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Wedding Report 6th October

Right, it's been a while and thought I'd put together a bit of a wedding report. I posted a planning thread last year.

I woke up on the Morning of Saturday 6th October in Beamish Hall and thought OMG I'm getting married today! I opened the curtains and the sun was just about to rise, it was a beautiful calm sunny day, My mam joined me, along with the hair dresser, make up artist and bridesmaids, 

We had breakfast and drank champers while we got ready, however when I came to put my dress on, the eyes where not big enough for the buttons! My dress had a zip and when I went for fittings previously, we didn't try the buttons because the seamstress advised that it may strech them. Luckily on the day my vail was long enough to cover my back. 

I met my father at the top of the stairs and we rushed out to the horse drawn carriage while my mother and bridesmaids got into the VW camper. On the way to the church I was really nervous and thought about my husband to be and how he was feeling. 

Got the the church, the sun was shining and I met with the ushers and bridesmaids. Got to the door, greeted by the vicar, and the music I chose (on a CD) started to play , but they was a problem with the CD player and there was a funny loud clicking/thumping noise drawing the track out and we had to restart it! We had a short piano and violin version of Canon in D. 

Anyway, the service went brilliantly and neither of us cried. Did the whole confetti thing and back in the carriage back to Beamish Hall. My guests came from the church in a routemaster. 

Got back to Beamish Hall and had an hour of photos and mingling, then did a line up for the wedding breakfast, after this we were announced into the room where our guests started whooping and cheering - this for me was the most emotional part of the day for me! 

We had a harpist playing during the wedding breakfast, we cut the cake, had speeches then afterwards had another mingling period before the evening guests arrived. We had a megician and caraturist as entertainment (they went down very well). 

Had a dicso in the evening and I threw my bouquet! Our first dance was I'm Kissing You by Desree. I also danced with my dad to True Love Ways by Buddy Holly. 

The day went far too fast but we enjoyed every minute! 











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