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Hello all :) 

So I'm pretty sure this is my 3rd attempt at a planning thread (not wedding just in case anyone thought that from the title!) as the others just haven't stuck. Now though, with less than 6 months to go and most of the major planning doe or underway, I'm determined to make this planning thread stick! 

A lot of you will have seen me on here before but for anyone who hasn't, I'm Jess and my fiancé is Tim. :) 



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    The story of us

    Our story didn't have the most romantic start, but it's my favourite.

    I was 22 and finishing my final year of university in London. I worked as a waitress to supplement my student finance and one night after work decided to go for a few drinks with some colleagues. The restaurant was based in a shopping centre and we didn't clock off until gone 12 most nights so often found ourselves in the casino (also in the shopping centre!) where the bar was always open.

    I'd gone to the bar to get a round when a guy started chatting to me - he seemed friendly and funny. Whilst we were chatting, his friend came over. He introduced himself as Tim and was charismatic, charming and funny. I was having a nice time talking to Tim and his friend (Joe) when my friends came over wondering where there drinks were. At the end of the night, the guys asked me who's number I wanted to take and I chose Tim. (No hard feelings, Joe!)

    He texted me on the way home and pretty much every day after. We arranged our first date - a tour around Greenwich where Tim grew up. Slight hitch - he'd torn his ACL playing football and so was actually on crutches with a knee brace which it turns out scuppered his plans of a picnic in Greenwich Park (apparently it's hard to use crutches and carry a picnic basket...). So it basically turned into a pub tour - again, not the most romantic story but I loved it.

    And the rest, as they say, is history. ♡

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    The proposal

    After a year of being together and a couple of months of dropping hints (mostly sending pictures of wedding rings I liked!), we got engaged and it was perfect.

    For our one-year anniversary, Tim had booked us a wedding away at Rudding Park in Harrogate - a beautiful hotel with spa. I'll be honest, Tim had told me he had 'the' ring (he's terrible at keeping secrets/surprises from me) so I had a pretty good feeling this weekend would be it but I wasn't sure when and how.

    When we arrived at the hotel, we were told we'd been upgraded to a spa room with a sauna/steam room - winner! There was also a bottle of champagne waiting for us in the room. After a few relaxing hours of steaming and sipping champers, we got ourselves ready and headed to the restaurant for dinner.

    We enjoyed a beautiful meal but during the dessert Tim pointed out some shortbread biscuits on my plate. I asked him if he wanted one and he did. He said they were so good that I should eat the other one... so I did and then went back to my crème brulée. I could see him glaring at me at which point I stared down and there was the ring!

    We were treated to (yet more!) free champers from the hotel staff and a nearby couple bought us drinks too. We retreated to our rooms followed by a tray of free drinks and a dessert plate to make the happy calls to our families. 

    (P.S I'm pretty sure my boobs have never looked as good and will never look as good again as they did that night!!  :D :'()

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    Original plans

    Given that we'd been engaged for over 2 years by the time we actually booked our venue (more on that later!), it goes without saying that our plans have changed massively from engagement to now.

    Our first plan was to get married in Santorini at Le Ciel as it looked absolutely beautiful and I was obsessed with the idea of getting married somewhere with such a dramatic backdrop. However, at the time, there wasn't all that much information on their website and trying to even a rough idea of prices out of them was seeming near impossible. When we did hear from them (and after we went on holiday to Greece), we found their entire attitude a little bit too laid back for my liking. Then we had a bit of a lightbulb moment...

    Italy! Sorrento, in particular. T and I's first holiday together was to Italy when we'd only been together for a month or so. We went to visit some of his friends there and had both been separately before and love the country. Again, a little laid back but there was a certain charm to it in this case. We had our eyes on the Relais Blu in Sorrento which, again, is another beautiful venue with a dramatic backdrop and I can only imagine how the pictures would've looked! However, we hit a few road blocks when it came to the idea...

    The first was that we were looking at getting married there in summer 2018 but when H2B's sister and the fiancée/wife of H2B's two best men all announced they were pregnant, we realised it wasn't the best timing (especially when 2 of them were due at the end of June and we were looking at a July wedding). As much as they said they'd all try and make it, newborns in tow, we didn't want to put the pressure of travelling on them and didn't want to risk them missing it if they happened to be late.

