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Dream Wedding in Italy _ Orange Blossom wedding Planner



My Husband and I recently got married in Positano, Italy. We reside in Ireland so we decided to hire a wedding planner to organise our big day. It was the best decision we could have made thanks to Rosanna at Orange Blossom wedding planners. Rosanna sets out to provide a dream day and she definitely delivers. We were understandably nervous about hiring someone we had never met and indeed marrying in  a place we had never visited, but thanks to Rosanna all our concerns were unfounded she planned everything in a fantastic way and provided us with all the information we could need. A visit there before the wedding was not required because she was so descriptive and helpful in arranging everything to our specifications. We got married in Positano as we wanted to have a catholic and civil ceremony and that option wasn't available in Sorrento although a civil ceremony is. We held our reception in the Foreigners club in Sorrento, Rosanna informed us that it would deliver breathtaking views and fantastic food and as with all her advice she was right! We went for the Menu a la Grande Carte option and it was outstanding and complemented by the stunning scenery and excellent service. Rosanna guided us through every step of our big day with ease. As my husband would confirm I have very high standards and they were definitely met and exceeded. Every service recommended by Rosanna from hair to flowers was of exceptional standard and the wedding cake was fantastic I’m only sorry I couldn't have brought it home! Our photographer took stunning pictures that were provided to us within 24hours in a very lovely album and briefcase. To describe Rosanna herself she is a fabulous person who does her absolute best to deliver the perfect day. She genuinely cares about providing a fantastic service and in our case she did not disappoint. We found her to be friendly, caring and a very lovely lady. We want to stress that if you’re looking for your dream wedding in the Amalfi region then Rosanna is the best person to deliver this at a very reasonable cost.


  • Hello,

    We're getting married next September in sorrento and were thinking of having our reception at foreigners club. Are you able to give any more info on it? I really like the sound of it and have seen the menu options and we were going to go for the grand a la carte option too. Did that include canap??s for welcome at all? What was the evening entertainment there like?

    Do you have any photos you could share at all?

    Any info you could give would be VErY much appreciated!

    Kind regards

    Claire x
  • Hi Claire

    I would definitely recommend the foreigners club it was amazing. The food really was of a really high standard. All our guests raved about it. The views were outstanding. Unfortunately most of our pics were taken in Positano so I don't have many of foreigners club but I,ll have a look. To be honest its breathtaking so I'd wait for the suprise element! We did get canapes a with our menu choice they were varied and delicious!

    Hope this helps!
  • ElleElle Posts: 11

    Rosanna (Mrs Russell) do you not think it's unethical to your potential customers to write a review for your own services on this forum pretending to be an actual customer?

  • Elle, I'm sorry you are so cynical. My husband and I had our dream wedding and we were very appreciative of the help of OUR WEDDING PLANNER! Is it so hard to believe we are genuinely satisfied with the planning of our wedding? Rosanna is amazing and I MRS LAURA RUSSELL am delighted to say so!
  • Hi we are planning to gt married in Sorrnto nxt spring and have also been in contact with Rosanna, she has been fab so far.  Can I ask how you transported your guests from Sorrento to Positano, we have been getting quotes but they are very expensive, i am waiting on a quote for private boat. We have approx 35 - 40 guests who will be attending, can you reccommend any accomodation where they can stay? We are staying in the Bristol hotel but this is working out too expensive for some of our guests.

  • Hi Sandra,

    As far as I know the bristol is up the hill and a little out. My husband and I and our baby stayed in Hotel Regina which we got on and was really reasonable had a pool and was fab it had a lovely rooftop terrace. Out of all the wedding party which was E26 guests 8 stayed in Hotel Nice it was really cheap but fine, nothing amazing but it was they had no complaints at all. An added bonus is its right by bus and train station so no taxis its right on corner and a quick stroll straight on to square. Saving on taxis is a big thing because they are crazy your talking minimum 20eu to your hotel ours was 25!and if its up the hill even more so I'd say hotel nice would be best. Also hotel del corso was reasonable and central and hotel rivage I can give directions to all them because they are literally straight on from bus station! As for transport I found that crazy as well. I booked basic mercedes and a mini van for guests through rosanna. I ended up getting a minivan because it was me my mom, daughter and bridesmaid and that was too many for mercedes. My husband had three in his merecedes and we got that back then. The mini bus fitted 19 only so my numbers were just right! I know some guests weren't too happy about the air con on bus. I wish I had got the boat I think that's probably best seen as the cars are so expensive. I originally wanted the vintage rolls but it was way over budget. Hope this helps! If you need anything else just mail again I'm happy to help. I'd so many questions myself and didn't even think to go on a forum!!


  • Sorry Sandra I should of been clearer I'm typing on my blackberry! I got mini van there with my bridal party, my husband got mercedes and guests got a mini bus there and back. Also if your marrying in positano its a little walk to church as buses and cars can't drop you outside church. Its less than ten mins.
  • Jenn2Jenn2 Posts: 1

    Such a relief to read these good reviews after having just booked my wedding with Rosanna!! I cant wait!

  • Hello. I know this is an old post but wonder if you are still getting notified with questions? I'm looking at the foreigners club as an option - the only concern I have is that it will be a little impersonal there with lots of other people milling about. Especially as we will be a small wedding party. We will also have at least 7 under 8s with us. Is it any good for children?? Thanks x

  • Hi Alison,

    Still getting notifications via email!

    In response to your query.

    The day we got married there was another wedding coincidentially from the same county as ourselves! We didn't even see them. We had our meal on outdoor terrace and they sectioned a part off so we really didn't notice any other patrons. The other wedding used the indoor space aswell but we just remained outside until we left. In terms of children we had a generous space and as its outdoors they could run around we only had one child but they certainally seemed child friendly.

    Hope this helps.


  • Hi 

    I am looking at using orange blossom wedding planner (Rosanna) 

    lookingat booking cloisters then Relais Blu for reception....


    any my advice greatly appreciated on planner and choice of ceremony / reception!!

  • Alison71Alison71 Posts: 19

    Hi Helen, how ru getting on? Have you booked your wedding yet? I'm still dragging my feet! Any tips? Are you going to be using orange blossom? 

  • Hiya,

    Sorry to jump on this thread! We are in the process of booking our wedding with Rosanna. We met her on our trip to Sorrento last week and she was so lovely! We're having the ceremony at the Cloisters followed by the foreigners club for the reception. 

    Our wedding isn't until August 2018 so we've got a long way to go before then!

    Did you have anyone so your hair or makeup from Sorrento? Did you use the photographer provided by Roasanna? Also what was your wedding cake like? Sorry for all the questions! 😊


    Laura x 

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