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July 2020 wedding - what to do :(

Hi all! 

I need a bit of help/support/advice!

we are due to get married 12 weeks today. Our venue rang 2 weeks ago and said they’ve postponed all weddings for the next 3 month but as ours is just out of that timeframe, it’s our decision what to do. We have booked an intimate ceremony - only 19 people are coming.

What are all you lovely July brides doing? It’s starting to stress me out a bit as there’s still a few things I need sorting but don’t know if it’s worth doing or not 😔

thanks 😊 


  • ClareBClareB Posts: 90 New bride
    Personally as it's a smaller wedding I'd wait a couple of weeks and then make a decision. The general advice I've seen suggests waiting until 8 weeks before the wedding to make a call - obviously if you have a lot of people travelling or a lot of vulnerable people on the guest list you might want to decide sooner. It might also be worth sending a message to all guests saying you are reviewing the situation and will be in touch closer to the time.

    I think it's worth continuing with the planning as much as you can from home - even if you postpone, you'll still need things to be sorted at some point.

    Good luck  :)
  • Pisces91Pisces91 Posts: 216 New bride
    We've moved ours. The advice above is really good and I'd second that. It's might also be worth looking at any restrictions registrars/venue etc. have? 

    Our Church isn't conducting services again until August currently so that was decision made for us. Good luck with it.xx
  • Thank you both for your replies. Sorry to hear you’ve had to postpone @Pisces91. It’s a very stressful time isn’t it ☹️. Hope you don’t have to wait too much longer for your special day! 

    Yeah that’s a good idea to wait another few weeks @ClareB. The rest of our balance is due 6 weeks before. Don’t really want to be paying that if we have to postpone! The only people who are having to travel are my brother, SIL my niece and nephew who are coming from down south. We’ve been in touch with everyone and told them we’re waiting for as long as we can before we decide what to do. 

  • fcavfcav Posts: 1 New bride
    Hi @sophie.edwards88 have you made a decision yet?  I’m due to get married 4th July, 3 hours away from where I live. No one is local to where I’m getting married and have hardly had any RSVP as people can’t commit. My venue isn’t budging by letting my postpone and not communicating with me. I’m extremely stressed and anxious about it all. Any advice or tips would be great. 
  • greenoranges118greenoranges118 Posts: 16 New bride
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    Wishing you the best
  • greenoranges118greenoranges118 Posts: 16 New bride
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    Wishing you the best
  • @fcav we’re gonna try and hold out for our original date. We only have 19 people coming to our wedding so hoping that the restriction rules might have a relaxed a bit by then. We booked a party for all our friends and family on 4th July and we are postponing that as we have over 100 people coming to that. My advice would be to hold out and just see what happens closer to the time. I’m guessing your guests are aware of the thought you might need to postpone? I honestly don’t think things will go back to normal by our wedding dates but hopefully we’ll be more clear in a few weeks time. Good luck and keep me posted on what you’re doing
    soph xx
  • DefLeppardDefLeppard Posts: 5 New bride
    Hi Sophie. We were due to get married in Gretna Green at the end of May and have optimistically changed the date to early August in the hope that we van go ahead.  We are 'eloping' so it'll be just the 2 of us with 2 random witnesses. I appreciate that it's eariser for ua as we are much more flexable that those who have lots of guests etc. If the Government allow small weddings to go ahead before our date in August I'd be tempted just to book the first available date and get married then, just incase they impose more restrictions at a later date. I have a wedding dress that I may not have time to get altered but there's not much I can do about that. I'm not even sure we'll be allowed to travel to GG as we're in Ireland. I'm literally checking the news headlines every hour
  • @DefLeppard it’s really uncertain times isn’t it. We looked at GG but after thought that my OHs mam would literally hit the roof if we got married and she wasn’t there, that’s why we decided on having a big party a few days after the wedding. I do feel like as we’re both having a small ceremony, we’re in a stronger position but only time will tell. Good luck!  X
  • emablairemablair Posts: 2 New bride
    Hi, we are in a similar situation with our wedding date set for the 25th of July.  We are trying to hold off as long as possible before making a decision but finding it so difficult with such uncertainty around the ease of lockdown restrictions. I’m not sure if we are being unrealistic thinking there is a chance our wedding will go ahead?!  :'(
  • Hi @emablair I guess all we can do is wait and hope that in a few weeks time we’ll all be a lot more clearer on if our weddings can go ahead. Good luck and Fingers crossed x 
  • DefLeppardDefLeppard Posts: 5 New bride
    Our wedding in GG was bought as a package to include 2 nights in a hotel within the Gretna complex. I've just emailed to ask them what would happen if weddings are allowed to go ahead in August but hotels etc are still closed.
  • DefLeppardDefLeppard Posts: 5 New bride
    All weddings are scheduled to take place in August. This was the reply I got.
  • emablairemablair Posts: 2 New bride
    Well that sounds promising DefLeppard. Hopefully we’ll all get some promising news in the next few weeks. Good luck everyone xx
  • That def sounds promising @DefLeppard! Fingers crossed for good news x
  • helloTGoVIsAxhelloTGoVIsAx Posts: 1 New bride
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    we’re gonna try and hold out for our original date. We only have 19 people coming to our wedding so hoping that the restriction rules might have a relaxed a bit by then. We booked a party for all our friends and family on 4th July and we are postponing that as we have over 100 people coming to that.
    Hey Sophie, I think with your numbers you have a greater chance of your wedding going ahead should they ease any restrictions. As close as it is, right now it’s wise to wait around 8 weeks until you make the call to work with your venue and suppliers to postpone. All the better if your venue approach you first which most are doing. They are offering pencilled alternative dates.  It’s also worth chatting with your suppliers especially your wedding photographer as they are one of the biggest decisions to make and you want to be sure they are free on your new date.