    The second issue was FMIL. She doesn't travel particularly well in general and absolutely hates flying so was against the idea of us getting married abroad from the start. She has flown short haul a handful of times but (sorry FMIL!) was notoriously terrible to travel with. The other times she's been abroad she's either gone by boat, train or car - all of which are a little too tiring now she's nearing her 70s. She made her feelings quite clear when she said "If you get married abroad, I'm not coming". I, unfortunately, was a few glasses of wine in at this point and responded "Don't come then..."  :D Thankfully it wasn't just the two of us and everyone else around the table laughed it off.

    The last issue was my nan. She's in her mid-80s now, has always been a pain to fly with and I just don't think she could or would do it anymore. She's flown to the US twice in the past 5 years for my cousins' weddings and it's been a real struggle. Even if she wanted to, I don't think she'd get travel insurance any more because she's been diagnosed with heart failure, kidney failure and Parkinsons and it's just not worth risking going anywhere without travel insurance. I couldn't not have her there so we landed on our current plan...
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    We were a little disheartened when we realised our dreams of a wedding abroad were no longer realistic and we actually took quite a break from wedding planning.

    Things weren't great for us financially either. I was a student teacher when we got engaged and H2B who had been working offshore had been put on a zero hours contract rather than the comfortable salary we were used to. His company basically went under for quite some time and he had to take up a job in a bar while I did my teacher training just so we could make ends meet. There was no way we could scrape together enough money for deposits and even if we could, we didn't know if we'd be able to pay off balances in time.

    This carried on for a couple of years (hence why we've been at this for so long!) when things started looking up. Glad to say that although T is still on zero hours, they've had absolutely loads of work come up over the last year and it seems set to continue. In some ways, being on a day rate has worked out well now since he actually brings home more in a month that he did on salary. It does mean however that there are months when he doesn't get paid at all when he's been home. 

    I won't lie, it's not easy having him away so much. Last year he spent 9 months out of 12 offshore in Australia, America and Mexico and I barely saw him. Poor guy came home for 1 week when we moved house and had to leave the day after we'd moved in. That said, now we have the wedding in mind and we know the reason he's away is to earn some £££ towards the wedding, it helps. It feels like we're actually working towards something other than just a roof over our heads.

    I also quit my teaching job last year after it started to affect my mental health (not something I openly admitted when I left). I've taken a few grand pay cut to start a graduate scheme in the financial services but to be honest, my take home pay is about the same and it's done wonders for my mental health - I'm so much happier and less stressed now.

    Since everything was on the up, we decided it was a good time to get back to planning our wedding!
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    P.S I'm aware that I'm totally rambling on at this point so if you read all of that - thank you! :) If you didn't, no hard feelings... feel free to skip ahead to the good bits!
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    3rd plan lucky

    So, we were back on track. We had settled on getting married in the UK and weren't particularly bothered where. T's immediate family live in London but his mum's side are in Lancashire, his dad's side are in the Orkney islands and my family are in Yorkshire. So ultimately, wherever we chose to have the wedding, people would have to travel! We thought they should just be grateful it was only domestic travel  ;)

    I took to to look at venues. T doesn't really care where we get married and was happy to go along with whatever I wanted. I decided if we were getting married in the UK, I'd still like to get married outside in summer so started looking at botanical gardens and venues with stunning grounds where we could get married outside. 

    I had a couple of venues shortlisted and was really taken with Alnwick Garden which we had planned to visit towards the back end of last year. But, on one of the very rare occasions T was home last year, we saw there was a wedding fair at Eaves Hall (one of our shortlist venues) and decided to pop along to see what it was like.

    It was the first and only venue we ended up visiting. We loved it so much there and the staff were so attentive and great that we got chance to sit down with one of their 'dream makers' and get a thorough quote and a really good idea of the offering. Not to mention the place is drop dead gorgeous. Here's a few pictures I took on the day...

    This is the walk up from the car park!

    The front of the building. That giant balcony all belongs to the honeymoon suite so I can't wait to wake up and go out there the morning after!The outdoor space where we're hoping (weather permitting, of course) to have our ceremony.
    One of the beautiful table arrangements.
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    And here are a few professional pictures that capture the place better than I did...

    Loving the idea of everyone milling about here for the drinks reception - there's loads of lovely rattan furniture and they even have garden games they can bring out. 
    The reception room.
    So beautiful at night!
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    There were quite a few big selling points in Eaves Hall's favour, some of which we had on our 'wish list' but not our 'requirement list' when it came to venues.

