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A Boho Wedding featuring Twin Peaks (Sep 2020)

I think I need to make this thread for my own sanity as it's almost a year to my wedding and I think once all of the fun of planning is over, I will look forward to reading this all back!

How we met

Around 7 years ago, I decided to go on a final night out in my hometown with my friends before I moved 100 miles away to University. After getting very very drunk, my friends decided to head home but I had spotted a few mutual friends from a different group I knew including an ex who I was on good terms with. I had been speaking to him about The Beatles for some reason and he immediately rushed to introduce me to his brother's friend who was also a big fan (it was also his birthday which is why they were out). We just clicked instantly and left the nightclub to go and chat for a few hours. The next day I didn't think much of it and organised to go bowling with a few friends. Once I walked into the bowling alley, I saw him immediately and realised that he must work there - something I didn't know when I walked in! We realised it must have been fate that made us meet the next day and then he decided to charm me by hacking the bowling scores to make it look like I'd got a strike every go! We went on a date the next morning and then that afternoon I moved to Winchester. I had no intentions of creating something lasting but after my first week, he came and stayed with me for a few days and we have been together ever since and it really does get better every day!


  • The Proposal

    Okay, so we did this in a little bit of a strange order. In December 2018 we had moved into our first house and when talking about our anniversary, we realised that the next time our anniversary would fall on a Saturday would be 2020 and that it would mark 8 years together. Once we realised this we then discussed having this as a potential wedding date. Pretty soon after that I was being dropped several hints to look at rings by one of my friends on our shopping trips, she was picking up her wedding ring so she could be very casual about asking me!

    He decided to take me away for a weekend to Portsmouth which is my favourite place as I have family there and have been travelling back and forth there for my whole life. Countless summers spent there and we even had our first ever holiday as a couple there staying at my Uncle's flat. We have a lot of history there together as a couple and so immediately I was suspicious. He kept saying all day that his Mum wanted a photo of us on the beach together which I was slightly curious about but tried not to think about it too much. We started off the evening going to a Belgium beer bar that I love and had a peach beer. We had a fantastic meal in our favourite restaurant Soprano's and went for a late night walk along the beach. At this point it was virtually pitch black and the wind was quite high but I was content to walk along with him even if it meant the occasional seaspray hitting our faces! He found a place where he wanted to take a photo and I think I made a bit of a fuss saying that his Mum wouldn't be able to see anything because it was so dark but before I knew it he was down on one knee! Due to the blustery wind, my hair kept whipping me in the face and I could barely hear him and my eyes will filling with so many tears I could barely see the ring but I was so overwhelmed with emotion that the only thing I could do was say yes a million times! Both of us buzzing from the evening, we walked to my Uncle's local pub and met him to surprise him with the news and had a very warm evening! Here are the photos from the day:

    I still just find it absolutely hilarious that he proposed to me in pitch black after insisting on a photograph being taken! I have attached a photo of what he was expecting the weather to be when he proposed (this was us a few years earlier at the same spot funnily enough):

  • MrsW2020 said:
    Your proposal sounds so sweet and thoughtful! We also picked our wedding date before we got engaged because our anniversary fell on a Saturday next year! 
    I’m so glad that we did now because it the date just feels completely right! 
  • After the proposal

    Best of all, once we got back home from Portsmouth, fiancé had organised a meal out with my parents to celebrate which I thought was a nice touch. I walked into the room and saw a couple of my friends from different groups standing at the bar and thought it was an odd mix and then I turned my head and saw all of our friends and his family and just immediately burst into tears! It had turned out that because he thought I would be suspicious of him proposing that weekend, he wanted to throw a little party and really make sure I was surprised! Friends had been kind enough to buy us gifts to celebrate our engagement and so I spent the whole evening beaming! I knew it was time to start some planning...
  • I did that thing where I massively neglected my discussion - apologies!

    I'll carry on where I left off.

    I didn't really know what I wanted in a venue because I'd looked at so many online in Kent that were either too expensive and not upfront about it (the venue hire would be cheap but the add-ons would skyrocket the price) or just not the kind of style that I had wanted.

    I really was very fond of Ashdown Park and I think realistically this would have been my dream venue but my budget didn't stretch that far.

    I decided to take the plunge and just pick an area and arrange to visit 2 venues, we decided on Tunbridge Wells as we know the area a little bit and this wasn't too far in terms of guests.

    The first place we visited was Salomons which I loved! It didn't help that when we visited the whole side of the building was completely bathed in sunlight and the views were just fantastic. 

    Image result for salomons tunbridge wells
    After drinking a very expensive gin and tonic and looking through the wedding packages they had on offer, I experienced the sinking feeling of knowing that this was probably not going to happen. Although I tried to think of compromises that could be made, this just wasn't possible.

    We went on to the next venue, High Rocks. We weren't really sure what to expect here, I had looked at a few photos online and had been very impressed by their no venue hire costs and so just decided to visit and see how the place made us feel.

    Image result for high rocks
    As soon as we walked in and looked at the interior we were very much reminded of our favourite TV show Twin Peaks and I could sense in my partner that he was feeling quite excited about this. The reception area isn't exactly the interior of my wedding dreams but we went on to look at the different ceremony spaces. The ceremony spaces are incredibly different and much more modern. Out of the three we looked at, the one most suitable to us would be a space called The Halt.

    Image result for the halt high rocks tunbridge wells
    At the side of the room there is a garden which is perfect for our guests who may need a bit of air and then at the back there is a large conservatory section which overlooks the train tracks where steam trains pass every couple of hours! After we had looked at the rooms, we were provided with a map of the rocks and were told that once we'd had a look at them we could come back and enjoy a complimentary coffee whilst we looked at photo albums.

    We were both very impressed with the rocks as we both try to take as many days outside as we can so it suited the woodlandy feel that we knew we wanted in some of the photos. The higher we climbed the more alone we felt which we both felt would be a feeling that we wanted after the wedding ceremony to have a moment with each other as a married couple. We decided that this venue was going to work for us and went back to have the complimentary coffee and bombarded the incredibly friendly staff with probably quite a lot of questions! But this was our venue and we were excited!
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    Once the venue had been booked I started on the next job of figuring out who would be my bridesmaids and how I would ask them. I looked online at lots of different ways but ended up decided that rose petal confetti canons would be a fun way of literally popping the question! I asked 5 people to be my bridesmaids and luckily all of the said yes, I will admit that not all of the confetti canons worked as well as hoped but by the time we got to the fifth bridesmaid, luckily hers worked perfectly!

    Natural Rose Petal Wedding Confetti Biodegradable Push Pop Poppers Wands
    I also gave them all chocolates, a photograph of us together and a cactus!
  • The cake

    I had been to a wedding fair a year earlier for my friend who was getting married and had tried a cake sample that was white chocolate with oreo buttercream and it was so good that I immediately made everyone who had come along try it! I took a leaflet and thought one day if I get married, this is it.

    Lo and behold, now I am actually getting married! My first port of call was Orange Rabbit Cakes, We booked an appointment with Rob and discussed the ideas that we had in mind. We knew that we wanted our colour scheme to be green and gold, the green mostly to fit in with the surroundings and gold because it's my favourite. I wanted us to incorporate lots of succulents and cacti rather than having a super floral and white cake. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it just wasn't us.

    He designed a cake for us based on designs of cakes that he had previously made and we came up with a three tiered green cake. The green is lightly airbrushed on so it has a marbled effect with gold spray just around the top of the first tier. He will make add edible succulents and eucalyptus on the side! The idea is based on 2 of his previous cakes which I have included below:

    I am so excited to try out the sample flavours as every single one listed on his website just sounds amazing!
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