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in May I ordered my wedding dress through Elyse bridal in Northampton with Vicki Going (the owner) i was due to collect my dress December 6th... I had been trying to call her and have been emailing her to no avail. I had to call another bridal shop not far from her who advised me she left... I called Alfred Angelo who then advised me she had been liquidated, to  my horror.... not only had she taken over £1200 but she hadnt even placed the order with the designer and Alfred Angelo cannot do anything to help me because of this vial womans very cruel actions. I am not the only one she has done this to she has left over 50 brides in a real mess. so now not only am i £1200 down i also dont have my dress  and never will. I have spoken to debt collectors and my solicitor and because she was a Ltd company i have no leg to stand on. i feel so let down and so hurt by this its actually put me off getting married full stop. image

has anyone else gone through this? and how did you recover? 

thanks for your help in advance xx


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    Do you have insurance?
  • I'm so sorry this has happened, you must be devastated. Do you have insurance? Can they help get you some money back? Obviously you're now time restricted for a new dress, but there's plenty of options, I was looking at the Very sale online today and they have lots of wedding dresses which you could always get customised by a dressmaker. Also there will probably be a number of sample sales coming up-you might be able to get something there. And eBay has hundreds of preloved dresses available.

    Please don't let this ruin your day, remember why you are marrying your man, and I'm sure he'd love you in a bin bag!
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    Did you by any chance pay by credit card? You can often claim the money back if you did x

  • Hi there I too bought my dress from elyse bridal, I didn't spend as much as yourself, but I got my dress, although after checkin it I wasn't aware that there was marks on it and buttons missing off of the back, also my veil was disgustingly faggy!! , my partners friend also got her dress from there too and it had pen marks on it, I don't know how this lady slept at night! X
  • That is awful ladies. I do hope yu get it sorted x

  • Hi, the same happened to me with Eylse, i had paid half for 5 bridesmaids dresses, and found out she had gone BUST. I had wedding insurancce so luckily managed to claim that half back. I spoke with Mark lesley who was supplying us with the 5 dresses and he advised me that he hadnt received the half i had paid but was happy to grant me with the 5 dresses and just pay the other half, but at this point i no longer needed 5, Vicki was going to sell 3 others for me. In the end i claimed against my insurance, and he then sent the 2 dresses i needed to Stunning Bridal where i paid the same money Vicki had granted me. I was out of pocket by £50 though image I know there was 1 bride she couldnt contact (as i know her seamstress Louise) not aure if this may have been you or not image


    I do hope you have managed to sort your dress out, and hope your plans are going well xx

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