    - Exclusive use (definitely a wish but not a requirement) - Eaves is an exclusive use wedding venue, not a hotel. I think it used to be a country house hotel but in recent years it isn't open to the public to stay at apart from certain times of the year when they run events open to the public. It's really nice knowing that us and our guests will not only be the only wedding but the only people there completely on the day! It also wasn't anywhere near as expensive as most venues charged for exclusive use since it isn't an 'extra', just the done thing there.
    - Ability to have the ceremony outside with a contingency plan in place if the weather isn't great.
    - It looks like a big venue but it's actually quite cosy and doesn't feel too big for our relatively small guest list of around 60 people.
    - Great price! We're paying around £7.5k which includes exclusive use, reception drinks, canapés, 3 course sit down meal with 1/2 bottle of wine per person and a glass of fizz for toasts, evening reception food (we've yet to decide what though!), use of The Lodge for the bride + squad the night before, the honeymoon suite for the night of the wedding, chair covers provided by an associated supplier and an evening disco by their another associated supplier. 
    - Room availability for all our guests which we get to allocate so we can make sure our family get the nicest rooms/suites  ;) all of which are reasonably priced. 
    - The staff are great - we've worked in particular with Jade who has been an absolute pleasure and nothing has been too much for her.
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    I've just read through your new thread, was a good recap and I'm looking forward to reading your next steps!  Your venue looks gorgeous, you're going to get some stunning photos x
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    The date

    We didn't have a specific date in mind. We got together and got engaged in May (2015 and 2016 respectively) so knew that wouldn't work as we wanted a wedding in the height of summer.

    We knew we wanted it in the summer holidays as FMIL works in a school and a few of our guests are teachers or have children in school so it was a no brainer. 

    We'd have liked a weekend but knew this would incur more cost and it turned out pretty much all the July/August weekend dates had been booked up so we landed on Monday 26th August 2019.

    It's a bank holiday Monday which is nice as it means no one will have to use annual leave for the day of the wedding, just the day after. It also means that with the Tuesday off, everyone will have had a 4 day weekend - winner! It also gives people the choice to travel up for the whole weekend if they want or on the Sunday if they want to spend Saturday at home. 
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    The ring

    I realise at this point that I haven't even given my engagement ring the mention it deserves!

    It's 18k white gold with a 0.5ct pear shape diamond in the centre, diamond halo and set shoulders. I absolutely love it.

    Now, I've got to be honest, this wasn't all T's work. A few of months before we got engaged we went to try rings (no intention to buy, I was just excited to try on bling) on and this was one of them. I really liked a few of the ones I tried but kept coming back to this one. I can't have been as subtle about how much I loved it as I thought I had been though  :D so I was really placed when he'd remembered months later.

    I've since bought my wedding ring, too. Again, wasn't really planning on buying yet I just went into Beaverbrooks with my mum to try on and see what would work well with my ring. As it's shaped, I wasn't sure how well a standard ring would fit underneath so wanted to try on some normal and shaped rings.

    That said, when I went in around Christmas, there was a huge sale on and ultimately I couldn't pass up the chance to grab a bargain so I bought it on finance so I could spread payments out.

    Here's my e-ring and wedding band together...

    I knew I wanted my wedding ring to have some sparkle as that's just the kind of person I am! But I also like that it's not all sparkle so it's distinguished slightly from my e-ring. I think they go together really well without looking like one huge ring!
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    abiscott said:

    I've just read through your new thread, was a good recap and I'm looking forward to reading your next steps!  Your venue looks gorgeous, you're going to get some stunning photos x
    Thanks Abi :) I can't wait to see what our pictures are going to turn out like! There's loads of stunning grounds and we're going to get our tog to take one looking down on everyone from the balcony. 

    Have you got a planning thread going? :) x
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    The dress

    I actually ordered the dress somewhere between wedding plan #1 and #2 which means I've already got it!

    I knew I wanted something with either straps or cap sleeves as I'm not all that keen on my top half (or my bottom half for that matter...) and A-line as I wanted that princess 'swoosh' but without the weight of a full ballgown - especially since at the point of ordering, I thought we were still getting married abroad.

    I went to Bridal Factory Outlet in Northallerton and fell in love with a Mori Lee dress (style 2881). I decided it was a little bit too far to keep going back for alterations etc. and when I found out a dress shop near my mum stocks Mori Lee, I got in touch. Turns out pretty much no where has this dress in stock as it's from a few seasons back but they said they could order it in and I happened to go in during a discount weekend. They warned me about ordering soon as it was likely to be discontinued and I'm glad I got it when I did because surprise surprise, it's no longer available.

