Eat, Drink and Be Married! Pictures!!

OK, so here goes.... I feel slightly nervous writing my report, and slightly sad too. I have been planning the wedding of my dreams for 18 months now, and it feels slightly odd that its all over!!! The help I recieved from this forum has been completely life-saving at times, and so, I wanted to share our wedding and our story with you all in the hope, that some little element might help or inspire you beautiful brides out there! Bear with me; I'll try and get it all done asap!! image



  • First off. Introductions!

    Im Kate, a south west girl at heart but after studying in Oxford (and meeting the hubby, Max) ended up staying around, trying to rennovate a house, with two puppies and wedding planning! I've never really done things by half, and the wedding was no exception!  

  • The start of Max and I...

    Wasnt the easiest of beginnings, but on reflection it was those arkward and somewhat tricky times that have helped us both move forward and be so strong as a couple. We met in freshers week of university; he was a friend of my current boyfriend, and a few years older so they gave us the tour of the town, and the best places to go! Things were pretty awful with the current boyfriend, and the relationship became really damaging. Throughout this time, Max seemed to always be the shoulder to cry on, and while I seperated from the boyfriend, Max and I became really close, and eventually an item. This caused quite a lot of issues within friendship groups, and much tension with people having to 'choose' sides etc... eventually we decided to stop pleasing everyone else, and focus on us, and what we had together.

    A little pic of us in the good old fancy dress uni days!



  • We grew closer and closer, and stronger and stronger throughout our time and Uni, and although we didnt live together, spent a lot of time together, and on completing our degrees decided to travel the world together. I think by this point we were both kind of aware that we were both in it for the long haul, and couldnt imagine life without one another. We'd been together 3 years at this point...

    One of us travelling: 



  • The Proposal!

    In May 2011, I decided that I wanted to go abroad and teach English. I ended up going to Nepal, which was a complete rollarcoaster of a trip. Max didnt come; it wasnt something he was particuarly keen to do, so I decided to go by myself. The kids were incredible, but the whole time I missed Max so much, and the feeling that I had when we travelled and saw the world together. I was really emotional, and pretty sick in Nepal so ended up coming home a few days earlier than planned.

    I remember the long long long flight, with several changes... and I remember them announcing the landing into heathrow and for some odd reason (i never do this!!) I went into the bathroom and put on make-up, sorted my hair ready to meet max. On the way from the plane, Max kept calling to try and find out how my flight was, how I was feeling etc, which was a bit odd!

    Anyway, you guessed it! In I walked to the arrivals hall of Heathrow, and there he was on one knee with the most beautiful ring!! It was SO embarassing, but when I (very quickly!) said yes, everyone was clapping and cheering!! 

    I spent the next few days in a jetlagged state of shock!!! 

    Here is the ring



  • Let the planning commence!!

    I knew that I wanted a reasonably big, white, church wedding, keeping everything really classy, but that I wanted the whole day to be FUN!!! Ive been to a few weddings that have been beautiful, but quite stiff; it was my aim to keep things formal yet relaxed image 

    Lets start with the venue.

    After looking around loads of venues in the Bath area, we settled on Bishopstrow House near Warminster. It was only able to hold 80 people, which meant cutting down our guest list, but it seemed to fit what we were after..... it really felt like a compromise on reflection.

    A few months later, someone mentioned Grittleton House to us; they dont advertise, and they are a school in term time. The photos on google looked incredible so we decided to go and have a look! I fell for it straight away, and although Max took another viewing to feel completely happy, it meant we could save a decent chunk of our budget, while being able to have our entire guest list- Perfect!! It was booked!



  • The church was also a given. Im lucky that my parents live in a little village with this beautiful church!


     The first decisions were made: roll on 1st September!

  • Ok so wedding detail time!

    I'll start with the dress...!! With the dress, I had in mind already exactly what I wanted! I wanted lace, a little bit backless, and absolutley not strapless (I cant pull them off!)!! So, initially this was all I was going for... Untill, I saw THE dress! Classic yet modern, simple and elegant, yet with a touch of vintage! 



  • image

     One of us at the alter

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    Lovely so far image
  • Really loving this, beautiful story so far image

  • Really lovely so far image yes your venue really does look amazing image
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    Lovely thread so far, You look amazing in you dress like something out of a magazine! Can't wait to read more and see more image x

  • Gorgeous thread so far 

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    that dress is amazing, love the neck line, its simple but so pretty

  • Can't wait to hear more. So beautiful so far.


  • Ok so I'm back! The Dress is by Marylise, its called Sienna. image 

    We wanted the whole day to be very pretty and soft, without anything too loud or bright! For this reason, we chose for our bridesmaids to be in little ivory dresses, and I then tied a ribbon around the middle. I actually got these from BHS, and they were buy one get one half price at the time: £270 for four! 

    Here we are the day:



  • The next part, is the biggest splurge of the wedding, but, thanks to Bicester Village, I paid  about £500 for 5 pairs of Jimmy Choos! One lesson in bargaining; even big luxury stores are willing to give you some discount if your stubborn enough! 

    Here are the shoes:


    And a close up with my bouquet: 



     The bouquet was a mix of soft whites, pinks, greens and cream, with the bridesmaids bouquets having much more pink.

