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Where to start? I guess the best place is September 2005 I moved to Coventry to start university. I’d grown up in south Devon and when choosing a university found only three campuses ran my course, London (my dad properly wouldn’t of liked his only daughter going to the big city), Gloucester which in my eyes was just as country like as Devon which meant Coventry was to be my new home.  A few things to mention at this point I was 19 a metal head and not the girliest of girls when choosing student accommodation I had deliberately ticked the box saying I wanted mixed accommodation, most of my close friends from Devon were lads there for the idea of staying with just girls wasn’t something I wanted. So I rock up on the Saturday with a van load of junk I move into my student hall to find my floor was all girls and the floor below was all lads, que me with my bright pink hair unpacking my room with rage against the machine bellowing getting funny looks from the girls who were expecting a far girlie art student to mix with them and the lads pretty impressed that I had what they considered reasonable taste in music.


I was studying a joint honours degree so some of modules were with the girls and some were with the lads downstairs. These particular bunch of lads ended up making friends with another block at the student halls which happened to house my now husband. As a group of friends we’d end up in many a rock bar. Now my first real meaningful memory of my hubby is one cold night early February 2006 sat in the rock club and on the tv screen appears the manic street preachers now he’s welsh so I in my memory state shout out him “you must love the manics they are welsh” his response “never really listened to em but if we head downstairs we can both listen to whats on the telly” so off we go downstairs and spend the rest of the night talking about everything from music to joss wheadon (creator of buffy and angel amongst other things more on that later). Now at this point I shall say we were both in long distance relationships’ that’s weren’t working we spent the rest of this term just as friends talking both over msn every night and at the pub twice a week. Things got a bit mad during the Easter break lots of uni work plus my Nan being diagnosed with breast cancer meant my time in Devon was both busy and emotional. The chap I was seeing wasn’t the most supporting and this put yet more strain on our relationship. April term started three days before my birthday and my then boyfriend and my partners then girlfriend came up for a long weekend que the weirdest birthday I’ve ever had. Now after they’d both gone home I ended up spending more time with the hubby watching lots of buffy and angel thankyou joss wheadon. Anyway a long story and I won’t bore you with the details but three weeks later we now both had new partners and some how I think it worked out for the best. 13th of May 2006 we went out on a double date with another couple from uni ice skating and sat in the seats watching everybody skate round my rather beardy Welshman says to me “I guess this makes you my girlfriend then” and yes I did say “I guess it does”.


Now before we got together my husband had been a superstar looking after me whilst I was worrying about my poorly Nan. Whilst I was in Devon he would make sure we had at least one msn conversation a day to check on me now only a week into our relationship it was my turn to look after him when his own Nan passed away. He went away for a few days to stay with family and I missed him so much it sounds a bit cheesy but I think even then I knew he was mine.  He comes back up and talk starts one afternoon in the pub about the first year ball my phone beeps


  • I look down and read the message its from hubby who is only sat across the table from me it simply reads “will you go to the call with me? X” I send back yes but I would much rather go to the ball, and that we did. 



  • So by the end of june we’re packing the van again to take me back down to the west country for the summer break he’s coming with me to meet everyone but then going back up to Coventry to spend the summer working. I came back up to Coventry for his birthday in July with an albino hamster we named angel (can you tell we love joss wheadon) then back down to the shire for the rest of the break. My Nan got better unfortunately this same summer we lost my great nana but he helped me through this and before we knew it I was back up in Coventry for second year.


    Now because we got together quite late into the first year we had both already booked accommodation for the second year fortunately they were only round the corner from each other although in all fairness we always ended up staying at each others houses anyway. He decided over the summer to start a different course so was now a first year again I tried to enrol on to my second year only to find the course no longer existed que lots of stress and nearly a whole term of nonsense before eventually being signed up to a full course by Christmas. In all this madness he lost his grandfather and this time I went with him to support him and meet the family. I spent most the wake nodding at people as I couldn’t understand the strong welsh accent of those family members desperate to figure out my hubby’s new English girlfriend. By the end of first term everyone was starting to plan there second year accommodation and we decided bravely we would move into together for third year (the house was awful but it was our first home together and I loved it). 