    Here's pictures of it on the model (who wears it much better!) and on me:

    I love the strap crossover at the back although they will need altering because they're excessively long! Probably on purpose as I imagine it's easier to shorten than it would be to lengthen them.

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    Again, because I've technically been planning this wedding for nearly 3 years now, I've been acquiring accessories since I picked my dress. The shoes were my first purchase!

    I got my shoes in October 2017 (which feels like a million years ago!) from Monsoon. They were on sale and I knew it was meant to be when they actually had a pair of 9s in the shop. I think they'd been about £80 and I got them for under £40 so I was chuffed. I have such issues buying shoes because I'm an EU size 42 which is supposed to be a size 8 in the UK but for some reason, a UK size 8 now seems to equate to an EU size 41 so I end up having to buy a 9 which are few and far between. 

    You'll notice that bargain hunting and discounts feature a lot in my planning thread :D It's not wedding specific, I'm just a pretty savvy shopper full stop which I completely get from my mum. She's that women that knows the prices of the same product in at least 3 different shops so she can always get it from the cheapest. 
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    I saw a beautiful tiara on sale (yet again!) in Debenhams, tried it on and loved it. So I bought it! When I got home, I went on the Jon Richard website to see what else they did and lo and behold, found the tiara was even more discounted directly from them. So I bought it online and took the other one back to Debs  ;)

    It's freshwater pearls (they don't look quite so yellow IRL!) and crystals. I think it was originally £60-70 and I got it for around £20. Another glorious bargain :)

    I wasn't sure if I wanted a veil as I felt silly in the few I'd tried on with dresses in Wed2B and I'm still not entirely sold but both mum and I said when I tried on my dress that I probably should get one. So that's on my to-do list for now! I have no idea what type of veil would work well with my dress so any advice is welcome :) 
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    I don't wear much jewellery on a daily basis except, of course, my engagement ring and occasionally a pair of stud earrings. 

    I also don't think my dress needs much accessorising as it's already so embellished and sparkly. So for my birthday this year, mum treated me to these beauties:

    I love that they're pear shaped and simple (yet elegant enough) that I can get away with wearing them again. They're from the same place as my ring and despite being CZ and not diamonds, look like they were made to go with my ring! Absolutely perfect. Thanks mum  :* <3

    I don't know about any other jewellery. I'm so used to wearing my beaut Michael Kors smartwatch that I feel a little naked without something on my wrist but then bracelets tend to feel weird I've got skinny wrists (only part of me that is skinny ha!) so they all seem too loose fitting. We'll see. What do you all think? Should I do a bracelet and/or necklace?
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    Writing all of this makes me realise just how much I've actually already got sorted. Which I guess is why, when people ask me about wedding planning, I'm not stressed at all - which always seems to surprise people given it's only 6 months away!

    I'm not much of a bridezilla but I'm a strong minded person in general. I know what I want our wedding day to look like and I imagine I'll feel the stress and pressure a bit closer to the time when I'm trying to make sure my vision comes to life. 

    It's also really nice to sit here and share all of this (and actually have the time to!). Even though I do feel like I'm going complete information overload on you all. Again, sorry! If you've read all of my nonsense then bless you.  :*
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    I chose my two maids of honour somewhere between wedding plans #1 and #2 so over a year ago. I know everyone (myself included) advises against choosing the bridal party until closer to the time but they've been my best friends for about 10 years and are so laid back and chilled so I knew I wouldn't have any problems with them. I had to have two MOH because they're actually twins! 

    Here they are in their dresses which, surprise surprise, were another bargain! They're from Quiz and should've been about £80 but I got them half price so basically 2 for 1.

    As you can see, the dresses definitely need taking up as my MOHs are only about 5'2" maybe 5'3" but I can get that done pretty cheaply at a local market. I'm letting them choose their shoes - they can either wear something they already own or buy some if they like. I don't mind as long as they're comfortable :) You won't see much of the shoes anyway under the dresses so I didn't see the point in shelling out for fancy shoes.

    I'm also having my sister as a bridesmaid. This one came as a bit of a surprise and I didn't technically ask her. We're very different and she's definitely not one for being in the spotlight and having any attention on her, she's also not big on weddings or getting dressed up in general so I didn't ask her because I genuinely didn't think she'd want to.

    Needless to say, I was surprised when she turned round and said that she would actually like to be involved. I can totally understand since there's just the two of us and she doesn't have that many close female friends so this may be a rare opportunity for her to be a bridesmaid. 

