I'm marrying the man of my dreams ARGHHHH!!!


Ok, so I wasn’t going to start one of these but then I realised I was spending so much time on this website browsing and reading everyone else’s stories that I should really repay the favour and hopefully entertain others. I also am OBSESSED with wedding talk at the moment...I really don’t want to talk to anyone about anything other than WEDDING. So hopefully this can help release some of my wedding steam haha.

So I’m Christina, aged 26 and marrying my fiancé Andrew also aged 26 in December 2014. We have been together 3 years now and engaged for two of them. I hope you like our journey image


  • How we met

    I met my soul mate when I had just finished university. I started in my first (and worst) job as an audit assistant. He was an auditor. Now the myth of the accountants being the most boring people in the world...isn’t a myth at all. It’s the truth. I swear with every hour I worked there I could feel my personality dwindling away. And then I met Andrew. He was pretty much the only other person in the office with a personality...and a bl00dy good one at that. So we obviously compelled to each other straight away in efforts to sustain our sanity. We became inseparable... he became my best friend and before I knew it I couldn’t live without him. As they say, the rest was history.

  • The engagement.

    We were quite straight forward with our approach, there was never any games. He used to say to me all the time ‘I’m going to marry you one day’ and marriage or the future was never a difficult subject with us. We both knew, straight away. As they say ‘you just know when you know’. I knew. Talking about it now, I still can’t quite believe I have found him! Anyway, so the subject of becoming engaged was never far from our thoughts. He asked me to pick a ring out a year and a half after we had first got together... and we went ring shopping together and I picked one. A FIT ONE. a BIG FAT SPARKLING ONE lol. (he should never have let me pick!) So I knew it was coming.



    Our anniversary was on the 15th December. He has this date tattooed on his arm as the ‘date his life changed’ and he had told me not to make any plans from the 10th December right up until the 15th...and I just knew he was going to propose in that week but prayed he would do it on the 15th. It seems logical to do it on our anniversary...but boys are boys...and they don’t think like girls image

  • Awww this is lovely! Loving the big fat sparkling ring!! I'm also a 26 year old bride- perfect age for a brideimage Keep it coming xxxx

  • So here’s the story, on the Friday I was sent 50 red roses to work. I was so embarrassed, my office is so small. But obvs not embarrassed enough...made the standard upload to facebook ‘look whats been delivered to me this morning’.  I do love to brag image




    I then got home and he had told me to pack a bag and we were going away, he took me for two nights to a lovely hotel in Windsor where we went for dinner, had loads (loads) of drinks...done some sight seeing etc etc.

    On the Sunday he sent me on a Spa day with my mum and then he picked us up and dropped me home and took my parents out. I was later told he got them drunk after a meal (obviously) and took them outside where he set off a rocket firework and as it BOOMed he said ‘PLEASE LET ME MARRY YOUR DAUGHTER’. How cute image

    On the Monday after work he took me to see the Lion King front row. It was amazing, best show ever. If you haven’t seen it...then see it. I heard he had been waiting on a call back from the director as to whether he could propose on stage or not. WOW that would have embarrassed me. Thank god he didn’t receive a call back lol.

    On the Tuesday, he took me to the poshest place I’ve ever been to...its called the Luton Hoo. I felt like I had to speak posh and was scared to raise my voice. I thought this is it...it has to be tonight (but all the while secretly hoping he would wait and actually do it on our anniversary) and to my delight...he didn’t do it then. BUT WILL HE DO IT TOMORROW? is the question on my lips!


    On the Wednesday we went back to the place we had our first date, and I was gutted. It was a small Indian restaurant (cute gesture I know, but i thought seriously... after all the amazing things we have done this week you wouldn’t do it here and therefore..you aren’t going to do it on our anniversary are you?!). So I ordered my bottle of wine and tried to finish the whole bottle in protest thinking SILLY MAN IT WOULD BE SO SPECIAL IF YOU DONE IT ON OUR ANNI. I was texting my friend saying ‘he hasn’t done it yet’ and his reply was ‘pull a f**king cracker’..i had already pulled all the crackers!

    So on our way home and he pulls off to a field (HALLELUJAH...is he going to do it?!) and he takes me to the back of the car and pulls out my wellies from the boot and gets me to put on my thick coat. He pulls out 2 rockets from the boot also and i was like ‘yay hes doing it...and amazzzing idea hes doing it under a few fireworks’. Now I start to feel a bit jelly-legged. We walk to the edge of a hill and he slams the first rocket into the rock hard ground. It breaks. Bless him. He’s now going to do it under one. The second goes in and as it goes up in the air...pretty much from nowhere this amazing firework display starts... (his rocket being a signal to his mate to set the rest of them off) he pulls me to the side of the hill where i see a HUGE ‘MARRY ME’ sign in lights and gets on one knee...its all a blur from there really! I know I cried, but I can’t remember for the life of me what he said. To be fair he didn’t have to say anything...the answer was always going to be a big fat YES.

    Enter, BrideZilla.

  • tofu_jen wrote (see)

    Awww this is lovely! Loving the big fat sparkling ring!! I'm also a 26 year old bride- perfect age for a brideimage Keep it coming xxxx

    Thanks huni, 26 would be great, but I will actually be 28 by the time we get wed.. I'll need a good photographer to hide the wrinkles lol!! xxx

  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    WHAT!?! Best.proposal.ever

  • Aww thanks love, it really was. no wonder he heard YES after that proposal lol!! xxx

  • Awesome proposal!!! Hahaha I hope he doesn't give you wrinkles!! 28 is still what I'd term a "young bride" image Look forward to hearing the plans! xxxx

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    WOW what a proposal!!!

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    Wow fab proposal - he's a keeper!!image xx

    Congrats and have lots of fun planning xx
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    Wow that is a cracking proposal story! Way to keep the suspense going even when our chosen the ring, amazing! Looking forward to seeing your thread progress!
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    Wow!! itz really the best perposal.....

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