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I’m pretty new to all this and thought I’d be the type of bride that just stays relaxed! Well the relaxed bride lasted all of a week when the venue we want said they have others interested in dates we are (we want Oct 2020!) so I got myself down to the venue and agreed verbally the changes to the package we wanted! The lady sent me my invoice but none of my changes were on there so I emailed her straight back and asked her to confirm in writing what we had agreed (I wrote out each point and then all she had to do was write yes we can or no we can’t!) whilst waiting for this reply I decided to phone the registrar people up to enquire about price. Spoke to a lovely lady on the phone who explained how it all works. She then asked me about my date, I told her and she responded with that’s a really popular date and they only have 3 spots left at 1pm (the other times available was 10.30am or 5pm which I didn’t want!) I then felt my heart drop as I want everything to be perfect but now I felt pressure. So I called my partner and explained this all to him! He was so lovely and just said transfer whatever you need from our savings and book both! So quicker than expected I have paid deposit for venue and the registrar fees! Is there anything else significant that anyone can tell me I need to get in a book early? 
I’m hoping now those 2 things are done I can just chill! 


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    Deep breath
    ! negotiating those two is the most important part so if you've got that done take a step back and relax! From here on out its just looking a the different suppliers you want and checking their availability. You may find some you love aren't free, but i promise you there are SO MANY in every field that you will be able to find someone to do whatever you need. 

    Enjoy the process! <3 
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    I know how you feel @Lmorley86 ! We are also looking at October 2020 and when we got engaged in March I thought it would be at least a couple of months before we starting viewing and booking venues - after all, everyone always says not to start planning straight away, to just enjoy being engaged etc etc. However, when I started looking online (I couldn't resist!) I couldn't believe how many of the venues we were interested in were already booked up, not just for the Saturdays in October 2020, but all the Fridays too! Admittedly plenty weren't, but our options were definitely a lot more limited that I thought they would be 18 months out. It didn't help that we were restricted to just two of those weekends anyway (that's a story on another thread!) but in the end we booked a Thursday at our favourite venue.

    I had been getting super stressed about it, but now we have venue, registrar and date booked (and caterers as there's just one with our venue) I'm so much more relaxed and loving researching other suppliers and reading reports of wedding at our venue. As CoffeeDogAddict says above, I'm sure lots of other suppliers will already be booked for some days for October (though I'm hoping a Thursday will help us out here), but there are so many great options that it shouldn't be anywhere near as stressful as the venue. Good luck!!
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    I know we were shocked! We are restricted to 2 weekends a month (so we guarantee we have my partners son there! Once less stress/argument!) plus our other issue was we both wanted the hotel we got engaged at! Thankfully now I have booked the registrar and paid hotel deposit so I feel a lot more chilled out! Hopefully everything else will fall into place! X
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