    We'd already decided on coral as our colour scheme but my sis and I agreed that it isn't really her colour and would wash her out since she's got a really pale complexion. I knew she'd be more comfortable in a different colour and when we found this sage/mint green version of the same dress (again, in the sale!), we decided to throw mint into the mix. Here's the dress my sister will wear:

    I wasn't sure how well the colours would go together at first but they look lovely next to each other and it turns out it's a pretty common combination colour with coral.
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    Colour scheme

    I've mentioned this a bit already but I'm going to ramble some more! I love coral, I think it's such a gorgeous summery colour and is my go-to summer wardrobe colour so that was a no brainer for our summer garden wedding.

    When I started planning it was so hard to find anything in coral! It wasn't all that popular in the UK as a wedding colour so I jumped on the MOH dresses when I saw them. Obviously, now that it's Pantone's 'colour of the year' for 2019, I'm hoping it'll be a lot easier to find things :) 

    We threw the mint/sage greeny colour into the mix when we found a dress for my sister and it's really balanced out the colour scheme and given us loads more options to play around with.

    We'll also be having silver and navy accents. The men will be wearing navy suits and we've gone for bits of silver décor and on the cake too (more about that later!)

    This is the closest I could find to our colour scheme (less of the brighter green though!):

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    Food glorious food!

    This had been another sticking point when looking at venues. I used to be an incredibly picker eater - I didn't eat meat or pizza or anything like that until I was about 18. I'm a thousand miles better than I used to be now but can still be a bit picky. My family, mum in particular, are also quite picky when it comes to food.

    Luckily, Eaves allow you to choose 2 options for each course along with a veggie starter and main option. This was a major selling point as someone who has been to weddings in the past where you're all served the same. I've gone hungry many a time until the evening because I didn't like or eat what was served at the wedding breakfast. 

    We went for a menu tasting in December and took my mum along as we wanted to make sure there was something she'd not only eat but actually like. Plus it gave us another option to try out!

    I took this gorgeous picture the night we went:

    In the end, we chose the following...

    - Slow cooked pork belly with seared king scallop
    - Cream of tomato soup (v)
    - Goats cheese mousse (v)

    Lemon sorbet with vodka and mint gel

    Roast chicken breast with smoked mash potato, cabbage and Morteau sausage w/ red wine sauce
    - Fillet of beef with fondant potato, carrots, green beans andYorkshire pud w/red wine sauce
    - Tomato, pesto and ricotta ravioli w/ spinach and ratatouille sauce (v)

    Sticky toffee pud with butterscotch sauce and vanilla ice cream
    - Baked passion fruit cheesecake w/ passion fruit sorbet and mango purée

    Not gonna lie, dessert was definitely the hardest choice. All of the options were delicious and I have a major sweet tooth. We chose the sticky toffee thinking it would be popular with our older guests who might prefer a hot pudding and the cheesecake as a slightly 'lighter' option (my personal favourite!!)

    We weren't planning on having a sorbet course but they brought the lemon sorbet out at the tasting and it was absolutely delicious so we thought why not? 
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    With the menu sorted, we could finally look into getting our invites. We were originally obsessed with the idea of laser cut invites as they're so pretty and delicate. We'd ordered samples from different websites but they ended up working out quite expensive as we wanted RSVP cards, envelopes and an information insert.

    I considered DIY'ing them but T and I are such perfectionists that it would take use hours! We'd still be sat here with rulers measuring everything out so that it was symmetrical  :D

    I then stumbled across a site called Made By Myself. The woman, Sarah, is based in the North and she does these beautiful invitations with illustrations of the venue on the cover. I ordered a sample and they were so beautiful and such nice quality that we went for them. Sarah was also great about letting us change the fonts, colours and wording. 

    Here are the final invites:

    They're so different from what we originally envisioned but I absolutely love them. They look so classy and having Eaves on the front is a nice, unique touch. They worked out at £4.50 each which is quite the bargain considering that included RSVP cards, menus, an information card and a pre-printed RSVP envelope.

    We've sent most of them out at the end of Jan as we have quite a few people coming from abroad (US, Brazil, Italy and Belgium) and we wanted to give people plenty of notice since most people would be travelling, booking annual leave and attending other weddings. 

    Already had a few RSVPs back which is exciting and a few people have called/texted to say they're coming. Just waiting for the rest to roll in now. Mostly because we need to know what people want to eat! :)
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    When we were originally planning on getting married abroad, I decided I wanted silk flowers. It seemed easier than having to arrange them from a distance and meant I could keep them after!

