Our Wonderful Wedding Day 8/9/12

We finally did it!! After 2 years of planning I finally got to marry my perfect man!

This forum has been such a support for me over the past 2 years so I wanted to come back and post my wedding report image

So the week of our wedding was seriously stressful, I mean beyond what Id even imagined, I had so much to do and my lovely now husband decided 5 days before our wedding that our front railings and front of house needed to be painted as did our bathroom! So 2 days before the wedding I was painting put bathroom a lovely sky blue! As mad as it was, it certainly made the days past quicker! My lovely mummy also came down a week before the wedding and she was a star, she helped me paint, she helped me clean and looked after our daughter when we had wedding stuff to get on with. I dont know how I got through that week without my mum, so the day before the wedding I took my mum out for lunch, were we talked about how far Id come (I was born 3 months prem and was extremely lucky to make it, the doctors called me miracle) So both me and mum got very emotinal and she gave me a beautiful silver charm braclet

Me and my mum out for lunch



  • After lunch we went back to my house, my mum looked after my daughter and I did the last minute cleaning whilst waiting for my bridesmaids to arrive at 3pm, I was getting quite stressed out by this point, 1 of my lovely bridesmaids arrived dead on 3pm and helped me with the last minute cleaning. But by 5pm no-one else was here! Cue me being REALLY stressed, we were supposed to be having food before the nail women came at 6pm, I couldnt get hold of either of my other bridesmaids and I was quite pissed off! They both turned up around 6,30pm, I was annoyed but once they were here we all started to have a good laugh, we had pizza, then had our nails done and watched Bride Wars and Bridesmaids, we had a generally good girly night. I was a bit nervous and had a slight freak out that my husband might not turn up lol, I was buzzing and didnt go to bed till 2am and then I didnt get till sleep about 3.30am and was up at 6.45am!! I snuggled on the couch with my daughter drinking tea and watching Flushed Away, my bridesmaids got up about 8.30am and my mum and dad bought us all a Maccies Breakfast!

    My mum and dad decorated all the front of our house with ribbon and flowers

     It was beautiful and very thoughtful of them. Me and my bridesmaids dont drink but we had non alcholic wine and bucks fizz on the morning and I stood outside in my pjs chatting to my neighbours, everyone was excited for me and said they were going to come and watch us leave. I started to feel nervous then!

    My bridesmaids and mum had there hair and makeup done and I was left to last which was ok but I started to panic because time was getting on, my hair and make up didnt start getting done untill 12.15, I was meant to be in my dress by 1.30pm! So I was freaking out by now, everyone was excited and getting ready and our photographer (a close friend) was snapping away. My hair and make up was done it was time to get into the dress! Which was a big rush, as I was aware we were running late, my mum was lacing me into my dress, she'd been with me 4 times to try my dress and we were both confindent that she could do it! Well this was the first diaster of the day, she tried to put it over my head but got makeup on it, on the skirt! But I knew there was nothing we could do, my photographer got most of it but I was still freaking out! My mum then started to lace me in and snapped one of the holes were the lacing goes through, I was seriously freaking out and thought we were going to have the cancel, thank god my mum and photographer could sew, they fixed it and got me in to the dress!! Looking back on the photos now and I know no-one else can tell but I can, I wasent laced into properly, my boobs werent as secure as they were in my dress fittings, but it didnt spoil the day once I was in it and got in the car Id forgotten about it!

  • We were only 15 minute late getting into the cars, my bridesmaid, daughter and mum got into one car and left 10 minutes before me and my dad. I had a minute to breath upstairs and came down to my dad and makeup artist ready to fix my make up from crying lol. We got into the cars with a crowd of neighbours cheering! Which was a bit weird lol, in the car, people were waving and cheering as we went the past them, it was just a lovely happy moment image We hit traffic coming into Liverpool City Centre, the driver dodged it and went a different way down a bus lane lol. We got to St Georges Hall, and the other car wasent there! So I started to freak out a bit again lol, quick call to the other driver and they were stuck in the traffic we'd avoided! Me and my dad got out the car and had some pictures taken.We went inside and explained to the registrar that my bridesmaid were in traffic and could we wait, they had another wedding at 4pm! I had to choose another witness incase they didnt make it, which I did quite upset, but they turned up about 15 minutes later. Thank God!

