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Devastated Bride: Perry De Montaignac - Appalling Dishonest Service & Staff


Please do not be fooled by this company. They are crooks and have lost precious items from my wedding day that can never be replaced! They are rude and uncaring. Their service is disorganised and based on the other reviews that I have seen post my hurtful experience, I cannot stress enough that Brides should not allow this disgraceful company to handle your precious items.   Please also see this link:   They are denying ever receiving these items, even though the items were couriered and acknowledged by them.   They have cheated me of my memories of what was such a beautiful and special Wedding Day. They have broken my heart and to do that to a bride, is simply unforgivable. They should be ashamed of themselves!   Please, stay away from this company and do not make the mistake that I made and put your precious possessions in their hands!


  • As a professional company we take all and any customer feedback very seriously. We clean c3000 wedding dresses each year and the overwhelming majority of customers are delighted with our service. Unlike other dry cleaning companies we also keep notes on each and every order. The above "review"  does not correspond to any customer that we recall and we would therefore ask  - if this is a real customer - please can you let us know your order number. We can then address these extremely hurtful accusations (which we believe to be totally unjustified) fully.   The PdeM Team

  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476

    I used this company to have my wedding dress cleaned (well my mum organised it all while I was on honeymoon) and the whole process couldnt have gone smoother. I even had a tear repaired and although they warned us that it wouldnt be perfect, when I checked my dress after they returned it I couldnt even find where the rip had been, it was absolutely spotless. I read this review after my dress had been collected and panicked the whole time it was gone but I'm pleased to say that they really couldnt have been more helpful. I'm sorry that the OP had a bad experience but I would and have recommended them to others x

  • I too used this company after a recommendation from a friend and also read several reviews prior to selecting them, but have to say I had nothing but a positive experience. The courier collected on time and PdeM cleaned my dress up perfectly - even managed to get a red wine stain off the front! They also did a great job with my shoes which had grass stains and mud on them (thanks to walking across a field to my outdoor ceremony). I can only recommend their service to others. x

  • I wouldn’t say there was a theme.  I considered the English country garden theme with bunting and cake stands.  I loved this look so much but the past few weddings I have been too have had this theme so I decided to go in another direction.  Taking inspiration from the venue which has a modern feel inside with silver and grey curtains in the main room, I wanted to choose grey as a dominant colour and to go with that, I would have little accents of lilac.  I think grey and lilac look good together so a ‘theme’ or more like a colour scheme was born.





    I hope your summer is just like cheap bunny costumes filled with surprises.



  • M C 2012M C 2012 Posts: 1

    I have used this company for my wedding dress, I would really not recommend it to anyone.

    Perhaps because we were indoors most of the time, my dress was actually very clean with only some dusting on the border but no serious staining. It came back from the cleaning late, looking much the same and not ironed ( let alone steamed). I called them to complain and the guy said they could not remove the dirst (?). I eventually decided to have a go myself by just soaking the boarder in some warm water (no detergent), rubbed it gently by hand and it all came out beautifully. That suggests to me they didn't actually  use first the gentle products but tried directly harsher chemical that only work for more serious stains.

    This is quite clear form the fact they have completely ruined my bolero, which had the most stains. It was an ivory lace Pronovias which came back bright white that can only be from bleaching. I sent it back to them with a photo proof of the original colour, they acknowledged something has happened there and promised to look into it. My ruined bolero is still with them some two years later, they have never contacted since, never offered to compensate me for it or apologised. I gave up on it really but please be advised this company can ruined your memories, best not to use.

  • It's a bit suspect when a distressed bride posts on here to warn other brides then several other brides pop up that are brand new to the site and never post before with really positive reviews... come on ladies your not fooling anyone...and from a SEO perspective u are only giving this bad review a higher ranking on Google .

  • MrsChez2bMrsChez2b Posts: 476

    I'm far from a new bride, ive been posting on this site for around 3 years. Is it unheard of that some peope did actually have a positive experience with this company?! I didnt read this thread until after i'd sent them my dress and hope that my review can put someone's mind at rest if they, like me, trusted this company with their most important item of clothing.

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