    I didn't change my mind when we switched to a UK wedding as by that point I'd already found and fell in love with an arrangement from a silk flower specialist near my mum.

    I also thought it would be easier as I could have the exact colours I wanted without them being dyed and potentially transferring onto my dress.

    So here's the flowers...

    I've also ordered this wrist corsage for my nan (she doesn't know yet) as a special gift:

    I don't know how much real flowers cost but I thought these were reasonably priced. We've paid about £420 for:

    - Bride bouquet including brooch
    - 3x Bridesmaid bouquet
    - 4x buttonholes (for H2B, 2 best man and FFIL)
    - 2x corsages (for mum and FMIL)
    - Wrist corsage for nan
    - Top table centrepiece
    - 6x Candelabra arrangements
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    Cake  <3 

    I originally looked into adding 'fake' layers into a cake since we're only having about 60 guests, we knew we wouldn't need a massive cake but I knew I wanted at least 3 tiers. Luckily, I found a cake shop not too far from the venue that offered a 3 tier cake for less than £250. I managed to taste some samples when I was on a job in the area and they were absolutely delicious!

    In terms of design, I'm going for a cross between these two:

    I want the three ombré tiers and sparkly bits from the first cake but with the cascading reverse ombré sugar flowers from the second - luckily our cake lady Michelle said that wasn't a problem!

    She's also letting us have each tier a different flavour as I simply couldn't choose between the samples we got so we're having:

    Bottom tier - Vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream and strawberry jam
    Middle tier - Lemon sponge with lemon buttercream
    Top tier - Vanilla sponge with coconut buttercream and raspberry jam 

    My personal fave was the coconut one but the very good point was made that not everyone is a fan of coconut so we chose it as the top tier and the bottom tier as basically a Victoria sponge because you can't really go wrong with that. 
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    I also ordered a cake topper the other day from eBay for the bargain price of £14. It's glittery silver and will obviously say 'Mr & Mrs Rendall'. Very excited for it to come! :)

    There are so many gorgeous cake toppers out there and I had originally been looking on Etsy/Not On The High Street but they were pretty pricey so I was really glad I checked eBay. After much deliberation, I knew I had to just choose one and order it otherwise I'd drive myself crazy so I did!
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    I absolutely love your wedding plans 😍 I've just read through everything and it's all so lovely xxx 
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    I'm sorry your previous planning attempts haven't gone to plan but I think you are right to look on the bright side about it having given you lots of time to save, think about what you really want and get bits and bobs at great prices :) What's next for you with planning?
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    I absolutely love your wedding plans 😍 I've just read through everything and it's all so lovely xxx 
    Thank you MrsCarnegie!! :) I was just looking at the start of your report, as it goes. Congratulations!! I can't wait to see more xxx
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    I'm sorry your previous planning attempts haven't gone to plan but I think you are right to look on the bright side about it having given you lots of time to save, think about what you really want and get bits and bobs at great prices :) What's next for you with planning?
    Hi Mrs P! Ahh it's all well and good :) It's given us loads of time to really figure out what we want/don't want and to do the bulk of the research which means now it's just a case of booking and paying for things. 

    There's not much left on my to do list, actually! I (think I) have most of the major stuff covered. I do need to book my hair and makeup trial but I've already found an MUA who's work I love and she was also one of the cheaper options which doesn't hurt. We've also got a photographer to sort but we have two people in mind - both are extended family members of FSIL's husband so we just need to check availability. And the last 'big' expense I need to sort is a harpist! Just waiting back for a few quotes before we decide who to go for. xxx
  • MrsRendall2BMrsRendall2B Posts: 749 New bride
    Update: cake topper!

    It's as if the powers that be knew that I was just talking about my cake topper earlier as when I went down to nip out to the shops I saw it had in fact arrived! So impressed since I only ordered it on Wednesday :) There was also a little handwritten note wishing us well with planning and good luck for the wedding (how sweet!)

    Here's how it turned out...

    So happy with it - eBay seller is andycox_123 and there's load of lovely stuff for sale on there! :) 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,934 New bride
    Wow, all looks amazing! I really relate to so many of your posts - we also wanted to get married abroad but couldn't for family reasons, our colours are navy, coral and gold and I have a very similar tiara I also got from Jon Richard! 
    It all looks gorgeous, and I'm very jealous of your beautiful venue.
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