the two of us.

    when we got back to the hotel there was a complimentary bottle of prosecco and some little brownies in our room which was amazing as we’d not really eaten and were one bottle of champagne deep haha. We had a great night celebrating and then the Sunday we went back to a lovely Sunday roast with my parents and his mum which was also the first time the parents had met! 
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride

    we’d discussed weddings in the past and I’d always said I wanted to get married in our church by my parents house, it was always my dream and the only thing that I really really wanted for the day.  I called them and they were fairly open for September 2019 which was our original date idea. 

    We started shopping around for reception venues, which I was super super excited about.  We’ve both got large Irish families so i think our total guest list is 125 for the day and then some more friends in the evening.  We’ve had to say no kids as it would blow our budget and add about 40 more heads.

    we only actually viewed two venues; Highbury hall in Birmingham which was lovely but just didn’t have the x factor for us.  

    Our second viewing was Swinfen Hall in Lichfield which blew us away totally.  We were 100% sold.  It was at the top end of budget but the venue were so so helpful and we worked out a fair package and swapped things like champagne for prosecco etc to make it a bit more affordable. I’m really praying for sun as there’s a gorgeous outside terrace/bar area that I hope we can take full advantage of! 
  • What a touching engagement story! It sounds lovely and personal. Looking forward to reading about your plans!
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
    So,  we went for a second viewing at Swinfen Hall and we took the plunge and booked the 30th August 2019! It all seemed so far in advance in February 2018 and now it’s THIS YEAR! Oh my gosh.  

    I decided to take my mum dress shopping on her birthday as she was so excited to start looking.  I had tried on a couple of dresses at the NEC wedding show, but to be honest it was strange.  There were SO many brides and it was all a bit overwhelming and I definitely felt the pressure to BUY immediately and ‘secure a discount.’  Totally glad I didn’t as it was a Berketex bride stand and they’ve gone into administration since! Ughhh. 

    A few brides I know recommended Wedding Belles of Four Oaks so I decided to book an appointment just to get that ‘boutique experience’ and I did not regret it! It was just so lush and they made mum and I felt so special.  I knew kind of what I wanted in that I didn’t want strapless/fishtail or anything tight fitting.  So an A-line it is then! 

    I ended up finding THE dress.  It was the second one I tried on and I just fell in love with it! Mum cried which was so cute.  We got told it would be due in store in February 2019 (seemed SO long!) 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Sounds fab so far! You get married the week after me.
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
    So, I picked my dress up yesterday! I have to store it until I see the seamstress to have any alterations, which will be in June.  It fit like a glove so I actually don’t need anything done to it, but I haven’t got my shoes yet so that might alter that.  I’m tempted to get some of the underskirt removed as it’s a bit ballgowney and I wanted more a-line! I knew this when I bought it but I just loved the dress so so much.  I’m letting it all sink in though as my mum and bridesmaids said it didn’t look too ‘big’ at all.  Just need to decide on a veil and some bits for my hair! Slowly ticking off the big things. 

    We’ve ordered our invites but I don’t think we’ll send them until March.  Is that normal? We’ve sent save the dates so people know when it is! 

    then we need to tackle flowers, I think we’re going for fake flowers and assembling them ourselves for the centrepieces and you can buy bouquets from the warehouse we’re going to.  Thought it might be a nice keepsake too to be able to keep my bouquet from the day! 
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride

  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
    Totally love these shoes!
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    Shoes are gorgeous! We've already sent our invites out in January, as it's school holidays and a lot of our friends have kids. Plus we have a B list of people we want to invite to the day if we have anyone decline, so we want to know before the evening invites go out.
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
    @MrsCToBee yeah that was our plan originally but fiancés job is a bit unsafe at the minute so if the worst happens we’ll need to cut our guest list right down to the bones, so we figured as all our guests have save the dates then they know when it is but it’s easier than ‘uninviting’ people when they’ve already had the official invite.  Some have already said they’re coming/not coming which has been helpful! 
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
    So, on the to do list this week is 
    1) pay the church where we live the fee to read our banns.
    2) order my veil 
    3) finalise our menu tasting with the venue

    my godmother has requested she buys me my wedding shoes which is AMAZING so she, mum and I are going to go shopping in April and have a boozy lunch.  This is what I’m finding the most fun, is that you can always team wedding jobs with prosecco (just because!) 

    its just all going to come around so quickly! I still haven’t figured out what I want my bridesmaids to wear, That is next on the list! 
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
    So I have ticked nothing off my list this week  :/ I came down with the lurgy on Monday and everything has taken a back seat! I’m running the London marathon in April and I think those cold runs have got to my chest.  So currently not being productive AT ALL.  It’s also my dads, fiancé, mine and mums birthday all within two weeks! I’m planning a surprise party for mum and who knew that could be so stressful?! 

