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Glasgow City Winter Wedding - January 2020

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I've been lurking around the threads for a while now and finally decided to sign up and start a planning thread! It's refreshing to have a community to share ideas with and find those who are sharing the same excitement about planning a wedding. I won't lie, I've loved seeing how others have made their day special and found it a huge inspiration!  

How We Met

A bit of a back story about our quirky relationship, My H2B and I met online in April 2017 (on a popular 'fishing' website), after the first date I found out from a close friend that H2B worked with them years back and urged me to see him again. 'This guys is perfect for you I was told!' and with that I took the plunge...
We decided to see each other again and without realising it we had ended up seeing each other everyday for 100 days (most days was just a brief coffee before work as we both work in the city mind). We jokingly said about celebrating our anniversary every 100 days and as a result - we did! We'd plan the craziest dates we could think of - one time we went pole dancing together!

Which leads us to our wedding day - our day is booked on day 1000. Exactly 1000 days after we met 23.1.2020

We've booked our venue in City of Glasgow as due the the time of year and that's where we live. Most of our guests live around Glasgow too. However, I'm originally from London, which is where all my family will be travelling from & H2B's family are from Oban. So hoping there's no snow until everyone arrives!

As the date's only 4 months odd away everything's planned so it's just the final touches to add. I'll add more posts with photos soon!


  • ShibbsShibbs Posts: 14 New bride
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    The Venue

    We knew the date ahead of time so we knew the venue had to work around that - being a Thursday in January we found most places we looked at were available - and cheap!

    Another thing we needed to work around was my dad and half brother who are both disabled and need somewhere with easy access. Both can walk but only for a certain amount of time so huge staircases would need lift access. With this we decided the closer to the city the better with the time of year to save any accidents.  

    Our first choice was Oran Mor in Glasgow's West End. Anyone who knows Glasgow, know how iconic this place is. It's a church that has been converted to a bar and music venue - it also does weddings! So after looking around and discussing the fees with the event manager we had one sticking point...

    Corkage fees. 

    At £20 per head with 120 guests that added up quickly and they wouldn't budge with it.
    My brother in law to be makes homemade mead. He's a brew school teacher for an iconic Scottish beer so it's only natural he makes our toasting drink - and at £20 a head that was a deal breaker.

    So we went back to the drawing board and looked at other venues, Sherbrooke Castle Hotel was out of the picture as H2Bs best friend was married there recently, and I don't know why I just thought it'd be rude to copy a wedding venue from someone so close...

    We then found the one. The Trades Hall of Glasgow - the inside won me over straight away.

    As soon as you walk in you can feel the history, it had all the grandeur of a country house with the city centre location.
    Trades Hall Of Glasgow
    And our date was available.

    There's a wooden curved staircase which takes you up to 2 state rooms. There's a balcony on the outside which oozes Royal wedding vibes. It's been preserved since the 1600's and is located in the city centre. All proceeds it makes goes to charity and they do loads of different fundraisers for the local community. Also, they allowed our Mead without corkage. Win!Image result for trades hall glasgowImage result for trades hall glasgow
    Image result for trades hall glasgow
    We immediately booked it the same day. We had booked a venue before our engagement party (we were engaged though!)... Keen I know but we did this together as a team so it's ok  :p

