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November 2020?

Hi all
First just wanted to say I wish all of you the best with your upcoming weddings, what a horrible year it's been so far
I'm supposed to be getting married 16th november 2020 and until last week wasnt worried as surely they would have to lift restrictions by then. But over the past week have just read more and more about people being negative about the rest of the year and now I'm really worried for my date and just wanted honest opinions about whether people think it will be able to go ahead?
We are getting married at our venue with 40 days guests and an additional 20 for the evening. I've always wanted a winter wedding and though November is technically autumn I feel like everyone will be getting in a christmassy mood. 16 is my lucky number too and for it to fall on a monday (me and my partner both work I  hospitality as do most of my friends and the best man so a monday works perfectly for us)
I know there are people in a much worse predicament than me but an awful part of me feels so down. Me and my partner have been together 9 years so the thought of putting it back a full year just makes me so sad. Plus it's such an uncertain time for us with me being a bar manager and him a chef I could do with something positive to look forward to. We havent given our notice yet as was advised to do it about 6 months before so was going to ring in april for a may appointment but that obviously didn't happen.


  • cluelessbride01cluelessbride01 Posts: 177 New bride
    You're probably in quite a good position wanting to get married on a Monday because even if you do have to postpone the demand for Mondays next year will probably be a lot lower than for weekends.

    I'm still hoping our September wedding will go ahead. I'm holding out until July in the hope that we know more by then.

    I don't think weddings will be banned for the rest of the year but it's impossible to say what guest restrictions will be in place.
  • MrsH2020MrsH2020 Posts: 240 New bride
    Sorry you're also going through this nightmare. I was meant to be getting married this October but have postponed to October 2021. In case it's helpful to see someone else's thinking around an autumn wedding, our specific reasons were:
    - Our parents and best man are all high-risk and there's a very real chance of them not being able to come. We don't want to get married without them.
    - My maid of honour, another bridesmaid and both my brothers are coming from Japan, Australia, Malaysia and the Netherlands. I think there's a high chance that long-haul travel will not be fully operational by October, and we don't want to get marred without them.
    - We are both suffering financially at the moment and it would be tricky to continue to save as much as we need to by October.
    - For us, the wedding is more than just the day, and we want to be able to fully enjoy the build up without our hen/stag/other events being cancelled/compromised, which they definitely would be this year.
    - We had a guestlist of around 100 and don't want to dramatically cut our list - this is different for everyone but we would prefer to wait and have the wedding we have planned with everyone there.
    Everyone's situation is very different, but for us it was a no-brainer really. That isn't to say you should postpone your wedding, but hearing our reasons might help you work out if it is the right thing to do for you. No one knows, but my honest opinion is that although weddings in November will be able to go ahead, they are likely to be restricted in numbers and/or with social distancing measures in place.
    I knew that I would drive myself crazy with stress if we waited longer, so bear this in mind too. If you're able to set a date to decide further down the line without worrying too much in the meantime, that might be a good idea, as like cluelessbride said above, you probably won't struggle to book a Monday in November 2021, if that was what you did decide to do.
    Good luck!
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