    Anyway, I think I’ve found bridesmaids dresses I like, which is a big plus! 

    we went to fiancés mums for dinner and she she was insisting on certain people (her friends) coming to the evening.  Most of our guest list is OH family as it’s so large and I already feel uncomfortable not knowing over half of the guests as it is.  So he said we don’t want more people in the evening that neither of us know!  We’ve both got people coming in the evening that we really want to have there.  She got a bit huffy but I suppose that’s normal? 
  • Sadly that does seem to be the norm! Some people say if they're contributing financially then they get a say, but personally I don't. I had the same happen with my mum, although it was 3 people so in the end we just decided for the sake of keeping her quiet it was worth the £45. 

    If it matters to you then stick to your guns! Its completely reasonable to actually want to know who you're celebrating with! 
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
    @CoffeeDogAddict yes you’re totally right! I think OH got a bit huffy because she’s not contributing at all (which is fine, we never expected her to) and it was a bit like she was barking orders haha.  I just don’t really like being centre of attention and only really wanted as small as possible wedding but it just seems to have multiplied and now we have over 100 people (37 are my invites) so I’m already a bit  :s so more guests in the evening that we don’t know (I think there was around 10) just isn’t really ideal! 

    Im sure she’ll understand when there’s less wine consumed haha 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 951 New bride
    I agree with CoffeeDogAddict! Stick to your guns! It's not fair of the MIL to want to invite people you don't know. It makes me so sad to see brides here having their visions messed with because of what someone else wants. Be considerate, yes, but ultimately it's your day and you and your fiancé get the final say.

    100 people isn't too bad. We invited 100 and ultimately had about 80 show up. A few had to leave early with children, so by the time we got to the dancing in the evening it was a manageable number.
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
    @OmRum ahhh yeah, It’s hard isn’t it as you don’t want to seem unreasonable but like you say, it’s our final decision.  I think the same will happen to us to be honest, we aren’t having kids there so I think a few people will want to get back to them which is fair enough! 

    Im just hoping she didn’t think we were being unreasonable! 
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
    these are the dresses I’m thinking of for my ladies  
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
    I always said I wanted pink bridesmaids dresses but I just love this colour! This way I could give them pink and white flowers! 

    Any thoughts?
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 951 New bride
    Those dresses are very similar to my bridesmaids' dresses. Mine were slightly lighter grey and had those adjustable tops so they could wear them how they liked. They were quite plain, like yours, so I bought them sparkly belts, which looked amazing. They had white and pale pink bouquets, also wore white faux fur shrugs as it was the middle of winter and we needed to cover their shoulders in the church. I thought they looked stunning. I think the grey bridesmaid dress is overlooked too much these days - it's so elegant!
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
    @OmRum what kind of flowers did you have? I’m a bit stuck with flowers! We’re getting fake ones I think.  I was thinking either white and pink for me and the girls all pink.  Or mine all white and theirs a mixture! I’d like some gypsophilia in there somewhere.  

    Like you say I think grey is so underrated! I think it’s so classy and that little bit different 
  • GinAndBlingGinAndBling Posts: 1,311 New bride
    Just read your thread so far- lovely story! Love your shoes, too.  
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  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 951 New bride
    @Blondiebride2019 I made my own bouquets using paper flowers I made from old books and artificial flowers I bought at the Range and Hobbycraft. They were mainly artificial roses in pale pink and white, and some generic white flowers to fill them out. I also used faux ivy and other greenery to add some depth. As it was a December wedding, the ivy was quite appropriate:

    I made mine similar but cascading, and I had faux gypsophilia:

  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
    @OmRum oh wow they look amazing!! You should go into business 😍 

    seriously though they look epic!
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 951 New bride
    edited February 2019
    Thank you! It took me several goes to get it right... In terms of the amount of flowers I bought it probably came to about £40 to make all four bouquets. Real flowers would have been lovely, but at least I get to keep my bouquet.
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
    That’s the thing isn’t it,  I LOVE real flowers but wedding flowers are so so expensive and you don’t have anything to show for them once the day is over.  OH is trying to convince me to have my bouquet in real flowers but I like the idea of keeping it and it could be something borrowed for someone else one day! 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 951 New bride
    I recommend you splash a bit of rose water or a floral perfume on your bouquets. It's not quite real flower smell but it's nice touch.
  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
    I’ve been trying to log on here for ages but it wouldn’t let me! So annoying.  Not much has happened in the way of wedding planning to be honest- although we sent out our invitations about a week ago and some RSVPS are coming in already 😍

    I’ll be so glad when the marathon is over as I can devote my mind back to the wedding.

    im going shoe shopping with my mum and godmother next week and I’m so stuck between options! I really like Sophia Webster Chiara design with the butterfly on the back but I’m worried it might catch on my dress (I’ll attach a pic) 

  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride

  • MrsOD19MrsOD19 Posts: 894 New bride
    Type your comment

    this is our invitation final draft! I loved them so much!! We were unsure about having RSVPS or just an email for people to reply to but I LOVE getting post so I insisted we must have proper ones haha
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