    It was finally time to get married!! I wasent nervous going in, I just wanted to get in and see Billy! I walked into Savage Garden- Truly Madly Deeply, I had our daughter walk in first, followed my newphews who were pageboys and my bridesmaids and then me and my dad, my dad had to tell me to slow down coz I was practically running lol

    Me and my dad coming in


  • When I got to Billy he gave me the biggest hug and kiss lol, he'd been sending me texts all morning saying I love you, see you at 3pm! Like I was going to forget lol

    Saying our vows

     My veil looks a bit weird here, it was silk so it all gathered together, I loved it when I tried it on, but it didnt half annoy me on the day lol

    Giggling! image


  • Signing the register



  • Our wedding rings


  • I havent had the professinal pictures back yet but heres some that other people took in the gardens at the back of st georges hall

    Me, Billy, Bridesmaids and ushers

     us and my mum and dad


     me and 1 of my stepsons



     us and my lovely grandma

     Our daughter Jessica with a mood on lol




  • my daughter and newphews



  • Thanks girls. Will do more in a bit just catching up on x factor image

  • We struggled so much to chose the music for the ceremony, the night before we were due to go and give all the final details to the register office we stayed up untill 2am trying to find our songs! Eventually we chose Savage Garden- Truly Madly Deeply for the entrance, we had 98 degrees I do (cherish you) for signing the register and Take That- Greatest Day for the exit. We spent so long choosing them and on the day it didnt really matter on the day, I dont really remember hearing them! lol

    After the ceremony we went into the gardens to have photos done, it was so HOT I hadnt really felt the heat till then, but my god I was sweating lol. Im really fair skinned and burn as soon as the sun hits me, and obviously I didnt think of putting suncream on lol so I actually got burnt! So in some of the pics Ive got big red burnt patchs lol, but I was married! I really didnt care, the train on my dress was filthy as well but I didnt care! lol

    Me and my husband got into the car and were giggling away to each other like teenagers lol, it was so lovely image. We got to the hotel, most of our guests were already there. Im a smoker and yes I did try to quit before the day but I never quite managed it image So as soon as I got out the car, my bridesmaids smuggled me off round the corner to hide and have a smoke!

    My lovely husband came with me even though he stopped smoking a year ago! We went into the adelphi hotel for a bucks fizz reception with out guests, the hotel manager greeted, they had a red carpet out for us and we had a little boogie up the red carpet which was fun!

    Our room in the adelphi


  • The above pic isnt the best, but we had a wish tree, our wedding postbox, and candels in memory of my husbands 2 brothers, his nan and grandad, my grandad, and my daughter who I lost 7 years ago

  • The day went by so quickly, we had a lovely tradtional meal of veg soup, roast chicken dinner and profiteroles. It was delcious! I didnt eat that much because I was to scared of popping out my dress or something lol. The hotel really did us proud, anyone whos from Liverpool will know that the adelphi used to have quite a bad reputation, but I really cant fault it, the room was beautiful, the food amazing and our bedroom we had for the sat and sun night was HUGE, it was like an apartment and had a jacuzzi image

    After the meal we had speechs from my dad, who did us proud, he's actually my step dad and has been with my mum since I was 14, I never knew my real dad and he's done a brilliant job of being a dad. He did a lovely speech about having gained 3 daughters and he couldnt be prouder of me and Billy as weve been through so much and how weve given him a gorgeous grandaughter and that me and billy are made for each other, it was truly lovely. Billy did quite a traditonal speech, thanking everyone etc and Billys best man did a very funny speech. After speechs the room was being changed round for the night time, and everyone relaxed in the lounge area. Me and billy went up to our room for a cup of tea lol and i ripped my veil out my head it really was so annoying, it looked lovely but it was to long lol, so i couldnt wait to get it off! My hair n make up girl came up to hotel room and touched me up, thank god lol. and then the night time party started to kick off. Our daughter was straight in the dancefloor and didnt stop untill 10pm! She ended up taking her pretty ivory satin shoes off and putting her blue vans on lol


