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I don’t want a reception!

I live in North Kent, I’ve had a very short look at venues but most come with reception or it’s not the greatest/most beautiful place to get married. I just want to do the marriage part in a beautiful location and then go off on our honeymoon. Does anyone have an idea at what I should be looking for or a location you think will be great? Thanks in advance x


  • d144d144 Posts: 46 New bride
    Many venues offer ceremony only deals from intimate venues like the George vaults to outdoor beautiful options such as The ferry house. How many guest would you like to have and do you have a preferred time of the year? I am sure you will find the perfect venue.

  • Have you thought this through properly?  

    Don’t know if you are having guests, but if you are it will be super awkward to just say goodbye after the ceremony.  

    You need a space for some cake and a drink at the minimum, more hospitality would be fair if your guests have travelled far.  
  • hello169hello169 Posts: 6 New bride
    Hi Sam - I totally understand wanting a small affair and no stress or cost of hosting a party afterwards. If you prefer this, perhaps you may want to do an "elopement" meaning, just something small with you and your partner OR with a small handful of very close guests. 
    If you have a ceremony with guests in attendance, it is not hospitable to not offer them a refreshment or a chance to mingle and congratulate you afterwards. Some lights snacks and a glass of sparkling for 1-2 hours afterwards will allow time for you to thank your guests for supporting you, take memorable photos, and say hello to family and friends as newlyweds. 
    All the best with your planning!
    Christina [[Christina Leger]]
  • ClareBClareB Posts: 88 New bride
    I have to agree with the others about needing to provide something for your guests, if you're having any. Even if it's just a small group, I'd arrange a lunch or something afterwards - it doesn't need to go on all day but people are likely to want to celebrate and make the most of getting dressed up etc. Also I think if you invite people and don't host something (drinks / cake / meal) afterwards, there is a chance they will make their own plans, since groups of family / friends will all be together anyway - I personally wouldn't want to feel left out if they went off celebrating my wedding and I wasn't involved.
  • How about booking an early morning legal ceremony, then going off to somewhere that does a good breakfast! Maybe an all you can eat breakfast place, or a pub chain that opens for brekkie/brunch?  Then, you've had a ceremony and anyone with you has had time to sit and eat and talk over what's happened!  Then you could have a departure for honeymoon on that same day. 
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