  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 200 New bride
    Oh I love the 100 day dates/1000 day wedding idea! Excited to read more!
  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 200 New bride
    Oh I love the 100 day dates/1000 day wedding idea! Excited to read more!
  • Love it!! The date is such a special touch, really lovely! Excited to read more about it all!
  • Love your story and such a lovely venue, cant wait to read more!
  • Your 1000 days date is adorable!  <3
  • Lovely to have another planning thread to read! Beautiful venue. I have family in Glasgow and have visited quite a lot over the years, great city!
  • ShibbsShibbs Posts: 14 New bride
    AmyFSToBe said:
    Oh I love the 100 day dates/1000 day wedding idea! Excited to read more!
    Thank you so much! we thought it was such a fun idea - it gives us a reason to go out together more too! 
  • ShibbsShibbs Posts: 14 New bride
    Love it!! The date is such a special touch, really lovely! Excited to read more about it all!
    Thank you :) Glad to hear what others think of the date idea. I'll be posting more today about it.
  • ShibbsShibbs Posts: 14 New bride
    Its_me! said:
    Love your story and such a lovely venue, cant wait to read more!
    Thank you, The venue is definitely a hidden gem! 
  • ShibbsShibbs Posts: 14 New bride
    Your 1000 days date is adorable!  <3
    So happy that others think this too!
  • ShibbsShibbs Posts: 14 New bride
    Lovely to have another planning thread to read! Beautiful venue. I have family in Glasgow and have visited quite a lot over the years, great city!
    Happy to be posting! Ooh how exciting! Whats your favorite parts of the city? Glasgow is definitely a diamond in the rough I feel, I wouldn't move anywhere else, it's just a lovely city with even lovelier people! 
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    Wedding List

    So before I go any further I thought I should add a list of our suppliers along with everything that's gone into the planning of the wedding. 

    We wanted to keep things as straight forward as possible without spending more than what was necessary, so anything that can be DIY'd was... and I took this to the limit, you'll see what I mean further on in this thread...

    Venue & Catering – Trades Hall (Full Venue Hire – All day Ceremony & Reception)

    Venue Decoration  – Venue & Homemade by me & H2B

    Wedding Favours  –  Amazon & Homemade by Me

    Photographer – 1500 photography

    Vidographer – Glasgow Wedding Videos

    Celebrant – Mo Ackroyd, Fuze Humanist Celebrants

    Save the Dates & Invites – Homemade by me

    Wedding Dress – Wed2Be, Alterations by me

    Veil - Homemade by me

    Shoes – Ebay, embellished by me

    Grooms Kilt - John Morrison Kiltmakers, Edinburgh

    Bridesmaid Dresses – David’s Bridal, Alterations by me

    Flowergirl Dresses – Monsoon

    Flowers & Button holes – Homemade by me

    Wedding Rings – We made our own in a workshop in Addington, Scotland

    Music – Our friend will play the bagpipes (walk down the aisle), The Scottish String Quartet (ceremony & drinks) & Borrowed Blues (evening)

    Lighting – H2B’s best friend’s a lighting company – Darkdoor Lighting

    Hair – Courtney @ Moco Hair

    Makeup – Leigh Blaney MUA

    Cake – 3D Cakes (also buying a cheese wheel cake for H2B as he's not a cake fan)

    A lot of the stuff we did was DIY, I've been quite fortunate with my work shift pattern so I have 4 days off (I'm a nightshift worker) and a few sleepless nights. If it wasn't for this I don't think I'd have been able to do most of the the DIY's.

    I'll also mention I have some experience in design & printing so I think that's also helped along with having most crafting supplies & tools on hand.

    With sewing I'd describe myself as an enthusiastic novice. YouTube is an amazing source for tutorials and can definitely over inflate your own view of your ability to do things! Overall I really enjoyed the process of having little projects on the go, I can definatly see myself making sewing a hobby going forward. 

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    Save the Dates

    After booking the venue on 5 September 2018, these were the first things to go out around early March 2019. After all, we knew what the date was going to be at an awkward time of year for most, so we wanted to give everyone as much notice as possible.

    At this point too I wasn't sure on our theme and was still playing around with ideas. These turned out to be A6 sized and cost £35 for 55. I had loads of brown card and burlap lace leftover which I've used in other Wedding DIY's to help tie everything together so ultimately I saved money in the long run.

    **Photos to come :) - I backed up my phone last week so have no photos to upload just now**

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    Wedding Dress

    Before I got engaged I was adamant about buying a dress from a charity shop or Amazon to save money, the things you tell yourself eh? Once the ring was on, the fairy tale bride that was lurking within came out. 

    The budget then stretched from £50 to £500. Still very reasonable and doable after a fellow friend and bride suggested Wed2Be. Whilst not exactly a £50 dress on Amazon, it wasn't going to the extremes costing thousands for a dress that would be worn for one day.