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    this is sooooo sweet! i cant wait to see it all unfold. im sorry for all your loses but it does throw you in the deep end of a relationship doesnt it, makes you know really quickly if you can be there in the worst of times its going to be amazing in the best of times

    yay for being the weirdo student and not understanding anything your inlaws say, thats two of us thenimage

  • Oh my I did not understnd half of what they said that day I'm better now but still some days I have to really concerntrate. 

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    yeah, mine are from n ireland and they speak soooo fast! its just all mumbling isnt it. what part of wales is he from? (sorry if you said i didnt see)

  • The rest of second year disappeared rather quick I spent a week away with my parents at the end of June then moved in with him and spent the summer working six day weeks to cover rent but I wouldn’t of changed a thing. I changed jobs at the start of September as the work I had been doing was only a seasonal contract and had changed jobs again by the end of October. Thankfully enrolling onto my third year was a lot easier and although there was a tonne of work it was December before we knew it.


    A Radom fact for your amusement I am the first female born into my dads family in 50 years when my granddad was still alive he was my best friend he passed when I was 15 I was heart broken, my Nan his widow is my partner in crime and we love spending time together during December 2007 she was going through her jewellery box and came across her aunts engagement ring. After speaking to my mum it was decided my Nan wanted to give me said ring. I mentioned it to hubby in passing one afternoon his response get your mum to bring the ring up at Christmas we’ll use it as an engagement ring and with that we were engaged. Yes there were some happy tears and some silly squeals from me but no grand gesture no twisting his arm behind his back simple and very us. We spent our first Christmas together that year but new years apart. In fact I ran into the ex on new years eve flashed him my engagement ring and ran away not my finest moment. As much as I wanted to get fully into wedding planning uni took over even if I did buy the odd magazine plus we always knew with him a year behind me it was always going to be a longish engagement. 

    Our rings by the way my beautiful 1928 engagement ring image




  • he's from south wales just outside of Cardiff although I've been in the pub with him and the lads before and they've started chatting in welsh and not realised leaving me going what?

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    wow your engagment ring is so modern looking, cant believe its age!

    yeah the accent is a bit thick that way isnt it. do you know any welsh, you hsould learn a couple of random phrases without him knowing and just pop them in to converstaion sometime (youve probably already done this)

  • Loving this! More please!

  • So third year at uni disappeared so fast it was untrue and in the first week of June 2008 I finished my degree, started a new job as a photographer and moved house don’t do things by halves hey. I spent the summer worrying about what result I was going to come out with needn’t of worried though got the 2:1 I was after. Life kind of bumbled along for a while after that he finished uni the following summer and the started his grown up job the September after. I’d kept buying wedding magazine every so often during this time kind of toying with planning a wedding but nothing to serious. Then somehow at some point during 2011 it all got serious don’t know how perhaps its because two of his close friends had weddings booked in for aug and sept we decided we’d start planning ours. Hubby works in a school so it was always going to have to be in the school holidays he hates summer and the heat, spring 2012 wouldn’t of been long enough to save and Christmas seemed far to far away so October half term it was and what was in the middle of half term HALLOWEEN! That was it we had our date it didn’t matter to me it was a Wednesday the fact that we’re getting married on Halloween had sold it to me. Those who know us thought it was great we’re not the most conventional of couples and what better way to celebrate than with a fancy dress evening disco. 

