My Downton Abbey Wedding

I have had a fabulous wedding all DIY and as exquisite as I could manage on a budget.  However, it has now even become a weddings events planning business!

My theme was Downton Abbey Edwardian Wedding after the fabulous TV show (  cant wat for series 3 now too ). and took over a year to plan and source all the authentic Edwardian and Vintage items I needed. 

These included Vintage crockery, teacups, saucers, sugar bowls milk jugs, teapots, my own set of 10 hand made 3 tiered cake plates, hand made glass dessert pedesal dshes, silver ware, tepots, sugar tongs and tea services, handmade heritage table runners, silver rose bowls, floral arrnagements and large topiary displays, edwardian punch bowls, and cocktails, candlabras, edwardian./ victorian sweet shop, and ice cream parlour and hand made gilt edge framed table seating planner, edwardian favours for adults and edwardian dressing up games and toys for the children. I even sourced edwardian staff outfits. ( in modern day staff of course ! )

It was amazing and used every design aspect I could muster. As a website designer this helped in a number of ways too. Some items had to be paid at a full price rate, ie: caterers, but we also added our own desserts, and coffee, and chair covers and sashes were bought new but all other items were antique and preloved. It has been hard work but rewarding. If you have the time, go for it, if not , source a wedding planner and events company to help.  It can be done and rates do NOT have to be sky high ! image best of luck to you all and congratulations for a wonderfil wedding. xx Tish







  •   Edwardian Vintage Downton Abbey Floral Topiary displays

    heres a video of the Edwardian floral topiary displays too xx

  • Wow sounds and looks amazing - I am a massive fan of downton too and this would be dreamy!! Well done!! X
  • Thank you so much - It was hard going, but so fun to do. Now I am a dab hand at making all sorts of things, reseraching all sorts of vintage era's too. I simply wanted to make a good contibution towards the cost of the wedding, as my partner does earn more than I do.. but it took a hold of me and a large hotel, country house, or castle wedding was out of budget, but I still got married in Tewkesbury Abbey, found a number of historical venues and opted for one that suited with a music liscence and alcohol liscence and did DIY and good negotiations on all other aspects. I think we saved an average of £10,000 on what would be deemed a 'usual wedding budget'

    Now I want to help other brides have the same. x if I can help I will ...We all deserve a bespoke and opulent wedding even on a budget! xx and for us both avid Downton Abbey fans, was simply a must !!!!!  xx

  • I Forgot to mention, My large Family were all coming to the wedding by coach and staying at a fab but reasonably priced hotel near to the recpetion venue ( across the road in fact ) and being brought on a coach on the friday and returning on the sunday. It was hard going as the wedding was during the olympics and we had an 'olympic premium cost for the coach, but we paid for all family guests to stay. This was because my daughter had told me that the last wedding she attended ( her best freinds had cost HER over £600-700  to attend - including paying for her bridesmaid dress and shoes, all wedding rehearsal costs, visits from London to dress fitings in the cotswolds, and also her accommodation, travel and a wedding present. My daughter has two children ( one under 3 and is a non working mum ). There is NO way I wanted anyone that couldnt afford to pay such moneies for attending MY wedding, to get into debt for coming. no way!!

    As Im an old bride at ahem 47 years, a lot of my family are young, neices and nephews and even great neices and nephews even.. many are students at university, are pensioners and retired or have young children too.  Weddings are so expensive for most people to attend. So I agreed with my H2B that we would pay for them to come and stay and I would DIY the rest of the wedding and cut costs wherever ever else we could.  It really helped x and I am so very grateful for his wonderful contribution to getting all my family there xx

  • on cutting costs?  or ?? anything else|? image

  • Looking lovely so far! Love the table dressing, wha are the little dance cards?
  • Thankyou !!   heres a pic of the weding dress


    and the dance cards I researched ( Edwardian social dances ) and made myself x  I now have the Downton Abbey Weddings Website up too for anyone wishing to book !

    Downton Abbey Weddings


  • We also did our own flowers to save on what is and can be a HUGE cost!!


    and flower girl hair bands



     then us all arriving



     ahh just love those kids xxx





  • gildiusgildius Posts: 113

    Beautiful image Downton Abbey is a fantastic theme!

  • Thankyou both !!  Francesca2012 and Gildius - for your kind words. Yes watch it, watch it !! Downton Abbey is the Best Period Drama on TV!! ( I've just noticed your profile pic and your shoes are very Downton Abbey too!  They're Fab!!

    I'm uploading more pics at our Facebook Page too and have just had a news story in our local paper!! - We're also doing a sign up to win your Downton Abbey Wedding for FREE for all brides to be ( and those renewing their wedding vows ) at Facebook !

    That book is cool too and also The book following the series 'The Chronicles of Downton Abbey' is amazing. Great pics for me to work on some more Edwardian Heritage themes for our table runners image

  • Lovely! You look beautiful, and I agree Downton Abbey is fantastic!
  • hi there Silver-eye,

    Thanks for your kind words, and so very good to talk with other Downton Abbey Fans as well !! Wer'e over the moon with the latest Series of Downton Abbey - I see you live abroad, so won't spoil anything for you, but It has been a fab series 3, we have the box set now to buy as its just finished here in the UK. 

    So much happening for our Downton Abbey Wedding fans and we have a large following now at our Downton Abbey Weddings facebook page too! check us out.. oh yes and by the way Pinterest is great for Downton Abbey Themed Wedding Inspiration. check us out there too x  ( spolier alert ) but be aware- some pics are from series 3!! Have a lovely little root around for Downton inspiration you might like..

    xx best wedding wishes to you x Tish

  • JolinJolin Posts: 14

    Really exquisite. I love the TV play Downtown Abbey. Having such a wedding must be happy!

  • Hee hee! Thanks Tish! It's the highlight of my week so no spoilers please!

    I will have to check out the website too! X
  • Hi I'm going for this theme. Can I ask what you gave as wedding favours? Thanks.x

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