    I desperately wanted to share this moment with just my mum as I'm the first of her children getting married - I also live 430 miles away from her...

    My MoH wanted to do the whole say yes to the dress thing with bubbly and an entourage.
    Whilst I really appreciated her enthusiasm, I really couldn't think of anything further to what I wanted, this was the first difficult decision I had to make. I spoke to here and agreed we could do this for the MoH dresses but ultimatly I wanted to go dress shopping on my own and make it a surprise, to which we agreed.

    In the end I went wedding dress shopping on my own. My mum's a carer for my Dad so can't travel up often. The first dress I tried on was the one. I tried 3 in total but the first was the one I loved so I put a deposit down on it.

    I called my mum straight after only to find myself bursting into tears, again this was a painful reminder that I really did want to do this with my mum. After sobbing down the phone she agreed to come up a few weeks later and that was when to see the dress again.
    I don't normally attach value onto material things, but I think it's different with a wedding dress, it's something that should be shared with family...

    In the end though my mum didn't like the dress on the hanger as it wasn't white (it's Blush & Ivory) - she's Portuguese and very traditional so as it was my first wedding it must be a white dress... 

    After trying it on her opinion changed and on a cold crisp November evening in 2018 I bought my dress!! The very same one I fell in love with :)

    We both celebrated with a lovely Italian in the West End with H2B, completely oblivious that in the boot of the car hung my wedding dress.

    Here's the dress from Wed2Be's website - It's white here, I have the blush version which is a softer off white colour when on. It looks less harsh against my olive skin and dark hair. I'm also altering the straps and converting it into a soft lace/tulle bardot sleeve. I'm also in the process of changing the mesh where the cleavage is to a nude mesh as the white stitching bugged me and took away from the illusion bust. I'll add photos of the process later on!

    Edit: I forgot to add the underskirt - being stingy I thought £70 was a bit too much to fork out for an underskirt that Wed2B suggested. Instead I bought one form Etsy for £35 - Bargain right? Nope... When my sister came up to visit I got her to try it on so that I could see how it would look - the quality was nowhere near the same and the hoop kept folding in to a heart shape as opposed to a ring... So lesson  No1 learnt, when it comes to the dress and accessories don't skimp! Tail between my legs I went back to Wed2B and told them the story and bought the proper underskirt.

    back thumbfront
  • Wow you're doing so much yourself! I always wish I could sew, it must be so useful!

    Your dress is beautiful and I think it'll be even nicer in a blush colour.
  • Amazing so far... good to see someone else not shying away from diying... however altering dresses is a step to far for me. Very impressive. And the dress is stunning! 
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 235 New bride
    Aww, your 100/1000 days thing is so sweet! I'm in amazement at how much DIY you're doing, especially dress alterations and making your own rings. Trade halls look lovely, you're definitely right about it being one of Glasgow's hidden gems. 
  • Love your story and the meaning behind the date! Your venue looks gorgeous and the dress is beautiful
  • ShibbsShibbs Posts: 14 New bride
    Thank all for your kind messages! It was my birthday a week and a bit ago so been out celebrating in between work and other bits and bobs... Back to updating this thread! 

    By the way.... less than 100 days to go now!

    Invites & Wedding Website

    We sent the invites out wayyy in advance back in July. The one thing that kept coming up in my head was giving people notice. Our wedding is on the 3rd week of January... The most depressing week of the year and a week before payday for most...

    So.. let' give folks notice so they can plan in advance to book a holiday when they most want to call in sick! :p 

    Again these were homemade using the left over card from the save the dates. I played about with my printer settings too and after hours I learned how to print directly onto my envelopes. So much quicker than hand writing them all out! 

    The silhouette is actually me and H2B at his best friends wedding 3 years ago, we were used as a tester photo so the photographer could get all the lighting right. The Lord and Lady thing is another inside joke as H2B bought a highland title as he wanted a choice of tartans to wear and so we could add the title to our invites..

