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I'm not intending on a full-on planning thread starting with how we met, the proposal, etc. but with a year to go I did want to get some things down, mostly for my own benefit so I know what I still need to do. 

Although the proposal only came mid-April I've managed to get a lot organised in a short space of time. Partly this was because I'd been dropping hints (nagging) for a while so I was ready to throw myself into wedding planning but mostly it was because I was still on mat-leave when it happened and you get a lot of time to research wedding stuff when you can't move because of the small human that insists on napping on you! 

Important People 
For anyone that reads this here are some details of the important people in our lives:
Our son. Born June 2018 so he'll have just turned 2 on our wedding day. 
Bridesmaids and bestmen are friends that we made at uni.
Bridesmaids are J and L. J lives in Glasgow with her husband and L lives in the middle east. Both are teachers and L comes back to the UK every summer which dictated our possible wedding dates. 
Bestmen are G and D. G also lives in the middle east, with his wife and kids. D lives up north with his wife and kids, he's a pastor and will be marrying us which feels more personal. 

The Venue
We agreed that the location for our wedding venue was important and we wanted somewhere in or near Glasgow city centre so that it was easy for all of our guests to get to. We managed to find a beautiful events venue right in the centre of the city. It's tucked away in the corner of a square and from ground level there's literally just a door but you go up a few flights of stairs and it opens up into a beautiful space. 

Set up for wedding:

Rooftop marquee for drinks reception after the ceremony:

Set up for wedding breakfast:

The dresses
When I went dress shopping I had an idea in my mind of what I wanted. The first dress I tried on matched exactly what I'd described and it was a nice enough dress. The second dress I tried on was its polar opposite and I fell in love with it instantly. My mum cried and we had the cliché 'this is the one' moment. I didn't want to take it off. Tried on a few others but just wanted to go back to "the dress". Tried it on again, my mum cried again. Job done! 

I've bought Rainbow Club shoes called Esme. They're simple court shoes, sparkly with lace over the sparkles. They look lovely when the light catches them. The heel is 3.5 inches so I should probably get a pair of flats for the evening. 

I've also bought a sparkly hair thing from Debenhams, thinking of having some sort of updo. 

Bridesmaid dresses are dark purple, one-shouldered Mori Lee dresses. I've found a picture on-line but the colour (called grape) looks darker in reality.

I've got the girls purple shoes and handbags to carry all their crap in once the ceremony and photo bit is over. They'll have bouquets for the ceremony. 

Choosing a photographer was definitely a difficult decision, there are so many available! H2b isn't, as he puts it, a "photo person" whereas I have photos hanging all over the house. I knew I wanted all day coverage from bridal prep until the first few dances, amazingly I had quotes ranging from £395 to £3,600 for photography only (i.e. no album). The photographer we opted for is charging £950. I'm not sure if we'll get an album because it's about £400 extra and realistically will we ever look at it?! Something to think about. 

Wedding Package 
We paid a bit extra for our venue's wedding package so that they will sort out the cake, DJ, top table flowers and table stationery (name cards, table no.s, etc.) for us. We both work and we have a small child so we need minimum effort on our part. I'm looking forward to the cake tasting, I love cake! Flowers I do not care about but I suppose I'll need to organise bouquets for me and the bridesmaids.

Other bits and bobs
I've booked my MUA based on a recommendation from the wedding co-ordinator at my venue and the MUA has recommended a hairdresser. I've scheduled dress alterations for me and my Glasgow-based bridesmaid (the other bridesmaid lives abroad so we've agreed it'll be easier for her to take the dress away with her and sort out alterations herself). I've been laboriously creating a wedding website which has been lots of fun and I've really enjoyed keeping track of everything in a notebook and spreadsheet (love a good spreadsheet!) 

Current to-dos and concerns
Sorting out hotel rooms is my task for this week. I'm also looking at invitations just now but I've accepted that these are not a priority and will be low budget.

It's 29°C in Glasgow today. I'm melting. I'm pretty sure I have no make-up remaining where I put it this morning. I don't think I could cope if it's this hot on the big day. 


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    My weight has been pretty steady for my entire adult life so I don't intend trying to lose weight for the wedding. Since having a baby I'm stuck with a wobbly belly, although to be fair I've done nothing about it thus far.

