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The day I became a Ritchie

Well here it is the moment you have been waiting wedding report.

My husband (!) and I after being engaged for over 3 years, finally got married on 11th May 2013. I have spent quite a long time on my planning thread documenting our journey to our perfect wedding and this seems like the next step. I have also recieved support and advice from many brides on here and wanted to share our day with you.

If you would like to read my planning thread then here it is:

Here are a few sneaky pics











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    Yay! Jellybean you look beautiful and so happy! Can't wait for the rest!! X

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    Yay! Jellybean you look gorgeous! Love the dress! Can't wait to see and read more c

  • MrsJellybean you look absolutely stunning!!!!!!!!!! Really huge congrats image image image xxx

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    Aww thank you, well here is a bit more. I will start on Friday 10th as that's where it all began image

    We had both booked the Friday off so we could make sure that everything was perfect and ready so we didn't have to stress on the Saturday morning. We woke up at 6am as that's the time our alarm goes off ready for work and there was no way our bodies were going to let us have a lay in!!

    Mr R was having his hair cut at 10am so he gave up trying to have a lay in and got up to pack his case ready for going over to the venue. I didn't have to be anywhere until 11.15 so I just laid on the bed watching the clock lol.

    Eventually I decided that I better get up and get ready as I was off for a facial with one of my bridesmaids and didn't want to be late. I have never had a facial before so I wasn't sure what to expect but it was amazing and will definately be going back for more. The facial itself lasted 40 minutes which also consisted of a shoulder and neck and arm massage as well as lots of lotions and potions applied to my face and I have never seen my skin glow so much image. I also had some lashes applied and loved being pampered and spoilt. As we left the beauty salon everyone wished us a lovely wedding day but it still wasn't sinking in that I was going to be getting married the next day!

    So the next job I had to do was to go and pick my dress up. Mr R had already filled his car up after his trip to the hairdressers and had picked up my bm's partner to keep him company image Mr R then headed up to the venue so he could check on things . 

    I popped back home with my bm to get my bags and my dress and check that Mr R hadn't forgotten anything image We then set off to the venue, eeek!

    I rang Mr R on the way to say we wouldn't be long, however they were on their way to pick up the cake as they had forgotten to go and pick it up! Good job bm's partner had remembered about it as Mr R had completely forgotten!!

    So we finally got to the venue and found that the inlaws had already arrived so we left unpacking the cars and went to chat to them for a bit. It was absolutely pouring and we couldn't believe how the weather had changed compared to the weekend before where we were sat out in the sun having a bbq! Typical!!

    Anyway we stayed positive and kept our fingers crossed and emptied the cars. It still didn't feel real even though we were at the venue and were setting up the last few things.

    These are some pics from one of our guests before everyone went into where we were having the wedding breakfast image







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    yay!!!  Congratulations. Can't wait to read moreimage xx

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    YEY! I love how chic your tables look. Can't wait for more...

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    More please.xx

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    You look stunning jellybean!! Congratulations, looking forward to reading your report!! image Xx

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    So I had the job of taking my bm and her partner back to their house as they weren't staying at the venue on the Friday night. I had to be back for half 5 as Mr R and his parents were off into town for some dinner and drinks but wanted to see us together before they went out.

    On the way to taking my bm back all I could see queues of traffic going the other way, great! It was going to take me ages to get back to the venue and then by that time there may not be enough time to meet up with the inlaws image I had to put my foot down there and back and even took a detour just to avoid all of the queues.

    At 6pm I finally got back to the venue much to the relief of Mr R and went to see the inlaws. We exchanged presents and they got me a gorgeous necklace to wear 




     Then we said our goodbyes as we wouldn't see each other until I got down the aisle. That was a surreal moment and it still hadn't really sunk in


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    Aww thank you Jess image just been reading the new bits of yours and it's all looking lovely xx

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    yay! can't wait to read more - you look lovely by the way x

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    Looking forward to reading this and seeing the pictures image x

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    Aww thank you I will add to it in the week once I have got my school planning done image countdown to honeymoon in Mexico now next Friday woohoo x

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    You look gorgeous Jellybean, congratulations to you both. Can't wait for more photos! Xx

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    Hurray! Congratulations, Mrs Ritchie! image xx

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    Can't wait to read more! you looked gorgeous! Xx

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    You look so beautiful. Many congratulations. Xx

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    Oh yay a planning thread......more pls xxx

  • jellybean1311jellybean1311 Posts: 942

    Wedding report MrsE2be image I have a planning thread too xx

  • MrsE2be2014MrsE2be2014 Posts: 1,458

    Sorry report!! Not used to looking as this one image xx

  • jellybean1311jellybean1311 Posts: 942

    At 7.30pm my Dad, Step-mum, little sis and her friend arrived at the venue, so we all went to get ready for our evening out.

    We went to a local pub and had some gorgeous food image Some of Mr R's family and some friends were staying there so I felt like a celebrity having to go around and meet and greet everyone. I also had to introduce my family to Mr R's as they hadn't met. Once we got that out of the way, we were finally able to sit down and order our food.

    At about 10.30pm Mr R text me to see if we were still in the pub as they were going to pop in, so I text him to say we were just having one more drink so would be in for a little bit. About 10 minutes later, he walked in with his parents so again I had to introduce people.

    We finished our drinks and then my family went back to the venue and left Mr R'2 family talking to guests who were staying at the pub. We ended up having a family pool tournament image At about 11.15pm Mr R arrived back at the venue and joined our tournament image 

    At about 11.55pm he started to panic as it was nearly the morning of the wedding and it would be bad luck if we saw each other. So after saying a super quick bye to everyone I went back to my room, which was a good job as I needed to write Mr R'2 wedding day card image and my sister and her friend soon followed. We then went to bed, however at 2am I woke up worrying about things which needed to be done, as you do! I managed to get back to sleep but at 5am I woke up again! Great!!

    This time I couldn’t get back to sleep so I decided to write a to do list on my phone, check out the YYW forum, played a few games of Candy Crush on facebook, as you do and updated my facebook status about how I couldn’t sleep lol to which another bride on here commented image

    I was relieved that I had managed to waste 2 hours as when I looked back at the clock it said 7am, I could finally get up and do something useful so I had a shower ready for the hair and make-up lady who was arriving at 8am image x

  • jellybean1311jellybean1311 Posts: 942

    I know it was awful as felt that I couldn't get up too early lol.

  • My insomnia came in handy image . You look beautiful and very glam . Cant wait to see more pics Mrs R x

  • jellybean1311jellybean1311 Posts: 942

    I will update as soon as I have some time. Just busy trying to get my school planning done as we are off on honeymoon next Friday image 

    Here's a couple more pics just to keep you going...






  • Congratulations! You look beautiful and so happy! image Cannot wait to read everything about your day! xx

  • jellybean1311jellybean1311 Posts: 942

    Aww thank you image I can't believe its all over image not enjoying being back at work and countin down the days until we go to mexico next Friday. I'll try and write some more tomorrow when I get back from work x

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    Found it! You look gorgeous - I can't wait to see and hear more x 

  • jellybean1311jellybean1311 Posts: 942

    Hello again pinkstars image thank you we had such an amazing time. Just got in from honeymoon shopping, gotta finish my school planning and then will update more image x

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