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I try on my dress today!

and I am absolutely shitting it about it fitting and me still liking it!

Also (and I think I'm still drunk so I will use my one bitch card now) there are lots of photos of my dress on other women and to be honest it doesnt look very good on most of them :/ and theyre actual brides not just shop pictures. But then I'm hardly one to talk, my diet still hasn't started tomorrow and it's been 6months since I ordered the thing- I have no idea if it's going to do up!

blaahhh, I never thought I'd be one to wobble! I'm way to practical though, changing it is not an option.

To make things a whole lot worse the Justin Alexander Ad that keeps appearing at the top of the page has one of 'the other' dresses that is giving me the wobbles in the first place!


  • MrsWifeyMrsWifey Posts: 457
    Firstly don't panic. Secondly it's been so long it's normal to get wobbles. I'm sure you will love it as soon as its on again. Do you hair and make up how you imagine it on the day and take photos and post them on here we want to see!! Xx
  • nenjennenjen Posts: 1,524

    Ooo enjoy trying it on! I'm sure you'll love it. We all have dress wobbles (I certainly did - was terrified about trying my dress on and was actually physically shaking in the shop because I was so scared!) but once you put it on you'll realise why you picked it in the first place.

    I'd put a bit of make up on and do something nice with your hair so that you feel pretty before you even go into the shop. I tried my dress on when it first came into the shop on a hot summery afternoon and I was sweaty, had no make up on and my hair had frizzed up. Not a nice feeling!!!

    You've got ages to lose weight if you actually need to so don't worry about that at all. Just enjoy! Oh, and post a picture!!! image xx

  • MrsBeau2BMrsBeau2B Posts: 1,513

    Keep calm! image You will look fab, dont worry!

  • LittleRed_10LittleRed_10 Posts: 1,453

    ha oh dear, my internet was crashing when I posted this and it's ended up in wedding reports! I'll have to post the pics in general chat if I can get some! My shop wasnt happy about photos last time image


    My appointments at 1pm and it is dragging!

  • nats2013nats2013 Posts: 6,253

    ut its your dress now so you can take photos of it! 




    relax, enjoy and know youve got a cracker of a dress!

  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    Trust your first judgment first of all. Don't go in there thinking you made the wrong choice, because you made the choice for a reason.

    Once you have the dress on I'm sure you will love it as much as you did the first time.

    Yes, pictures are a must image

  • LittleRed_10LittleRed_10 Posts: 1,453

    My main worry is about it fitting, given that I've not successfully managed to start a diet in 6months let alone stick to one I'm a bit worried about loosing weight for it, although if it comes to it I will just have to crash diet- I don't know how I'm not yet motivated to avoid that!

    I'm am so genuinely nervous! It's the most bizarre feeling!

  • amy-lou-22amy-lou-22 Posts: 1,259

    I have 4 months...and no diet started yet. haha I don't think I will bother tbh, I run but have a chest infection atm so can't. Let's hope when I start again it will improve my somewhat lumpy figure image

    I wouldn't worry about it though, if it doesn't fit I'm sure that will give you lots of motivation! Plus you have sooo much time to worry about slimming down.

    I think I missed the part of your planning about your dress. Did buy an ex sample? How come it's ready to try on so soon?

  • LittleRed_10LittleRed_10 Posts: 1,453

    No I was a bit naughty with the dress, I put a deposit down on it in November because there was still a possibility of us getting married this year, but with the sisters in Oz and other reasons we ended up putting the wedding back a year. My parents are drilling a hook into the wall at home so I have somewhere to hang it and there it will stay for a year!

  • LittleRed_10LittleRed_10 Posts: 1,453

    Tried on, wobble over, pics on planning thread :P

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