    At the weekend my son ran in on me while I was getting dressed, pointed at my belly and laughed then started slapping it so it jiggled. He's 1 and he thinks bellies (and toes) are hilarious but I did think "you're right, it's time to do something about this". 

    I've started doing 50x situps and 3x 20 second (as long as I can last before collapsing!) planks every day. My tummy muscles are sore so something must be working! :smile:

    Swanning around like princesses
    Bridesmaid L is home from the middle east just now and she came over to visit me yesterday. She's taken her bridesmaid dress away to get alterations done but tried it on when she was at mine. She hadn't seen me in my wedding dress so talked me into trying it on (to be fair I didn't take much convincing). We then just walked around looking amazing until my son woke up from his nap. 
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    Just unexpectedly booked my wedding flowers. The venue will supply top table flowers but I still had to arrange the bouquets, etc. Came across a Groupon offer for my bouquet, 2x bridesmaid bouquets, 5x buttonholes and 2x corsages for £149. I thought that seemed reasonable and the florist had my wedding date available so I went for it! :smile:
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    All sounds amazing so far, and that's a great deal on the flowers. When do you get married?
  • Love the venue pictures what a great space! I also love the idea of you and your bridesmaid swanning around at home in your dresses! Brilliant 😀
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    @MrsCToBee Yeah, I thought that was a pretty good deal. I'm not really fussy about flowers and didn't want to spend a fortune on something that was only going to last a few days at most.
    My wedding date is 25th July 2020 so just slightly less than a year to go.

    @CavalierBride Thanks. It was fun wearing a wedding dress just because. It felt a bit like that episode of friends where all the girls wear wedding dresses! 
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    I've mostly sorted out hotels. Me and h2b had agreed that we would stay in a hotel the night before and also pay for rooms on the wedding night for us, the bridesmaids and bestmen and both sets of parents.

    H2b was then quite insistent that the bestmen should have rooms the night before too since they are travelling just to get to our wedding - one is coming from Aberdeen with his wife and the other is coming from Dubai with his wife and possibly their 2 kids so will probably be out a fortune in flights. I didn't think it would be fair to pay for rooms for the men and not the bridesmaids so we've ended up agreeing to paying for their rooms too.

    MIL doesn't keep very well and we expect she'll probably leave after dinner or early in the evening reception and she won't be up to travelling very far. My dad has agreed to take our son in the evening (he'll be 2 so will get tired) so we didn't want them to have far to go either.

    I was surprised how much of a struggle it was trying to find hotels with family rooms. Amazingly the cheapest quote we got was for the  accommodation closest to our venue which is serviced apartments rather than hotel rooms. Result! We agreed a budget of £1,400 for all these rooms and we've only went over that by £2.20 so that's not too bad. I know it's a lot of money but hopefully it should take away a lot of stress on the day. 

    For guests I've made a group booking at a 3-star Mercure hotel that's really close (£110 per night). I've secured a 10% discount code for a swish looking 4-star hotel that's about 5-10 minutes walk away. I wanted to have a budget option too and there's a 2-star travelodge that's really close so I've contacted them to make a group booking. They've said it's too early to book and will get back to me in about a month but I reckon the rooms will be about £50.

    I had my first wedding dream last night. I was getting ready with my mum and my granny (she passed away in April so sadly this part won't come true). I had my dress half on, it was still too long for me as though it hadn't been altered and my mum wasn't helping to lace up the corset back. Then I realised that I'd left my perfume and jewellery at home, these will be my something blue and old so I need them. I asked my mum if she could get them for me and she refused because she was too busy.

    Hopefully she'll be more helpful on the day! 
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    Sounds like it's going well so far, you've got lots organised! You've got a total bargain with the flowers!

    I keep having wedding dreams at the moment, quite often about my mum being unhelpful as well! I had one where I'd forgotten to book anything and didn't realise until the morning of the wedding. I wanted to go buy a wedding dress but mum told me the most important thing was favours so we had to go buy them instead and I ended up getting married in my pyjamas :joy:

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    MrsW2020 said:
    Sounds like it's going well so far, you've got lots organised! You've got a total bargain with the flowers!

