Rule number 1 of wedding crashing:

I know I don't get married for just under two weeks but sod it, my nails are drying and if I use anymore cleaning fluid on my flat, I might not have a flat left...

The beginning:

Before meeting P, I didn't really do long term relationships. I think the longest someone held on to me, before I broke up with them, was 10 months. They were all truly lovely men (for the most part!) and would make someone, the loveliest husband but they were not the men for me. I was often called fussy by friends and family but why should you put up with something less than perfect? So I held out for Mr Darcy/Mr Thornton/Mr Rochester*Delete as applicable*.

It was hard. I honestly started to believe it would never happen and I can remember one of my bridesmaids sitting with me at the Gypsy Moth in Greenwich, mere months before P turned up, with me fretting over a pint of IPA, and her saying that if you believe in fairytales, a fairytale will happen. And dear reader... it did!

It was a stonkingly sunny 28th of June in 2008 ( I remember the date so clearly as I got paid the day before teehee!) and it was nearing the end of my NQT year at a school in Bexley. My year group partner was getting married a mere three days after the end of term and she felt that it wouldn't be the greatest idea to go out and celebrate so few days before the big day as spots and bloating are never terribly pretty! So a month early, we hit the Admiral Hardy and sat gossiping quite happily over many G&Ts when a familiar face appeared at our table asking for a chair. Bizarrely, my ex from when I was sixteen, had appeared in the same pub despite not having seen each other since we were 18! We had a brief catch up and the night took yeet another strange turn and another ex from being a teen turned up (I wasn't a complete strumpet, I promise!)

Obviously, my friend's and my conversation turned to when we were teens and growing up in South East London and where we used to go out. Being both into quite alternative music, you would have thought that we would have ended up in the same places but I guess therein lies the beauty of the size of London!

There is the most depressingly ugly building in New Cross- it is a dark shade of grey concrete, has some terribly named tribute bands and five floors of nastiness- oh yes ladies and gentleman, until this fateful night, I had never set foot in this place in my then 26 years of age! So my friend couldn't quite believe with its proximity that I had never been to the Venue and off we went, cackling in the face of some poor Irish man who asked me for a kiss, randomly!


  • L and I shot straight up to the fifth floor where I honestly believe the air is more rarified and certainly the music is awesome- lots of Britpop, 80s alternative classics, 70s glamrock and grunge. We danced for a bit but having drunk a few G&Ts at the pub, L needed the loo and there is this point isn't there, where you can't just dance by yourself without looking a bit of a fool so I left the middle of the floor and stood by the side, wishing her back so I could throw some shapes to The Bluetones without looking like a Billy-No-Mates! There was this group of men- about four of them, standing to the left of me and they were celebrating their mate's divorce. One of them came up to me and asked me if I could show him how to dance- this was P! I did some awkward weird dance and gave him a bit of a weird face but then thankfully, L had come back by then so we could dance again!

    They were always quite close to where L and I were on the floor. Some how we all got chatting- there was the guy who had just got his divorce through, a crazy bearded one who was a bit dangerous with his dance moves, a friendly bald guy and the strange ginger who had asked me to show his friend how to dance a while ago. Then Boys Don't Cry came on and we were all dancing like loons when the ginger one pushed me so I pushed him back! Proper playground stuff eh?! Apparently, it was because I trod on his foot but I think this is lies and slander on my good character! Anyway, I think I took him by surprise, when I pushed him back and we got chatting- he seemed very lovely, a bit too good to be true, to be honest.

    We went and sat on the sofas in a quieter part of the club and he was making all the cheesy moves so I thought I would play a little with him- sitting on the edge of the sofa, rather than leaning back into his arm- mwahahaha! I then played with him a little more and disappeared to find my friend's and my coat from the cloakroom, leaving him chasing me through the club. When he finally found me, he gave me the most amazing kiss ever. It was so light and gentle and his hands stayed on my arms- not even on my back! What a gentleman!

    So my poor friend had been entertaining his three other friends in our absence and it was pretty late by this point so we decided it was time to start heading off to our respective homes! As I went to leave, he ran after me and asked to see me again. I gave him my number but didn't expect anymore to come of it. When he asked who should call whom- my friend L stated in no uncertain terms that he should ring me!

    So tired and chips in hand, I headed off back to my mum's house. It truly was a weird but awesome night. I didn't realise just how much significance this night was to have.

  • Enjoying it so far! x

  • Loving this! More more more!

  • The next day...

    P hates me for the fact I very rarely suffer the morning after the night before (you can try to kid yourself that it is due to not drinking enough but that is lies!) I felt fine the next day and popped over to my dad's to see my littlest brother ( I have two- one that's six years younger and one that's 23 years younger!) Whilst I was there, my phone rang...My dad looked at me oddly and asked why I wasn't answering it but my step mum shot him a look! By the time I got home that evening, I thought maybe I would check the message left on my answer machine- he had rung! Thankfully, he had also left his name as I couldn't for the life of me remember it from the night before!