  • So we had a date now to get seriously planning. I knew early on that the dress wasn't doing to be a big fluffy brides dress don't get me wrong they are beautiful but at only 5ft 3" against a 6ft 3" groom I was never going to rock that look without looking like a bog roll dollie. I initially wanted a 50’s rockabillie dress in red with a big black petticoat but that would have been far to obvious. I live in black normally and red is my favorite colour people would of guessed that was what I was turning up in. I also knew I didn’t want to spend a small fortune on my dress so I went looking on Monsoon, Debenhams, coast and house of frasers websites then I found my dress a simple slim fitting single shoulder strap silver dress loved it, it was something without to much fuss wasn’t in a colour people would expect and didn’t have tones of fabric to trip over (more on accidents later). However I had only tired it on by myself and needed a second opinion so on my next visit to Devon tried it on in front of my mum she wasn’t sold she liked it but not convinced. So when back in Coventry I showed a select few my dress and they all seemed to agree it was very me. Now trying to track the dress down again was a nightmare no where had it. I’d been traveling across the midlands for work and no where had it. I managed to locate it leamington flew across there one day after work to find it marked boooo however they had another one in Birmingham. My parents were up to see me in two weeks and so they agreed to put the dress on hold for me till then sorted I thought. 

  • Cardiff accent isn't too bad compared to accents from the valleys or more West/North Wales! My oh is from Cardiff, I'm from Kent - it was difficult understanding him and even now I have to ask him to repeat things but I worked in the valleys for a while and they found my accent fascinating whilst I couldn't understand them lolimage.

    Loving the story, not a 'traditional' bride at all but if it's 'you' then that's great! xx

  • Cardiff accent isn't too bad compared to accents from the valleys or more West/North Wales! My oh is from Cardiff, I'm from Kent - it was difficult understanding him and even now I have to ask him to repeat things but I worked in the valleys for a while and they found my accent fascinating whilst I couldn't understand them lolimage.

    Loving the story, not a 'traditional' bride at all but if it's 'you' then that's great! And Halloween is a great day to get married, especially if you're not wearing a light dress, just adds to the Halloween atmosphere lol xx

  • So mum and dad come up for a visit and we spend the day trying on dresses you see although they did indeed reserve my dress once I looked at it and saw not one but three stains and four small tear along the hem I knew it was a lost cause now I wont give the game away with my dress just yet but I tried on lots that day from various places and in silver, coffee, ivory, pink, black and white what I will say is it was a bargain at £40 yes my dress cost less than my shoes! So July 2011 I had my dress and a date. In august we went to a beautiful wedding and it all started to feel a bit real that we were planning a wedding que venue searching initially we had planned on getting married at the local registry office as we’re not religious so a church was never an option but then I found St Mary’s Guildhall and I was in love!'s%20guildhall%20coventry&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=TwGYUPGsNLPL0AXC3oDwBw&biw=1024&bih=653&sei=bgGYUP2uMMSA0AWOmIDAAg  Beautiful isn’t it so an old hall on Halloween now we needed an evening reception venue as we couldn’t afford the guildhall at night we chose an out of town hotel as I stayed there before and even been to a wedding there and it seemed ok unfortunately yes it was good value but the organization was rubbish and we’ve had a slight problem after the wedding with regards to a missing cake topper but none the less we had venues booked. Now we also went to a second wedding the first weekend of september this was stunning I just spent most the night in pain as I had slipped a disk in my back two weeks before it and was still very uncomfortable did get up and dance to a bruce springsteen song though lol. 

  • It was always going to be a fairly DIY wedding I love art, craft and sewing. If you ask most people to describe five things I love the list is normal, shoes, giraffes, buttons, music and my husband. Therefore my bouquets were always going to be buttons I made them and the button holes I guess because I spent ages researching them they were normal to me but so many people were blown away by mine and my maids on the day. I made mine really early on was prob done before christmas 2011 where as I finished my maids in sept 2012 this ilargely due to not finding her dress untill aug 2012. but heres a pic image 



  • the button holes as well ussher had superman badges family the button ones 


    Giraffes on the stems of my pretties also added a picture of my grandad on the dad so he was with me and it makes me smile how hes cropped up in so many pictures 




  • Why did this stop? These bouquets are stunning!!
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    cant wait to

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