    Hope all that helps and fingers are crossed for you! 

  • Hi @helloTGoVIsAx! It was 8 weeks last thu so we’re getting pretty close now. I’m hoping it’ll still go ahead but if boris’ estimations are correct and hospitality venues are due to open on July 1st (day before the wedding) I’m starting to feel it won’t happen. My photographer is a friend and she mainly does live style photos so I’m sure she’ll be free - I’ve dropped her a message to keep up to date with her. I’m still very uncertain about the situation though! If we postpone, it’s feeling like an impossible task to pick a new date for this year. How do you know when things will die down?! 
  • DefLeppardDefLeppard Posts: 5 New bride

    Hi Sophie have a look at this. Nothing we read in the papers is certain but at least it's a glimmer of hope.
  • Hey @DefLeppard hope you’re well! I saw that..... got me thinking though, how can weddings take place if hospitality venues and hotels can’t open till 4th July and even hair dressers and beauty salons can’t open till then too. I dunno about you, but being a blondie, my roots are horrendous never mind my eyebrows 😂. I’m hoping the venue will get back to me soon... I’ve asked to book a date in September. How I’m supposed to know if this will be ok by then I have no idea but it’s a good place to start!
    hope you’re well x
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  • I don’t trust most newspapers! Anyways we’ve moved our date to September. If we need to, can always move it again xx
  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 397 New bride
    Oh I'm glad you've been able to move it, that must be a relief! How are you feeling?
  • I actually feel quite good about it now. I was gutted thinking we’d need to book again for next year and we might still need to yet but I’m glad we’re all sorted. Still waiting to hear back from hair dresser, make up artist and cake maker to see if they’re free. I’ve changed the date over with the registrar and got better rooms for the night before so all good up to now! Xx
  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 397 New bride
    That's good, it's nice to have a plan and not have it looming over your head! Hope you hear back from those suppliers soon. Oh that's great about the rooms, there's always a silver lining!
  • Just the mua to hear back from now and we’re all sorted! If anyone has any ideas on what we can do to celebrate what would be our original wedding day then I’m up for ideas! I’ll be asking my mam to babysit our son so we have the night to ourselves! Xx
  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 397 New bride
    Oh fab! I would say treat yourself to some lovely food and drinks (takeaway maybe as who wants to do washing up?!) and get a bit dressed up ☺️ Maybe go for a nice walk and if you're in England you're allowed to be sitting out in parks now (provided 2m from anyone else!) so maybe a picnic in the day?
    @CoffeeDogAddict decorated with some fairy lights in their living room which looked lovely!
  • Yeah that’s a good idea. Our favourite restaurant are doing takeaways so could get something from
    there and have a few drinks in the garden. We have fairy lights outside so I’m sure it’ll look lovely as we sip away on a few bottles of fizz! How are your plans going @AmyFSToBe? Xx
  • AmyFSToBeAmyFSToBe Posts: 397 New bride
    That sounds lovely!
    All good thank you! We're set to married March next year so hopefully everything will be fine by then. Most of the main stuff is booked now so that's a relief :) x
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