    My heart thudded as I rang his number. This time, it was my turn to talk to his answerphone! He apparently was also pretty glad that I left my name on his phone as he couldn't remember it either(we both owned up on the first date)! It was about an hour later that we finally managed to chat. It was like we had always known each other- very easy and calm with no awkwardness. It was decided in that phonecall that we would have a date the following weekend- a meal together at Paternoster Chop House, near St Paul's.

    He told me that he was moving back down from Manchester after a relationship break up a couple of months previous the following weekend- we both chatted for an age about the awesomeness that is Manchester (I went to uni to study French there previous to teacher training). I was really excited about the date the following weekend as it seemed so easy to talk to him.

    The sweetest part about the week previous to the first date was that every single day, he texted me about random stuff- his five-a-side training, CDs he'd found- alarm bells were ringing in my mind- he was just too nice!


  • Ah MelodyMaker! I love that I know the Gypsy Moth and also the awesomeness that is the Venue! image

  • The First Date:

    Bearing in mind that we couldn't remember each other's names from the night before- you'd best believe that we couldn't remember each other's faces! As P still says now, at least we aren't ruining another couple! I tried to get a good mental picture of him from my friend but all she could remember is that he had a lovely smile! His friends were a bit more graphic, one saying I had long dark hair and the other that I had (to paraphrase him) a great rack! Everyone with classy friends say aye! So we both set off to meet each other in London Bridge Underground Station at 11am without a terribly clear idea what the other looked like and not an entirely firm grasp on each other's names.

    I can remember coming down those escalators and spotting what I hoped was him- quite tall, slim, wearing a brown jacket and jeans, grinning at me in my totally inappropriate star print incredibly short dress and tights combo (I was dead skinny then! Just shows what comfort does to a girl!) We greeted each other like we'd always been friends and headed off in the direction of St Paul's via the Globe and the Tate Modern. As we crossed Millenium Bridge, we both agreed it was the most amazing view across London. I was still a little apprehensive that he was so old school- taking me for a dinner date, it seemed a little too perfect so I persuaded him to having a coffee beforehand with the idea in mind that if there was nothing there, we could scarper without wasting too much time! He most definitely thought I was bonkers but wasn't running for the door!

    We ended up in the Chop house with things going very smoothly indeed. Despite then being such a twig of a girl, I proceeded to order a mammoth meal and nom down everything! P was in turnaastonished and delighted that he had met someone unafraid of eating their own weight. At the end of the meal, we decided it was too early to head home so we headed back to Borough, to the Bunch of Grapes and had a few pints together. The date that started at 11 in the morning and was meant to be lunch, ended up being a whole day event! I didn't get home til 12 and it was a school night *shock horror*!

    The truly lovely and perfect date ended with a magical kiss just by the dress shop before the entrance to London Bridge. Oh how I hoped it would continue forever!

  • The second date:

    Argh! Not such a success but it was totally down to me freaking out! When I get nervous, I talk really fast and don't allow anyone to join in with the conversation. Not so great when you're on a date! The idea was dinner in China Town and then a trip to the Prince Charles Cinema to see Happy-Go-Lucky.

    We met in Charing Cross train station and pootled on down to the hustle and bustle of China Town- no kiss thus far! The old worries were surfacing- would he just not like me anymore? So as the fears and panic welled up, I prattled on about my class and the end of term- sports days and other nonsense. We had a wonderful Chinese but were incredibly late for the cinema so grabbed a beer and wondered what to do. In the end we hit a bar by Leicester Square where some very bad bands were playing. In the end he asked why I was being such a crazy girl and I said about him not kissing me when we said hello so he clasped my face and gave me one of those amazingly tender kisses.

    We then spent the rest of the date making up for that missing first kiss! Huzzah! I got my kiss and he got a quieter girl!

    The rest of that summer passed by in a blur of drinking red wine in Broadstairs, sitting in Monmouth Coffee for hours reading the papers, my mum's dog acting like a ninja, meeting the Manics and spending days on end together. It was at some point in that summer that my mum met P and apparently the next day announced to her colleagues that, "This was the one".

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    Love it MM - It's so great to hear the story of how you met! Looking forward to reading the rest and seeing pictures after your big day!

    I still cannot believe we picked the same readings completely independently! image

  • Hahaha! We just have seriously awesome taste in readings! Are you exploding with excitement?
  • More please image and good luck for your wedding x
  • Ooh.....keep typing!!
  • loving this image


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    I am exploding with excitement. It's is actually ridiculous!

    Can't wait to hear more of your story! 

  • This is such a lovely story, stumbled across it by accident but so glad I have image can't wait to hear more.
  • Im looking forward to hearing more also... I used to live on Borough High street, I love reading about all my old haunts, and I too recall waiting at London Bridge to meet someone whom I met a couple of nights before and didnt have a clue what they looked like image

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    cant wait to read more! get typing hehe xx


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