My vintage tea party wedding - April 2013

On the 17th September 2011 my man proposed on a little island in puerto banus , Spain! We already have 2 little boys who are 1 and 3 (and tiering) I always had visions of having a Christmas wedding with lots of baby blue and snow but once I started planning this all changed !


  • My theme was to be a vintage tea party!

  • I started searching for a venue ... We wanted some where small but big enough to have a evening reception.

    I picked this hotel (I love the wicker chairs ) and it was a bargain at ??1500 for day and evening reception and a drinks package

  • Then was the dress shopping! I love everything sparkly and princessy so I took one of my best friend! My mum is never very interested .... Always tell me what a waste it is and how she hates weddings. I tried on three in one shop and couldn't say I loved any of them , went to another shop tried on one and I loved it !

    It's a dress people either love or hate according to my research it's the ronald

    Joyce divina image

  • This is me in the sample dress - I have gone for it in white

  • Next I started on my decoration ! This was my favourite part I never dreamt it would become so stressful! I didn't want to pay ??100's on someone to do it for me when I love doing this kind of thing so I started looking for teacups on eBay! They seam to be in demand and every listing I found only the rubbish was left!

    Until I stuck gold ..... 30 trios for ??150 .... They was beautiful and perfect!

    They arrived in perfect condition a couple of days later
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    Oooh I'm looking forward to this - I am having an afternoon tea party reception in April too!

  • I also forgot I booked my photographer on groupon - ??270 for ??900 package! Bargain!!!! Saved me lots!
  • Back to the tea cups ... My plan is to fill them with flowers - these have been ordered and dreading to know how much :-/

  • At work we have a book club .... I got some books about little mice planning a wedding and some mini tea sets which I am going to put on each of the children's places .
  • Cakes .......

    While looking at cakes I fell in love with a 3 tier cake I saw so I'm going have one similar , I also love cupcakes and going with my tea party theme I have also ordered 100 different style cupcakes and bought some cheap cake stands and I am going to use them as centre pieces

    This is the cake I love

  • I needed to start adding my personal touches to the day and these are still in process. I saw this picture and by using the idea I designed my own. I bought some old school milk bottles , straws and designs cakes , ask the venue if they would serve this which they said yes image

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    Aw those milk bottles are so cute - I have seen them before and think they look lovely - just right for your wedding theme!

  • Im loving all your little touches you definitely have an idea for detail, im also having an afternoon tea wedding but not until may 2014 image lol x
  • Reading this I wish I could do my wedding all over again! If anyone is looking for tea cups to hire I used this site last year, the best value I could find on the web they were great and certainly easier than collecting!

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