    I keep having wedding dreams at the moment, quite often about my mum being unhelpful as well! I had one where I'd forgotten to book anything and didn't realise until the morning of the wedding. I wanted to go buy a wedding dress but mum told me the most important thing was favours so we had to go buy them instead and I ended up getting married in my pyjamas :joy:

    Haha @MrsW2020 that's too funny! It must be something about mums that they just subconsciously stress us out. 
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    I would love to go for some OTT pocketfold with ribbon and a million bits of card but the things I like are all about £5-6 per invite which I realise is madness! 

    I've been having a look at invitations and I think we're going to go for vistaprint. I like some of the designs on zazzle but the ones I like either don't have any matching RSVP cards or I don't like the RSVP cards. 

    I sent h2b pictures of a few different designs. This was the first one I sent him (for a laugh, it's supposed to be a baby shower invite). 

    These were a few other designs I'd picked out. H2b hated the first one and was indifferent to the other two. 

    This design was my favourite but h2b doesn't like it. I asked him what was wrong with it and he said he doesn't like the word "love" at the top, he said "I don't see the need for it". I questioned him not seeing the need for love in our wedding and he just laughed because he thinks he's funny! 

    I think this is the design we're going to go for. Either this or the one with the narwhal! 

  • Nice they look lovely!! I definitely think you should add in a Narwhal where you can though  :p
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    I chose a Vistaprint invite that said "Best Day Ever" at the top in a similar fashion and my fiance hated it too, said he thought it was cheesy! 
    I vote narwhal too 😂
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    @MrsCtoBee it's like men don't realise that weddings are the one day when cheesy romance is expected. I saw that in your planning thread and I thought it was a nice looking invite. The love one though isn't remotely cheesy, I'm just marrying a weirdo!

    It's not the classiest looking wedding invitation but the narwhal does make me smile. :smile:
  • I’m going for a Vistaprint invite too- had a sample delivered the other day and was pleased with the finish.

    It’s worth noting they don’t really do samples, but if you message them once you’ve got a design asking if it’s possible to have a sample of the different finishes then they might offer to send you 10x your invite for free. That’s what happened with me, so it’s worth a go!

    Also, I’m another bride who isn’t allowed to mention things like love and ever after in the same sentence as wedding! 😂🤦🏻‍♀️ 
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    @CitytoCountry That is really helpful, thank you. I was wondering if there was a way to order just one invite, even better if they're free!

    I think we should all just go wild and totally OTT with the cheese factor! 
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    @annipoo definitely go OTT on the cheese! If you can’t be cheesy on your wedding day when can you? My H2B hates anything like that too but I have ignored him and there’s a few ‘happily ever afters’ and ‘love’ dotted around our venue hahaha
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    I emailed vistaprint to ask if it was possible to get samples of all 5 of the designs I'd narrowed it down to (ruling out the narwhal one!) but they replied to say that they don't offer free samples and the minimum order is for 10 invites. I emailed them back to say that I wasn't expecting free samples and I would be happy to pay for 10 if they could send me 2 of each but their response was just a flat no.

    Oh well. I can't find any reasonably priced ones that I like more so we'll probably just go for the vistaprint one we were thinking of and hope for the best!

    Yesterday my mum watched our son for a few hours while we went to have a look at rings. It was lovely to have a bit of time to ourselves and to actually have lunch and a conversation without the massive distraction that is a 1 year old! 

    Both of us knew we wanted plain bands but we wanted to try some on to get an idea of the width and shapes that we like. 

    So.... I'm now pretty settled on a twist design with diamonds. 

    H2b left the jewellers very confident about the style he wants. Somehow over the course of yesterday evening he decided that he wants one with a wooden inlay.

    I'm glad we're both equally indecisive! 
  • Oh that's annoying that you can't get any freebies from Vistaprint! If its any comfort, I was really pleased with the finish so we are definitely getting all out stationary through them.  Its worth looking out for discounts too - they have them pretty frequently and you can get up to 50% off (I've used one today to get the invites and envelopes all ordered).

    Love the diamond twist wedding ring - very elegant.
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    I'm glad to hear you're happy with your invites. I'm a little disappointed because I would have liked to be able to see and feel them before committing to an order. Ah well, fingers crossed I'll like them when I do place an order.

    My engagement ring has a solitaire diamond so the twist ring means the two bands sit flush with each other. The diamonds are just an added bonus!  :D I'm still trying to justify the price to myself though since it is so much more than a plain band would be. 
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    I had a meeting with our bargain Groupon florist today to discuss flowers for the bouquets, etc. 

