hello ladies,
My wedding is planned for May 2020. I am planning to start dress shopping in October as I would like to loose some weight. What are your thoughts, should I get a dress as soon as possible and get it taken in when I have reach my target or shall I wait till October? 
Many thanks


  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,934 New bride
    Don't buy a dress too small for you. I've seen loads of brides on forums buy small dresses, plan to lose weight then not manage it, and ending up with a dress that won't fit and no budget to buy another! Either wait and buy off the peg nearer the time, or buy a dress that fits you now that you know can be taken in. Corset back is much easier to alter.
  • AliceJAliceJ Posts: 18 New bride
    I'd wait a few months until maybe your feeling a bit happier with your weight and then go dress shopping, you'll be close to the size you'd like then and y
    ou can then have something altered down depending on the dress if needed nearer the date. Never buy smaller! 
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