Wedding cake

Had a cake consultation tonight and she drew it out for us, and omg it looks amazing! Reallllly can't wait for the wedding. Really didnt expect the flavours we picked. Baileys for bottom tier, chocolate fudge and buttercream middle tier and top tier is chocolate malteser!


  • PoppinsPoppins Posts: 3,146
    Sounds amazing!!!! We are meeting with our cake lady next Saturday and can't wait to pick ours!!! Xx
  • Wow those flavours sound delicious. image x
  • The baileys one was amazing! Wasn't too overpowering and stopped sponge from being dry. Didnt try maltesers one as she didnt have sample but I love maltesers chocolate but font smallest tier in it so not so much as a risk
  •  This is my brother's wedding cake. Wedding hotels Donegal provide awesome cakes with mesmerizing designs.

  • MrskdsMrskds Posts: 396 New bride

    Wow that sounds lovely!

    I love malteasers,, never thought of it as a wedding cake layer!,, just polished off a bag of those malteaser bunnier, yum!

    Makes me look forward to my cake consult! image

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