  • The rest of my outfit...

    I wore a thin veil, although to be honest it drove me mad!! and so I took it off after the photos were taken outside the church. I also had a custom made hair comb by a little company in Wilshire called IDesign jewellery; it was completely beautiful and something I'll hold onto forever! Also, when shopping around the prices for hairpieces are just crazy! She made this especially for me, and it cost £110. I cant recommend them enough.

     This photo was taken just as they asked anyone if there were any lawful reasons why we couldnt marry!! I had to give everyone a little peek image 

  • Oooh, my earrings, which are quite hard to see were made bespoke for me by gavin Mack Jewellery who is also an amazing (and amazing value) supplier!

    My mum had given me her old sapphire and diamond engagment ring on my 18th birthday, and it had just sat in a drawer! So i used the stones, and Max bought me the pearls to create the earrings which also gave me 'something old, something new and something blue' all in one!!


    I cant find a picture of the girls earrings, but they were little diamante and pearl drop earrings from Girls love pearls image

  • With Make-up, I had ummed and aaaahhhed about whether to have it done professionally, and, on having my trial just didnt feel it was worth the money- I felt I could create the look myself. So, I invested half the money in lots of nice products to create the finish I wanted. I also had a half set of individual eyelash extensions which I massively reccommend- they lasted all day and into the honeymoon.

    Here are my key buys:

    1. an eyebrow pencil! Otherwise they get lost in photos,

    2. Bobby Brown gel eyeliner in caviar ink; its just a little softer than black.

    3. Nars sheer matte foundation, I also used their bronzer as its quite matte (not sparkly!)

    4. In terms of primer, I used Urban Decay eyeshadow primer and benefit Porefessional on my face.

    I fixed with MAC fixing spray and my make up lasted all day. I wore a laura mercier nude lipstick, and smoked my eyes with a chanel eye pot. image

  • I love reports!!


    Congratulations on getting married.


    You look amazing and so utterly happy. 

    Gorgeous church and venue, can't wait for more xx

  • Ok so lets talk about the boys! We hired all 10 suits from Debenhams, and they were really really good. We had traded in an old iphone with vodaphone and they have a option where you can have lots of debenhams vouchers instead of less cash.... in the end, the 10 suits cost £400, and as everybody is dotted around they were able to go to their local stores which worked really well. When Max picked his up suits, his was too big! They were great and had one couriered for him 2 days before the wedding! Lucklily it fitted!

    The Groomsmen had pink cravats, and hankies and then Max had Ivory, with dark navy suits.

    Here is Max:


     And the best man doing his speech, looking pretty in pink!!



  • On the morning of the wedding, I bought him some little bits and bobs, around the something old something new something borrowed something blue.

    His family gave me something old (and an old photo of us), I bought him a mont blanc pen which he had always wanted, I lent him a concealer for his bags (haha!) and bought him some ink as the something blue.



    I also gave him a grooms journal from something cherished. He loved all of it, and was his first tear of the day!


    As I'd bought my bridesmaids everything they needed, I didnt get them gifts as such, but I bought these lovely bags off ebay, and put all their bits and bobs plus a nice card inside.



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    Congratulations- what a lovely wedding image

    I LOVE your flowers- do you remember exactly what was in the bouquets/ the names of the individual flowers?

  • JodielouW wrote (see)

    Congratulations- what a lovely wedding image

    I LOVE your flowers- do you remember exactly what was in the bouquets/ the names of the individual flowers?

    They are Avalanche and Sweet Avalanche roses, pale green lisianthus and bouvardia with variegated pittosporum. image Or at least that was the original list! I think she may have replaced bits to ensure everything was avaialble but a florist could tell you; pretty sure nothing unusual!

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    Love your photos and report.

    The pic of your husband holding your bouquet is lovely and the one of you laughing at speeches is fab! 


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    Kateandmax wrote (see)
    They are Avalanche and Sweet Avalanche roses, pale green lisianthus and bouvardia with variegated pittosporum. image Or at least that was the original list!

    Thank you- I recognised the sweet avalanche and avalanche roses + lisanthus as they're on my list too- I think my bouquet will be very similar to yours so it's nice to see what it might look like! x

  • Ok so back-tracking a little...

    As we tend to have massively busy friends, we sent the save the dates out a year in advance. We ordered vintages fans with the information on the insides. We got these from Pretty wild designs.



  • Our invites, we wanted to be really classic and elegant, yet cost effective. We found these from card-lab which i LOVED, but unfortunately they were just out of budget. Letterpress is really expensive, TIP! if you really like the feel and the look of letterpress but cant afford it, look at Thermo printing. The ink is raised of the paper so you still get some texture and dept. This is what I got printed, then I just assembled all the pieces ourselves. There was an info sheet, RSVP card andand envelope on the inside flap. On the front tag, we had Max and Kate, and the date, and used a champagne colour ribbon.






  • Ok so moving onto decoration and how I wanted everything to look on the day... Here is an overall snapshot of our room.... 


     We had round tables, with white table cloths, and napkins. Then, I hired the chair covers and sashes from chaircoversforbrides- who were excellent, and tied them all myself. Its a bit of a pain, but if your setting up your venue yourself, an easy way to save a few pennies!!


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