    I saw the following picture on her Facebook page of some bouquets she'd done recently for a wedding and I liked the style so she's going to sort something like this but in my wedding colours. 

    The flowers I have chosen are:
    Ivory rose
    Fuschia rose
    Purple lisianthus 

    These will be the flowers in the bridal and bridesmaid bouquets. Ivory rose wrist corsages for the mums. The men are going full Scottish with thistles and heather in their buttonholes. 
  • Oh i love those colours!! They're going to look lovely! Its such a stroke of genius to look on Groupon too, well done there!
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    Favours and other little bits 
    Wedding planning has taken a bit of a back-seat recently as we've been getting our bathroom done this week - as in completely ripped out and refitted. I hated my bathroom so this is really exciting for me, just on my way home from work just now to see the finished results! :smile: Yay! 

    Anyway, a while ago h2b asked what my thoughts were on favours, I think he was expecting me not to have thought of anything yet. I said that I was thinking of doing mini jars of Nutella (because literally everyone LOVES Nutella), tying a nice ribbon round and a wee label saying something cheesy like "spread the love" (I enjoy a pun!). His response to this was to ask if he could get cola bottle sweets (his favourite) so since it's the only thing he's asked for I'm just going to do jars of cola bottles instead. 

    I've found a few little jars online in either 1.5oz or 3.5oz volumes so need decide which to go for. As it happens, I have a little 3.5oz jar in the house so I bought some cola bottles and knocked up a prototype. 

    There are 23 cola bottles in this jar so I'm thinking that might be a bit much and the 1.5oz jars might be better. 

    I asked h2b if he had any thoughts on a guest book - he did not. I asked him what he thought of having a polaroid guest book and then explained what this would involve. A few days ago I asked him to order a polaroid camera on amazon (he has prime) and he genuinely had no idea what it was for. Even when I went over it again he had no idea! We have regular jokes about him not listening to me so not a surprise! Anyway the camera arrived this week. To be honest I'm not thrilled by the colour, it was described as "smokey white" but it's clearly grey and looks much more grey than the online pictures. Not a huge issue though so I'll just accept it. 
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    I hate Nutella so would much prefer cola bottles 😂 The jars look cute.

    Polaroid guest books always go down a storm at weddings we've been to, we were at one yesterday with one!
  • Oh cute! I have bought small jars from Wilko to make some candles as favours and I highly recommend them!! They're amazing value and really good quality -
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    @MrsCtoBee What sort of person doesn't like Nutella?!! Oh my, my opinion of you has changed! :tongue: 

    I'm glad to hear the polaroid guest books have proved to be popular. I've never actually been to a wedding that has one and I had visions of everyone ignoring it except for one of best friends (bridesmaid J) who I know will love it.

    @AmyFS.To.Be That is exactly the type of jars I'd been looking at but on ebay and at twice the price of the wilko ones! I don't have a wilko near me so I'll need to rule those out but it's definitely encouraged me to keep looking. Jeez, I thought I was getting a good deal too! 
  • Oh no that's so frustrating! Are any of your family near a Wilko? They're such a bargain - I couldn't believe how much more expensive they were everywhere else  :s Wilko will put them aside for you so if you do make the trip to one, definitely call ahead and they'll keep them for you!
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    Nutella is sickly and disgusting, urgh. I also don't like buttercream, marzipan or fondant icing, they make me feel sick and people think that's weird too. 
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    @MrsCtoBee I have such a sweet tooth so I will happily eat all of those things! I know a few people that don't like marzipan so that doesn't seem weird. You're definitely wrong about Nutella though - YUM!! 
  • Nutella is amazing! 

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    Just bought some wedding bits from Hobbycraft. They have a code for 20% off (HOBBY20 if anyone wants to use it but it expires tomorrow night). 

    I found some jars for favours so with the discount it worked out at £12 for 48 jars, that's only £3 more than I would have spent in wilko and it's exactly the number of jars I'll need (assuming all our invited guests come).

    I also bought a guest book, set of marker pens and washi tape all for the polaroid guest book and a couple of paper mache boxes and some glue for making a card box - I like the style of these on etsy but don't fancy paying £100 for a box!
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