  • For the night time party we had a sweetie bar and a chocolate fountain, the choc fountain was a bit of a diaster, the hotel didnt melt the choclate properly and it clogged the machine up so it didnt flow, but the kids and some of the adults still enjoyed it! Everyone was dancing and laughing and looked so happy, it was actually really emotinal for me and billy to stand at the days and see everyone we loved happy and dancing. There was a lot of people we invited for the night time that didnt turn up and didnt let us know they werent coming, it didnt bother me in the slightest but Billy was quite upset the next day becuase he felt they should of let us know in advance and other people could of been invited, there was tons of food and cake left over! As well as our amazing wedding cake which a friend made, it was 3 tiers, 1 carrot cake, 1 chocolate sponge, 1 victoria sponge and covered in white chocoalte curls, she also made lots of different flavours cupcakes and we had a cake table with different cheese cakes and gateus on!



  • Cutting the cake lol



  • mmmm that cake was delish we asked the hotel to save the bottom tier for us so we could take it home. After we'd finshed posing for photos cutting the cake, one of my bridesmaids came running over to tell me that my mum had fallen over and hurt herself! I went over to a big crowd around her on the floor, my mother in law stroking her head, my father in law rubbing her back and 1 of billys cousins fanning her!! Talk about dramtic lol, my dad was with her and told everyone to back off (he's a 6ft 10 yorkshire man, so when he tells you something, you listen lol!) What annoyed me though its that Jessica was screaming crying next to everyone, and no one picked her up and tried to soothe her! I picked her up and comfoted her and shed a few tears myself, I was upset because she was upset and worried about my mum, she went and sat outside with dad and my sister and sisters boyfriend and had some ice on her knee, she was ok I think she more embarssed then hurt, and she was upset she'd missed us cutting the cake! Once everyone had calmed down, I found out she'd bent down to pick up Jessica and her knee had given way, so her and Jessica had fell. Luckily my mum and dad had a room in the hotel for them and Jessica, so my dad took mum to bed and my sister took jessica up who went straight to sleep!

  • jessica in the hotel room

  • We had our first dance to The first time I ever saw your face but a cover version by Sterophonice, neither me or billy are the best dancers, and it was the thing we were both dreading the most lol, we tried to practice it the week before but it didnt go well lol. So we just winged it and asked the dj to ask everyone to join us about half way through. We were giggling and kissing for most of the dance and then I broke down crying! I was just so over whelmed and happy and the tiredness didnt help! After the song was over Billys 2 sons, his sister and nieces all came round me and hugged me and danced with me and it was so lovely, incrediable moving. Anyone who has seen my posts in here will know that we'd had a lot of trouble with his mum and 1 of his sons and different family members through out the planning, but the son who we'd had issues with, gave me a huge hug and said he loved me and that he was glad i was his step mum, which  made me cry again! After the first dance we looked at billys mum and dad and they were both in absolute tears! I spoke to them and they said they were just so happy and proud of him, both of us, and they could see how much we adore each other image. Another incrediably moving moment!




  • These are the mugs I had made for us image


  • By 11.30pm I was so tired, I had a headache and wanted to go to bed to do nothing but sleep! I went and sat down in the lounge were it was quiter and cooler and had a big glass of water and some paracetomal but I still wanted to go to bed lol. I managed another hour and had a crazy dance with my dad and friends lol But people were quite drunk by now and theres nothing worse when you dont drink then pissed people lol. My sister hitched my dress right up and made me do the cha cha slide which was a laugh lol but then I had to drag her down off a table because she was so drunk lol. By 12.30 we were both ready to go lol, Billy said bye to everyone on the djs mic and we went round hugging and thanking everyone. We were in bed by 1am and believe me we did nothing but sleep lol.

    The day was truly amazing, and I went to sleep with the biggest smile on my face and finally being Mrs Riley

  • I have a bit more to do girls about our celebrations the day after, but I'll do that tomorrow because Im tired now!

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    Really enjoyed reading this and seeing your pics. The cake looks yummy! 

    Glad you had a wonderful day, C

  • Aww thanks sadsack! The day really was over far 2 quickly! Buts its fantastic yo finally be married image
  • Ah congratulations Mandi. I'm glad you had a great time at the adelphi. I haven't been there since my uni days!

    Lovely report, looking forward to reading more. I remember reading some of your plans and your posts about your husbands sight so I'm glad you had a great day and lovely weather xx
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