    We made a wedding website so that everyone could RSVP through there. We used 'With Joy' which is free website builder for weddings that is fantastic at organising your guest list. I thought it would be the most straight forward way of doing it but looking back I wish we included a little card too. We have quite a few guests coming who are more 'traditional' and were rather confused by the website and send lovely hand written letters instead which was lovely.

    There's also a little running joke on our save the dates & wedding website.. we're quite childish if you can't tell already! 

  • It'll be nice for people to have something to look forward to in January! Good idea to give plenty of notice though, I'm always skint towards the end of January!
    The invites look lovely and I really like the silhouette too! Would you recommend using With Joy? We're definitely going to have a website for RSVPing, etc.
  • Your invites look really lovely!

    I've been using Withjoy too - hoping to get invites sent out at the end of the month so will be putting the RSVP funtion to use then (and keeping fingers crossed that people can figure it out, as I'm asking people to also confirm availability for a Friday night meal, and Sunday morning breakfast...). I've found it really easy to use though and love the layout of it.
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 235 New bride
    Haha, S&M wedding made me chuckle! I have no idea why but I just couldn't get to grips with With Joy at all. The silhouette picture is lovely. Do you mind if I ask where you plan to get wedding photos taken if you're doing outdoor ones? I'm also getting married in Glasgow city centre. 
  • MrsW2020MrsW2020 Posts: 259 New bride
    The invites look great! We’ve set up our wedding website with Withjoy as well. The rsvp feature looks really good! We’re going to use it for menu choices as well but I don’t know how well it will keep track of them. Let us know how it goes!
  • ShibbsShibbs Posts: 14 New bride
    Thank you for all the kind words ladies! the website was really easy to create and it was easy to tailor the RSVP to add plus 1's and our menu choices.

    One thing I didn't like was the 'Moments' tab - it seems to crash our laptop every time I click on it.

    The guest list feature was the best thing about it for me, There's a FAQ that tells you exactly how to upload a spreadsheet onto the site which will pre-load your guest names. There's also a button that allowas you to add extra guests or plus 1's. 

    So we're in the process of giving our numbers to the venue along with our menu choices. There's a button on the website that gives you total guest numbers and their menu choices!! I just screen-shot it and sent it straight to my venue coordinator. You can also download it to a spreadsheet and it shows line by line the guest, their plus 1 & their meal choices. 

    And for those guests that RSVP's by hand you can simple add on their RSVP to the guest-list with the attending drop-down. I would highly rate it - it made took a lot of the stress away from tallying numbers!
  • ShibbsShibbs Posts: 14 New bride
    annipoo said:
    Haha, S&M wedding made me chuckle! I have no idea why but I just couldn't get to grips with With Joy at all. The silhouette picture is lovely. Do you mind if I ask where you plan to get wedding photos taken if you're doing outdoor ones? I'm also getting married in Glasgow city centre. 
    Hahaha I'm glad you spotted it!! It is definately a niche website I think, it does take some getting used to at first - I found it easier to do via PC rather than tablet or phone.

    Another Glasgow bride!! WOOP WOOP! With our outdoor shots we were going to do a few balcony shots from the front of the venue. The one shot I always wanted was in front of the GOMA and the Duke of Wellington and the cone on his head - I'm hoping they still have the Christmas lights they've just put up in Royal exchange square - It's just such a photogenic area with those lights up!
  • annipooannipoo Posts: 235 New bride
    I played about with a few wedding websites and definitely found that one the most difficult, which is a shame because your last post about all the features sounds amazing!

    I'm getting married in 29 in Royal Exchange Square so we'll definitely have pictures around the GOMA and under the arches that lead through to Buchanan Street. We're also planning on getting a couple of shots on Buchanan Street but it'll be a Saturday afternoon and we might feel like a pair of fools being on show!

    I absolutely love when the light canopy is up in Royal Exchange Square, it just looks so romantic. We're getting married in July so sadly we'll miss it but I'm sure it's usually up until about Feb/Mar so fingers crossed for you.
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